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.NET application servers, a Windows Server role in an application role, includes Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide web server support, the .NET Framework to provide application support, ASP.NET to provide server side scripting, COM+ for application component communication, Message Queuing for multithreaded processing, and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for application communication. There are also third party server systems that provide .NET support, including Mono, Base4, TNAPS and cc Devnet Data Access Server.

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Exchange 2016 CU10 DAG 2 Nodes.

After upgrading to CU10 my exchange servers are having very high memory usage

When I was on CU9 never saw this.

I know exchange use all the memory then releases it but I thing they need to be able to throttle the memory requirements  

Both servers are VM's on VMware ESXI hosts.

Both servers have 32 GB of memory Node1 has 12 CPU's Node 2 has 4 CPU's

What I see is the Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics Service spikes

Microsoft Exchange Store Worker service   is listed many times

Also a service noderunner  

they ae using up most of the memory

Any ideas?  

Thank you,
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10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

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I have very rare website that allow owner and renter to get motorhome similar to turo but now I am looking for insurance companies that partner with us so we can get insurance for each rental

I hope to know what I can do to get start it.
I am very new on using json and I want to have very simple code in c# to request docsign signature with json format.

can you show me ? thanks

I have most of the set up like api key and etc already

how to use Excel sheet to upload to lead entity?
how to remove prefix when the custom field is created?
how to connect to the Ms SQL DB?
what is alternative of adx?
how to view the relationship of selcted entities on dynamics 365?
I followed a simple tutorial on how to schedule console applications (exe ) on windows scheduler. I came across "Puppet" and how it can be used to manage/configure such applications.
what is puppet and how can it be used  ?
Hi experts

I am looking for a script that will pull out  storage usage
Which is above 80% .

Thanks in advance
Hello Experts:

1. I need help converting a Stream into a PDF document, in my C#.Net Windows Service.
2. I need to save the newly created PDF document into the following location:  C:\MyClaims\

Here my current code.  I have a Stream variable named mergeClaims, which i need to create into a PDF doc.

                if (_rejectLetter.Count() > 0)
                    foreach (var r in _rejectLetter)
                        int cdo =  r.CDO.Value;
                        long MisdirectedID = r.MisdirectedID;
                        string market = r.Market.ToString();
                        string healthplan = r.HealthPlan.ToString();
                        string GROUP_ID = r.GROUP_ID.ToString();
                        string runType = r.RunType.ToString();
                        string dcn = r.Intermediary_Claim_Number.ToString();
                        string ClaimType = r.ClaimType.ToString();

                        Utilities.GenerateMisdirectedLetter ltr = new GenerateMisdirectedLetter();
                        Stream coverLetter = ltr.CreateMisdirectedLetter(cdo, market, healthplan, runType);
                        new Utilities.DB(connRejLetter).insertMisdirectedPrintDate(MisdirectedID);

                        Utilities.getClaimForm claim = new Utilities.getClaimForm();
                        Stream Claim = new MemoryStream();
                        Claim = claim.ExportForm(dcn, ClaimType, true);


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I need to do this for Xamarin.ios project
As I need to remove emulator architectures .
Here is the link what to do
How to do this in Xamarin.ios
Hello every 1.

To finish a cost analysis for a concept, i want to make an list for an IT server Infrastructure / Architecture for a e-commerce website. For days now I am surfing the internet to find a small pieces of information.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure / hardware for server
Below a list of what I have found so far on the internet for the composition of a hyperscale computing environment setup on which everything should run.
This server system must function with open source technologies and support open innovation.

Usable Servers
Fileserver (FTP) -
Mailserver (Microsoft exchange) -
Printserver -
Log In server Printserver -
Back up Server -
Media |Server (videos + Photographs),
Application server (software developed locally)
Webserver / Virtualisation server  (Nginx)
Economic server
Test server
Databaseserver (Microsoft SQL and Mongo DB)
Collaboration Server (Microsoft Sharepoint)
Host connectivity

Local Area Network in company
- VPN server
- DNS server
- DHCP server
- Virus scan  / Wsus server
- Wide Air Networks (WAN) SD-WAN+VPN+L2 encryption
- Network SLAs -
- Extranet - External Acces Portals
- Intranet - Internal Acces Portals
- Switches, -
- Acces points,
- modems, routers,
- firewalls  NextGen FW + Inet DDos subscription
- Router
- Fiber optic cabels
- UPS powersupplies

The system must be able to process around 8 million visitors a month, and 2 …
I have an varbinary column which stores bytes for an image.
The query is throwing an exception Out of memory .
I am using a Stored Procedure to get the query result.
This is the code:
  Public Sub Populate(ByVal Command As SqlCommand)
            'Accept command as string and fill the datatable with the result of sql query
            Dim dt = New DataTable
            Dim SQLdr As SqlDataReader

            SQLdr = Command.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess)

            Data_Table = dt

        Catch MyException As SqlException
            MessageBox.Show("Stored procedure Error: MySQL code: " &
            MyException.Number & "  " &
            End Try
        End Sub

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Any suggestions are appreciated as I have been struggling with this for quite a while.

