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Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

I have a paid website on Zenfolio that I use to host and backup my extensive library of personal photos (and now videos).  I have been using this site for many years for my photos, but recently started to upload my videos.  The challenge is that for the plan I use Zenfolio imposes a limit on videos of 20 minutes in length.  I have 50+ videos that are longer than this limit.  Many of these are in AVI or MTS formats.  

I have multiple s/w options for my Windows 7 74 bit PC that I can use to split the videos into shorter segments.  These include iWisoft Free Video Converter, Handbrake, Cyberlink Power Director 10, and Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.  These apps also let me change the format to mp4, for instance.  I also have Windows Movie Maker 2012 - but have very limited experience using it.

The problem is that when I go to rip the shorter clips these s/w apps re-render the video.  This ends up taking a long time - often an hour or more for one 20 minute clip.  I am looking for advice on a quicker, easier solution.

Ideally, there would be s/w out there that lets me load a one hour AVI file.  I would then select two places to split the file into three AVI segments that are just under 20 minutes each.  The software would create the three segments w/o re-rendering the video.  The output would be File_1.avi, File_2.avi and File_3.avi.  Hopefully all three files would be created in 10 minutes or less, as opposed to hours.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?  I …
I am trying to figure out how this Sound Player works.  
Raw Files for Sound Manager 2 - angular

I can get this working fine on my server, but I'm new to Angular and need some help getting something to work.

First load this example:
working example

You'll see that this has a list of songs that you must "add" to the player for it to play.

What I'm looking to do is get rid of the "song list" on the top of this page and instead pass a song ID through a query string to have that song play.

So for example, I would send: http://perminder-klair.github.io/angular-soundmanager2/example.html?id=one and it would then play the "rain" song which has ID of one.  
I would also like this to "auto-play" upon load. So the progress bar and buttons would appropriately reflect that it was playing.

In summary. I want to do two things:

1) Be able to pass the sound I want to play via a query string.
2) Be able to have that sound autoplay upon load.

I was taking a video and the phone rebooted and now I see this file how can I see the video ?

This video is of my cat climbing the Christmas tree, an annual tradition in my home prior to the decoration process.  We snuggled up next to him in the video to get screen captures for later, as he struggled valiantly to climb to the very top.  Losing this wonderful video will be a very sad beginning to the joyous holiday season.
Hello experts,

I have purchased a Raspberry Pi No IR Camera and streamed it on my home network using vlc media streaming.

What I want to do now is, stream the feed of the pi camera without using vlc or any third party software, generate a link for the feed and host the link on my shared hosting space on cloud such that, when I access the dns of my server space, I get to watch the live stream from the pi camera in case the pi is on, otherwise, show something like "camera feed turned off".

Please explain how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance..
Hi, I have to provide a training course made up of .mp4 video files to students in a secure format. By "secure format", I mean in a way that they cannot play them on any video player - other than the one that I'm providing to them for the course. (Its a custom application with a video player).

So, I provide my students the custom video player App and then I would like them to play the courseware videos on that custom player App.

My question is - how can I prevent them from viewing the .mp4 files on any other player? Is there a way for me to prevent them from using QuickTime or Windows Media Player?

Is there a way for me to use some custom or special sort of codec, so that my video files play ONLY on my custom video player?

Thank you for your help!

I remember the songs that were burnt into my CD (though I can't recall
what software I used to do the burning) were all previously MP3 files
(*.mp3) & my car's player indicated "MP3" too.

The car's player broke down & I replaced with one that only takes in
microSD & USB: I want back the mp3 files but when I used Win Explorer
to view the CD, it can't view the CD.

How can I extract them out to transfer to a microSD / thumb drive?
Let me know any freeware needed.

This CD is still good because when I insert into my home CD player,
it plays
My organization wants to loop a video for a display in our museum area. Is there a better way to do this than to use a smart tv and a flash drive? If not, recommendations of a tv?
I have my first video ready and need to create a Channel. What info do I need to create the channel?

What about search terms, etc?

How many characters or words am I allowed? Are those associated with the channel or the video or both?

Can I change these values later as I tweak it?

I really want to get this uploaded fast.

What kinds of things can I do to get traffic besides the obvious use of social media to spread the video?


I've made an app to listen to some radio streams using AxWindowsMediaPlayer. I'm using Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2015. So far, it works in a couple testing computers running Windows 10 but not in a computer running a fresh Windows 7.

That Win7 computer is not in my reach so I can't fully test everything but my guess is that Windows Media Player is not installed or initialized? Could that be it?

What I wonder is if WMP needs to be installed in the target computers (which is kinda obvious) but also initialized? I remember in Windows 7 WMP asked a bunch of questions the first time you opened it.

If that's so, is there some way to include some prerequisites with my app so that wouldn't matter?

Thanks in advance!
I need to speak for a video and scroll the words on the video, like a teleprompter.

I have a Mac but have not done an real video editing before. I do work comfortably with Audacity and have created and edited numerous MP3's.

What can you suggest for a plan for this part of my video? I mean the scrolling script portion...

I plan to post videos to my own channel and make sure to describe any image well enough that a person who's listening only can get the full concept of the video. Are there best practices for this kind of approach?

What is a PodCast?

What's the difference between a YouTube Channel and a PodCast?

