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Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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Hi, just bought ScreenBeamMini2 adapter.  This adapter is supposed to work with Miracast without the need of internet connection.  I need help in configuring my Windows 10 Lenovo laptop and my Galaxy S9 so that I can use this thing.  The only way I have gotten it to work with Windows 10 is when I'm connected to my Network wifi.  Once I disconnect wifi, I loose the display on the TV.  Vendor said I need to change settings in Windows to use Miracast but can't find Miracast anywhere.  Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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I am having a problem with Microsoft Excel not opening links to a network location.
The cell contains the following.
=SUMIFS('\\servername\9 - FOLDER\P P G, Inc\Billing Invoices and Settlement\1809\[UUT PPG-201810.xlsx]UUT Details'!$J:$J,'\\servername\9 - FOLDER\P P G, Inc\Billing Invoices and Settlement\1809\[UUT PPG-201810.xlsx]UUT Details'!$A:$A,RIGHT(A47,2),'\\servername\9 - FOLDER\P P G, Inc\Billing Invoices and Settlement\1809\[UUT PPG-201810.xlsx]UUT Details'!$D:$D,RIGHT(H1,10))

And it will not work.
However if I open the file being referenced in the link in the same excel instance, the cell contents automatically change to

'=SUMIFS('[UUT PPG-201810.xlsx]UUT Details'!$J:$J,'[UUT PPG-201810.xlsx]UUT Details'!$A:$A,RIGHT(A47,2),'[UUT PPG-201810.xlsx]UUT Details'!$D:$D,RIGHT(H1,10))

and it starts working.

Any ideas what would keep it from working with the file still closed?  Path is verified correct.  Tried full quotes on pathname.
I am looking for a tool with which Internet traffic can be monitored and logged (OS Windows 7).  Resmon displays the active applications, and how much Internet volume each one uses up, but this information is not available at a later point in time.  Internet access in this case is over a mobile WLAN box equipped with a SIM card, and the mobile network operator sets a monthly data volume, which was unexpectedly used up by an unknown application.
Wonder your folks opinion.  How do you approach this questions from executives.  
 "what do you think is better 74Mb DSL or 60Mb cable?"  :)
What do I need to do access the printer located at (connected through LAN12 on VLAN 10) from VLAN 11?

A Cisco RV345 (Firmware Version: is configured with multiple VLANs
VLAN 1 -
VLAN 10 - - Parents
VLAN 11 - - Boys

I have provided screenshots of the current settings. With those current settings, I cannot print (or even ping for that matter) from my device (
If I set LAN12 on VLAN10 to 'untagged', I can print just fine from VLAN 10, but not from VLAN 11.

How do I proceed?
Thanks, Michael.
We have Windows Server 2016 Standard and have it setup correctly however all the users except for one are getting this message when they try to RDP into server?

“To sign in remotely, you need the right to sign in through Remote Desktop Services. By default members of the Administrators group have this right. If the group you’re in does not have the right, or  if the right has been removed from the Administrators group, you need to be granted the right manually.”

They are added to the Remote Desktop group.  Even the default Administrator can not RDP in locally or remotely.

Can anyone help me with what is going on?
Just installed new Esxi host running 6.7. Everything looks green.  All datastores are present.  All networks have portgroups.  But when i try to vmotion i get :

Failed waiting for data. Error 195887167. Connection closed by remote host,

I confirmed vmotion enabled on iscsi and management portgroup just for sake of troubleshooting.   Any help would be great
Can you "downgrade" Cisco IOS-XE from 3.7.3 to 3.6.8?

May seem like an odd question, but I have 9 other switches of the same type on 3.6.8 and wanted to see about changing this switch to coincide with the others. Not a huge issue but was curious if it could be done simply or if it's more in depth.
I set a group policy to allow remote desktop only from inside the network.

I set up some users to establish a VPN connection to the server’s VPN, with windows VPN service.

Will they be able to remote into their computer with remote desktop, once they establish a VPN connection, will they be considered as part from the network so the group policy will allow them to remote to their computer?

Server 2012
We have a user with a HP Officejet 6830 that we are trying to setup with HP EConnected/EPrint (print over Internet).  Everything goes smoothly throughout the setup, however, upon adding the printer the dot is orange not green on the HP EConnected site.  However, in checking the printer locally he have a green check mark for EPrinting.

The user has a basic home network with a AT&T UVerse (not sure of the exact manufacturer).  Do you need to open up certain ports for EPrint to work on one of these routers?  (In the past wet set one up on a home network with a Negear router and it was plug and play--green dot next to printer not orange.
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I have just configured a LAMP on my 10.1.1.x network.

The LAMP hits the Internet but shows an IP address of (eno1).

Cable (Arris) modem is providing DHCP.

