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Network Operations includes asset management, help-desk supervision, security and user policies, infrastructure administration and anything else that affects the operation of your network. Discussions will include those of best practices in platforms, configurations, performance, security and accounting.

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I already have a "Server Room" temperature device that
automatically emails and calls me when the TEMP goes
above 75 degrees, allowing me to fix whatever
AC issues I might have.

What "Automatic Shutdown during Overheating"
features can I setup on my Windows 2012 Server,
Dell T630 so I don't have to worry about
the below happening ?

Maybe some type battery backup that automatically
cuts off the power supply after the room reaches 90
degrees, I do not need it to GRACEFULLY shutdown,
it can FORCEFULLY shutdown if needed

 1. server room AC fails, internet fails, but power
    is still on, room goes to 90 degrees, but I never
    get emails and calls since my "Server Room"
    temperature device cannot connect to the INTERNET

 2. I get automatic email at 2am on Saturday morning,
    but cannot drive the 40+ minutes to work to manually
    shut down the servers since it is ICEY outside and my
    home VPN internet connection is down so I cannot
    remote in to shutdown the servers
Hi Here is Opengear IM4216. I could not find relative document on it. Is it layer2 or layer3 device? What kind of device is it? Thank you
I'm pretty bad with IP design.   is there a 172.16 /12 network? If so,  how many subnets and hosts I can do?
planning how many offices,  larger and smaller I can put there.  
Thanks bunch.
I need to add one of our vendors IP's to our Sonicwall so they are not blocked.

hi guys,

I'm currently managing an IT Operations team. I've been asked by our new head to come up with a way for me/us to measure in some shape or form their progress on a weekly basis.

We use Zendesk for our ticketing system which is very comprehensive. He wants us to find a way of knowing, how many particular jobs were started, closed, including things such as 'what got in the way?'. Along with that, he wants to know a way of measuring project progress in a similar way.

Do you guys have any measuring methods that you use at your work places? Or advised others on how to better do something similar?

Thanks for helping
my network is as follows:


Sonic Wall - (gateway

Just double checking, I want the SonicWALL subnet to be private.  I am a little concerned because when I am on a workstation behind the sonic wall I can ping the Comcast gateway, and navigate to the admin portal.

However, when I am directly plugged into the Comcast gateway I cannot ping the 1.1 gateway subnet.  So the SonicWALL subnet is not visible to the main comcast network.  Is my network setup and secured as intended?
We have a c3750-48PS the switch works fine on the computers, but the Access Point doesn't come up, it lights up, but it doesn't see the Wireless Controller. The Access Point is a 2802I.

Any ideas?
Hey guys,
We have just acquired a client that uses Cisco stuff.  I am looking at the show run file for one of their devices.  I see non default vlans added to the ports, but I don't see any list of vlans.  Somewhere at the top of the file I see, "vlan internal allocation policy."  The stuff that I am reading about it is confusing, but it seems that what this is doing is importing vlans from another device.  Is this correct?
Has any one seen this issue.  We have two circuits coming into a NSA2600 one from Level 3 and one from Spectrum.  I can get traffic from outside to our email server on the Level 3 side but I can not on the spectrum side.  Please see attached document for an idea of our layout.

If I setup a computer directly connected to Spectrum modem with a public ip address I can ping from the internet.  How do I get traffic to flow from the spectrum modem to my firewall with one connection like I have on the Level 3 side.

hello, scom 2016 and need to specify some service that i need to show using the visio to make dashboard. so if i need to check health of the DNS service in my 3 domains how can i do that and shall i choose. also if  i need to check the status of my DHCP subnets can i do that?
i'm using visio 2013 and the scom addin installed but it's for system centre 2012 does it make any effect?
also if i need to just click on the service from the visio should it gives me the status of this object only?
We have a connection to the Internet and now we just added another Internet connection. We want to use the new Internet connection just for Office 365. I am not sure how to go about doing this as I have a default route from my core to the FW and then from the FW to the provider router. So currently all Internet connection, including O365, is pointed to the default route and there is nothing going out of the the new Internet connection.
We have a physical connection from the provider to the FW, then from the FW to the core switch.

Any thoughts? Thanks
for a small business which conference system will you recommend?

what are the leading brands out there?
On a Cisco ASA, how can send only logging from a single access control list rule to a syslog server.?
Configuration with ASDM please

- Jac
Building/space already have multiple ISP provisioned.  Fibre and wireless.
Before building a network what information we need to know from ISP before designing and building things out?  Just making sure not missing anything.
I am inheriting an existing space with already provisioned ISP service.
Thanks in advance.
Hi just using IMC on a trial basis

How exactly does it help with vlan management and ACL management can anyone outline ways in which it help us support switches is it just useful in terms of deployment etc

Any good learning material available?
Looking for best way to manage vlans on 5120 switches, especially for a remote site

What are the main things i need to look at?
First timer here with a Sonicwall Soho wireless. I want to integrate it into a network where currently Verizon FIOS is providing Internet connectivity to one Server and three Windows 10 Pro workstations. Server is the only DC.

I'm almost certain the Verizon router's IP is dynamic, but will check when onsite.

I am thinking that the Sonicwall appliance should be set up physically where I run a CAT5 from the Verizon Router's LAN port to the WAN port on the Sonicwall, and then from the Sonicwall's LAN port to the switch.

Is this correct implementation? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Verizon Actiontech RouterMI424WR
Sonicwall SOhO Wireless-N
DellServer 2008 set up as DC
3 Windows 10 Workstations
Hi  all, please help me on this.
in the palo alto monitoring I see the ip is allowed by policy but the session end reason showing" tcp-rst-fromclient" means pls advice me this is the issue causing due to firewall denying or dropping traffic or issue on the client end.
laptop been moved from production to a another segment for testing purpose .but when changed vlan of other segment the laptop cannot get ip address. when reverted back to old vlan connected to network & obtained ip.
I am looking to create an IP strategy for a hybrid environment (VMware on prem and Azure public integrated). I am wondering if anyone has best practice on best practices for IP strategy and more importantly on IPv6 implementation in Azure. Anything to watch out for with IP addressing, in particular IPv6.

Your help is appreciated.

Hi all, please am submitting a CRQ for a simple static route via vrf
ip route vrf  (vrf name) <ip address/mask> next hop.
I know it will not be approve if I did not put a statement about testing.
Please can anyone suggest any simple testing statement for static routing?
We decided not to spend that  60k/year on external consultants services to do scanning for rogue AP/SSIDs.

I noticed the consultant run a software tool on their laptop.  Any tool that could give a decent PDF report
certifying there's no rogue Wifi AP around will be most welcome.   Need something easy to use
i Have an unregistered NSA240.

Setting up two LANs both trusted but cannot route between them also on second LAN, management not allowed.

Is this do to the device not being registered?

Cannot remember having this problem before.
We have an old Asterisk (v.2.x) phone server in our office.  I'm new to the system and need to change an extension number from a rapid busy signal to a working extension.  Also, we have several extension that simple hang-up when dialed (no tones of any sort).  How do we edit those extensions?

I'm new to Linux, but I've figured out how to browse directories and edit conf files.
I have been using SonicWall for years. Never really thrilled with their support (primarily a language barrier until recently) but their content filtering seems to be problematic. I spend more time on the phone with them trying to keep it running correctly than it is worth.

Does anyone else use SonicWall for content filtering and in your opinion is it easy to keep running? Any comments about sonic wall in general?

Network Operations





Network Operations includes asset management, help-desk supervision, security and user policies, infrastructure administration and anything else that affects the operation of your network. Discussions will include those of best practices in platforms, configurations, performance, security and accounting.