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Networking hardware includes the physical devices facilitating the use of a computer network. Typically, networking hardware includes gateways, routers, network bridges, modems, wireless access points, networking cables, line drivers, switches, hubs, and repeaters. But it also includes hybrid network devices such as multilayer switches, protocol converters, bridge routers, proxy servers, firewalls, network address translators, multiplexers, network interface controllers, wireless network interface controllers, ISDN terminal adapters and other related hardware.

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I am looking at switching from my physical old Cisco switches to a Meraki solution.  Anybody has any thoughts about Meraki, I'm planning to use their Firewall, switches and APs.

I currently am using Sophos for my firewall and the renewal cost for my subscription is a bit more than if I were to just outright purchase a Meraki hardware and subscription for 3 yrs.

Any major pros/cons?  The demo looked great for Meraki, but how does it work when it's actually in production and not just demo mode?

The other option is to purchase new Cisco physical switches, but those are more expensive than the Meraki solution.
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

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What kind of hardware firewalls can be placed behind an AT&T BGW210-700 DSL modem?
I'm looking for simulator software that will help teach me how to configure and support Palo Alto hardware firewalls and routers.

need to make my fortiWifi-80CM to be wireless client to connect to my ipad personal Hotspot so that my internal network able to connect to internet.

can't settle wireless client screenshot


Dear Wizards, is there any tool for simulating Grandstream UCM6510?

just like in Network we have GNS3, EVE-NG, Packet tracer,,...Can you please suggest? Many thanks!

Question on HP C3000 server-chassis:
- Just to be clear: I know only a C7000 has automatic failover for the interconnect modules in the back.
- But I have a C3000 chassis (partnr 437504-B21) currently 1 Gb connected with 3 HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 v1 blade-servers (partnr 655492-004) in it. They used to be sitting in a C7000 chassis with a 10 Gbps FlexFabric module in the back. So they have the onboard 10 Gbps FlexLOM (if I remember the terminology correctly).

The question is: I want to repurpose these servers and the chassis. Is there a way I can connect them in this C3000 chassis over 10 Gbps with a backup/failover at the hypervisor level to a 1 Gbps connection? I just want to be sure whether that is possible and what I need in terms of mezzanine cards etc.

Do not have experience with Juniper routers.

Have TeraTerm running on the laptop connected to a Juniper CPT2024 router on Com Port 2 which I understand to be the console port.

Ran every baud rate on the list. Still getting gibrish on the screen.

Once I get a command prompt, need to get in and clear the flash, and delete the configs, and prepare router for resale.
What are the most commonly used Server 2016 hardware load balancers used in Windows server 2016 environments?

Anyone can advice how to retrieve accurate information to determine the overhead and size the hardware requirement (CPU, RAM, Storage, Network) by calculation for docker container APPs like elastic LB, fault tolerance which running on Kuberbnetes orchestration layer to design 500000 live video feed coming to share the load on the bare-metal design?

Hi guys,

I got a microtik - rb2011uias-rm model router board.
i got 2 questions.

1 - i created few deny policies from  external ip to my internal network. but i got many policies for each wanip. is there any way i can create like a group of wan ip. and make it a single deny policy ?     (right now i got many deny policies(1 policy for 1 each wan ip - i want it to reduce it))
2 - my router keeps logging me out for every few seconds. i can login again and make changes, all works . but it keeps kicking me out for every 30-40 seconds. anything to help me with this ?

thank you
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Discover the Answer to Productive IT