How is it possible for this to happen?  I'm thinking that I want the LAMP to have a 10.1 address.
We would like seek for advice for the Aruba’s firmware version convention.We will implement WiFi in our ware-house soon we found out our Aruba IAP 305 firmware version is

We want to integrated with our Air-Wave and AirWave mention that support Instant ,Can we confirm if IAP version is the same with I am quite confused with Aruba’s firmware version convention.
The network is running on server 2012 r2.  The users have roaming profiles.  The work stations are windows 10.
One user has recently changed her name from Sarah Smith to  Sarah Jones.  I have changed the name on the user profile in AD, and access to the files has stayed the same.  The only challenges so far is the "welcome screen" during the work station login.  The login still welcomes Sarah Smith.  

How do I change the login to reflect Sarah Jones.
Hi All

I have a firewall problem that I believe is switch related.  My Sonicwall is alerting on IP Spoof Dropped but all the IPs are from my network into my BOVPN link.  I think the spoof is that the firewall is seeing many IPs coming from the connecting network on the Dell 3024 switch.  It seems I am unable to turn the connection from switch to Firewall into a trunk, I thought having a list of IPs from the local network as Tunnels would solve this but it hasn't.   Can anyone give me any pointers on how to resolve this problem?



Error is on a Server 2008R2

Server 2016 exists in same domain.  

Everything is operating normal, GPO's are working fine and show on both servers.

SYSVOL data exists on Server 2008R2
SYSVOL folders are empty on Server 2016

Server 2008R2 - DCDIAG
NCSecDesc fails
Error NT Authority\Enterprise domain controllers doesn't have Replication Directory Changes in Filtered Set access rights for the naming context:
Error NT Authority\Enterprise domain controllers doesn't have Replication Directory Changes in Filtered Set access rights for the naming context:

Server 2016 - DCDIAG
Advertising fails
DsGetDcName returned information for \\2008R2Server.domain.name, when we were trying to reach 2016Server.
Server is not responding or is not considered suitable.
FrsEvent does NOT fail = warning or error events within the last 24 hours after the SYSVOL has been shared.  Failing SYSVOL replication problems may cause Group Policy problems.
NetLogons fails
Unable to connect to the NETLOGON share! (\\Server2016\netlogon)
An net use or LsaPolicy operation failed with error 67, The network name cannot be found
SYSVOL nor NETLOGON shares exists on Server2016

I assume this is all related?  I am concerned about what step to take since no data exists in SYSVOL folder on Server2016

I have been searching for a matrix listing the security advantages and disadvantages of wi-fi vs Bluetooth vs cellular vs ethernet.  I searched for a specific technology I mostly find publications talking about the general connectivity differences using the technologies but nothing side by side like a matrix that includes all three measured against the same baseline. I tried using two different articles and list the information in a spreadsheet but the categories and the baselines used were not the same - problem. Do you know of any resource that may have this information in a matrix view that I can review.  

We have some older model Siemens PLCs that I'm told have an IP address, but no gateway. Can anyone confirm if they have seen something like that?

Second and more important is my part in this challenge: If it is possible that a device has no gateway, how to get it to talk/route to a different subnet?

Edit: I see some Siemens documentation that talks about using subnets and supernets to get around the issue. So if it helps, my destination subnet is and my PLC is
GPO-Windows-7-Error.docxNetwork Shared drives are no longer being mapped on Windows 7 Pro 64bit domain computers through our GPO's.  Windows 10 Pro machines map the drives just fine, but as of last week the Windows 7 units will not.  I made sure that all the updates were current on the machines and ran gpupdate /force on the machine but it still is not mapping the shared drives.  Does anyone have a solution?  This is seriously causing issues this week.  Please see attached gpupdate screenshot of the error.
I have a customer that wants to put a computer in a Foundry. Even with an enclosure the odds of that computer surviving is next to zero. All this computer is going to do i look at 4 cameras. No real user interaction.

   My thought was to maybe put the computer in a office 300-400 feet away and somehow extending the video out to just a monitor in the Foundry. Has anyone ever done this? What method did you use?
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I can't get my ASA NAT to work.  I'm testing to configure the firewall for our shop by simulating it on our local network.  The ISP router is at  The ASA can ping out to the internet but the PC can't.