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Hi, I'm trying send to using SOAP to data,but it's keep sending the same value. I created array ,but didn't work

My code
OMS.OfferOrdered oOfferOrdered = new OMS.OfferOrdered();
            newOrders.Offers = new OMS.OfferOrdered[TotalNumberLine];
            OMS.OfferIDHeader oOfferIDHeader = new OMS.OfferIDHeader();
            OMS.OfferID oOfferID = new OMS.OfferID();

  while (reader.Read())

 newOrders.Offers[i].Offer.Header.ID = reader["OfferHeaderID"].ToString();

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Web services  Code

  public partial class OfferOrdered : PMObject {
        private OfferID offerField;


public partial class OfferOrdered : PMObject {
        public OfferOrdered[] Offers {
            get {
                return this.offersField;
            set {
                this.offersField = value;
public partial class OfferIDHeader : PMObject {
        public string ID {
            get {
                return this.idField;
            set {
                this.idField = value;
 public OfferIDHeader Header {
            get {
                return this.headerField;
            set {
                this.headerField = value;

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Any idea much appreciated. Just want to know why is keep recording last number in the all the array.

For example

if in the order having ID 500,800,900.
It will keep saving in the array 900 for all the array[0],array[1] and  array[2]

MAny Thanks
I will start mvc and Apple app project that both will use ms sql server. What is the best practice to handle this ?
I have something like below. And all I need is to get xml string
And then save as new xml


Return xml file and get just product a.
Do u know if they still have discount codes for ms action pack? Thanks
Looking for open source crm written in net
For future development. Do u know any good ones?
Hi All

I have the following applications

1. Web app (asp.net)
2. TCP importer windows forms app (imports data from gps devices in cars)
3. Translator console app - takes messages from MS Message Queue and puts in SQL DB
4. Alerts console app - takes messages from a different Message Queue and sends sms/emails

all have different teams, and with excepting of web app, all are having to store in memory little objects to speed up performance instead of doing DB lookups
We are processing 100 records a second (and it will keep growing), so we have to have stuff like a key value pair in memory (i.e. ImeiNumber, DB ID)

As each app has its own implementation of an in memory dictionary, and there are lots of them which all do different things, but ultimately storing the same data, I was thinking of a distributed memory cache, or some sort of API where it returns the data instead of doing a DB lookup
I think an API will be heavier, and currently apps 2,3and4 are on same windows 2016 server

I've been looking around and found memcache and memcacheD
However, it seems quite related to php etc, and not .net
I was wondering if there are are pure .net alternatives
We are using framework 4.5

What would you do in my position, and have you had an real experience with this
I'm currently a bit overwhelmed with all the data online, and would value so guidance and advice of what to use
Hi Experts,
I got some errors when trying to install a Windows Service app on a production server.  The application deployed successfully on my machine, but not production\network server.

Here is the 1st error I got:
An exception occurred during the Install phase.
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed

To fix the error above, I prefixed the Username with the domain (sample format:  Domain\username).  I also put in the correct password,

I then got  the 2nd error (see below):  
An exception occurred during the Install phase.
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done

Any idea what needs to be done to get my Windows Service deployed properly?  

Thank you in advance for your help,
I have some problem to Bar chart. What to correct below to last line below?
How can I write a javascript to write a event on cell click of an table.

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Do you know any out of box solution that can get map shown
Different place type !? I am looking for a way to show a map that have campground,  national park, theme park, and any small local park

I also look for a map to show all local events

I understand we can use API google map but try to get something up without impacting too much customized coding

We use it on aspnet c# thanks
Do u know any API or database I can get for my website that I want to build? I am building website that doing auto car insurance in c# n aspx

We have someone to put xml files by uploading using web resource

And now I want to know where it is in the file system. Is it possible to find it?
If you have data rows like

1.  TypeA.     Control 1.  Answer 1
2.  TypeA.      Control1.  Answer2
3.  TypeA.      Control2.  Answer1
3.   TypeB.    
4.   TypeB.     Control1.  

Where you have three different drop downs
 While trying to install .net framework 3.5 on Windows 2012 server, I get a message  as image below ( "Windows server role can't be automatically installed"...)

Any help on how I can get thru is appreciated
I have an application that needs to have Dot Net 2 SP 2 installed because it detects it's not , I downloaded it from MS. When I try to run it nothing happens, I tried diff compatibility modes, nohting in event log. No AV loaded

any ideas how to install it on Server 2012 R2


.NET App Servers





.NET application servers, a Windows Server role in an application role, includes Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide web server support, the .NET Framework to provide application support, ASP.NET to provide server side scripting, COM+ for application component communication, Message Queuing for multithreaded processing, and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for application communication. There are also third party server systems that provide .NET support, including Mono, Base4, TNAPS and cc Devnet Data Access Server.

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