Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.

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I put my availability to visible in a career web site and I've been flooded with recruiter calls.
I've been through two tech interviews and initial screenings but I have about four other
trying to schedule soon. If the early movers make me an offer before I've had the chance
to delve into the other options - what reasonable to ask the first offerers to wait for my
I need to check the communications between a workstation and a dhcp server but without changing the network adapter configuration

Is there a command in powershell or similar?

Thank you.
Dear Vmware Experts

We have VSAN Hybrid cluster 18 nodes  with around 370 VMs  

Every server has 2 ports every port 10 G

Our core switches has 40 G   speed

Right now we have some performance issues most of the performance issues related to the Storage and network performance

So we are going to buy a new 6 servers and we are going to build all Flash VSAN cluster

The new servers will have 2 ports  10 G each  and 2 ports 40 G each

Both cluster new one and the old one will be managed under the Vcenter  (( we are using VMware distributed switch ))

After we build the new cluster we will start to migrate the most critical VMs from the old cluster to the new cluster one

And here my questions

1-      Using V motion changing host and data store between two clusters it will work without issues?
2-      When I V motion a VM like file server 40 TB can our user still use this file server or this not possible due to performance issues

My main concern for such plan the effect for availability and performance for the VMs which I want to V motion between the two cluster

Do you have any recommendations to achieve such target with fewer end users interruptions

Kindly advice
I have an MS Access 2010 application that has a form with a text box set to format as Rich Text.
the data is stored in SQL server as varchar(max).  We sometimes put hyperlinks in this text to open web URLs or files on the network and that works great.  I'm needing to take this a step further though and run code based on link being clicked.  Is there any way that VBA can give me the address of the link being clicked?  Keep in mind there may be several different links within the field of text.  When you click the hyperlink, the application uses the HREF to go to that file or page.  How can I extract that information when the user clicks the link?
Hello, I searching for some smart devices thermostat, indoor and outdoor wireless cameras that can withstand a power outage and reconnect back to the network, for a vacation home any suggestions?

My head office (in Paris) has set up a network share for us to store our files. We are located in the Caribbean (Cayman Islands).

I am using an 80MB line to transfer files to the network share, it's doable but painfully slow.

I was curious and did a "tracert" on the address and the below came up.
tracertAs you can see, the last hop is in Japan. Does this mean that my files are being stored physically in Japan?

Could this be why the connection is so slow?

Kindly advise.


PS. I don't need advise on how to make the connection faster. I just would like to know what the results in the tracert mean.
Hi There,
We are testing our new website on Test environment , Couple pages on it uses angular 8  and the images on it is not displaying  when we go to our test website from within our organization, when we check from outside our network it works fine.

We do use OpenDNS to block certain category of web, so if we change our dns to use google public dns the test website displays the images correctly. We did try to disable OpenDNS still the web site doesn't display the images. So something internal when we use our DNS is blocking it.
Till we figure this completely,  is there a way inside our network where we can adjust the host file  or something so only for this particular website which we know is safe we can default it to use the dns server and all other request go through our DNS server which basically gets forwarded to OpenDns.

so for example anybody inside our networks look for should be the dns server that should resolve it, any other website should go through our DNS.
I will appreciate anybody has any idea if we could do that and if so how..
Windows update 1903 installed on my servers and windows workstations overnight and now my netowkr connection says it is public (Unauthenticated) and trying to access network shares it states "The system cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication request". My domain controllers are online and working. I'm sure other people have to be having this same issue.
We have a server that I want to add a DNS for testing:

- Example server:   IP:  
- I want to call it ( being our external facing domain name)
- Our current AD domain is called company.local
- Eventually we will open our firewall to let the traffic from the internet through (after testing service)

I want to route all internal people to the server direct in our network and to be able to use our SSL cert.  I could add another zone ( but this messes up our connections to other services e.g. our website that is controlled externally.

Looking for helpful ideas...

Kind regards
Hello Expert,

I am having trouble getting my head around a situation at work.

We have three sites two site connect to our main site with internet break out from the main site.

