Office Productivity

Office Productivity refers both to the act of being productive and efficient in an office or professional environment, as well as the software applications used to "produce" information. This includes the development of professional skills, creating work processes, and almost any program used to create or modify a document, image, audio or video clip. However, business application suites such as Microsoft Office, which include word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs, are typically called productivity software, as contrasted with a "utility program," such as a file manager, which is used to organize files and folders on the computer. Many office- and business-oriented groups of programs are organized into suites.

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was wondering if it’s possible to Merge a CSV file into an Excel file (2016) without copying and pasting to the end of the Excel file..

Thank you
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Using Word 2019 (for Mac) Need to set a word's color

I have a word that repeats hundreds of times and in dozens of point sizes. But I need to make every instance of that word the same color.

What kind of automation is there for that?

Making Collapsible Regions in Word Mac 2019

I can not find how to do this simple task. So many other versions of Word...

I need to configure regions and give titles.


Is there a way, software etc. that can set documents expiration date. For example, users will need password word to access documents and after the set document expiration date, that doc cannot be opened again. thanks
Dear Team,

I have the below vba code to insert bullets with customize formats and alignment. Now I am looking forward to the incorporate the following below mentioned actions  in the code .

Please note that slide contains 2 text placeholder one for the Title and other for text

1. Reposition my text placeholder having (Top=75, Left=90,Width=739 and Height may vary depending on text.To have more clarity for the position of text placeholder I have appended below the image of shape dimensions from Microsoft power point 2016.

2. the text inside the placeholder should be calibri , size 12 & color (R=89,G=89,B=89)

For the size and margins to be freezed I am attaching an image for better clarity.

I need to collate this action with the below mentioned codes to have alignment of text and bullets

Sub Mybullets()

Dim pghcnt As Integer

With ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange

.ParagraphFormat.bullet.Font.Name = "Wingdings"

.ParagraphFormat.bullet.Character = 167

.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ppAlignJustify

.ParagraphFormat.bullet.Font.Color = RGB(89, 89, 89)

.ParagraphFormat.bullet.RelativeSize = 0.75

End With

For pghcnt = 1 To Windows(1).Selection.TextRange.Paragraphs.Count

Windows(1).Selection.TextRange.Paragraphs(pghcnt).IndentLevel = 1

With Windows(1).Selection.ShapeRange.TextFrame.Ruler

.Levels(1).FirstMargin = 7

.Levels(1).LeftMargin = 20

End With


End Sub

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Further the layout contains title and content placeholder.

Please help me to collate the text part as well.

Thanks in advance

Dilpreet Singh
hi Excel folks

i am looking for the right way to tell Excel VBA a pathname and show the picture given by the pathname.

please see attached the Excel Macro file for the simple macro - click a button to show a picture.

i don't know why the picture cannot be shown though the correct pathname has been hard-coded in the macro. the same issue applies to both High Sierra and Mojave, though i did see the picture shown under Mojave for once. just once and couldn't be reproduced.

No picture shown in HS after pressing the button.
No picture shown after pressing the button on Mojave.
another issue is, for some reasons the Shapes.AddPicture method doesn't work and report runtime error "104" when LinkToFile parameter is False.when LinkToFile is True, there is no runtime error but also no picture.

can anyone light me up?

I currently have the formula


Instead of counting the occurances in this range, I want to sum them.

Simply swapping out COUNTIF for SUMIF doesn't quite work. What's the trick?

Thank you!
Hello everyone. I have an IT Solutions business and I have various clients. I am looking for a web service or a website solution where I can keep notes on different clients I have and keep an inventory count. Sort of like Evernote but with sensitive data, So, Preferably something encrypted I suppose ? I thought of using and then create a word file on there and make notes ? but that's not really a great solution. Thanks everyone.
So my college sent me a financial award letter for this next school year. The file they sent me is called image01.emz

How do I open this type of file?
I have a three monitor setup that is running off my desktop PC. I also have a laptop that sits on my desk and I'd like to setup my laptop so that I can display what's on my laptop on my far right-side monitor using a docking station or port replicator, but still have the other two monitors running off my desktop PC. I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse that runs on my desktop PC. I'd like to be able to switch between using the wireless keyboard and mouse on the desktop PC to the laptop as needed. I keep my email and chat open on my laptop and do most of my work my desktop PC. I'd monitor my email and chat off my laptop on my far right side monitor and as I need to respond, I could switch my keyboard and mouse to work off the laptop and then when finished go back to working on my desktop PC. (see embedded image). What  would I need to configure this type of setup? Thanks.

Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)
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Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)

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Attached is an Excel document, Excel_EqualWidthCells.Xlsx that has two sheets, one labeled "Structure".
The other is labeled, "Header-Footers", and looks like this:
Headers	Footers	 -- There is inconsistent use of "…", so assume that "…Begin" and "Begin" are keywords
…Begin	…End	 -- Notice the "…" acts like it is a singe char
…If		         -- Assume case insensitivity, so "BEGIN" and "begin" are also matches

Open in new window

For simplicity, I can remove the "…" from the document. Other tables have different keywords for their headers/footers, so I'll just change the corresponding headers and footer keywords in the VBA code.

The attached Excel_EqualWidthCells---ManualInden.xlsx document shows the desired result after the indentation macro is run.

The Excel_EqualWidthCells.xlsx file is very flat looking, yet describes a complex structure using headers and footers. I manually indented sections of rows so that I could see the structure. This is tedious, but doable.

One suggested approach in a different question is found here.
"This can be done with a stack structure, where you push a set of items on the stack when some condition is detected and remove them when another condition is detected.  In your case the first set of conditions is a cell that begins with ("loop", "if") and the second set of conditions is a cell that begins with ("end").  If you're working in Excel, you might use the stack 'level' (depth) as a parameter in an .Offset() method.

"With as simple a problem as this one, your stack structure can be an integer variable.  You might indent as you iterate the rows."
Attached is an example Excel spreadsheet with syntax similar to a table in a 60 page word doc. It represents a data structure that has many substructures in it that are controlled by loops and if statements. It is hard to see the structure, so I have learned a couple of techniques to try to indent sets of rows to the next column. For example, I now have a macro that will indent a manually selected set of rows one column to the right.

To get an idea of the desired result, this link gives a similar example of pictures of the a sheet before indenting and after indenting.

If you have a solution, I'll add an extra nested structure to see if it works in general.

<<EDIT 2019-01-16 12:40am EST>>
I changed the title in an important way. No longer should the Headers and Footers be considered as expressions. I now can see that expressions are much too difficult to maintain and vary immensely from table to table as there are potentially many different authors with their descriptive writing style.

The Headers and Footers should be considered as a single known word(s) - and it will be the first word in Column A. Currently, it is safe to say that the Footer will be always:
End - but test should be case insensitive, so end also is a footer.

Some headers I have seen in general are as …
When will Office 2019 be available through Office 365?

Our government customers are very angry with Microsoft, but I think this is nothing new as we know such problems with Windows 10.
I have to analyze this problem and advise our customers.

According to the Dutch organization that did the research for the Dutch government, we have the following infos:

-  Microsoft systematically and extensively collects data about the individual use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Secretly, without informing the people. According to the Dutch organization, it is hard to find what Microsfoft collects as the data is encrypted.
-  Microsoft sends telemetry data to its own servers in the United States.

This is what I found that we can do for our customer:
- Disable Manage the privacy of data monitored by telemetry in Office
- Ban the use of Connected Services
- Not to use SharePoint Oneline
- Block OneDrive
- Lock web version of Office 365

My questions:
1) Did you deal with this case? If yes, what will Microsoft collect?
2) Is it enough to Manage the privacy of data monitored by telemetry in Office ?
3) Do I still have to go through the Report from  ?

MS Word Envelope Tool is failing

When I take a normal address and select Tools > Envelope

I get some strange view where only the left few characters in the address are shown, and the envelop is the wrong orientation.

