Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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Need to understand Error and solution  if this is issue with Nagios app running on Linux server or if all resulted due to Network Glitch

Error in Alert is
"HOST CHECK_VMWARE_API.PL CRITICAL - Server version unavailable at '' at /usr/share/perl/5.10/VMware/ line 734"

What all are precautionary actions required to avoid such error alerts ?
Is there nay recommendation before we configure Nagios for N number of alerts /Devices /VMware /vCentere  
How actually load is decided before we configure nagios for monitoring
Exploring SharePoint 2016
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

Explore SharePoint 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office to provide intranets, secure document management, and collaboration so you can develop your online and offline capabilities.

Windows 2012 R2 Data Center NLB IIS URL Rewrite
Windows 2012 R2 Data Center Web Farm IIS
Meraki MX 60

I have two public facing web sites using port 80

internally I can access both sites using the virtual ip address of the NLB servers

On my Meraki I changed the firewall port forwarding rules protocol TCP  public port 80 Lan IP  local port 80

I am unable to browse the site externally using the NLB virtual ip address

If in my meraki I change to the physical ip address of one of the Web Servers in the farm that works.

I did a netstat -a and port 80 is listening o both the NLB servers and the Web Farm Servers

could it be the URL rewrite rule ?

Any ideas?

thank you

Spanning tree and working production environment.

Greetings, my work place has spanning tree and I have limited experience with Spanning tree.  I was charged with setting up new Wireless controllers and to route internet only traffic through a specific "Internet Only" VLan.  I have setup the configuration how the vendor suggested.  Basically:

- Create DHCP scope and assign the DHCP Gateway to a VLAN on the controller (created for the Guest VLan).  
- Then create a Vlan for Internet Only and assign an IP address to that VLAN(From the DHCP Scope).  
- Then assign that Internet Only VLAN to an available untagged port on the Wireless Controller.
- The assign an available IP address from the Internet only VLAN on teh wireless controller.
- Then connect that port (0/0/3) to the Internet Only VLAN with its own separate connection.

The problem, is that the Wireless controller is showing that port 0/0/3 is blocking.  Port 0/0/3 is the port connected to the Internet Only VLan.

Port Status
Slot-Port  PortType  AdminState  OperState  PoE  Trusted  SpanningTree  PortMode  Speed   Duplex  PortError
---------  --------  ----------  ---------  ---  -------  ------------  --------  -----   ------  ---------
0/0/0      GE        Enabled     Down       N/A  Yes      Disabled      Trunk     Auto    Auto    -
0/0/1      GE        Enabled     Up         N/A  Yes      Forwarding    Trunk     1 Gbps  Full    -
0/0/3      GE        Enabled     Up         N/A  Yes  …
I had this question after viewing "Incorrect Username or Password" on log in.

After setting up a new VoIP phone system from Comcast Business on our network, which required re-configuring our Dell network switch with VLANs for voice and data, we started to see issues with users not able to login to the network even though their credentials are valid. I would like to know if others have a similar experience and if so what is the best solution to avoid this kind of problems. Also, I am still trying to resolve the login problems for the users and the only way I have been able to use thus far is to have the user reboot their PC and then they are able to login again. I had similar problems with my domain admin account randomly on different servers. Why is it that on some servers my login works and others it does not?
On Windows Server 2012 R2 Virtual maching, the network symbol at the bottom right is showing with a yellow triangle with an exclamation point.
When hovering over it it says 'no internet access'  yet both the network and the internet are accessible no problem..
What could be causing this and what can be done to correct it?
We are using an older Rainbow Portal Intranet site at work which allows users to sign in (For certain permissions) or use without signing in to use default permissions.

We have set up a page which ALL associates must read. So we want to log the users name or LAN ID when they open the page, The site has a log built in , it logs the date, time, user name (which is always blank), what page they looked at and length of time they were there. This gives us everything we need except assoc name.

Is there away I can get the LAN name of the user if they have not signed into the site in the Stored Procedure.
If you have any questions I will try to answer, but trying to put code in the HTML of the site would be very difficult if possible
Hello we operate in a closed loop network, the only way to transfer files\data is to use a USB device or a CD\DVD.  With this being said we must scan any USB device that connects to external device\network before re introducing it back onto our closed loop network.  I've got to download several items a day, updates and such, place them on USB device scan then copy to our closed loop network this has gotten to take up a lot of time.  My question is are there any other alternative methods that wouldn't require a scan each time?
Is there a remote desktop client log file? Or something like SSH's verbose mode?

I have a problem where some computers in the same network can connect using remote desktop to a remote server, while some cannot. These LAN computers use the same public IP so it's not an IP restriction problem.

I have tried saving the remote desktop connection settings in the computer that works, and loading that in a computer that does not connect, and this fails.

Computers are running Windows 10 1803.

