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Networking hardware includes the physical devices facilitating the use of a computer network. Typically, networking hardware includes gateways, routers, network bridges, modems, wireless access points, networking cables, line drivers, switches, hubs, and repeaters. But it also includes hybrid network devices such as multilayer switches, protocol converters, bridge routers, proxy servers, firewalls, network address translators, multiplexers, network interface controllers, wireless network interface controllers, ISDN terminal adapters and other related hardware.

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We have a Cisco 6509E chassis as the core of our network.  We are trying to run our FOG (Imaging software) server and we are finding multicast is not working through the switch.  We tested this by plugging the server into a variety of other switches that bypass the core and multicasting works perfectly.  I am unsure what settings could be different as I have compared IGMP Snooping and the portfast settings with the switches that work when the server is plugged into them.  

Any ideas?  It is running SUPT2XL as the supervisors running 15.1 on them.
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I just arrived on site at a colo where a vendor installed a patch panel and 6 Cisco switches. The cabinet door won't close because the switches and the patch panel are mounted flush with the front rack posts, so the cables (especially, the fiber connectors) extend out from the switch preventing the door from closing. So I've called the vendor and they are going to help but not now.

These are Cisco 93180 switches, with port side intake. How should these switches be installed in a rack with doors that close flush with the front posts? On a shelf? Is there a way to recess the switch?
I have 2 of PA-3020 firewalls. Is there a guide on how to do the cabling so that they are setup correctly in active/standby mode? For example I don't know if my ISP modem is supposed to have a cable going to both same ports on both PA-3020s.
Hello, I am working on a Linksys EA6300 router when I connect to it using the 5G wifi connection the highest speed I can get is 25mb and the 2.4Ghz around 10mb but if I use the Xfinity Model: TG1682G router wifi connection 5Ghz I get around 250Mps down and the 2.4Ghz is getting about 20mb down. The customer has been using two router on separate networks just to extend the coverage but this is becoming a problem due to the speed of the Linksys ea6300. My question the Linksys has 10/100/1000 connections so I was thinking the connections should be a bit faster than this? Any suggestions? I know this is a poor man's way to have it set up but it has been working for them over the past few years
I have two NICs, one is cabled directly into a server, and the other goes through a Sonicwall and out to the internet where it sends and receives files from a central portal.

The NIC to the server is working fine.

The NIC to the internet is saying "Limited" and I cannot get full connectivity for that NIC, can anyone please advise on how to troubleshoot a NIC that is giving this error
Have an HP Color LaserJet CP4025.

Believe the NIC card is bad but have not proven it to my complete satisfaction.

As I am nervous Ned, I want to be sure before the boss brings in the Printer Guy at $150 an hour and proves me the fool.

Printer lost connectivity to the switch.

Checked all the patch cables from the printer, through the wall, to the switch.

All good.

Checked the config on the switch.

All good.

Used other ports on the switch.

All good.

Still no connectivity.

Tried to connect an RJ45 cable from a computer NIC to the printer NIC.

The printer does not show any default 169 do IP address.

The JetDirect menu choice from the printer display is missing meaning I cannot set DHCP.

Did a factory reset.

Did a cold reset.

No go.

Should I grab a laptop and a serial cable and give it a go, or has Nervious Ned done everything he can do to prove the NIC is bad?
My work uses HP Switches and we needed to trace activity from a specific Network Jack.  The problem is we did not know which port on the HP Switch that Jack was connected to.

We did know the client computer's MAC address its IP address.  I was told to plug in the device and then un-plug it and then plug it back in several times.  That was how my team discovered the port on switch was connected to from that specific data jack.

I believe my team used a port trap or something like.  My quesitons are:

1.  What tools on the switch can be used to find which switch port that client device is plugged into?
Hi EE,

I have a very strange problem at the place I'm currently living in.  My landlord is trialing a new Wifi connection this trial began at 11 am 1 day ago. No wireless configuration changes were required from my end and my tablet and mobile phone connected to the new wifi without issue. However, my Windows 7 desktop either by Wifi (using the same credentials as my mobile and tablet) or LAN DNS resolution doesn't work anymore I can ping external websites fine.

