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MySQL is an open source, relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. Acquired...

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Troubleshooting Solution

MySQL+PHP+WP: I need to create a Contacts record when the user click Submit

I am using WP Forms for the fields, and have found that I can create a WP Plugin and use PHP to …

3 Ways to Speed Up MySQL


There are ONLY 3 ways to speed up MySQL, and everything else is simply a finer point of one of these

Troubleshooting Solution

Create a SQL Database

Hi all, I am sorry for this but I have been out of town visiting a deathly ill family member and am …
Troubleshooting Solution

Using MySQL WorkBench for a WordPress Database

I have a version of MySQL WorkBench which I have not used for some time, but now need to use it to …

PHP Client Registration, Login, Logout and Easy Access Control

In the years since this article was written, numerous hacking attacks have targeted…
Troubleshooting Solution

calculate sum of monthly data for 6 months

I have created a SQL query which calculates the sum of particular values for every month but this …
Troubleshooting Solution

What is wrong with this SQL INSERT?

Here's my SQL:

I'm getting an error that says, "Error Code: 1064. You have an error in your SQL …
Troubleshooting Solution

php amd mysql

This is my include database connection .php file:
The database name, username and password are …
Troubleshooting Solution

sql expert query

sql help needed

below is table data ( 2 columns ..page and title)
|1|Scrambled eggs
Troubleshooting Solution

Why can I not insert this row into my database?

I want to add a row into an existing table on a different database.

I've exported the data, …
Troubleshooting Solution

Unable to connect to mysql using dbeaver

If I run the command on mysql -u root -p on my linux machine I enter into mysql.
But I tried …
Troubleshooting Solution

php and mailer

Sorry for this question be very vague but I am not sure of what I need to ask

I have a form that uses …
Troubleshooting Solution

php and div elements

I have been trying to get this code to arrange my images in to 2 columns across the page for the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Web development Uploading Images

I am developing a website where my users will want to upload up to 10 images at one time. I am …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why Does Mysql Keep Increasing Memory Usage?

My site went down due to Maria DB increasing in memory usage.  I am running atop and went through …
Troubleshooting Solution

Could you point a suficiently good GoDaddy plan to run a Laravel site?

Hi Experts

Could you point a suficiently good GoDaddy plan to run a Laravel site?

Considering it …
Troubleshooting Solution

upgrade to 18 from ubuntu 16

I upgrade successfully and start up all services but mysql show error:

mysql-systemd-start[14048]: …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need to create csv file and email it from a cron job

I need a cron job that will export some MySQL data to CSV, then send the result by email.
by …

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