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Network Management

Network Management involves issues that are independent of specific hardware or software, including email policies, upgrade planning, backup schedu...

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Network Architect and EE TA

Over 15 years' experience in enterprise network design and implementation focused on routing, switching, Wi-Fi and Cisco ISE.

Troubleshooting Solution

Routing between two networks, ISA gateway

Please point me in the right direction if I'm not posting this right but here goes...  
I'm …

Test IP Addresses with PING

An Experts Exchange member requires a utility that accepts a file with a list of IP addresses and PINGs each of the addresses in the list. If there are any failures, the utility sends an email containing the IP addresses and error messages of all the failed PINGs. This article presents a solution.
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 7 Pro - Network Identifying but has access to network folders and Internet.

All computers run a program off a network drive but ar random, all computers on the network randomly…
Troubleshooting Solution

dhcp server will not authorize -

Hello guys and as always thanks for your time and expertise.  I'm in a site with two domain …
Troubleshooting Solution

implementing sliding window protocol

Okay so I am going to be pretty clear at first that this is an assignment. I am asked to create a …
Advice Solution

small company IT infrastructure essentials


Dear Experts

We have around 75 systems in the corporate office and other 2 branch offices and at

Troubleshooting Solution

windows folder permissions: deny delete  - allow rename

i have a server with a shared folder on windows server 2005
(see picture)
i set delete to …
Troubleshooting Solution

DNS servers in cannot connect in 1 direction

We recently installed a new Win2008 R2 x64 server as a GC (I will call this server A).   This server…
Troubleshooting Solution

Setting up a VPN

I have an office that is running a domain.   They have a TP-LInk TL-600VPN.  This office is opening …
Troubleshooting Solution

Network confusion PC-NAME vs LOCAL IP

Hello Experts,
I have a computer named "Toshi-A"  (Win 7)
its local IP:
all its …
Troubleshooting Solution

CentOS issue opening port 8080

Can someone please help me understand why I am unable to get to port 8080 with my CentOS 6/ …
Troubleshooting Solution

Sonicwall tz215 internet speed slow  help

Hi Guys

I have Sonicwall tz 215 Firewall.

My speed is 200mbps but after installation this …
Troubleshooting Solution

Has anyone got DOS/Win3.1 drivers for a WDC WD83C690-JT network card?

I have Trumpet Winsock and a WDC WD83C690-JT ethernet card. When I plug it in it shows a power light…

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