Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

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I have an .MP4 that I would like to burn to a DVD but I need it to loop the video for our clinics.  What is the best method you would recommend.
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

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I would like to recognize sounds within an audio stream.  For instance, a doorbell.
Basically it would be the equivalent to using OpenCV to identify a face within a video stream.
So I am looking for the equivalent of an OpenCV library for audio (rather than images/video).  Or perhaps some cloud-based solution -- although I have not see anything on AWS or Azure.
I am working on this program from last 4 days. But still I can't find any solution.
I want to create a organizer program. Which will be move images from one folder to another.
So here is my Code.
    import os , shutil
    path = open(r"/home/ironman/Desktop/lists.txt","r+")
    save_name = open("/home/ironman/Desktop/files.txt","w+")
    insp = ['inspiration', 'motivational']
    names =['girls','fitness','women','girl','Kids','friend','life','gym','exam','daily','religious','swami']
    for file in path:
        for Folder , SubFolder , Files in os.walk(file.strip()):
            for files in Files:
                ff = os.path.join(file, files)
                x = os.path.abspath(files)

                for sr in insp:
                    if files.endswith(".jpg") and sr in files:

                        global full_path
                        if not os.path.isdir('/home/ironman/Pictures/'+sr):
                            os.mkdir('/home/ironman/Pictures/'+ sr)
                    for filename in names:
                        full_path = ("/home/ironman/Pictures/%s" % sr)
                        if filename in files:
                            src = os.path.join(full_path,files)
                            srt = os.path.join(full_path,filename)
                            if not os.path.isdir(srt):

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I don't know anything yet about reading/writing/manipulating mp3 and mp4 files, but I'm trying to learn.  I need to write a program that reads in mp3 and mp4 files, silences some of the audio portions, and rewrites out the final file.

For an mp3 file, I can use ffmpeg to convert it to a wav file and process and write it back out as an mp3.  I don't think a wav has any messy internals.

For mp4, what with variable bit rates and metadata and such, I don't know how to approach it.  I need to read the mp4 file, modify the audio portion only while staying in sync with the video, and write out the mp4 file again.

My preferred langauge is Python if at all possible, but I'll use C# if I have to, and Java as a last resort.

How can I do this?
My boss wants to send this code snippet as an email so users can click the video inline and play the buffered video
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" 

frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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how can I send this email from my Office365 email

We currently have a student led live feed that runs in the morning and then at the close of school.  We are using a sony camcorder on a tripod that takes the input from a mic that the kids use and then a logitech webcam that captures the video.  We send these to a laptop running VNC and stream the production to the classrooms via vnc over the LAN.  I know this is a crappy setup, but it works.  We are looking for something more reliable and user friendly.  Possibly even having it streamed over the internet so parents can watch.  Does anyone have any experience or suggestions to accomplish something like this?
I have a site made on WordPress. I have inserted a video from the media gallery. The only issue is that it's a standard player and cannot edit controls or anything else. I have tried plugins but none cater my needs. Any suggestion on how to manipulate the code and make the video appear the way I want? For instance no controls and there's a black header and footer I wish to remove. Thanks for any suggestions.
I used Movie Captioner to export a .scc file to add to a DVD project in Encore. I've attached a screen shot of the properties data once I've done this. After I build and burn the DVD I test it in iDVD Player with the captions on and they do not show.  Anyone know why?
Dear Experts,
In Lightworks version 12 when I wanted to change the volume level of an audio track I could see a yellow horizontal line on the audio track.  If I right clicked on it I could create a node.  Raising or lowering this node would change the volume level.

I am not being forced to use Lightworks 14 and the yellow line is now light green.  I don't seem to have the ability to create nodes by right-clicking any more.

How do I restore this feature?
Best Wishes,
Phil Truscott
Within the next week or so, I need to setup a streaming video server to broadcast live video and audio to potentially thousands of viewers. I will only need to do this once. I will need to stream for about 1 to 2 hours. Can someone tell me my best, cost effective way to do this ?
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Hey Guys -

I've got a simple question, please.  For the past couple of years, I've slowly but steadily been building a storage pool and ripping my peronsally owned media to digital copies.  The has resulted in what is currently a 30tb partition (comprised of 12 pooled SATA disks) which contains many movies, tv shows, misc videos, and music which is mostly in FLAC but some MP3.  

My Question
What I'm looking for is an application which would scan certain paths, identify this media, read metadata if it exists, then create a report of what my library contains including various statistics.  Examples of the current formatting of the media  is below:

Until now, I've used applications like Directory List & Print Pro or Karen's Directory Printer to list specific file types from certain paths, then copied the resulting data into an Excel spreadsheet.  While it resulted in close to what I'm looking for, it was a tedious process which obviously took more time depending on how much media I had and the numer of details I wanted.

So - any suggestions?  Thanks!
I have a .vmf file with a recording of a deceased loved one that I would like to be able to convert to an audio file that I can listen to.  This file is from an old Gateway computer with faxworks audio software.  I'm not much of a tech person but I've looked in many places and am not able to find a way to listen to this file.  In 12/2011 nukeypearce apparently was able to find a way to listen to the file but his link to a download has long expired.  Any help would be appreciated.
I want to create a video editor software for my graduation project. But I first need to learn about digital video principles, what are codecs, containers, formats , mono vs stereo , resolution , sound processing ....etc (to use ffmpeg / mlt framework properly and know what I'm doing and how they do that when I use them)
The software should be able to transcode , edit , add effects and most other functions that are found in professional video editors.
What kind of knowledge should I have ? what to read and what not to read?

I bought many books about this topic , but they are talking about irrelevant stuffs , like pal & ntsc for TV and cables , a lot of math ..etc

Please let me know about the topics I need to read , books to get , any online references

Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

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