Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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Hi, I’m after some advice on HyperV setup with SAN
We currently have one Proliant Gen10 running HyperV
The first two NICs are Teamed together and plugged into Vlan 1. (Host management network team)
Two further NICs are teamed together and used for the Virtual switch. (Virtual Machine Network Team).
All VMs are currently stored locally on the Server

We will be introducing a second Proliant Gen10 and a HP MSA2052 SAN
The goal is to move the VMs to the SAN and set up failover between the two Hyper V hosts.
Does the second Hyper V Host get setup the same as the first Hyper V Host?
(Host management network team) and (Virtual Machine Network Team) plugged into a switch(s).

Then connect both Hyper V hosts directly to the SAN using the ISCSI controller ports?, or do the ISCSI network ports on the HyperV hosts and the ISCSI ports on the SAN both plug back into the network switches?
If it’s the latter, do we still need the (Virtual Machine Network Team) ?

Some guides mention MGMT, are they referring to MGMT in respect of having access to the server for say ILO access, or are they referring to connecting them to the primary VLAN for normal data traffic

Kind regards
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Installed HyperV Manager on Server 2012R2 . Have created a VM into which I've installed Server 2012.

At present there are no virtual network switches in HyperV Manager so no connectivity for the VM.

If I add a Virtual Switch in HyperV Manager (External network) - at the point of clicking apply i have a
warning may lose network connectivity for a while and overwrite some  static settings.

This is a production server in a remote location so cannot risk losing connectivity to it . Is this a generic message
I can ignore ? Thank you.

HyperV Virtual Switch Manager with warning message
Hello experts,

I am having BGP rib failure after doing a bgp with a new ISP. Please see my config below

sh ip bgp summ
BGP router identifier 185.151.4.X, local AS number 202XXX
BGP table version is 12558, main routing table version 12558
11 network entries using 1584 bytes of memory
12 path entries using 960 bytes of memory
5/4 BGP path/bestpath attribute entries using 800 bytes of memory
4 BGP AS-PATH entries using 96 bytes of memory
0 BGP route-map cache entries using 0 bytes of memory
0 BGP filter-list cache entries using 0 bytes of memory
BGP using 3440 total bytes of memory
BGP activity 28/17 prefixes, 33/21 paths, scan interval 60 secs

Neighbor        V           AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ Up/Down  State/PfxRcd
87.201.148.XX   4        15802     317     356    12558    0    0 05:12:20        1
91.72.200.XXX   4        65120   48869   49332    12558    0    0 4w2d            7
151.253.77.XX   4   4275002636    3892    3054    12558    0    0 05:31:17        2

sh ip bgp
BGP table version is 12558, local router ID is 185.151.4.X
Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal,
              r RIB-failure, S Stale, m multipath, b backup-path, f RT-Filter,
              x best-external, a additional-path, c RIB-compressed,
Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete
RPKI validation codes: V valid, I invalid, N Not found

     Network          Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path
 *>  …
On one server, a Windows Server 2012 R2, I cannot seem to ping outside of the Forward Lookup Zone that it's DNS record exists. I have two FLZs: domain.local and If I try to ping a FQDN I have created a record for in FLZ, I get no response. The record is setup to point to a host in the other FLZ domain.local. Additionally, if I try to ping something like, I get the same result of it saying, "Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again."

All my other servers in the same cluster work just fine. I've changed out the vNIC in VMware host and set to DHCP and assigned static IP; same result. Thoughts on what could be causing this?
FileZilla-Server-Connection-Issues-.docxFileZilla Server SFTP connection issue from outside network. I need help resolving issues with sftp connection to filezilla server from outside network. Please see attachment for details for my current Router, FileZilla Server, and FileZilla Client configurations.
Hi Guys,

Because off an extended power failure, our Exchange 2016 mail server was moved to a backup site.
The server IP was changed (LAN), but nothing else changed.  Issues started to appear, such as OWA opens, but we are unable to send / receive mail.
Mail to the send connectors under mail flow settings also stopped working.

We recently migrated Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016.
Exchange 2013 gave several errors and not starting some services, but we left the server running whilst transferring mailboxes to 2016, etc.

Exchange 2016 is running from a "backup" DC in the backup site.

Upon clicking new e-mail in OWA, the new mail window opens, but clicking "send"  - nothing happens.  
The e-mail does not go to the Sent Items folder, neither does anything comes into the inbox.

