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Networking hardware includes the physical devices facilitating the use of a computer network. Typically, networking hardware includes gateways, rou...

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I’ve been “playing” with computers for almost 45 years, and “working” with them in various roles for over 30.

Troubleshooting Solution

Setup Wireless Lan

hello there,

i have followed this to setup my server.but the client cannot access the server.i …

Unstable/Slow Performing Networks or VPNs? …just go grocery shopping!

Imagine you have a shopping list of items you need to get at the grocery store. You have two …

When a customer asks you for something try to your best to …

When a customer asks you for something try to your best to understand what exactly he wants to …
Troubleshooting Solution

separate networks and one internet connection

I have one internet connection via our cable modem.  I want to have two separate networks, both of …
Troubleshooting Solution

data vlan setup


We will be required to setup vlans on our LAN and WAN very soon..

Looking at the help file…
Advice Solution

Question about WPS buttons...


Question about WPS buttons...

Xerox Phaser 6022

What WPS button to press first? Printer? Router?


Troubleshooting Solution

Wire router shall get wireless ether connectable to ISP server first ? Ignore the plan order  wireline ?

Cisco wire router
 PC: 20130608W8P has been assigned its wireless ether mac to xxx.xxx.xxx.108 , …
Troubleshooting Solution

Network Mystery!!! Please Help!

Okay, this problem has driven me to my wit's end!  I know there just has to be something incredibly …
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot Ping different devices in local network


Hi there,

I have a TD-LTE Modem  which I connected to my Asus wireless Router to be able to allow all

Troubleshooting Solution

Configure 1811 Router as other end of ISP /30 network


Here's the situation:
I arrive in a foreign country to configure a new remote office.  We…
Troubleshooting Solution

ATI All-In-Wonder 128 PCI Freezes

When ever I try to use the ATI TV program, my computer locks up at a random time, and I have to shut…
Troubleshooting Solution


I have created two VLAN in my switch as follows. I am unable to communicate from VLAN20 to VLAN30. I…
Troubleshooting Solution

What is a normal speed for internal transfer of files?

I noticed that we were having internal file transfer speeds of about 20mbps, when I thought since we…
Troubleshooting Solution

Laptop Wireless Connection Drops

Hi Guys,

I have 4 Dell Vostro 1015 laptops running Win 7 Pro 32 bit, connected in a domain …
Troubleshooting Solution

Wireless bridge between Cisco AP1262s is unreliable

We have three Cisco AP1262s at different sites - I'll call the APs 11, 12 and 29 as those are the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Cisco 877w Port Forwarding issue. I can't seem to open up certain ports to ip addresses on my router

Hi All,

I have recently asked for assistance with setting up my Cisco 877w Modem Router. This was…
Troubleshooting Solution

Networking Two Computers Together

I want to network mine and my daughters PC's together, so we can both use our new NTL Broadband …

Global VPN Client IP Assignment Using The Sonicwall Appliance

This article will step through configuring a SonicWALL appliance to utilize an internal DHCP server …
Research Solution

Trying to understand and modify Cisco Router RV345

So I just joined a small company and I am the only IT person.  Currently we are running out of IP's …
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot renew ip address xp wired or wireless

Hi, Im working on a friends computer that cant connect to internet wired or wireless.  I've tried a …

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