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Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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Listen Up!

IPv6 is here to stay. Removing it can break networking. Do not remove it.

SMBv1is a security hole and has been removed from Windows 7 & above, Server 2008 & up.
SMBv1 has been removed meaning you cannot connect to old operating system, old NAS devices and old printer/scanners.
SMBv1 is a security hole. Do not enable it.

Window 10 is going to update. Get used to it. The people who turned Windows 7 updates off and then blamed Microsoft when their operating got hacked and hosed caused this.

Home group has gone (Windows 10 V1803 and up). Get used to Password Protected sharing and learn how to use it. I wrote an article about this  (look in my Articles for Folder Sharing on modern computers). Do not turn passwords off.

Windows 10 is not Windows 7, does not work like Windows 7 and has dispensed with some old Windows 7 ideas. There is no going back. Get used to it.

You got ransomware from people opening email from strangers. Get a Spam Filter. Train Employees, keep Off-Site backups. It is not a technology problem - it is a management problem.

Amortize expensive software and hardware to create cash for new equipment. "I am stuck on XP because the equipment is too expensive to upgrade" is not an option. Get your accountant to explain this to you.

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by:Andrew Leniart
but ask A before AAAA...

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DNS Query A = IPV4 address translation, AAAA = IPv6 address query.
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Determine the Perfect Price for Your IT Services

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Andy's VMware vSphere tip#24: When designing and implementing a vSphere solution (ESXi), make sure that all your network services, have at least two network interfaces (uplinks) in the host, to reduce single points of failure. e.g. two network interfaces per vSwitch for Management Network, vMotion, and Virtual Machine networks.

see an example here

If you would like to discuss this post further please post a question to the VMware Topic area.
Andy's VMware vSphere tip#13: vSphere PERFORMANCE - Don't forget vCenter Server can provide you many metrics to check your overall performance, CPU, Memory, Disk I/O and Networking statistics can be generated and reported on...

but there are a few additional Capacity Tools we use on a daily basis to manage many VMware vSphere clusters and datacentres, and these are also available as FREE trials, these tools not only show health, current performance, capacity but also can predict what resources you have left in your cluster, and what wasted resources can be reclaimed!

First I've got to mention VMware's own VMware™ vRealize Operations Manager® or what we call vROPs



Sumerian Capacity Planner - https://capacity-planner.sumerian.com/register.aspx

Both available for FREE trials, if you get stuck with a performance issue, and need an additional help.

If you would like to discuss this post further please post a question to the VMware Topic area.
Andy's VMware vSphere tip#10: Backup your ESXi configuration, I'm not referring to your VMs, which should be backed up anyway.  But the configuration of the ESXi server, e.g. vSwitches, Time Settings, Advanced settings, firewall settings, network teaming policies.... so they can be easily restored in the event of server failure.

Don't waste time, trying to backup and clone usb thumb drives or SD cards, you are wasting your time, and it does not work! and please use good quality USB thumb drives or SD cards, from SanDisk, Kingston, Lexmark, and not $1 thumb drives from Walmart!

You can use the following commands in the vSphere vCLI to backup

vicfg-cfgbackup --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -s output_file_name

and to restore

vicfg-cfgbackup --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -l backup_file
see here for further details


Please post a question to the VMware Topic area, if you would like to discuss this further.
Ubiquiti relatively new in the USA, but the quality and price of their products make them is now on the rise, thy grow very fast, if you have any of their products you may want to look in their Network Management System [UNMS] from where you can manage all you Ubiquiti devices from one central place via a web page, and even from a phone, it is still in bate but already have nice amount of management. The only down side with Ubiquiti is support.
In short I will be give guide how to install UNMS on a virtual machine in hyper-v and change the default port for security [you don’t need to have a server, since windows 10 supports hyper-v].
As you can see on their website you need to have 64-bit (x64) CPU and assign
•      2 GB RAM (Minimal)
•      16 GB storage (Minimal)
To follow this guide you should also own a domain and have a static ip, you can make it work without but this guide is based with the above requirements.

1-      Download and install Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 64-bit
2-      Once your done with the instlation and you have the machine up and running open the terminal and Run the following script, curl -fsSL https://unms.com/install > /tmp/unms_inst.sh && sudo bash /tmp/unms_inst.sh
3-      Login to you domain host and add a DNS a record at you domain host to point to your public IP you can call it however you want [acb.initializebiz.com]
4-      Get your local IP address make it static in your router or reserve in domain controller
5-      Open a web browser Locally and enter the …

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by:Abraham Deutsch
Thank you for paying attention to my post.