I would like to setup a sonicwall tz600 at home to use failover and load balancing.  At present, we have a linksys ea9500 router with linksys velop in bridge mode for wi-fi and a motorola doscis 3.1 modem connected to cox.  we are looking at adding at&t fiber internet as a secondary (maybe) source as the cox service has been spotty.  i have a sonicwall tz600 that we used to use at office and have since replaced it with something else.  It still has its access to antivirus, etc.  Is what I want to do possible and if so, how would I go about accomplishing it? Is the Sonicwall tz600 good for this or would I be better off with something else.  Thank you for your assistance.
I am trying to Event Log Forwarding.  I have it setup per basic Microsoft instructions.  I am using 'computer account' for logon and have added it to Event Log Reader group on Source Computer.  I have also tried various user accounts, such as the local Administrator account (from source computer), and Domain Admin.  I have added Network Service to Event Log Reader group (source computer)  and Local Policy -Rights Management -- Manage Audit Security log.

I get error: (when using Computer account)] - Error - Last retry time: 1/15/2019 11:24:17 AM. Code (0x138C): <f:ProviderFault provider="Event Forwarding Plugin" path="C:\Windows\system32\wevtfwd.dll" xmlns:f=""><t:ProviderError xmlns:t="">Windows Event Forward plugin can't read any event from the query since the query returns no active channel. Please check channels in the query and make sure they exist and you have access to them.</t:ProviderError></f:ProviderFault>  Next retry time: 1/15/2019 11:29:17 AM.

I get Access Denied with using user accounts.
Thanks in advance.
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I have two 3750 switches that are connected and working but here is my only issues. By the way I am very new to networking so please excuse me being naïve .

My issue is when I have a machine on a different subnet other than the main one 10.46.72.x DNS does not resolve even though I manually add and with a DHCP scope that I removed will not work. Can someone please tell me what  am doing wrong. Here is a copy of the config


User Access Verification

Base-sw1>show running
Base-sw1#sh ru
Base-sw1#sh running-config
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 3753 bytes
version 12.2
no service pad
service timestamps debug uptime
service timestamps log uptime
no service password-encryption
hostname Base-sw1
enable secret 5 $1$lwLf$CJoNDGBl4Ck6AAm/woBVM0
enable password secret cisco
no aaa new-model
switch 6 provision ws-c3750g-24ts
system mtu routing 1500
ip subnet-zero
ip routing
no file verify auto
spanning-tree mode pvst
spanning-tree extend system-id
vlan internal allocation policy ascending
interface GigabitEthernet6/0/1
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport mode trunk
interface GigabitEthernet6/0/2
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport mode trunk
interface GigabitEthernet6/0/3
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport mode trunk
interface GigabitEthernet6/0/4
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q…
All of a sudden, when I type a local IP address in MS Edge address windows, it wipes it out and does not go to the site.
It does not return an error code, just stays on the current page and the IP address disappears from the address bar.

I have tried to reset the browser settings, delete all history.  The same browser works OK on anther computer in the same network.

Also, it behaves that way when it is hard wired to the network.  When I switch to WiFi it works OK.  The WiFi network assign a different IP address (different subnet)
LAN is 20.0.0.X  Wifi is: 20.0.50.X

MS Internet Explorer and Chrome are working OK.
Networking  a new Win10 PC to 2 current Win7 PCs is not fully working.  The Win10 unit can see the  Win7 systems and the Win 10 -from the "this PC" window acknowledged the presence of the Win7 PCs but generates a "access denied" message when clicking on them. I am trying to share both the c-drive and the root directory. I have tagged where appropriate "everybody' for sharing and "full" for privileges.  The 2 Win7 units are networked this way successfully.

Winchester Mass
Trouble with Layer 3 routing on HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1920S 8G PPoE+ (65W) JL383A, PD.02.06 - This is the webpage based setup only device -

I am not able to send traffic out the public WAN interface VLAN 100 from the usable LAN interface VLAN 101.

VLAN Configuration




1 default Default
100 WANBlock Static
101 LANBlock Static

VLAN Port Membership


Tagged Ports

Untagged Ports

Exclude Participation

1  8, TRK 1-TRK 4 1-7
100 2-7 1 8, TRK 1-TRK 4
101 1 2-7 8, TRK 1-TRK 4

VLAN Port Configuration



Acceptable Frame Type

Ingress Filtering

Untagged VLANs

Tagged VLANs


1 100 Admit All Disabled 100 101 0
2 101 Admit All Enabled 101 100 0
3 101 Admit All Enabled 101 100 0
4 101 Admit All Enabled 101 100 0
5 101 Admit All Enabled 101 100 0
6 101 Admit All Enabled 101 100 0
7 101 Admit All Enabled 101 100 0
8 1 Admit All Enabled 1  0
TRK 1 1 Admit All Enabled 1  0
TRK 2 1 Admit All Enabled 1  0
TRK 3 1 Admit All Enabled 1  0
TRK 4 1 Admit All Enabled 1

Routing IP Interface Summary



IP Address

Subnet Mask

Admin Mode


MAC Address

Proxy ARP


1 Down Enabled Active D0:67:26:FD:E8:4A Disabled 1500
2 Down Enabled Active D0:67:26:FD:E8:4A Disabled 1500
3 Down Enabled Inactive …
what is the difference between state full inspection and deep packet inspection ?

thanks !!!
Users in our domain cannot run task manager or change the network settings.
I beleive it is a group policy setting on how to increase users access control on computers.
our domain controllers are mix of 2012 R2 and 2016. Our clients are Windows 10, 1709, 1803 mix.

thank you in advance.
ARP and Proxy-ARP

I have been reading about ARP and Proxy-ARP , but could not get a good grasp of it.
If I understand when there is Layer3  between 2 hosts in different subnets, the router will take care of ARP Requests/Replies between the Hosts.
in some articles they call that Proxy-ARP when the L3 device is handling the ARP Request/Reply.
if that's true , then ARP is within the same subnet and Proxy-ARP between 2 subnets connected by L3 device ?

