Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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I had to reload a HP ProBook laptop using the recovery partition to "out of the box" status.  Now I've updated all the drivers but there is no wireless network available; all updates have been installed also.  In the device manager Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wifi Adapter shows that it is working properly.  I've turned on the wireless switch on the PC...still no wireless.  Also I've installed Office 2013 and WORD and EXCEL work fine, but when I try to configure Outlook it tells me it's not connected to the network, even though I'm hard wired and can ping google.  Any ideas??
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I already inserted my flashair sd card it worked. But after I change flashair network SSID name online, the flashair network does not appear in my android wifi list. I resetted the flashair network on the online app but it still does not appear.
Dear Zealots, is there any method to observe, monitor the traffic from one (or multiple) IP address (es) to a IP address?
We are using Cisco Router 3925, Switch 3560, 3750, 2960
Many thanks in advance,
I have a TP Link VR600 that is connected via VDSL using PPPoE to our ISP. I have a /29 IP Address range from the ISP. I have two clients on site and each client has a static IP. My issue is that I am unsure on how to do set it up to workl with the VR600. I had a ZyXel P-870H and this worked fine but the ZyXel has run into problems and is no longer active. The VR600 is picking up the first IP in the address range - .17. I am unsure how to set it up so that the two different clients .19 and .20 can connect to it and the outside world. This area is not my strongest and any help would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if this is even possible with the VR600 or if I need to provide any additional information.
Hi guys,

Recently came upon the requirement for DATA Center for which I don't have any knowledge.I am in R&S, IP Telephony, Structured Cabling
Can anyone tell how I can get trained in Data center design?
what is the best way to get trained in data center designing, and what are the training courses offered by CISCO, HP, DELL.

What is the difference between Layer 3 switch and Router?  It looks like we don't need router if we have layer 3 switch. Am I right?
I can not access console port switch cisco,  the port is blocked and the switch doesn't has enable remote Access (telnet or ssh). How can i Access to switch?

About a week ago this 3 year old Dell Optiplex 790 running Windows 7 service pack 1 is having problems accessing certain websites like and some other secured websites.
It's on a local domain network with a Server that is handing out DHCP but it cannot resolve the IP address so I have been using a static IP address of GW DNS (Server's address) and even added the external DNS of the ISP and even added WINS of the server's IP of
It will no longer let DHCP resolve the IP address but all of the other 7 PCs work fine.
I even copied down those exact IP addresses and changing the local IP inserted it with a static IP and it still has the same problem.
Emails come in using the POP/SMTP through this same NIC.
I loaded new NIC drivers to this onboard Intel embeded NIC - same problem.
I even purchased a new NIC and it does the same thing.
It had McAffee so I removed it and the same problem.
I turned off all of the Windows firewall and same problem.
This PC is on the LAN and can get access to all of the network shared drives with no problem.
I tried to go back and do a system restore before this problem but it has the same problem.
I also checked the HOSTS file in the system32 - nothing blocked.
Thank you!

I am planning to setup a cisco CCNA lab, but I wanted to use it for internet connection as well, not only local network. I have WI-FI router in the main floor and I need to setup the lab in Second floor.

I have cisco 2821 router, how can I terminate internet traffic to my router without wire?  Can I get another cisco wireless router and termnate the  intertnet traffic there and do the cabling  From Wireless router to Cisco 2821 ?
I am looking for options for training and certification in Microsoft Azure. I have been looking on the internet for different courses and training programs and have come up short handed. Microsoft itself doesn't have a structured course/training program (that I could find), even within the partner network.

My goal is to find a structured course that starts with no knowledge and builds to the certification at the end. Preferably something I can do at night either on location or from home.

Can you guys give me some recommendations?
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Secure Your WordPress Site: 5 Essential Approaches

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I would like to make a parse of postfix mail log in an HTML/PHP page with a search bar and then creating a dynamic table with all these tags. when the table is done I should be able to click on the "Date" and another page should open with others info about that log *(2)

I will copy an example of a log

search: from: ...... to: ...... date: from: .... to: ....

Eg Table example: Date | time | from: Jack | to: John | status:


status detail

809318:Jul 11 14:13:50 amail-2014 postfix/smtpd[17127]: 78F5E83F28:[]
809320:Jul 11 14:13:50 amail-2014 postfix/cleanup[18135]: 78F5E83F28: message-id=<>
809324:Jul 11 14:13:50 amail-2014 postfix/qmgr[27711]: 78F5E83F28: from=<NO-REPLY@MOLEX.COM>, size=30390, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
809325:Jul 11 14:13:50 amail-2014 postfix/smtp[11782]: 78F5E83F28: to=<*****@SYLEX.SK>,[]:25, delay=0.73, delays=0.59/0/0.01/0.13, dsn=2.6.0, status=sent (250 2.6.0 <> [InternalId=50607599648815,] Queued mail for delivery)
809326:Jul 11 14:13:50 amail-2014 postfix/qmgr[27711]: 78F5E83F28: removed
809323:Jul 11 14:13:50 amail-2014 KLMS: not processed: …
Regards All,

What options are out there if I am to make something to export a quesry result to tab-separated file, and store it on network place.
Size can be about 100Mb, so quite amount of data.