Tried setting my DNS to Google no luck.
Tried disabling IPv6 no luck.
Tried the ipconfig /flushdus, ipconfig /registerdns, ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew no luck.
Tried the Netsh winsock, reset catalog, int ipv4 and ipv6 reset no luck

Event logs on my PC confirm the started have DNS issues at 11:03 am that day warning is:

The warning is event 1014 and the source is DNS client events. The general section reads, "Name resolution for the name [insert website URL] timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

Any ideas I am completely stumped by this.

Thank you.
If you connect two fiber cables that are joined together to a router, can the router change the sending and receiving signals,  similar to a switch with a straight through cable. If my memorize serve me right, in order to connect a switch  to another switch you need a cross over cable, and if you do not, the switch has the intelligent to know that another switch is connected to its port ,then it changes the connections internally, to mimic a cross over cable.
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Between 2 building we have what I’m told is OM3 MM fiber cable.  However I can’t seem to get the switches connected via the Fiber patch panel.  
The HP switches have SFP ports and I’ve tried using SFP-SX modules but nothing.   Is this not supposed to work?
Gurus ,

i am looking for a reliable solution for a home network to terminate ADSL connection  and was wondering if Microtik will be a good choice for one time installation by a professional and the unit can work without any reboot / hang unlike experiencing in Dlink / linksys some of the models

EE Members,

Hello all . could you please advise of any vendors that does Out of Band Solution through 4G ?
looking for reliable vendors that has presence in Middle East

We have site A connected to site B with a pair of fiber.  The fiber is muxed with CWDM at each site. We also have site C and site D with the same setup (muxed between the sites with CWDM). Now we like to extend one of the wavelength (1511nm) from site A to site D. Is there going to be any issue if we mux it twice (i.e. between site A and B and then between site C and D)? It looks something like below. I would like to know if it's an acceptable solution

Site A                                                 Site B                               Site C                            Site D

Thank you,
I am looking for a good terminal server that is compatible with cisco switches, mostly 2960X's and 3850's.
I need at least 40 ports.

Any suggestions?
I need a switch for an installation that has 48 Ethernet runs, which include about 7-8 Ubiquity Access points.
Not all the jacks will have something plugged in.  They planned for a 48 port Patch Panel.

I see that NetGear (which I have been happy with in years past) has a 48 port switch

NETGEAR 52-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS752TP) - with 48 x PoE+ @ 380W, 4 x 1G SFP, Desktop/Rackmount, and ProSAFE Lifetime Protection

Will this work well with the Ubiquity access points?  Is there a different brand that I should consider?

If I am connecting without PoE, will the switch provide a GigaBit connection?


I would like to monitoring fusion kit and fusion transfert.

I use the last version of PRTG monitoring . I have one printer HP Color LaserJet M651 and this printer is very critical. It's printing delivery note. This printer is on another site.
I can monitoring by SNMP.

This printer can send email when problem is detected, but user don't read this email .

HP Ref : Fusion kit is CE247A and fusion transfert is CE249A
Just wondering if there is a way to not redirect away certain hosts/subnets and redirect the rest of the internet traffic using policy based routing on a Dell switch.  This post has a similar issue but not sure what the solution might be (or if there is anyway):

Thank you in advance!
stacking 2 3850-24XS-S switches

I found documentation online in how to stack 3 or more switches, of the 3850's, but not with only 2 switches.
Do I only use 1 stacking cable, or do I use 2 stacking cables for a stack of 2 switches?  Basically, would it be left (switch 1) to right (switch 2)  and right (switch 1) to left (switch 2)?
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So I started to update my Windows 7 pro machine which everything was working fine to a Windows 10 pro machine with this board. Upon doing the install Microsoft Windows never alerted me to any kind of sudden issues I need to worry about hence while I’m in this predicament. I have windows installed but as of now the onboard adapter and several devices are hosed….BUMMER!

The Board an End of life DH55HC which can manage Win 10 Pro
Device Manager shows the following out of compliance.
1.      Intel (R) 82578 DC gigabit network connection (The onboard NIC)
2.      Ethernet Controller
3.      Multimedia Audio Controller
4.      PCI Serial Port
All are not working. Lost the DLink as well from a previous post but I knew it would not work on 10. So I had an ASUS wireless card which should have worked (It had drivers for Win 10) as is the 82578DC which has drivers for the onboard but it is not working.

