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Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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Please help!

I have been tasked with renewing and then installing a SSL certificate on a SBS 2011 server. I have already renewed the cert and imported into the MMC console and I have ran the Certutil CMD command as per my normal steps. The next step that I usually follow is to launch the SBS Console and then via the certificate wizard 'add a new certificate' choosing the option 'use a certificate already on this computer' however the server in question has an issue whereby the SBS console crashes immediately (not when switching to the network tab but literally immediately). I have confirmed WMI is up and also ran the repair console option using the original CD media and then rebooted but still the error remains. I cannot see anything obvious in Event Viewer.

I have to install this certificate asap (within the next 24 hours) so just wondering is there a way of replicating the 'install a certificate already on this computer' method without using the SBS Console (powershell etc). Going forward clearly the SBS issue needs to be fixed but this is a secondary issue and the most important bit is getting this newly renewed cert installed and in use so the clients email is secured.

Please help! Also bear in mind I am not particularly familiar with SBS (or IT in general) so simple instructions ideally!

Note when it crashes the error reported is CLR20o3 if that helps.

Thanks in advance
Will your db performance match your db growth?
Will your db performance match your db growth?

In Percona’s white paper “Performance at Scale: Keeping Your Database on Its Toes,” we take a high-level approach to what you need to think about when planning for database scalability.


Firstly I should point out I know nothing about managed switches and VLAN's so please forgive me if I'm being stupid here.

We have a LAN here and a user wants to be able to plug a Netgear GS108E managed switch into it and configure it so it is on an entirely different subnet and is not detectable to other network users.  He wants devices plugged into this device to be able to access the main networks internet connection and provide DHCP (isolated to devices plugged in to this switch only).  Firstly is this possible and secondly is this what can be done by setting up a VLAN on the Netgear?

Many thanks
NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet PCI  is configured for  ES Raw Packet Protocol 2
Problem is during startup the connection is always disabled and I have to manually open the network properties of the card hit ok, and it re-enables.  Is there a way to have this WOL or not lose the connectivity.  I tried looking into the properties of the card, power mangement but I don't see a way.  Maybe a registry setting?  Please help.
So, here is my scenario

Currently with network set as VLAN200 on a switch, my router is

Got a cisco 2960 switch as, and set with default GW

However, I need to set a new vlan for a vpn (mikrotik)

Mikrotik ip is

Ive created a VLAN400, as and indicated the ip helper as the mikrotik. After assigning ports to that VLAN, it doesnt acquire IP, neither reach the GW (if I assign static IP to the computer). From the switch, if I try to ping the mikrotik ip, it does not respond (if I connect a computer directly on the mikrotik, I do get an IP, I can access it and even access the VPN services without problems)

Am I missing something?

thank you

I am interested in creating a dashboard which will visualize network traffic collected from access points. I currently have tcpdump running on an access point and outputting to a pcap file. My intention is to pcap data to ELK.

Can someone provide me some guides on how to do this in seamless manner? Eventually I would eliminate Kibana and use my dasboard implemented through unity3d.

Appreciate suggestions on how to successfully put the pcap data into ELK. I currently heard about packetbeat.

Thanks in advance.

I can not not ping server from workstation but from server to workstation no problem!!

Firewall on server is off and no antivirus.

When the Server starts, I can ping it after the Microsoft Corporation logo until the screen with "Aplying Computer Setings" appears. Then I get time out!

Server SBS2008
WS Win7
I have a windows 7 Pro computer all patches applied.

When I go to Networking in Explorer I only see 4 of the 15 PC's and none of the 3 servers

If I go to another Computer I see all computers

How can I fix????

I log into different domains using NetExtender. When I log into client1 NetExender sets the flag to "Append these DNS suffixes" and adds as the suffix. Requests by host or host.domain name resolve fine. After I disconnect I see the flag is still set and the domain name ( is still present.  

