Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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from a whois on
DNSSEC: unsigned

A website owner hires another person to blog his small business wordpress website
Website thinks his company is hosted elsewhere and thinks that his blogger has a dedicated server
I think it is hosted by godaddy
Maybe the godaddy nameservers point somewhere else

Is there another test I can show website owner where his website is hosted
I cant log into his godaddy or wordpress
Need to close an open port on Cisco ASA 5505 version 9.1. I have a compliance issue with port 5555 and need to block it. I know I need to create an ACL but want to make sure I configure correctly. I am also completing these changes remotely.
Dell Precision 3620, i7 with ssd and 32GB RAM seems to be losing connection with the network more often than much less powerful and older machines on my network.  It's simple enough to restart an ssd in 30 seconds and get things back, but I was expecting these machines to be thoroughbreds for the partners and owners and they are acting more like donkeys.

I've noticed this type of behavior on a handful of Dell ssd i7 machines ordered over the past 6 months or so.  dell tech offers some advice on updating drivers and running a hardware diagnostic, but says there is absolutely no "known issue" or history log of this type of complaints on these I'm appealing to the experts.

One ssd user even had a corrupted user profile that I now have to rebuild (only this profile only this machine).  Could be a string of coincidences, but it's enough that I don't trust these high-end ssd machines to hold a mapped drive or connect to a redirected home folder or open a server-based CRM reliably.  Could even be a bad network card on these systems or some type of bloatware Dell installs?

any advice on troubleshooting or similar experiences is appreciated.
I've moved all FSMO roles for an old SBS server to a new DC - we have two DCs in our single forest, single domain network. New new DC is DC1 and theres also DC2.

I've moved the PDC Emulator role from SBS to DC1, and changed time on DC1 so it sync off the internet, rather than SBS as before. The SBS is still syncing to the internet as well

However; DC2 and the other servers are still syncing to SBS rather than DC1 - how do I change the other servers to sync all time from DC1 or DC2 rather than SBS?

On DC2 I ran w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update andn stopped and restarted the time service but it still syncs to the old SBS server.

So to sum up, we have two DCs, DC1 and DC2 an old SBS - all FSMO roles have been moved to DC1, and I want to sync time on DC2 and other servers to DC1 as they still point to SBS.
Hi All,

Do we have any script for cold migration of multiple vm from one cluster to another.
I have a kyocera Ecosys FS-C2126MFP+  is there any way to make it wifi enabled ( thru print server etc)

We are running an out of warranty MacAfee appliance of secure email.
Now we are looking for a Cloud based solution that scans out email for virus / spam /adware and all other kind of nasty things that does not belong in our network.
We want to have a good control over the spam settings and release spam when there is a false positive to release the mail to the user.
We have 500 emails clients and likely, we are growing so looking for an enterprise solution.
What do you recommend or do you use for your email spam/virus solutions?
Many Thanks.
I have a Dell Laptop whose WiFi stopped working.  I used a WiFi USB adapter which worked fine for about one year.
This no longer works and I have tried several USB WiFi Adapters and different USB sockets on the Laptop.

However communications with the LAN and /or the Internet via a CAT5e cable works perfectly.

QUESTION: is CAT5e and WiFi on different "channels" ?
Can WiFi be restored?  How?

Please help.
I have a couple servers on the same subnet as another server that are currently powered off.

Both of these servers have Wake on LAN enabled.

What are the best Windows utilities to use to send Wake on LAN packets to wake up the two servers that are currently powered off?
I am having trouble jumping to a hashTag using RouterLink.

So this is my parent component.html
<div class="col-sm-12 text-lg-left">
            <app-enclosures #enclosure [notes]="objectRoot?.parent[0]?.notes?.notes" [files]="objectRoot?.parent?.files.files"

        <div id="displayContent">

Open in new window

now I am doing following under enclosure.html
<td class="text-small">
                <a routerLink="../enclosures" fragment="displayContent" *ngFor="let encl of general" (click)="onClick(encl)">{{encl}}&nbsp;&nbsp;</a>

Open in new window

however, when I click on the 'encl' I am expecting it to take me to parent.component's '#displayContent' hashtag.