On my lest article I posted Editor Comment me the following;
The article is full of spelling and grammar related errors. I mentioned when I published your last submission that a considerable amount editing was required to correct both spelling and grammar mistakes. I often find it helpful to slowly read each sentence and paragraph slowly and aloud to myself to see how it sounds.  

I understand and am sympathetic to the fact that English may not be your first language, which is possibly why you are running into so many difficulties, however, the purpose of an editing process isn't to rewrite your articles for you so that they read well and make sense.

A few corrections here and there are always tolerated during the editing process, but you really need to make more of an effort to get your work as close to perfect as possible before submitting for editing and publication.  

Perhaps get a fluent English friend to proof read your work for you and make suggestions for improvements, or at the very least, run your text through an online Spelling and Grammar checker. There are many such services on the Web you could take advantage of, both Free and Paid.

Since I am limited in time, and don’t have that much time to spend on writing the article to accommodate the requirements of submitting an article on top of the time it takes to put together the article, but still want to voluntary information that others may find helpful, I stopped trying to post articles and rather use post where I can just drop it in, as to post there is no requirements.
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by:Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)
Ok I understand we've been using Ubi kit for quite a while now
CloudFlare and APNIC have launched a free DNS service @ that claims to prevent your ISP from selling your data:

The claim to be the "fastest" comes with the caveat of "privacy-first" -- I wonder how it stacks up against DNS services that don't provide any inherent perceived privacy?

On a related note, the service is being hammered by multiple gbps of trash data:

Personally, I've used Google's public DNS for years now, since it's always seemed to be more stable than my ISPs, but this CloudFlare option is really tempting. Handing over literally all of my browsing data to Google is probably not the best idea.
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IPv6 patterns:
google-public-dns-a.google.com. 21599 IN AAAA   2001:4860:4860::8888

1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com. 299 IN AAAA   2606:4700:4700::1001
1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com. 299 IN AAAA   2606:4700:4700::1111

dns.quad9.net.          119     IN      AAAA    2620:fe::fe

level3 has no  ipv6...???
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by:Kyle Santos
I need an ELI5 version of what this does.  What am I doing by doing what they said here?
See because it's that simple!
VERY windy here this afternoon / evening. Power out for 4.5 hours.

I turned off both computers and my printer and left the APC UPS to run the network (static tunnels up). It lasted the whole time and all is well.

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by:Brian B
Same here a bit further away from you. We had a power outage long enough for my UPS shutdown process to kick in. I could have done more about it, but it was the middle of the night. :-)

As Winnie the Pooh said, "It is a blustery day".
Hello. For 20 years I've been involved in IT as a school network manager, dealing with hardware, networks etc., but I've now taken early retirement and have been asked by my local church if I would help them with their IT. Needless to say, I said Yes, and the first thing they asked was how their website could be upgraded, improved, whatever.

I know how websites work, but I've never built one (the school had an IT teacher who was a web designer before becoming a teacher, so he could build websites while I hosted them), so I'm now diving into the deep end and would really appreciate any information about how to build websites keeping things simple.

I have Dreamweaver on my computer, but it's a commercially orientated package and I'm not ready to go that deep into website building,  so what options are there for me?

Thanks in advance for any support provided.



Author Comment

by:Phil Cowling
Thanks for this; I've heard of Wordpress but not looked at it, I guess it's about time to start!


Expert Comment

I would recommend you try wix.com
I have not read this yet,  but out says it can be distributed.  hope it helps.

Big Business Goals? Which KPIs Will Help You
Big Business Goals? Which KPIs Will Help You

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Charter has upgraded their Internet speed from 60MB/s to 100MB/s recently for residential customers. I subscribe to the Internet-only service from them.

I contacted them recently via their chatline and they switched me from 60 to 100 at no cost. It literally took about 5 minutes over their live-chat system. Here's the log, just so I can come back to it in case they raise my price later :)

Dennis H: Thank you for contacting Spectrum. This is Dennis H. How may I assist you?
Dennis H: Thank you for providing me the opportunity to help you today.
Just so you are aware, this chat is encrypted for your privacy and protection.
Certain information like ZIP Code or phone numbers may show as '####' for you, but we see them.
How can I help?
lucas bishop: Hi Dennis, I currently have an account at Charter:
lucas bishop: Account Number: ################
lucas bishop: I see you are advertising Internet service starting at 100Mbps. Is that something I get by default? Or is it something I have to pay for an upgrade too?
Dennis H: Thank you very much, lucas. Please bear with me just a moment while I pull up some information for you.
lucas bishop: ok
Dennis H: Upon further review of your account, In order to upgrade to Spectrum Internet services, I would need to transition your account over to one of our newer packages so that your account is compatible for voice services. Your speed would increase from 60mbps to 100 mbps. This will change your monthly rate from $64.99 to $64.99. 