When I connect NetExtender to name resolution does not work. I can only access devices by IP addresses. If then I uncheck  "Append these DNS suffixes" in DNS portion of my computers network settings devices are once again accessible by name.

Is there a setting in SonicWall SSLVPN configuration that will do the proper house keeping?
Good day,

Is there a device or any technology that prevents users from opening emails with ransomware and infecting the network shares?

I believe tiers of protection to help minimize but nothing concrete to stop.

Is posting a message to my entire network as easy as clicking the pencil icon next to Messages, then creating a message with no recipients?

If not, how do I do this?

Linked In Message
Moving data to the cloud? Find out if you’re ready
Moving data to the cloud? Find out if you’re ready

Before moving to the cloud, it is important to carefully define your db needs, plan for the migration & understand prod. environment. This wp explains how to define what you need from a cloud provider, plan for the migration & what putting a cloud solution into practice entails.

Protect DNS: A Conversation With Dave Dufour of Webroot

DNS is one of the basic services on which the web is based and it has proven to be robust and scalable to an astounding degree. Unfortunately, it's also vulnerable to hacking and can be a serious attack vector if left unprotected. Dave Dufour, director of cybersecurity and engineering at Webroot, is an expert on DNS and its implications in network security. Security Now talked with Dufour about the issues with DNS and what organizations should be doing to protect their networks, employees and customers from DNS-based threats.

Read more of the interview on Security Now.
Good day experts,
I am trying to setup a lab using a Mikrotik Virtual Firewall on WMWare Player and I am having some issues configuring the network adapters and firewall rules for internet browsing. Here is the scenario

I have a dual NIC PC with a public ip configured on one interface and a private ip configured on the other
Local area con1:
Local area con2:

In VMware Virtual Network editor I created to VNets
Vnet0:Bridged to Local area connection 1 (INTERNET)
Vnet1:Bridged to Local area network connection 2 (LAN)

In Mikrotik I configured

Local area con2 is directly connected to a unmanaged LAN switch
One Workstation (PC1) is directly connected to the LAN switch with IP and gateway

PC1 can ping (mikrotik ether2)
PC1 can ping (HOST PC- Local are con2)
PC1 cant ping public addresses

HOST PC can ping
HOST PC cab ping
HOST PC can ping any Public address

Mikrotik VM can ping
Mikrotik VM can ping any Public address

How can I get Workstation (PC1) to browse the Internet?
Is my VM networking setup correct?
What Mikrotik Firewall Filter (rules) do I need to configure to allow Internet browsing for PC1

Thanks in advance.
I use the standard code using utilizing the smtp object. The Send method does not bomb, however the email did not reach the Inbox. Is there a way to check that the email was actually sent (I know it did not capture error). Where can I search for the email:
1- Check with the Internet provider?
2- Check my Junk mail (although I am sending it from me to me for test
3- Firewall????
4- any testing technique?

Actually it was working and I did not change the code or the settings (smtp server / port / Usedefaultauthentication / EnableSSl / Network credentials) what could have happened, and how to trace or analyze this?

Please help
I have my Exchange 2013 configure SMTP and all is work fine,  but a new program in our network need POP3 or IMAP I would like to know if I run the services and active POP3 and IMAP4 will affect something in my actual configuration?
I had this question after viewing Lot of packet drops in a Wireless LAN.

My topology is simple and straigth forward
WLC with 8,3 code connected to 1gig switch port and another 1gig port to the cisco router having 55mpbs to the Internet. clients are connected to the wlc via five 1852E APs. the problem is clients are experience very poor network speed which is affecting their work.their previous setup tplink aps connected and it is working fine and clients are getting around 50mbps.
I need to upgrade iOS on my overseas branch switch hrs remotely ,from my tftp server switches in overseas taking too long to copy I need any way to convert one of the 3560 switch as tftp server & upgrade the rest .
So let me start this off as I have no control over how we do things.  The systems are configured to be as functional and secure as possible.  So things that would work on a home system may not work here.  such as keys.