But doesn't look like it is happening.
When ipconfig/renew, it doesn't change the private IP, stays the same.  We have tried "/release" then "/flushdns" then "/renew" to no avail.  We also turned off the modem router and turned it back on, still same IP.  We read somewhere that in order to any router assign a new IP, both computer and router has to be off at least an hour (that didn't make sense).
So we turn to EE; please advice on the proper way to have the computer automatically be assign a new IP to a computer (the computer is windows 10 pro).
Does anyone has experience with flashing your own fiber optics SFP?  I see some network engineers using this.  Flexoptix.  Instead of buying brand named optics from the manufacturer.  They make their own for fraction of the price.

You need to buy a flexbox to code the optics. ~$2K/each.

I've never done this before and not sure what entails.  Is it the best player on the market?  Any risks or other issues doing it?  
Please advice.  Any info appreciated.  Thank you!
Please bear with me as it's getting quite late so I might not be as clear as I otherwise would be,

I need to perform a vMotion to move two VMs off a host for some maintenance, both of my hosts have networking configured as the examples bellow. None of the current vSwitches are configured for vMotion, in order to perform a vMotion on this setup what do I need to add? Do I need to add an additional vSwitch and enable vMotion on it?

Network Config Network Config
We are using Storevirtual VSA's on this setup and I believe that is what the two vmkernal vswitches are for,
Cisco 3750G switches, with high FCS errors.  I've been having a problem where a link between two switches just dies, and sometimes, it comes back by itself, maybe 30 min or an hour later.  Most of the time, I have to manually move the cable to another port, to get it to come back up, even a reboot of the switch doesn't do the trick.
I have already replaced one of the switches, but the problem persists. I have looked at the logs, and nothing there stands out, most of the errors just state the port went down or came back up.  I started looking at the fcs errors, and I noticed that especially on one switch, it's a really high number.
I have attached the screenshots, any idea's what can be causing this?  I would like to replace the cable, but I don't have another cable and it's a large task to install another one., as the distance traverses a different building. I am not using port security.  Both sides of the link are trunk ports.

I tried to clear the counters and controllers, but the commands I have tried are not working.   Any ideas what could be causing the high fcs errors and what the exact commands are for clearing both the counters, I viewed a few Cisco sights, but they didn't work.

RRAS Comparison between VMWare VM and Hyper-V VMHi,

 I had a VPN/RRAS server with two NICs - one for internal network IP (192.168.1.x) and another one with external public IP address) running on VMWare and I converted it to Hyper-V server using Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter successfully.
The problem is that in Hyper-V  VM, two NICs don't show up in Routing and Remote Access. Please see the screenshot.
When converted to Hyper-V server initially, this VPN VM only showed one NIC. I had to add 2nd NIC in the VM settings.
So I understand what might happened here. Since the same NICs in VMWare VM were not found in Hyper-V VM, RRAS simply did not show them.
The question is how I can fix this?
why can I only log in on a company server ... i am having difficulty connecting my computer to any other network.  I am on windows 10 using a wifi connection.
I recently split our DHCP addresses between to DHCP servers.  One server has a scope of the first 127 addresses (1-127) of a network, and the other server has the remainder (128-253).  Things appeared to be working well.  Both servers lease addresses in the proper ranges, and I can ping them.  However, on two clients that host web interfaces for various programs, the web interface will not open.  They do open on the localhost.  Are there any ideas about what could be causing this?  I believe both of the clients in question have the proper DNS entries.  However, one client is set to get its address by DHCP and is assigned a reservation.  The other client has a static address.  I have added A and PTR records for both.
Hi All,

I get a 503 error when trying to login to a vCenter that we inherited.  I'm currently running VCSA with two hosts. I've done some investigating and noticed that several of the virtual disks were full on the VCSA, I have since extended and expanded these so I now have free space. The IP address of the vCenter is not used by anything else as it is outside of the DHCP scope on our network.