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NEC SL2100 phone system started behaving poorly a week ago Sunday.  Rebooted all network equipment, and nothing changed.  Reboot the phone system and everything worked for about 20 minutes.  Same cycle of events, about same time frame.  Next checked all network equipment for firmware upgrades.  Wireless bridge Engenius EnStationAC went from 2.x to on both sides successfully.  Problem returned yet again, but now a delay in getting dial tone of about 3-10 seconds.  If phone hangs up and connects immediately, no delay happens.  A monitoring computer is the only non-phone device on the entire voice network.  It shows random packet loss to phones.  The phone problem was originally they begain restarting at random.  They are not all happening at one time.  The delay never happens to VOIP phone on the system side of wireless bridge.  Engenius has yet to comment on the issue.  One phone (Only one phone) peforms IGMP actions accoring to Wire Shark.  Removing that specific phone solved the problem for almost 2 hours.  Yet it eventually returned.  All the time I have brought another laptop in for testing and moving it to both sides of the bridge.  If I am on the system side, I perform ping tests to the phones on the far side of bridge.  If I am testing the phone system resources, I am on the opposite side of bridge.  I perform around 1,500 packets to 3 devices simultaneously each time I test.  No latency or packet loss ever.  I have introduced a new PoE switch on the system …
Dell E7500 with 8gb of RAM running Windows 10
Intell 82567 LM-3 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter built-in
Wireless 802.11n Wireless Lan Card

I want to use the built-in NIC card and hard-wire this computer to the internet, but there are no lights when various cables LAN cables are plugged in.  I have tested the cables and the switch connection and everything seems to be fine.  There are no errors in the Device Manager.

What could be happening?  How can I best hard-wire this computer?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Will Intel E10G42BTDA work with a crossover cable between 3 servers?
node_check object fail! for opmode transparent
Attribute 'opmode' value 'transparent' checking fail -651
Command fail. Return code -651

While changing NAT mode to transparent mode on fortigate 200E version 6. Help
I want to buy a 1M FlexStack Cable for my 2960s switches, but I can’t see the part number (CAB-STK-E-1M) for price estimation in CCW.
Any advice why


Stacking Interfaces
Cisco Catalyst 2960-S FlexStack stacking cables:
●  CAB-STK-E-0.5M FlexStack stacking cable with a 0.5 m length
●  CAB-STK-E-1M FlexStack stacking cable with a 1.0 m length
●  CAB-STK-E-3M FlexStack stacking cable with a 3.0 m length

Just received the Vonets device & tried the above suggestion of setting it to "Bridge + Wifi repeater"
followed by steps in page 7 & 8 below:

I'm able to use it as Wifi repeater ie by placing it say 12 ft away from my Wifi broadband
router & with my laptop is a 'blind spot' of my bedroom, my laptop could connect to that
device "wifi hotspot" & get to Internet (which previously my laptop cant get to Internet).

Now, the other requirement as per the original enquiry in the EE link is to connect it to
a LAN port & serve as Wifi hotspot: can't get this working: when laptop tried connecting
to this device's SSID, it prompted for password which when I enter, it simply gave the
message "password not right" though without connecting this device to a LAN port, the
very same password works.   I've tested connecting the built-in LAN cable to LAN port
OR (ie one at a time) using a LAN cable to wire the WAN port of device to wall's LAN port.

If this works, the next thing I'll need is to connect this device to my laptop (while my
laptop is connected to a LAN port on wall & serve Wifi hotspot to others
We have Brocade 5100 switch which is failign to boot and all the ports on the switch are yellow.
I conected the console cable to the switch and saw the following output:-
The system is coming up, please wait...
U-Boot 1.1.3 (Jun  5 2008 - 23:49:03)

CPU:   AMCC PowerPC 440EPx Rev. A at 660 MHz (PLB=132, OPB=66, EBC=33 MHz)
       No Security/Kasumi support
       I2C boot EEPROM enabled
       Bootstrap Option G - Boot ROM Location I2C (Addr 0x54)
       Internal PCI arbiter enabled, PCI async ext clock used
       32 kB I-Cache 32 kB D-Cache
Board: Spirit
I2C:   ready
DRAM:  Initializing DDRSDRAM
DDR Init: speed = 132000002
DQS calibration - Window detected:
max_passing_cases = 0
wr_dqs_shift      = 0
dll_dqs_delay_X   = 0
dll_dqs_delay_X window = 0 - 0
ECC Enabling
Start memory clearing @ 0x00000000 size = 0x20000000...addr = 0x10000000
addr = 0x20000000
512 MB