No specific errors in the event log (Exchange 2016)

No configuration changes happened on the 2016 server, except for an IP change for the LAN.

My question,
After one upgrades say Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016, and Exchange 2013 has not yet been uninstalled,
What affect does it have on the mail flow and mail transport?
All mail flow receive and send connectors have been updated to the 2016 server.
How can you dedicate one NIC in Windows 10 to VMWare Workstation?  In a nutshell I want the data to flow through the card (it has a dedicated IP via MAC DHCP address reservation in Tomato router) to the VM.
I have a laptop here I recently reloaded with W10 for a user.  I am trying to deploy ESET antivirus through the admin console.  ESET is installed on our backup DC (DC02).  The agent deploy task kept failing so I went to the machine and was able to ping the DC hostname from the laptop but from the DC, I can't ping the laptop if I use the hostname, it fails because it is trying to ping the wrong address (  The IP of the laptop is and when I ping that, I do get a response (this is the network adapter address, not wifi).

I flushed the DNS on both DCs and tried again but it is still seeing the laptop with the wrong IP. isn't a used IP right now, it is nowhere on the network.  I removed the laptop from the domain, removed it from AD and from ESET, shut it down, flushed the DNS on the DCs again.  Started the laptop up, joined the domain (it pulled the same address from the network adapter), moved the laptop into the correct folder in AD, sync'd AD with ESET, tried to push the agent again but it failed.

I went back to the DC and it is still associating the hostname of the laptop to

Any ideas on what else to try? I can't deploy the laptop until I have ESET on it.
I'm going to be replacing computers on our network and we have a naming convention. I'd like to build computer2 at our main office, then take it off-site to replace computer 1. We're on a WAN. Could I give computer2 the same name as computer1 until I swap them and remove computer 1 from the network or is there a better way?

One of the printers in our office network would get disconnected every now and then. It is my boss's printer, only used by him. It would be working fine and not working all of a sudden. I had to remove the printer and rejoin it into the network. I use wire connection.

Any ideas? thanks
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My customer has two samsung printers: Samsung SCX-4833FR and Samsung SL-M3375FD.

The machines are also used as faxes.

I installed Samsung Network PC Fax for the printer server and a local PC.

But somehow the PC is unable to send a fax using MS Word?

IS there such thing as installing drivers locally on PC and assign to the printer IP address or to IP address_1?
As you can see from the picture below, My Speedtest results are fine,
my VPN connection is fine .... in fact, everything is fine with my internet connection
except that Windows 10 (1803) reports that I have no internet connection.
(Troubleshooting suggests a "Network Reset")

This isn't a really a problem and I'm ignoring it.

Can some experts speculate as to why Win10 is reporting incorrectly?


Our users scan to their scan folder from the copiers. And the user can access and open the files they have personally scanned to their scan folder.  
Now here's the problem.  After they have scanned that file to their scan folder they move it to another network storage location for other staff to see. However, the other staff cannot open the file but the person who created the scanned file obviously still can.

I have a windows domain environment and the Document file server is on a server 2016.

kind regards,

I have a cloud server where I am hosting a website. It is a Windows Server 2012 R2. Recently I noticed a message in my account control panel saying something like this:

"CRITICAL NETWORK - 384 kbit/s received       12.11 MBit/s transfered"

This is the first time I received a message like this. The server has been operating since 2015.
I am not a network administrator so I do not really know how to proceed. So, I will very much appreciate any support/help you can provide to find out what is going on.

I had watched the Network Activity in Task Manager and I am attaching a screenshot just as a reference. Maybe I need to go over log files but I a not sure which ones are the correct to review and how to proceed.

For example, I watched the System log and I see error entries like this:

"A fatal alert was generated and sent to the remote endpoint. This may result in termination of the connection. The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 10. The Windows SChannel error state is 1203."

I found the error below in the Administrative Events log:

"The RD Session Host server received large number of incomplete connections.  The system may be under attack."

Something I should say is that I use Remote Desktop to connect to my cloud server.

Task Manager Network Activity Screenshot
Jorge Maldonado
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

we need to find whether D-Link DWM-222 Dongles have any security vulnerability (with latest firmware update).
Do you know any? If not where should I start?

I have a network which currently has the voice and data all on the same network space ( The DHCP server is a Draytek 3900 Series Firewall and the network switch is Catalyst 2960 L series.