The error I see is:

503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [N7Vmacore4Http20NamedPipeServiceSpecE:0x7f58f0069f40] _serverNamespace = / _isRedirect = false _pipeName =/var/run/vmware/vpxd-webserver-pipe)

When I run service-control --status --all I can see that the following services are not running:

VMware Component Manager)
vmware-eam (VMware ESX Agent Manager)
vmware-invsvc (VMware Inventory Service)
vmware-mbcs (VMware Message Bus Configuration Service)
vmware-netdumper (VMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector)
vmware-rbd-watchdog (VMware vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter)
vmware-sca (VMware Service Control Agent)
vmware-vapi-endpoint (VMware vAPI Endpoint)
vmware-vdcs (VMware Content Library Service)
vmware-vpx-workflow (VMware vCenter Workflow Manager)
vmware-vpxd (VMware vCenter Server) vsphere-client ()

The services do not start if I run service-control --start --all, I need to get this up and running fairly quickly as I need to perform a vMotion. We use HP StoreVirtual VSA's for shared storage so I'm assuming I can do this.…
Mac laptops cannot map to printer

i have a mixed network between mac & windows laptops with a Windows 2008 Print server

when i try to browse to the windows server on the macs its not browsing - its unable to find that specific server
if i map the printer by IP address it does not print

Please help
Hi i am looking for the service related to network port number 11000. According to IANA website, service name is IRISA. Can somebody tell me what this IRISA mean ? Thanks.
We have an electrical contractor installing an electrical/data drop. They are using a 25DTP series tele-power pole (

They need to run additional electrical in the pole to supply power to some additional outlets. They say that the channel with the electrical outlets cannot be used for these additional electrical wires and therefore they need to run the wires in the other channel. That means that they want to run MC cable next to the ethernet cables in the same channel. I am worried about inductance and EMF. Is my worry justified?
Need to setup a Cisco Asa 5500 to allow only certain ip4 addresses in from the wan to the lan on ports 5060, 5061 tcp and udp.  I want to block all other ip4 addresses from the was trying to access port 5060, 5061 tcp udp from the wan to the lan
want to host a website only in new york city

I do not want customers from outside new york city

new york city plumbing
dont want to pay for outsiders to click

want website to load quick only in new york city
wordpress website
Dear Experts, in this diagram, can we use Cisco router instead of ASA Firewall 5515?

We'd like to setup the failover between Routers/Firewalls. Is there any other diagram which we can achieve it?

Behinds the Router/Firewall, we have Exchange 2016 servers, Active Directory servers, ERP servers, SharedFile Servers. Which ports/configurations should we consider to allow traffic through Firewall/Router? Many thanks!
Hi there

I'm trying to configure VALN trunking between HP and CISCO above switches. We have two vlan 20 for data and 150 for phone/voice.
In the current configuration CISCO 3560 is the core switch and connected to other CISCO C2960.
The IP phones are connected to the CISCO C2960 and desktop is connected to the back of the IP phone. IP phone automatically receive the IP address in x.x.150.x network (with twik to phone config)  and desktop receive IP address in x.x.20.x networks.
The CISCO C2960 port is configured as below:
interface FastEthernet0/4
 switchport access vlan 20
 switchport mode access
 switchport voice vlan 100
 priority-queue out
 mls qos trust dscp
 spanning-tree portfast

CISCO C2960 trunk port is configured as below:
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 switchport mode trunk
 priority-queue out
 mls qos trust dscp

CISCO 3560G core switch uplink port is configured as below:
interface GigabitEthernet0/9
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 20,100,150
 switchport mode trunk
 priority-queue out
 mls qos trust dscp
 spanning-tree portfast

Now we would like to use HP 2530-24G switches replacing CISCO C2960 and achieve same setup as now

The above set up was done by other company which does not exist anymore.
For last couple of weeks I've tried my best no success. I'm not CISCO or HP switch expert and have limited knowledge - CISO and Hp terminology does not help either :(

How to configure VLAN trunk …






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.