All of a sudden the satellite offices are running very slow, the support company said it because Qos and we either need to change the Qos or increase our bandwidth but nothing has changed - I don’t have access to the router

I was wonder can I network tap between the router and the outside world so At least I can see what traffic is going in and out via wire shark

Below is an explanation from the support company

WISE_WALTH_PRI#ping source Gi0/0/1.100 repeat 500
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 500, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Packet sent with a source address of
Success rate is 100 percent (500/500), round-trip min/avg/max = 3/4/14 ms

WISE_EASTHAM_PRIM#ping source Gi0/0/1.1 repeat 500
Type escape sequence to …
I have a web-based application built for a shop intranet which has the requirement for users to be able to print to local printers installed on the web-server or network printers on the LAN (whichever is easier). The clients need to be able to produce receiving and shipping tickets from the app to the printers in those departments, so; server-side printing.

I have tried an number of approaches to this using PHP shell functions and incorporating printhtml.exe from but with no success.
Research online shows an old php_printer dll but it will not load as an extension in v5.4. I know this is possible, at least in theory, but I am stuck.
Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks.
Windows Server (2019) network connection loses identification every few days.  The Network location/lists services need to be restarted to get the local domain identified again.  This is happening on the DC/DNS server as well as one of the DB servers.  Searching I'm not finding anything to identify what is likely a config issue.  Any tips?
I have a problem with Windows Server 2019 to be able to open some network ports.
Does no matter if firewall is enabled or not, incoming rules are setup some ports does not works.
Only some of the ports works installed with features.
If I want to run something else like Sage 50 port 13531 , WSUS 8530, SpiceWorks 9676 i can see only sync packet coming in and that's all.
There is no any other firewall installed.
I can connect to local host on those ports, but even if I use external IP address of the server it does not work.
It does not work from clients computers as well.
It looks like process is listening only on localhost (
System is setup as a virtual machine in Hyper-V.
All other virtual machines do not have this problem, so I know that this is not related with physical hardware or virtual switch.
Did anybody experienced similar problem  ?
I have configured DFS in my network.
I have two servers in the replication groups, both are at different
I have gone ahead and updated the share paths in AD and on the group policies.

how do i now make it that clients will access files from the DFS server at their local site or do some amount of load balancing?
I am still seeing all the traffic going to my first file server and none going too the second.
We have a Sonicwall firewall and there are NAT working well.

Recently, we need to setup a new NAT (TCP: 19832) from external to our internal server. My setup is as below:

1. Copy other NAT rule, and allow the port, but no luck
2. telnet the port by internal network, it works
3. To setup NAT by tp-link, it works by telnet in external network
4. Change to another tcp port, not luck

I have double check the NAT and firewall rule, there is no hints on it.

Anyone has hints on it? Is there magic difference between TP-Link and Sonicwall NAT (port forwarding)?

I check on firewall, there is activity on hitting the NAT rule, but no traffic...
Hello Experts!
This is a remote customer.
One server five stations working as a WORKGROUP.
All stations have a wired network connection. Except a laptop using wifi 72 mb
All using 192.168.0.x as local ips.

Yesterday a blackout happened.
Only the laptop has started using 10.196.0.x
now this is a remote customer.
I try to change the settings manually but just before the last click I get disconnected,
Then the laptop restarts on its own and goes back to the 10.196.1.x

how can I fix this problem remotely ?
Or should I ask the customer to call their local IT service ?

I've been offered a "C2C" or 1099 contract position. The company is interesting to me for the cool stuff they do and I want to be a part of it to see how the magic's done. They say it could go full time if things pan out - although that's not critical for me if it just winds down or turns into a long term gig. I've always either worked directly for a company or as a W2 contractor where the consulting company just took care of everything. Is there a web site that can help me dot all the I's and cross all the T's in order to be a C2C or 1099 contractor? It's all going down quickly so any advice is appreciated!
Our network time is off by 7 minutes and slowly gotten to 7 minutes. Our PDC is a physical server and the other domain controller is VM.

I have checked the the time server on the PDC is NtpServer: (Local)
On the BDC is set to,0x9 as are other workstations on the domain.

The w32time  service is running and I have stopped and restarted it.

I have stopped the w32time service and set the time in windows and restarted the service and it went back to being off. Assume that due to pulling or getting the time from the bios.