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by:Lucas Bishop
I didn't have to do anything to get it :)

That's only if you believe, not doing anything is not doing something.

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by:Anthony Pangilinan
Everything you need to know about Meltdown, Spectre and why it's not all Intel's fault.

Brilliant summary of the CPU vulnerability that will slow network servers across the world and force a change in processor architecture  - Unrolled from Twitter feed by @nicoleperlroth



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by:Giridhara Raam M
Mitigate @intel bugs,

Join this free #webinar titled "How to mitigate #Meltdown and #Spectre bugs" on Jan 10, 11:00 am EDT to get hands on experience.


Just found a new IP Lookup tool which shows your IP address along with your location on a map.
To see what your IP Address reveals about you, follow What is my IP Address.
A29J_130789574330391040IMb0cMkpFw.jpgEdge router x by ubnt is a router which is not expensive but is has a lot of advanced futures. It has its down side to it that its GUI is hard to figure out, also vary little documentation available. But once you get to know it there is a lot you can do with it.
What I will be focusing is when having two networks on the router and you want to create a firewall between the two networks. This can be useful for example, where you have one secure network and one that is a not that secure [can be a wireless network, etc.] and you want to protect the secure network from any attack that my come from the not secured network.
A ubnt router could be configured by port, you can have as many networks as the amount of ports on the router (without having a vlan although you can have a vlan as well).
Now Let’s start with a example we have 2 networks one is on eth0 which is not the secure network, and on switch0 which runs on eth2/eth3/eth4/eth5 (eth1 we use for the WAN)  which is the secure network. You also want to restrict the .1.1 from having access to the .2.1 and from accessing the router management.
1-      Create a firewall port group that will include ssh port (22) http (80) https (443) and telnet (23).
2-       Go to the Firewall/NAT tab, firewall/add ruleset, name it, set the default action to accept.
3-      On the newly created ruleset, action/configuration/roles/add new rule, name it, action -drop, next move to advanced, check -established …
https://www.observium.org Network Monitoring for Network Specialists - worth a view - promise ... :D
Had the following issue and took these steps to solve it. I am sharing my experience since it “may” be a help for others.  
Issue: although file sharing discovery was turned on and it the network area in file explorer I could see all computers on the network, but could not access the shared folders on other computers, “window cannot access……”
Troubleshoot steps: after verifying the file shred discovery is turned on, and the folders are shared with the right permissions at the destination computer. I opened a cmd line and did a ping with the destination computer name, did not get a replay but got the IP address of the destination computer (could get it with ipconfig on the destination computer as wall). Did a ping with the IP address got no replay. Now I know something on the destination computer is blocking. The first thing move aside is the firewall, so I turned off the firewall on the destination computer (Kaspersky- I am moving all my clients from Kaspersky to Symantec, since I find Kaspersky being to restrict causing to many issues). Then did a ping with the IP and I got a replay. Now I did a ping with the name of the destination computer, did not get a replay, in the cmd prompt, I typed net view \\shraedpath did not get a replay, this told me there is a name resolution issue. So I changed the following setting Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\change adopter settings right click on the network adopter\properties\IPV4 click on …

Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2017 updates

Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2017 is here, with a list of 34 critical security updates & 2 key fixes, for 7 products. Since the vacation isn't two far, make sure all the patches are updated in your network and have a happy vacation. Adobe also has released its security update

Key fixes:

  1. CVE-2017-11940
  2. CVE-2017-11937



Potential impact for 34 security updates:

  • Remote code execution
  • Elevation of privilege
  • Information disclosure
  • Spoofing
  • Security feature bypass


  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • ChakraCore
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Malware Protection Engine
  • Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps
  • Microsoft Office

You can read a complete report on https://goo.gl/mwbq1Q

The Equifax data breach is one of the deadliest cyberattacks in the modern times not only in terms of affected people but also due to the intensity of accessed personal data. Equifax reported that between mid-May and June 2017, their system was hacked and the personal information of 173 million customers was exposed. Below we highlight some incites about this breach and then take a look at exactly how this was accomplished at the bottom.

