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Network Management





Network Management involves issues that are independent of specific hardware or software, including email policies, upgrade planning, backup scheduling and working with managed service providers for Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS), Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and the like through the use of tools, coupled with manufacturer standards, best practice guidelines, policies and procedures plus all other relevant documentation. Network management also includes monitoring, alerting and reporting, management reporting, planning for device or service updates, the backup of configurations, the setting of key performance indicators and measures (KPIs/KPMs), associated service level agreements and problem records as part of the IT Service Management (ITSM) framework.

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One of the Experts here on EE suggested GFI Languard.  So, we bought it and have  had it running for a few months.  As I get further into it and want to take advantage of its capabilities, I naturally have questions.

Being a "good customer" I figured to start on the community forum.  But I can't log in and I can't set up a new account.  I have LOTS of email addresses available and can set up new ones.  Yet, no matter which one I enter for a new Registration, it says "already used".  Can't be true of course.

Telephone customer support takes one to a menu that has nothing to do with customer support and, if you politely wait after not responding, it says "Goodbye".

I may be in the market for 3rd party Q&A at least.  Or, what might you suggest?
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Dear all,

I am an IT support for a small company consist of 5 users. I assigned a static IP address on each computer.
Around 3 weeks one of my colleague was not able to browse the connection or see the shared folder on the server until I changed his PC's IP address. This issue reoccurred again today on his PC and on another PC.
I have done a lot of troubleshooting and the last step was changing the IP address. After changing the IP address on two PCs they were able to browse the internet connection and see the shared drives.

I am wondering what is the magician with changing the IP address. Please assist me because I am looking for a solution to avoid keep changing the IP addresses form time to time.
My sonicwall is dropping my connection from a second subnet. I understand why, as it is identifying this 96... ip address as a WAN on the LAN. However I just simply want to allow all traffic from that IP to get through. How would I go about configuring the sonicwall?

I tried disabling IP Spoof Checking from the diag.html page, but it refuses to save and only says "there were no changes made".

01/15/2018 12:07:25.640      Alert      Intrusion Prevention      IP spoof dropped      96.67.165.X, 49873, X1      209.63.225.X, 80, X1      


We are running an intranet in our organization...now we are thinking to provide the access of our intranet to the users even through their mobile..How can we do this... and is this possible?

Thanks in advance,
Srikanth Nandyala.
I'm pretty bad with IP design.   is there a 172.16 /12 network? If so,  how many subnets and hosts I can do?
planning how many offices,  larger and smaller I can put there.  
Thanks bunch.
I need to update a bunch of catalyst switches from TLSv1.1 to TLSv1.2. Also need to disable older ciphers. Has anyone implemented this before?

Please share the steps as I can't seem to find anything documentation online for this.

Thank you.

I am super new to phone systems and am only asking in the absence of my usual go-to phone engineer. We have a client with a FreePBX phone system and Cisco SPA525G handsets. They would like to use the Link Key 5 button (bottom button to the right of the screen) on their reception phone to pickup any internal or external calls for when other staff are away from their desk.
I've tried a few things in the config of the phone, but have not been able to get this working yet.
I don't think we should need to adjust the config in FreePBX (could be wrong), as apparently this used to be working and the PBX config hasn't changed in quite some time.

This is as far as I've been able to get with the research and reading I've done (which doesn't work):
fnc=blf+cp;nme=Call Pickup

Any assistance would be appreciated!
I am manage active directory in window server 2016 that managed clients around 30, i know the way of lock their desktop from store anything , but is there anyway to lock but can allow shortcut to stored on desktop? so they can access there original root file from shortcut that stored on desktop, and if stand alone PC, how to do that from administrator account?

Thanks in advance
I have been trying to work with Sonicwall support on this issue and have made no progress.  We have been using the appliance in the past with split tunnel enabled but, due to security requirements, we can no longer allow split tunnel.  If we turn it off,  remote users can access internal resources we have configured, but cannot access anything on the Internet. It seems that we need to create a resource which is "anything" on the Internet but we don't know how to do that. We don't see any kind of wild card options.  We have not given our users access to "Any" resource.  We need to specifically define the resource they have access to.  We need an "Internet" resource and then we can give them access to that.  Is this possible.  Or, is there some other way to approach this?