I want to go into the bios on the PDC and change the time to the correct time and assume will need to sync or set the time on the other domain controller so that are not off on time by 7 minutes.
Mac OS 10.13.3 is loaded on a Mac in a network we manage. The Mac is accessing a file using adobe illustrator opening and saving take about 30 seconds each. The windows shares that are slow have 15k files in one dir and 32k files in another. The files are 1Mb each. The network is running  at  100mbps, the processor is an core i5 the machine has 16GB ram 4GB free.  It appears that the Mac is hunting for the directory share before it saves and needs a time to find its route. The Mac saves the same file to its local drive it 10 seconds. This user is getting to cause us headaches with management.  Any ideas would be really really appreciated.
I really must know how to do this. Security on my workstation only allows confirmed downloaded files and no network interaction with Eclipse Marketplace.

So I require ideally a downloaded binary file I can simply drag and drop to install.

Any special instruction would be great.
Hello, I would like to hear the experts opinion/recommendation on establishing a communication between the subnet with the same IP range on two separate networks. Both networks are physically separated but can be connected with a firewall transit. Network #1 has a security camera system and I want to extend it to Network #2. The security camera system subnet is and is VLAN20 on Network #1. I created the same subnet and VLAN on Network #2, thinking that would all I needed. However, having the firewall transit in between, I figure it's not that simple. I assume a typical solution would be using a different subnet range and VLAN with a static route to route the traffic between the networks, but I wanted to check if it's possible somehow to establish the communication between the system being on the same subnet and VLAN over the firewall transit. Thanks in advance for any comments.

We have 2 x Aruba 8320s (Core Switches) We also have 11 x Aruba 2540 edge switches

Each switch has 2 x 10Gbe SFP modules which connect to the cores via fibre in a LAG.

The switches are split up in 5 separate racks across our building. We also have 1 x Meraki switch in each of the cabinets capable of have 10Gbe SFP modules.

My question is what is the best way to get the Meraki switches to communicate with our Cores? We want to utilise them.

1. Direct connection to the Cores (like the Aruba's)
2. Setup a trunk 10Gbe between the edge switches and Aruba's
3. Any other way?

Could you please advise?

Hi, I have 2 separate physical sites (data centers) connected by a L2 ptp dark fiber link with L3 capable switches (Cisco Nexus) at each end. I am trying to decide whether to use a separate transport VLAN interface SVI or "routed ports". Each site would have its own separate Data VLAN with devices in it that would need to communicate with each other, intra-vlan (same site), and across the link to the other sites VLANs. Another area of concern is if I use a L3 "routed port" with static routes to direct the traffic from each end, will the routed port work within a vPC configuration on the Nexus (pair) because it will be an orphan(single) port to the vPC domain ?
I'm an admin for a large WAN. Up until recently lldp & spanning-tree  did not work . I worked with our provider in making the necessary changes to their core switches get both lldp and spanning-tree working on the network. However, now, when I enable spanning-tree on my core switch (mstsp), it immediately blocks our WAN port, cutting all networks off from us and vice-versa. (It does not enable or disable a 2nd interface) We only have one connection to the WAN and a single core switch at our demarc point.  The engineer I am working with and myself do not understand why this is occurring. I am looking for a way to either  alter the spanning-tree configuration so it only reports the problem and does not block the port or I would like to find another way that whatever the issue is can be reported in the logs.

Although large, our network is very simple: Core switch > Wan Switch > Wan switch > Far end core switch (19 locations). Each end point is configured with a single connection to the WAN.

Thank you for your assistance
Hey all,

Is it possible to locate and find the above switch on a network? I dont have the cisco cable which allows to connect via the admin port on the back of the switch and Im wondering if its accessible via a web browser session? I dont know the IP address of the switch thou, would it pick up one via our dhcp server or is there a way of searching for the switch using a tool?






Networking is the process of connecting computing devices, peripherals and terminals together through a system that uses wiring, cabling or radio waves that enable their users to communicate, share information and interact over distances. Often associated are issues regarding operating systems, hardware and equipment, cloud and virtual networking, protocols, architecture, storage and management.