I'd rather not make it Integration service/job but perhaps directly from the Oracle Database.

1. run a query, generates 500k rows
2. export the result to a network place as data.txt (tab-separated)

Maybe so instead,
1. run scheduled query to store data into a temp table
2. run export from temp table to text file.

Preferably as scheduled work, cronjob, anything similar so one doesn't have to do this manually.


Very long story short, I am the new IT Engineer at a small business and I had the task to delete a shared network drive folder. Sounds easy right. Well, some of the sub folders don't have permissions on and I get the "The requested security information is either unavailable or can't be displayed" message in the security tab of the folders. I have tried the following:

•Taken ownership and applied Admin, my own user ID and Authenticated users permissions on the parent folder and applied the "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object"
•3rd party take ownership programs on the subfolders
•Rename/delete the sub folders via cmd

Anything I try can't seem to grant me permission of ownership of the sub folders. Unfortunately I don't know what was done to these sub folders as the old engineer must have done this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Dear Team, we have several Catalyst 500 acting as Access switches for users, printers, Finger prints (FP) and Access points.

Here is a problem: 2 FingerPrints -----------------------90 m---------------------------- A small switch (LinkSys)  ----------20 m----------- Catalyst 500

In Catalyst 500, there are few modes for port operations; such as Switch, Router, Access Point, PC, Printer,... When I configure a port (which connected to a small switch) in Switch mode, I cannot ping those 2 FPs, but when I set that port to Access Point or Router mode, I can ping them.

Besides, it only works for few hours before disconnected (request time out). I have to reboot FPs to ping them again.

Can you please explain?
I'm trying to understand internals of mobile networks (GSM, 3GPP) and routing calls between them.

When new Mobile Network Operator (MNO) starts its operation, how does other mobile (and fixed) networks all over the world know, how should they route calls to this new network?

Where can I find more information about this topic?

I work for a company where i have 150 Users all work group computers having (Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10 Operating systems installed. We are planning to implement a centralized system from where we can manage users centrally and deploy softwares, push policies to the users as required.

Current Setup:-
We have a Firewall Dell SonicWall NSA3600 , 4 Cisco Switches,Two ISP connections 15 MB each and few wireless access points for wireless connectivity currently. we are shifting to a new office this month end due to the short of office space and planning to implement a centralized user management system.

Every time the user needs assistance, we have to rush into their places and troubleshoot the issues. Also, anytime i want to do windows upgrades/software deployments/push security updates, i'll have to do it manually going to each one of their desks which is a big headache and sometimes can't even do that due to the work load.

Main agenda is to, manage all the users with a centralized administrator that's it. I want all the users (clients) to be connected with a domain controller and should be managed by me and easy to assist whenever is required.

Could someone please assist me on what hardware i should purchase for windows server and what sort of licensing i'm i going to be needed, what version of windows server is good performance perspective.

Help is much appreciated!!

I can ping both directions between hosts and VMs. RDP works fine in both directions as well. My Host can get to shares on the VMs

However, my VMs cannot get to network shares on the host. Thoughts at what i'm missing here?

Host is Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, VMs are a mix of 2008R2, 2012R2, and 2016
Hi we have roaming profiles in our environment with offline file synchronization. A client of our's synchronization keeps failing the conflicts in the sync center state "A file was deleted on this computer and changed on the server while this computer was offline" The sync center provides a path to each of the files, but I cannot locate them. They appear to temporary files of no significance in $recycle.bin. I cannot locate them even if i enable hidden files and folders and enable show protected operating system files.

When i right click on each conflict in the sync center I am given the options to resolve the conflicts or ignore. When I choose ignore nothing happens, when i choose resolve another window appears stating "The details for this conflict could not be opened. The conflict may no longer exist, the device it occurred on is not available or may contain invalid data. The parameter is incorrect"

I tried recreating the clients local profile and network profile but the sync errors still appear. I had the client log into a test machine and we do not get these errors so it appears to be machine related.
Currently have interfaces set up with (2) vlans

mgmt 86
cpe 87

When controller is set to tunnel traffic and use controller as gw - clients are able to get an ip off ruckus ap.
When controller is set for nomadix to be gw - clients are NOT able to get an ip off of ruckus ap.