My question is two part because the Full install COA disk I had updated and was good to go according to Microsoft. I assume the disk had an install build up to a certain date. I wonder since I lost so many devices and COULD NOT access the internet (none of the NICs work) that maybe I need a later build ISO or some other file download that will have the proper drivers?  

1.      Can anyone tell me what I could try here?
2.      How can I find a compatible wireless NIC or LAN or combo

We are going to replace our ageing servers. I have been quoted for 2x Dell Power Edge servers R640  and the LAN card on this server is 1Gbe Base T.
To connect the San and Host, we will be using SAS 12GBps HBA.
At the moment the core switch on our network is 1GbE and planning to connect the Host and Core switch with 1GbE copper connection

In a next 5 Months I am planning to replace my core switch and purchase a 10Gig core Switch and during that time will the ethernet card auto-negotiate between 1 and 10-gigabit  on the Dell Power Edge servers R640 ?

Please suggest  and any help would be great.

I have a Minix U9-H Android TV box (Running Marshmallow)

The primary application is Kodi within this I've been able to connect via fixed IP address to shares on my Windows 7 PC (A password protected user account has been created to aid this) and play media files etc.

How do I connect to the PC outside Kodi (I note ES File explorer is no longer on the play store, Google searches suggest to use )

I'd also like to access the Minix U9-H file system from the PC I tried putting the IP address into Win Explorer with failed

The PC and Minix U9-H are connected via a wired LAN

My reasons for doing this are MySQL Setting_up_Kodi this needs to be able to copy files between devises
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a solid point to point solution?  About a year ago I installed two TPLink CPE510's for my boss to connect his barn to his home(~150 yards).  This was my first attempt at p2p, but the install and setup went smoothly.  Unfortunately, within a few months, the client side device was losing connection roughly once every 2 weeks requiring a power cycle of the client to remedy.  Now I'm being told it's losing connection every few days, and while it's down, he loses his security cams.  As the guy who installed, naturally, I now own the problem.  

He wants an 'upgrade', but I'm not sure what's out there.  The 510's are pretty cheap, which leads me to believe they aren't exactly top shelf, but I could be wrong as my sample size is limited to these two units.

Pretty basic setup, modem>router>CPE AP>CPE Client > Open Mesh AP.  

I plan on making a trip out there to see if I can tinker with the settings, but considering the logistics of changing a setting, having to wait a day or so for a disconnect, going back out there, rinse, may just be easier to replace with 'better' gear.

Thank you for any reviews/experience/recommendations.
Hi, I am having problems accessing a Cisco 2960 switch via a new management vlan (Vlan3). I have a second physical site with the same equipment which is working fine.
Please see the attached drawing. The Non working site still has the ip address set for interface vlan 1 as well as vlan 3, and the default gateway is currently set to the vlan 1 sub interface on the router. When I  changed the default gateway to the vlan 3 sub interface, I couldn't connect to the switch via its vlan 3 IP.
The working site is also a Cisco 2960 switch and I was able to configure the vlan 3 interface with an ip address, change the default gateway, log back in to the switch via its vlan 3 ip address and then remove the vlan 1 ip address.

I'm not back on site for a week, but it would be handy to have a few new things to try when there,
Many thanks
The client is setting up a mesh system in a large house (Bed and Breakfast), and needs to select which one to use.  They have run Cat6 to 3 spots on each of 4 floors.

They are aware of:  
Linksys Velop
TP-Link Deco M9 plus Mesh
Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC3000

I have used Eero, which I'm happy with, and would like to recommend that.

Is Eero equal if not better than the others?

Is there another brand that I should be using?


Networking Hardware-Other





Networking hardware includes the physical devices facilitating the use of a computer network. Typically, networking hardware includes gateways, routers, network bridges, modems, wireless access points, networking cables, line drivers, switches, hubs, and repeaters. But it also includes hybrid network devices such as multilayer switches, protocol converters, bridge routers, proxy servers, firewalls, network address translators, multiplexers, network interface controllers, wireless network interface controllers, ISDN terminal adapters and other related hardware.