Sonicwall support had us upgrade the firmware to 11.40-468 with the 708 hotfixes but that did not create an options for resolving this requirement.
Hi Guys,

Last week I tried to upgrade our edge 3750X switch (two switches in a stack), from c3750e-universalk9-mz.152-2.E.bin to c3750e-universalk9-mz.152-4.E5.bin.

Previously I copied the new IOS to both flash: and flash2: from TFTP, ran command 'boot system switch all flash:c3750e-universalk9-mz.152-4.E5.bin, and then 'wr mem'.

Later I consoled into the master switch and reloaded. The master switch booted into the new image successfully, but the member switch got stuck in a booting loop. The new IOS was loading, and went nearly to the end, and the master switch could see the member at some point. Then the process started all over again, and it was endless!

I tried powering the member switch off, and then on again - still the same. Tried removing stacking cables, and restarting - still no joy. Then booted the member into SWITCH: prompt, and then into the previous IOS - still a loop! I didn't know what else I could try, so at the end I powered the offending switch off and left it as it was (as the master switch was providing all the services).

Please could you advise how to resolve this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.


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for a small business which conference system will you recommend?

what are the leading brands out there?
On a Cisco ASA, how can send only logging from a single access control list rule to a syslog server.?
Configuration with ASDM please

- Jac
Hi Experts,

This is kinda a two part question, so I apologize in advance for that.

I’ve been tasked with implementing a monitoring/reporting system for the internet usage at our company.  What we want to see is the basic stats of all our ingress & egress internet traffic (volume in & volume out), with the ability to drill down to the type of traffic (L7 level), and the associated inside client/ip.

Our network consists of a Cisco ISR 4331 (app-x license) router, which routes between our various vlans (Cisco ESW500 & SG500 switches, and Cisco wlan), and a dedicated 100Mb internet connection.  The management system we are using is Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.2 (with all the appropriate assurance licenses for our devices).  For sake of better understanding, I’ve attached a topology diagram of our current layout.  We have about 100 end users, don’t run any special services on our network, and the majority of our internet traffic (in & out) is just basic web traffic, with one webserver and an ip camera server.

So the first part of my question is what would be the best way (using netflow, I assume) to have our Prime Infrastructure monitor the traffic stats we’re looking for? (In particular, how can I get around the NAT/PAT issue for the inbound web traffic?)

Which leads to the second part question……I was thinking on stacking all the SG500 switches into a L3 stack, to offload some of the L3 switching between vlans, to that L3 stack.  Would that allow me to monitor …

i am using Microsoft OMS for getting logs from Azure VM's and based on the logs i want to generate alerts. I want to get "Disk Names" from the logs which are generated when the disk space gets exhausted. Does anyone have a idea on how to get disk names in Microsoft OMS ?

Hello EE,

This is just for my own information,

I have one firewall that has outside interface configured that is pointing to the ISP gateway. I have right now one interface configured as inside and plugged to layer 3 switch and it provides internet access to that LAN.

now I have another layer 3 switch that is configured to provide LAN access to bunch of users , I want to provide internet access to that site and I want to have the internet traffic go through the same firewall. Any thoughts on this?

I need solution for one issue I am facing in my organization and I am hopefull to get some good solution for this issue. Below is the details of my query.

1- Currently we are running 4 sites and all 4 sites are connected with each other throw site to site VPN tunnal.
2- We kept all the data under SAN storage. This data backed up regularly through backup exec in Tape drive and these tapes tapes moved to other location after backup .

We want all the data available at our branch offices should be replicate on the SAN storage which is installed at our Head office. In coming days we will put one more server in our branch office and copy approx. 2 TB data on that server. In case any disaster happen in any of our site, we can easily recover data from backup.

1- All three branch offices has 10 MBPS Link and approx. 2 TB data. If we will replicate data over network, it will be big load on network and slow down the network performance. It will affect regular operation until its all the data replicate successfully into SAN. This situation will affect our Business.
2-  There are much more chances of data duplicate because they are moving the same and use same data as case reference.

Solution required:
1- How can we replicate all location data in SAN storage without affecting our day to day operation?
2 -How to avoid data duplication?
Hi Team,

We are currently going through a change of infrastructure and of service provider and I was looking for some advice on our situation.