I have access to the CLI on Cisco but have zero experience using the command line interface so ideally would be better if we can configure the network switch to allow me to access via a browser (if thats easier for configuring switch).

Any advice on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

Sycamore IT
Our company website is working fine and is accessible externally however all internal clients cannot access the site through our Smoothwall filter.

Our website is on the same domain as our internal domain and we have a www record in DNS pointing to the external web server’s IP address.

None of our clients can navigate to or ping the website. I logged into the Smoothwall and under the IP Tools section ran a ping to the company website and got 100% packet loss yet pings to all other and obvious blocked sites get through fine so it’s not filtering.

Also if I run the ping tests from the 4 internal Ethernet port interfaces we have setup in Smoothwall I get a 100% failure yet if I use the external Ethernet port it gets a working ping.

It seems to be a DNS issue and the Smoothwall doesn’t seem to know how to either get to our website or deal with the response back from our internal DNS server, or possibly isn’t getting a response back.

The strange issue that has really stumped me is both my IP address and one other in our internal range can access the site fine internally. My IP and the second one that works are both added as Exceptions in the Smoothwall but so are my colleagues and they are all getting site unavailable.

This has been working fine. Any ideas/pointers?
error we are getting is this connection is not private.

this is on a school network

why are some getting it and others arent getting it
When I try to access the admin page on my Netgear NASRN214, I get the error : connection refused.   I can access the shared network drives.
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Microsoft Azure 2017

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I just enabled DNS-Over-HTTPS in my google chrome and wanted to know how to set it in the iPhone/iPad.   Haven't been able to do ti; how can I enable DoH in my iPhone/iPad?
In vb6 I use SQL like e.g.  select * from DEBNAW where ucase(DEBNAME1) LIKE '%JAN%'
on stand alone Pc its fast 600 returns and displayed and sorted in 1  second
on network  Vmware ,  same call 3 seconds ,  users complain about this
would this be possible to speed up??[
One pc in network must write to a random file, on a shared map ,   to a specific record nummer one string in a field  without closing the file it will do that on a event or command  , thus update that record with new string
Other Pc must open that file, keeps it open, and reads every 2 second that record, if string has value
it will read it and sets record to zero spaces and update file
How  to do this without conflict ???
I have installed SEPM 14.2 in an air-gapped network, and am using the .jdb file to provide signature updates.  When I create a client install file, it keeps giving the error that the signatures are out of date or the signature is is unusable.

I have used cleanwipe to clean up the client install, then recreate the installer files from scratch and try again, but can never get a working client.

I reverted back to SEPM 12.1.6 to test, and it works fine, but unfortunately 12.1.6 is not compatible with the latest versions of win10 so I need to use 14.2.

Any ideas?
Hello Experts,

We are planning for a network infrastructure upgrade. It includes structured cabling and active systems.
The network is currently running Cat5e cables, patch panels and faceplate modules.
Cisco Catalyst 3560 is deployed at edge and 6506 at Core.
We want to upgrade the infrastructure to Cat6a structured cabling, Fiber cabling supporting 10g and Cisco Switches with  SD-Access.
Therefore, we are looking for tips and suggestions to start preparing the plan.
This is an odd issue I can't figure out.  I have several remote users who log in to our network through a Sonicwall using NetExtender then into our Terminal Server through Remote Desktop.  They are set up in the Environment tab in Active Directory to start the specific program they need upon login so they are just taken directly to the login for that program (Abila HRMS HR program).

One user (MP) can login just fine and after connecting through Remote Desktop they see the login screen for Abila HRMS. This is where the problem starts.  The user logs in to HRMS and then just sees a blank screen (note: this user is using a laptop).

I had another user (SK) login at her Desktop computer using the other user's credentials and after logging into HRMS, she sees the HRMS program running minimized.  She maximized the program and disconnected from the session leaving the program up and then the other user (MP) was able to login to HRMS and see the program.  But if he logs out and tries to get back in, the same thing happens.  I tested MP's login from a laptop and had the same issue, I just see the blank screen.

Basically the HRMS program is starting minimized and the user MP can't see it as it must be off screen on his laptop (and from the laptop I tested from), but the user SK from her desktop can see the minimized program at the bottom and then maximize.

Is there some sort of setting that would force the program to start maximized for this user?






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.