Accessed information

According to Equifax, the hackers were able to access customer’s names, Social Security Number, customer’s date of birth, card numbers, addresses and driver’s license numbers.

Why this breach is one of the deadliest attacks

The Yahoo data breach in 2016 had 1 billion customers affected where only the passwords and phone numbers were accessed. But in the case of Equifax, sensitive data was accessed which means that:

Criminals can use the Social Security number to other credit accounts using a customer’s names.
Hackers can also maneuver their way and shop online using the credit card details obtained.
The hackers can sell the data to other criminals which makes the effect very grave.
An accessed customer’s data is not immune to future’s fraud, extortion and blackmail. The accessed information can haunt a customer forever.
How to find out if your information was exposed

Equifax has established a “Potential Impact” tab on its website (www.equifaxsecurity2017.com) that helps …

Expert Comment

by:Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSP
This was literally copied and pasted from hackingloops.

Let's go to a "Security" site from a company that hid the fact that they had a massive data breach that affected (more or less) everyone with a credit score in the US. Let's plug in our SSN anyway (fun fact, it doesn't matter if you are on a secure system or using encryption if the destination isn't secure).
PMI ACP® Project Management
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PMI ACP® Project Management

Prepare for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam, which formally recognizes your knowledge of agile principles and your skill with agile techniques.

This is my school project / assignment scenario - I have to draw a Logical Network Design...NEED HELP

The rollout of the wireless network has been suspended for now, but the stock analysis tool is being implemented. It is to be called My Stock Analysis Tool (MSAT). MSAT is going to use a three-tier client-server architecture. The tiers will be a web browser at the client end, a separate web server tier, and the MSAT server that performs application logic and all the data storage and access logic. In this way, there is no issue with installing/supporting a software client on end-user computers. Both customers and DRUB staff will use MSAT through a web-based interface, although staff may see extra options. Apart from accessing MSAT, staff also use Microsoft spreadsheet and word processing software on their computers (Windows XP PCs and laptops) for preparing reports, with work-in-progress files stored on staff computers.
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by:Rob Henson
Snowbella, well done for being honest and up-front that this is a school project; that will help experts guide you rather than propose answers as they would for normal questions.

However, to get better assistance you need to raise this as a question using the big blue button at the top of the page or this link:

Need with Logical Network Design
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by:Brian B
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Is there any downloadable software for Windows or for other devices connected to our network (such as cell phones)that would detect devices that are sending out SPAM.  Our internet provider has suspended our outbound email services until they know that we've fixed the problem.  I'd like to test all devices on the network to find out the source of the spamming.  Any ideas?  
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by:Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)
Setup an SMTP server (such as the free one included in windows under IIS) to act as a relay.

Point all of your actual applications that sdnd mail to this relay.

block all devices (except the IP pf the mail relay) from having port 25 ourbound.

Now you can be pretty muxh assured that anything else which is sending email is blocked, and you can review the smtp logs of all devices which de relay through your local smtp relay server, allowing tou to troubleshoot connectivity and locate any abusive systems.
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by:Brian B
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Cyber News Rundown: Edition 11/10/17

UK-Based Cryptocurrency Hit By Cyberattack

Prior to the official launch of Electroneum, a UK-based cryptocurrency that uses smartphones for its mining process, was targeted by a DDoS attack that shut down both the website and the app for several days. The attack effectively blocked all users from accessing their accounts, as the entire network was forced offline, to ensure the safety of investors’ funds.

Canadian University Held for Ransom

In the past week, officials have been working with affected students to secure their personal information after hackers breached the university’s systems and gained access to student records. The university has since taken its email system offline, as the hackers were spreading the leaked information throughout the email lists. Along with the data circulation, the hackers also demanded the university pay a large ransom of roughly 23,000 USD within 48 hours, though officials are still uncertain when the breach itself occurred.

WaterMiner Cryptocurrency Mod for GTA 5

As more cryptocurrency miners are embedded in software, one Russian hacker has gone a step further by exploiting a mod for the popular game Grand Theft Auto 5. The exploit silently uses a computer’s power to mine digital currency and, with the help of a modified version of the XMRig miner, can hide itself if it suspects monitoring software is active.

More on the Webroot blog here.
Network Operation Center equipment? How to turn on and what he needs. Please let me know in detail.
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by:Brian B
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Cpa Network Spiroox
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by:Brian B
Could you please clarify what you are asking about? If you are trying to ask a question that requires a response from the Experts, please use the "Ask a question" button at the top of the screen.






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.