The current network is provided as a "Lan Extension Service/Point 2 Point Layer 2" and goes through a second site:

Main Office -> Remote Office 1 -> Satellite Office 2

There are multiple subnets/VLANs within Satelite Office 2
Data VLANs within Office 2 are a mix of static and DHCP with IP helper pointing to remote end of LES (Main Office)

New provider is an MPLS solution
Remote Office 1 is being decomissioned

Is setting up a Site-to-site VPN from Main Office - Satellite Office 2 feasible with minimal impact? How could this be implemented successfully?

DHCP over IPSEC VPN (Cisco ASA's 5506) - will this work?
There is a plan for multiple S2S IPSEC VPNs for other services/sites

This is time critical and the transition should be seamless to the end users, however future change at Satellite Office 2 will see all clients go to DHCP.

Any advice or suggestions you can provide would be great!


We have a branch office using Cisco 8851 phones running the latest up-to-date firmware. When we lose the link to our head office where the Call Managers (v10.5.1) are the phones go into SRST and work. I can see 58 licenses being used on the Voice  Gateway (Cisco 2911).

When the link returns the phones show that they are re-registed to the Call Manager, however, when I look at the phones on the Call Manager they are not registered. When I look at show call-manager-fallback on the router I still see 58 SRST licenses being used.

We have to walk round and reboot all the phones.

The VPN tunnels are connected via Fortinet 300D's and the policies allow ALL services. From what I have read the ACK's to the keepalives may not be getting through

Any help would be appreciated.


We have an old Asterisk (v.2.x) phone server in our office.  I'm new to the system and need to change an extension number from a rapid busy signal to a working extension.  Also, we have several extension that simple hang-up when dialed (no tones of any sort).  How do we edit those extensions?

I'm new to Linux, but I've figured out how to browse directories and edit conf files.
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Hi Guys

I need to find a way to allow the network to be reached from – networks. Given little documentation, I need the help to allow for communication between the networks, trying to achieve the below (sorry, I know it is sketchy) >>> PING >>>> >>> PING >>>> >>> PING >>>> >>> PING >>>>

The below is .conf file I pulled from our OpenSwan 2.2.6, this .conf file is for our network (the network is similar)
conn ifly-pen
You can see, the leftsubnets allows for communication to the network from the network. However, in the network, when I ping the IP address I get no response, see Ping.png and Tracert.png
Our OpenSwan IP is and it is a VM in AWS, you can see the above is routing through the (on the network, router), through to the but then goes …
I have 77 printers on different sites I would like to have a report on whats going on with them from week to week. For example, if the ADF scanner is jamming often it reported so I can order a part.

I'm working with Lexmark Printers, I  currently have it set to email me when something happens. I need a way to create a report via graph or visually.  Three key pieces I really care about is the site  location, Asset, and the alert type

If I can have the emails to another address and create reports on the fly that's ideal I'm working with a company laptop that might restrict installed programs I prefer web-based application if possible.

Heres the subject title example Paper Handling Alert from Lexmark MX611de at (IP is same for each site)

The Body of email
Your Lexmark printer has sent you an automated status alert. Please review the following information:
Printer Location: City Site here, MI | ET
Serial Number: 701632HH01WT9
Asset Tag Number: Printer name here

Paper Handling Alert:
  Paper jam, open rear door. [230.03]
Hello, I started to configure a PFSense, version 2.4.1. I want to know if it is possible to configure an IPsec multi-WAN failover

Has anyone had any experience configuring this? I already configured the DUAL WAN Failover on the PFSense

I would like that the VPN tunnel can be able to stay up if the WAN fails over.

Thanks in advance

Has anyone managed to get Cisco 7942G to work with RingCentral.  If so could you share the XML file, ours is just stuck on registering.

Hi all, please am trying to login to cisco FEX from a switch, but not cleared how to go about it.

I have attached the FEX status on the switch below

If i login to the switch what command do i applied that will let me see all interfaces on the FEX.

Thanks for looking into this for me.
Hi, I need to install the program on all the user's machines. it's a lot of users, how to do without install individually, one time install for every one.Any idea highly appriciated

Network Management





Network Management involves issues that are independent of specific hardware or software, including email policies, upgrade planning, backup scheduling and working with managed service providers for Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS), Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and the like through the use of tools, coupled with manufacturer standards, best practice guidelines, policies and procedures plus all other relevant documentation. Network management also includes monitoring, alerting and reporting, management reporting, planning for device or service updates, the backup of configurations, the setting of key performance indicators and measures (KPIs/KPMs), associated service level agreements and problem records as part of the IT Service Management (ITSM) framework.