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.NET application servers, a Windows Server role in an application role, includes Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide web server support, the .NET Framework to provide application support, ASP.NET to provide server side scripting, COM+ for application component communication, Message Queuing for multithreaded processing, and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for application communication. There are also third party server systems that provide .NET support, including Mono, Base4, TNAPS and cc Devnet Data Access Server.

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How can I write a javascript to write a event on cell click of an table.

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 While trying to install .net framework 3.5 on Windows 2012 server, I get a message  as image below ( "Windows server role can't be automatically installed"...)

Any help on how I can get thru is appreciated
I have an application that needs to have Dot Net 2 SP 2 installed because it detects it's not , I downloaded it from MS. When I try to run it nothing happens, I tried diff compatibility modes, nohting in event log. No AV loaded

any ideas how to install it on Server 2012 R2

I have recently purchased a backup UPS and it comes with software that can be loaded on a computer (that is connected to the UPS) so that the computer can communicate with the UPS and safely shut down.  

The software requires .NET 3.5, but vanilla Windows Server 2012 doesn't have it.  What roles/components need I install?  I tried adding the Application Server --> .NET Framework 4.5 but the software installation is still saying .NET Framework still missing.  Am I forgetting something?  

There are tons of other roles beneath Application Server, do I need to install more?

Thank you

How can I configure the IIS 8.5 in my Windows Server 2012 R2 to redirect:

www.domain.com/app to point to the www.domain.com (under the same webserver) ?

Because at the moment:
www.domain.com/app --> is showing IIS 404
www.domain.com --> works fine as my primary website.

Hi experts,

 I have a server 2012 standard and I went to add roles and features to add .NET Framework and it starts the installation process and then 1/2 ways it fails.

Installation of one or more roles, role services , or feature failed. The source could not be found.
NET Framework 3.5 features
Hi Experts,

I want to build a webservice that :
1) get the url of a site 'n'  to spider
2) download the JSON to parse
3) parse the JSON and update MySQL
4) write log "OK" or "KO"
4) jump to Site 'n+1'
5) etc...

Sites 'n' are stored in a table

If site n has erreor, jump to site n+1, etc...

I am really new to this... it's the first time i develop a webservice

My Database is MySQL, the code can be in VB.net or in PHP

Can someone please help me to achieve this project.
I am having a problem installing net framework 4.5.2 on a windows 8.1 computer. It installs about 3% and just hangs there. I have run all the clean up files that were recommended but still no go. Can any one help with this problem. I am installing Turbo tax 2016 and it need .net framework 4.5.2.
Thank you.
Hi EE,
Is it possible to identify (time stamp) when a row was  inserted or updated in  Oracle database 12c ?

This table doesn't have created or last updated custom columns.

What role is required to identify this

I am need to write a Windows Service application that accepts TCP/IP connections for much simultaneous connections . Something about 2000 connections at time.

I prefer if this Windows Service is async.
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I want to view which folders on a netapp a security group is granted NTFS permssions.

How can this be accomplished? Powershell?
We have large 70 inch tv and need to design ui with some database connection. We are thinking to use wpf but it looks old and hard to find developer.

Any other alternative ?
I am experiencing very slow printing of labels (including barcodes) in vb.net to a thermal printer (TOSHIBA TEC B-SA4T) especially when I have to create several tags (each slightly different) in one batch.  

Can anyone help me out and maybe suggest a better alternative?  I have read a few articles which stipulate that vb.net is slower than vb6 when it comes to printing (I don’t want to downgrade to vb6).  

Current benchmark with VB 6 the object prints after 1 second, with a vb.net command (printDocument) prints after 3 seconds.

How to write to barcodes 128 or QR codes in TOSHIBA TEC printer using native fonts, what should I reference?
TEC-Barcode code128 is not visible in my Visual Studio 2012.
I have been having some weird behavior with one of our legacy web applications.

from time to time our connection between the web app and sql goes stale. we have daily app pool recycles early in the AM, however random app pools on random nodes do not reattach to sql and go into a "stale"/"Zombie" state at the time of recycle (prob 95% of the time it appears to be around recycle)

the usual fix is to cycle the pool. IIS Reset will work however that will impact other sites on the webserver

I used a script via schedule tasks to verify that new PIDs are being generated and they are.

according to the DBA, the box is done with its nightly chores at the time of our recycle.

none of our .net4 app pools exhibit this behavior


I have 2 List<string>: list_A and list_B.
it has 3 items inside each.

I got the values from api call and they are:
Iist_A[0] : "Hello"
list_A[1]: "I am <br><br> Isabell"
list_A[2]: "Sincerely, <br><br>Isabell"

I retrieved the values from DB and stored those to list_B.
I added and deleted items on list_B since I had to manipulate the data and string.
So when I finally added items, the previously stored items were overwritten by the new ones.
However, at the end, this is what I got for list_B.
Iist_B[0] : "Hello"
list_B[1]: "I am <br><br> Isabell"
list_B[2]: "Sincerely, <br><br>Isabell"

When I checked the values using Locals window in Visual Studio, I verified that all the values were matched. I even used 'Text Visualizer', but the results were exactly matched.
However I am getting "false" on the following statement.


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How could this happen and how to fix this issue?
Is there a way to use .net to open a command prompt on a remote PC and run an exe?  Then I would also like to parse the response text this exe produces.  I can get this to run using psexec from my local command prompt, but I can't get it to run using .net.
We have developed a web app hosted on Azure, which copies the records in a SQL View to a MySQL Db for a Wordpress Website.
All is working fine, but it is a scientific website and some of the records contain greek letters. These characters are not being carried over correctly, and display as question marks on the website.