Thank you
There are articles on this topic, but I have decided to summarise everything in one, according to the tools we have in 2019 for the job. Provided you have the means mentioned, the task should take you up to 5 hours or less to get running again. It required however around 5 days for me to get there.
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Expert Comment

by:Lucas Bishop
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Wow, this is a really interesting article. I'd always written off hard bricked hardware as scrap bin material.

Author Comment

by:Anton Shostak
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I agree, that everyone would have done so, Lucas. But if you are a techie and deal with hardware, known to be "unbrickable", the process becomes a challenge and promises a great feeling, once you can accomplish something like this. In addition, JTAG method works with virtually any hardware, that has flash memory, so can save also priceless devices.

Andrew, indeed once the process is written out like here, it will not take long. But piecing this all together and researching, as well as trying all possible recovery methods is what takes time. However I am not a professional in soldering, neither had I an oscilloscope to know what signal levels I have to receive in the end.
Looking for something to map/discover a network of only two servers and 30 workstations. Something simple and inexpensive. The network is spread across 4 buildings and there are a bunch of printers and PLCs involved.
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How should spanning tree be designed?

I have a wireless controller that is essentially a switch and that is connected to a core switch.  The port, from the wireless controller is set with spanning tree turned on.  The core switch is using Spanning tree )(2 fiber connections on each switch uplink port.

I want to use another port on the same wireless controller that will be connecting to other switches.  Should I disable spanning tree on the other ports or not?  If these other ports on the wireless controller have spanning tree disabled will that cause any loop?

I have never worked with spanning tree before and I am not sure what I should do?  But I do not want to bring the network down.  Again Spanning tree I enabled on the core switch ports that will connect to the wireless controller.  Should I have spanning tree enabled on the wireless controller ports or will disabling spanning tree on the wireless controller bring the network down?

One may reference:
How Vmware Untagged Traffic is handled by Cisco switch

Sometimes in Vmware VM Port groups are not assigned to any Vlan or they have VLAN0, when the VM traffic gets to Cisco Switch how does the switch knows to where to send it.
Assuming VM1 is trying to communicate with VM2 and both are in default VLAN0

Thank you
I need to keep networked 2 medical devices (Zeiss eye scanners) that run Win XP embedded. However HIPPA does not like XP. To upgrade to the latest would cost many thousands MANY.

The devices just need to send a PDF to a network share.

I am looking for the best way to segment out the XP machines and still satisfy HIPPA requirements.

One thing I cant do is just unplug the network and use a usb drive because the devices are used many times a day and would hamper workflow.

I have considered removing the gateway on the XP pcs and also adding strict firewall rules (sonicwall)

Also thought of using a win 10 pc with 2 nics for 2 different subnets to act as a go between

Any thoughts?

Dear Wizards, we intent to setup the second Exchange mail server 2016, to form a HA diagram. Then configure the public IP addresses from different ISPs to these 2 Mail servers; so that when 1 ISP fails, we got the other ISP to backup mail service.

Example:  MX1 and MX2 to form HA DAG to synchronize emails.
MX1 has public IP from ISP1
MX2 has public IP from ISP2

dafault MX record of domain is IP of ISP1; when ISP1 fails, we will map MX record to IP of ISP2

Is this possible? can you suggest pros and cons? Many thanks!
Looking at any WiFi controller Aruba Cisco etc

Requirement is for guest WiFi users to be set to a password that doesn’t change

Are there guest access ways of doing this on controllers so that users have no access to the main network

I was looking at static IPs or even a separate scope with 10 addresses (required for 5-10 VIPs) what’s best way to do this? (In general with modern WiFi controllers examples and 2012 Domain controller setup)
We have a very small two station network.  Two workstations are being used to share data.  The layout is as follows:

Computer1 is a Windows 7 Pro workstation.  This is the workstation where the shared folder is located.  The folder "Data" on the desktop of computer 1 was shared on the workgroup and given full access rights.

Computer2 is a windows 10 pro workstation.  This workstation connects to Computer1's data folder to store and retrieve data.

Up until two days ago, everything was working fine.  Today however, the user on Computer2 reports that the share that was setup to Computer1 no longer works.  The user gets error 0x80070035 when trying to open the share.  We researched the error and found a few documented solutions change some parameters in the secpol.msc app and such but it is still not functioning.  If we setup a share on computer2 and then try to access it from computer1, it works fine.  The other way it fails.  We also get the error "Invalid Handle"  We also researched that error and applied several "Fixes" but still no joy.  We are stumped at this point and ask if anyone has any siminlar issues and the fixes for them.






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.