The PC picks up DHCP OK and can ping (ASA GigabitEthernet0/1), but it can't ping the default gateway ASA (ASA GigabitEthernet0/0) or beyond.

interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 nameif outside
 security-level 0
 ip address
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 nameif inside
 security-level 100
 ip address
interface GigabitEthernet0/3
 nameif mngt
 security-level 0
 ip address
 icmp permit any mngt
 icmp permit any inside
 icmp permit any outside
object network INSIDE-SUBNET
nat (inside,outside) source dynamic INSIDE-SUBNET interface
route outside 5

  dhcpd address - inside
  dhcpd address inside
  dhcpd address inside
  dhcp dns
  dhcpd dns
  dhcpd lease 3000
  dhcpd domain cortana.com
  dhcpd ping_timeout 20
  dhcpd option 3
  dhcpd option 3 ip
  dhcpd enable inside
  dhcpd option 2 ascii dhcpd_option_2_ascii_examplestring_HERE

Having intermittent issues opening Outlook 2016 and having it behave properly.   I will often get the following message when trying to open it - "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.  The set of folders cannot be opened. Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange."

Sometimes if I leave it closed for a little while, it will eventually then open again.   However, other mailboxes which I have full access permissions to  will not expand properly and kick back that similar message again.  Specifically, "Cannot expand the folder.  The set of folders cannot be opened...".  As an admin, I have full access permissions to various mailboxes, but most of them aren't expanding right now.  

Just to offer more background info, over the past several months we have been migrating from Exchange 2010 to 2016.   They are both still currently running, but most everything is routing to/through the new server.  Just have a few more mailboxes to migrate from 2010.   The specific mailbox in question here that is having issues is on 2016 and the client is running Outlook 2016.  It had been working OK, up until a couple weeks ago, well after having been migrated to the 2016 server.  I can't trace the origin of this issue back to a specific event, transition, migration, or whatever.

I do suspect that the issue is somehow more on the server side than the client side.  On the client side I have deleted the mailbox profile, run a repair on …
I am getting too many failed login attempts (Event ID 4625) in the security event log.  They are happening once every 3 or 4 seconds.  It appears to be a brute force attack on the server.  I am running Server 2012 r2 (not a domain controller) and below is one of the thousands of entries in just the past few hours.  Is there anyway to prevent these attempted logins?  It has been a long time since I've been down this rabbit hole and I somewhat recall blocking  inbound connections on port 3389 or 389 would work but I would like to consult the experts here.  I think port 3389 is for remote desktop connection which I do need for this server.  Thank you in advance for any and all help.

An account failed to log on.

      Security ID:            NULL SID
      Account Name:            -
      Account Domain:            -
      Logon ID:            0x0

Logon Type:                  3

Account For Which Logon Failed:
      Security ID:            NULL SID
      Account Name:            CHRISTINA
      Account Domain:            

Failure Information:
      Failure Reason:            Unknown user name or bad password.
      Status:                  0xC000006D
      Sub Status:            0xC0000064

Process Information:
      Caller Process ID:      0x0
      Caller Process Name:      -

Network Information:
      Workstation Name:      -
      Source Network Address:      -
      Source Port:            -

Detailed Authentication Information:
      Logon Process:            NtLmSsp
      Authentication Package:      NTLM
      Transited Services:      -
      Package Name …
Our network time is 2 minutes faster than the NIST time so I tried to find
who is the time server on our network using the command:

w32tm /query /source

After that, I got into the time server and ran the same command to confirm
whether the time server thinks that it is the time server for our network and
got the result:

"Free-Running System Clock"

Then I adjusted the time by setting it two minutes slower to match the NIST time.
All the Servers and PCs synced to the new time after about 5 or 10 minutes and
I thought everything's set but it isn't.

After about 12 hours, every single Server and PC's time are back to the the old time
(2 minutes faster) including the time server mentioned above.

Is there something on our network that has higher authority than the time server
mentioned above?  

Thank you for your time!
We have a HP Officejet Pro 6830 that is connected on a local network and trying to print to it via RDP from an Azure Windows Server 2016 VM.

It works fine and without issue locally.  However, when printed over RDP connection (printed from application on VM) this is how it looks:

Printing Issue
I am sure it is the correct driver and I know that the printer works fine (locally).  Any thoughts or ideas to try?
In our company we have a Web application that we want to be accessible both from our LAN and the outside world. For that reason we developed two DNS servers one externally for outside world as usual and one internally for LAN clients, and things generally works well.

Unfortunatelly there are moments where some LAN machines running Windows they refuse to use the LAN address. Instead they are using the external IP. For those machines the following exists.

1. They are using DHCP server, and from this server they were provided the DNS server on local 192.168.xx.xx
2. I can confirm the previous  by issuing ipconfig /all
3. I am flushing DNS with ipconfig /flushdns and confirming that with ipconfig /displaydns
4. When i am issuing ping app.company.com i am getting the external ip.
4. When i am issuing nslookup app.company.com i am getting the internal ip.

I want to notice again that this behavior happen some time for some machines running Windows.

Does anyone knows why ping and nslookup they give different answers or how to debug  this symptom in Windows?  

Thanks in advance

Stathis Alexopoulos






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.