On investigation, I have read that others had success with a similar issue by forcing conversion of the field containing the greek characters to UTF-8 with a SQL command on the My SQL destination Db, others found converting it to Latin1 resolved their issue. However, I had success with neither of these.  I also discovered that the greek characters appear to be converted to question marks before being sent to the MYSQL: When outputting the field values with console.writeline() in the vb code, the values expressed display '?'s instead of greek characters before they are exported to the MySQL Db.

So I'm wondering if there is any known process which I can put those fields through to ensure the greek characters are kept and remain untranslated to '?'s in the export functionality.

Incase it helps, following is a sample of the code used to write the values from the SQL view to the MySQL table:

        Dim DBAAW As New MasterDBEntities '(this is the SQL Db)
        'first find the Antibody Record by its HCConstructNumber
        Dim WARecord = (From wq In DBAAW.WP_Whole_Antibodies_on_Sale

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Dear Expert!
I have some Excel workbooks consisting of data and Excel-functions that also relies on a substantial chunk of (identical) VBA to produce the results, and now I would like to move this into the iOS world. What  thought was the obvious solution, using Excel for iPad, doesn't work since it doesn't handle any VBA and doesn't have any macro language (I also find it rather awkward to work in...)

So my question is if anyone has used a generic app for anything like this (handling Excel functions, workbooks and possibly has a macro/script language), since I prefer not to do a full App-development. Or if you have creative ideas how to solve this?

Since the question is for high-level ideas, there is no point of adding any example.

Of course I have no problem for any biased answers from developers working at the company who has an existing app for this, but I am not looking for proposals on development of an app ;-)
Good morning all,

I am looking for a software  or web app or single page app that will allow me to create, manage, publish, share my items catalog.

The list of items available in our catalog can be used to create blocks. For instance, we know what are the services/goods required to do a basic "Site Preparation for Construction" when we pick "Site Preparation" all the tasks/services/goods required show up then we can amend the quantities of each items according to which site preparation we are doing.

Meaning that I need to have the flexibility of associating each item to one or more types of work and for each project I should be able to pick the various types of works required and amend quantities accordingly.

I believe I might end-up having to develop it but however, if I don't have to I don't mind purchasing the licenses.

Please refer me to some excellent tools.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Simplifying Server Workload Migrations
Simplifying Server Workload Migrations

This use case outlines the migration challenges that organizations face and how the Acronis AnyData Engine supports physical-to-physical (P2P), physical-to-virtual (P2V), virtual to physical (V2P), and cross-virtual (V2V) migration scenarios to address these challenges.


How can i speed up the Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") process from vb.net 2015 desktop app.
How to use Team Foundation Server for vb.net project to replicate visual sourcesafe  to track changes etc.

I have been banging my head against the wall on this one for months,
I am getting a "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used" error occasionally when moving AD objects.

Dim ReBindUser As New DirectoryEntry(UserPath)

                    If IsDBNull(Processing_DataResults.Rows.Item(Master_Loop)(16)) Then
                        Trace.WriteLine("Error in datatable. NULL found.")
                        Trace.WriteLine("Record: " & Master_Loop)
                        Trace.WriteLine("User: " & Processing_DataResults.Rows.Item(Master_Loop)(1))
                        Trace.WriteLine("AD Current Path: " & ReBindUser.Path)
                        'Update to try again
                        CycleSQLQUERY.CommandText = "UPDATE [dbo].[AMS_Processing_Table] SET [Process_FLAG] = 3 WHERE [TrackingID] = '" & Processing_DataResults.Rows.Item(Master_Loop)(0).ToString & "';"
                        WinEventLog.WriteEntry("Account Processing Thread: Null Var Found in Datatable. - " & Processing_DataResults.Rows.Item(Master_Loop)(1) & "-" & Master_Loop, EventLogEntryType.FailureAudit, 1614)
                        Continue For
                    End If
                    Trace.WriteLine("OLD: " & Replace(ReBindUser.Path, ReBindUser.Name & ",", ""))
                    Trace.WriteLine("New: " & LDAPSpecial & Replace(Processing_DataResults.Rows.Item(Master_Loop)(16), "/", "\/"))
                    If LCase(Replace(ReBindUser.Path, ReBindUser.Name 

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I have published an App Service to MS Azure (Europe North). My service needs to access an application on my local network via net.tcp.
I therefore need to change my local firewall configuration to allow access from Azure.
The problem that I have is that I can't work out what Azure IP address ranges to use in the firewall.

I have downloaded the latest Azure IP range document from Microsoft but the range of IP addresses for Europe North is huge.
So a couple of questions.
1. Do I need to enter all these IP addresses into my firewall, just in case I am using one of them?
2. Is there a way I can find out the IP address of the server I am running on. (The app is a C# App)?

Thanks for your help
All, I have a customer that I remotely support. For me to get to my apps I need to logon to their website and login a juniper window appears and I get a green blinking light, all is good so far. Once I get to the apps I need I click the icons and nothing happens. The latest Citrix Receiver is installed and it should work. Am I missing something. The same setup works on my Windows 7 PC.
I have done a project in vb. Net 2015 desktop. It is going  live on Xenapp server. What libraries I need to install on the server to nake it work.

.NET App Servers





.NET application servers, a Windows Server role in an application role, includes Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide web server support, the .NET Framework to provide application support, ASP.NET to provide server side scripting, COM+ for application component communication, Message Queuing for multithreaded processing, and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for application communication. There are also third party server systems that provide .NET support, including Mono, Base4, TNAPS and cc Devnet Data Access Server.

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