So here is my question:

I have 831 systems that I audit on a weekly basis.  These systems are broken down into networks.  But they all can be reached via a netapps/security server.

I have, over the past few months, been able to write a main menu and many sub-menus to achieve all my goals for automating the audits with the exception of one network that is a bit more complex because it doesn't have a direct path to the NetApps/Security Server, It has to hop from one server to the next to the NetApps/Security Server.

The path looks something like this:
Security --> Network 1 --> Network 2 -->Host

User1 is an Active Directory account
User2 is an LDAP Account

I am writing the menu option to do the audits and move the audit findings to the security server.

So the current way I do it is I run a single script each time.  For this particular network/host it looks like this:
sshpass -p $pw ssh -q -t $user1@Network1 "ssh -q -t $user1@Network2 "ssh -q -t $user2@Host sudo su -; ./"

Then I have to do this:
sshpass -p $pw ssh -q -t $user1@Network1 "ssh -q -t $user1@Network1 'sudo chmod 664 /tmp/audit-backup*;  sudo scp -q /tmp/audit-backup* $user1@Network1:/tmp; sudo rm -f /tmp/audit-backup*'"

And lastly I need to do this:
sshpass -p …
Hi everyone

The company I am working for installs its images/OS via a network in UEFI.

How does the computer know on which server the image is stored?
Does the computer send out special packages via TCP/IP to retrieve the location of the images?
What protocol does it use?

I would also be grateful for a link to a site which explains the procedure.


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Looking for a new Web Host?
Looking for a new Web Host?

Lunarpages' assortment of hosting products and solutions ensure a perfect fit for anyone looking to get their vision or products to market. Our award winning customer support and 30-day money back guarantee show the pride we take in being the industry's premier MSP.

One of our ERP systems is provided and hosted by a third party.  One of the security features in place is that the system can only be accessed from our network.

How can such a solution be implemented, my basic understanding is that this would involve some kind of whitelist on a firewall or web server?

My question is how is this possible and what should I be asking our third party for to do a quick audit of the IP address ranges to ensure they only contain IP address from our network (or any other legitimately needed IP addresses)
network drive has same size detail as c drive and is inaccessible
Hi Support

Need help usually where can i get the source and destination of the ip address.

I am a system guy not strong in the Network, currently, there is network outages that users unable to surf internet.

There is no traffic to the ISP. When i log a call to ISP there are asking the source and destination of the ip address.
I am trying to access from my IE 11.0. I am getting Page not displayed.

In chrome, authentication is successful. However, i am not able to access the folders.

I presume, Windows Firewall or IE Browser setting is preventing me to access the ftp link.

What should i have to do to fix the issue ?
Please see the diagram

I have the main router which holds the VLANS configuration (MAIN and GUEST) , two access point connected to it, and it works fine.

In the next location I don't know what I need to do in order to accomplish the following :

The Access point will show the two networks (MAIN and GUEST) , and the pc which is wired will be only on the guest network.

How do I accomplish that?

I have several Windows 10 Pro workstations using a workgroup (instead of a domain).

The permissions for IIS and the file system on the workstation running IIS for the inetpub directory are as follows:
Administration - full access
Specific user ids - full access

All Visual Studio users run Visual Studio with administrator privileges.

All Visual Studio solutions and projects are stored on the same workstation running IIS.

The firewall (G Data Total Security) contains rules for all IPs on the workgroup and all ports which may be used for websites. The direction is inbound and outbound.

A user on the workgroup (not where IIS is running) starts Visual Studio Pro 2016 and opens a solution containing class libraries and 1 or more web projects.  This user is unable to load the web project(s) and receives the following error message:

Error opening web http://tracy.local:8006. Unable to open the Web site 'http://tracy.local:8006'. The Web server 'http://tracy.local:8006' could not be found.

tracy.local is where IIS runs.

However, this user is able to open a web browser and enter http://tracy.local:8006/ to see the website on the IIS server.

What am I missing here?

Much thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice,
David Bach






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.