After this there is no more output on the console.
I looked at on of the Brocade SAN Health software reports and it showed a failed power supply fan.
We had a power failure due to which this switch got shutdown and has been in the above stated status since then.
Will it be the failed power supply causing this?
Is there a way to be 100% sure that this power supply is the cause of switch not booting up as then we can buy the power supply.
What else can cause this and what …
I have 1 aruba 2930F 48G 4SFP+, 2 24G POE+ 4SFP+ switches. How should I stack them?
I am trying to migrate from a 6120XP fabric interconnect to a new 6332-16UP.  I understand that there is no direct migration however, I do not want to lose my settings, pools, profiles etc., as I have never installed an FI out of the box.  The new FIs are up, however I do not know what to do from there.  I am looking for some help including step-by-step instructions if possible.  Please advise.
Challenges in Government Cyber Security
Challenges in Government Cyber Security

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I'm attempting to connect some switches in my IDF locations to my MDF switch via SFP.

The fiber connecting each IDF to the MDF is multimode, OM3. It connects to a LANscape housing in each location. From the housing, I'm trying to connect a fiber patch cable to the SPF module on the switch.

I managed to get ONE switch working in ONE IDF by using an aqua OM3 patch cable connected to a Ubiquiti module. The only way I could get that connection to work was with a multimode fiber converter in the MDF connected to a port on the switch. SPF would not work. I've tried various SFP modules, including an SPF+ 10G multimode, a Trendnet 1.25G multimode, a generic 1.25G multimode module, and even a couple single mode SFPs, just in case. I've tried aqua OM3 patch cables, orange OM1 patch cables, various LC to SC adapters, and some yellow single mode patch cables, again, just in case. I've tried just about every single combination of the above in some fashion.

On a second switch in a second IDF, even with a fiber converter in the MDF, I can't get a link. If I remove the converter from the first connection in the first IDF, I can't get a link with any combination of the above.

I am about to go insane with this problem. This should be straightforward and easy, but it's driving me nuts.

The contractor installing the actual fiber backbone has told me it's multimode fiber, OM3, 50 microns. I suppose that might be incorrect information, but I have had no issues or inconsistencies …
I have a small family computer business which now consists of just me.

Most clients are on a break/fix ad hoc support method either remotely or physical
site visit. It is diffiicult to sustain this model and I am looking at the best way of moving
to a montly support contract - though this will prove difficult.

What is the best way to achieve this though I know the majority will
be reluctant to pay a monthly fee.

Thanks in advance
A ubiquiti Fiber switch connected to a Meraki MS 42 is showing VLAN mismatch errors.  

from the Ubuquit, two fiber ports are aggregated to two 10G fiber ports on the meraki.  Meraki says there is a VLAN mismatch.  I cant see the discrepency.  Any thoughts?  Have rebooted Unifi Controller, fiber switch, meraki etc.

On an Avocent console server 5000 or 6000 model - how can you modify the password of the GUI if you have access to root at the console?
It appears the two aren't linked? Thanks.
Dear Wizards, we are running SSM CCTV system but we could not assign camera to the correct Site as screenshot below:

For example: camera should be added to right below Gateway Media SSM-RS30 like other cameras in the first screenshot; however it could be only added outside of SSM-RS30 like the second screenshot.

Could you please suggest? Does anyone have experience?
Milestone XProtect Management software.  How can I setup SNMP to monitor cameras and alert me when a camera is off line.

Networking Hardware-Other





Networking hardware includes the physical devices facilitating the use of a computer network. Typically, networking hardware includes gateways, routers, network bridges, modems, wireless access points, networking cables, line drivers, switches, hubs, and repeaters. But it also includes hybrid network devices such as multilayer switches, protocol converters, bridge routers, proxy servers, firewalls, network address translators, multiplexers, network interface controllers, wireless network interface controllers, ISDN terminal adapters and other related hardware.