As it stands, I'm trying to understand what is preventing clients from using nomadix as gw.
Cisco box is currently set to switch mode with the following for int:

 interface gigabitethernet1
 switchport mode general
 switchport general allowed vlan add 87 tagged
 switchport default-vlan tagged
interface gigabitethernet2
 switchport mode general
 switchport general allowed vlan add 87 tagged

Please keep in mind that I am testing a ruckus ap on int2 and can access internet if traffic is tunneled to ruckus controller. What's odd to me is that the cpe vlan for the ruckus controller is not even on this cisco switch but I'm able to pull a cpe ip.
To reiterate, I am having trouble getting an ip when controller is set to using the nomadix as a gw for client ips.

Looking for any enlightenment as I've been working on this for a few days already and am stumped.

Thank you!
WordPress Tutorial 4: Recommended Plugins
WordPress Tutorial 4: Recommended Plugins

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I had this question after viewing Change seconds until server connection timeout value.

Hi Guys

I have a remote client with limited network connectivity that is logging calls continuously when she sees the connection timeout message on outlook.

Is there  a way to do the same for a pc running outlook 2013?
Do I just change the version number in the script provided in the previous article?

Hello Everyone,

We have a client which runs Perceptive Workgroup Search (made by Perceptive Software- formally ISYS Search software) to do searches across their network, A single Search query lets them simultaneously search across a wide range of formats, including word, excel, PDFs, XML data, SQL databases, web pages and emails. They have multiple indexes each one covering different parts of the system, however the software is not reliable anymore and the schedule maintenance tasks keep breaking causing the searches to fail, freeze or to give out outdated results.

In general, We are not happy with the reliability of the software and the support from the vendor is terrible. Can anyone recommend any similar software that can replace this program? Thanks in advanced.


How to block unmanaged switches from network. I have already apply BBDU Guard on interface but where unmanaged switches attached port will not block. and in show spanning-tree interface detail command no BpDU received. So please help is required for block unmaanged switches fron network. Other than port security please
Routing: I have a network living in the space of, and I have a second network living behind this first network at  The gateway out to the internet is the interface to the network is  its interface on the network is  the firewall can ping or any network address within the network. Any other device on the network cannot ping any other device on the network unless I place static route to this network as in this example for a windows pc. Route add MASK 255.255.255. 0  once I place a static route  on the windows pc or Linux pc I can ping anything in the network as well as any device on the although that goes without saying.  The default gateway for the device on network is  I am not running any routing protocols like RIP 2 or OSPF.  Any reason why my pcs can't find the device on network.  I had to add a static route to the firewall at so it could find anything on the second network.  How can I. Fix this without adding static routes to every pc or device

I have a small home workgroup, peer-to-peer, all Win7/Ent/Sp1, fully patched. Until recently, I could open Windows Explorer and browse all PCs on the network from every other machine. About three weeks ago, I noticed in Windows Explorer that I could see the other PCs from only one of the PCs. On all of them I can see other network devices (Printer, NAS, etc.. I just can't see any of the PCs (also can't see the specific PC that I'm working on). The one that takes on browser duties tends to be the first one that turns on.

I am logged in as an Administrator. All PCs have the same logins. Advanced sharing is turned on. I can see all PCs in the network map, I can ping them all, Network Discovery is turned on, I can map drives on each of them to each of them. All machines have a static IP, although I have tried changing them all to DHCP with no improvement. Each PC has a unique name and IP address, and each belongs to the same workgroup. There is one DHCP server, from the Netgear router. Homegroup is turned off.

I have tried disabling the anti-virus and the firewall. I have tweaked the registry settings on all in Services/Browser/Parameters (IsDomainMaster/IsMasterBrowser). I have tried changing the settings of MaintainServerList (No, Yes, Auto). I have reset Winsock and TCP/IP. I have flushed the DNS cache. NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled, as are Computer Browser and Workgroup services.

I can browse all PCs from the one PC that is showing them all, and I can …
We have some computers in a school network for students  -- which suddenly began to show a PDF with personal information on it in all of the computer within the student study area. Tried deleting the roaming profile from the mmc to see if that would help.  We isolated the area machines from the network -- formatted one of machines,  added it back to the network and a particular segment  (( file still shows UP))  believe it to be a problem with the GP process. One of computer was removed from the network, was formatted and reimaged --  then added back to the network.   Once added back to the network and segregated  OU  -- the computer displays the same file.  

No PDF file on Desktop browse to C:\Users\Cafe.warriorzone\desktop on Mxl24600tr. Show file there. Browse to c:\users\public\desktop. No PDF file there. Deleteted file from café.warrior zone desktop. Empty recycle bin. Double click Clear Data and Restart. File back on desktop after reboot.

Other segments of the network do not have this problem.    How do I fix the problem  --  believe that file is saved on the server  (though of just removing it and restarting the computers in that area  30 computers.  CONFUSED






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.