I have some videos on a DVD that I would like to convert to mp3 files.  Do I need to buy some software for this?
I have a file that an associate gave me that is a video file and it is .vls
how do I view it?
I have a 4 minute video with a text word near one corner. Is there a way to remove that text?
It's similar to the numbers - times you might see on a video if you recorded it using a VCR.
I have some video clips to promote my products. Some have certain images that need to be blotted out (or maybe, made out of focus) to respect the intellectual property rights of those images.

I made the clips with iMovie.

Any easy way to do this?

When I make a movie in the MP4/MOV format and convert to HD (AVCHD format) the Time/Date stamp are not visible. Is there a way to make them visible on the HD movie?
So,  I've been working on a project to identify potential high frequency 22khz+ on behalf of a new dog in the house.  While chatting about it to a relative we began discussing his situation.  This field is new to me but I have experience in .Net programming.  Here's the situation:

He works in a booth in a paper mill.  The machine creates a repetitive sound ranging from about 600 hz to 1800 hz in a saw tooth pattern over 5 seconds.  I know this as he recorded it and I can look at it in Adobe Audition.  There are some "harmonics" well above this as well but those look minor in comparison.  The problem is that to cut the mind numbing psychosis inducing (that explains a lot about him BTW) noise the booth has to be sound proofed and he has to wear muffs.

 If we could create some type of noise cancelling FFT algorithm that can run on the PC in the booth or some other mini PC or device that could sync with and cancel out this pattern it would be really cool.  I was thinking of one of the small speaker type boxes or larger desk top speakers if that kind of power is needed as output.  From the reading I've been doing it looks possible and I don't think I would need the processing power to overcome ALL noise just the known frequencies.

I'm looking for any thoughts if this is possible on a DIY basis for a .Net programmer or if a device / software package already exists?  I know it is easy as pie for recorded sounds but how to transmit the cancelling sound to make it less …
I use cool edit to edit music and interviews etc.  I have today had a problem when trying to record an interview in Cool Edit where the Wave form stops recording after only a few seconds?? Please can you assist?


I am looking for the absolute easiest way to do the following:

Offer a contest to find the best video submission when reading a script provided, with the goal of imitating a certain unnamed famous actor, when reading the script. People can submit an audio if they prefer.

There will be three awards:
1) Most like this this specific famous actor
2) Most original
3) Most comic

The judges will be the people and there will we be no "committee". Instead, the date and time of the final decision will be posted up front and whoever is in the lead of these for each category at the moment, are the winners.

Does Facebook allow this? I hope it does.

if not, what options are there? I have a WordPress site. Any plug-ins that support this?

Say, in Ubuntu or windows how can I copy the filename into Title (meta data I believe) - would be great if can do this for a group of files - else even each on on its own is fine.
Please provide me with a free AVI to DICOM converter so that I can convert a 560 MB 25 minute long AVI file into DICOM format.

This utility needs to be completely free.

So far I have found a couple utilities that will convert a portion of an AVI file or that will leave a message on the converted videos.
I have captured an MP4 video and imported it to "any video converter" to change the format to wav which is being required by Audacity.
The final destination is Youtube. I've done this twice with no issues however I'm not remembering exactly the sequence or the file formats.

Audacity only allows importing of wav or aiff. No problem except WLMM does not accept wav or aiff. Never heard of aiff and would like to stick to basics on going from a Youtube video to an audio file that will be accepted by WLMM.

Here is what I get when trying to import an MP4 to Audacity. See image.

Paul told me I was not using Audacity correctly. I tried the other way and when playback the TV sound was heard so that method records all sounds it can pickup.

Here are the audio files supported by WLMM.


Audio files

Audio file types (format)      File name extensions
Windows Media Audio (WMA) files      .asf, .wm, and .wma
Pulse‑code Modulation (PCM) files      .aif, .aiff, and .wav
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files      .m4a
MP3 files      .mp3

I captured the video as an MP4. Audacity called it AAC.
Then converted to wav. and I see wav above "pulse code modulation."

If I import the file to Audacity it has to be wav and then converted back to wma,
If I use Audacity the other way where it records all sounds it picks up, then I could (??) capture the original video in some other format besides mp4.

Any comments as far as…
Hi guys,

I would appreciate any inputs / thoughts / ideas on the below.


My client wants to set up a small stage at an event. They want to set up a video camera that is positioned underneath a TV, so that the video camera feeds live to the TV.

The TV will show the what the video camera is seeing, however they also want to add a transparent graphic of transparent video layer on top of what the video camera is capturing, so that it looks like augmented reality.

They then want to be able to take a screenshot of the camera (capturing the video camera feed and video layer on top of it).

Here is an example: https://youtu.be/9NDYhF2dVcg?t=17s

What we need to do:

01 - map video overlay on top of live camera feed and display it back on the tv

02 - we’ll need to provide the event manager with a UI (web app?) so that he can see what’s on the screen (or should we use a desktop app)

03 - the event manager needs to be able to take a screenshot and save to local server
Hi All,

Many devices don't support flash. HLS(HTML5) is a good choose for VOD, but it is not good for live streaming with high latency. Have any solution for RTMP without flash ? Sory about my poor English! :))
We have a very peculiar situation.  We have a series of video clips and audio files that we need to convert into text file.  Is there a way to go about this?

Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

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