Looks normal
Looks wrong
Finding my Sent folder in Outlook (Mac) v. 16.18?

I have used Outlook for months, but must have clicked something. Now, I can not find my Sent folder.

Is there an option to return the UI to the default?

I am not sure what changed, but it's hurting my productivity!

We have a programmer starting out that is giving his all, sitting from 4 to 8 hrs in his place working.  We would like to buy a chair more suitable for this.  A colleague recommended to bu a chair that people who play games all day buy.  So we wanted EE advice on buying a comfortable chair for prolong use.

(don't know what zone to place this question)
I'm sure this used to work but on the latest version of Office:mac 2016 (16.19 / 181001) the MkDir function appears to be broken.

Both of these lines will create a folder called "test", the second in the Office sandbox: (substitute "[USERNAME]" accordingly)

MkDir "/Users/[USERNAME]/Documents/test"
MkDir "/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/test"

Open in new window

But neither of them are accessible programmatically or via Finder:

Mac folder access error
As a workaround, I tried using this script with the VBA MacScript function below but it returns error 5 when used in VBA even though it works in the OSX ScriptEditor app:

tell application "Finder"
	set p to path to documents folder
	make new folder at p with properties {name:"ZIP"}
end tell

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Public Sub MakeMacFolder()
  Dim tAppleScript As String
  tAppleScript = tAppleScript & "tell application ""Finder""" & vbCr
  tAppleScript = tAppleScript & "set p to path to documents folder" & vbCr
  tAppleScript = tAppleScript & "make new folder at p with properties {name:""test""}" & vbCr
  tAppleScript = tAppleScript & "end tell"
  MacScript tAppleScript
End Sub

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What is wrong and is there a workaround for this?
Why does Power Point (Mac 2018 version) darken images?

When I run the presentation, all my images get darkened. And some become unusable.

Is this a setting i can turn off? I want the images to show exactly as they are in Power Point.

HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
LVL 13
HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

Build a website from the ground up by first learning the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3, the two popular programming languages used to present content online. HTML deals with fonts, colors, graphics, and hyperlinks, while CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed.

Setting up our first 'real' client on office 365 (others have been SOHO accounts - either new domains / starting from scratch or existing IMAP accounts.  but never more than 2 - 3 mailboxes).

Here we have 12 users on an SBS 2011 standard domain with the exchange running on the SBS 2010

They would like a proposal for moving to office 365.

Would anyone care to share their thinking on the things involved and the time involved below? Or does Microsoft offer info on this?

I would envision figuring the time is  a bit of a formula?  

Some fixed hours for setting up the office 365 tenant, changing the MX, SPF records, disabling exchange on the sbs box, and ____?  This would be the base work you'd do for setting up a domain that has 1 user or 100 users.... call that AccountSetupHours

Then there's time per mailbox to setup that specific user account on office 365, touch each desktop and each user's phone to change where outlook is pointing to (is there an easier way than just hitting each desk and each phone?  I am using Synnex as CSP for office 365 and they say for that small a number of users, there's a migrationwiz product but doesn't make sense to use that product).   Call that time PerUserSetupHours.  Figure this does NOT include migration of old data)

And they most likely would want it, but to keep it separate, migrating their old data as a separate item -  setup and running migrationwhiz (i never used it before), What else would go under this?  But …
I guess I really don't know what I am doing.

Working on an SBS 2011 Standard machine on subnet

There's a vpn to a remote location

A new laptop at the remote site with windows 10 / office 2016 keeps getting an error about the certificate.  It says the name on the security cert is invalid or does not batch the name of the site.

Clicking on view cert, it says it's issued to:   issued by let's encrypt authority x3 with valid date of 8/14/18 to 11/12/18

WE DO have a certifficate for the domain issued by comodo.  From a browser, if you type, you get to the owa page and it says it's secured with the comodo cert.

anyone know where the lets encrypt certificate is coming from?

Other laptops at that remote location are working fine for email.
Need a FREE survey web tool

I need free because of how I plan to deploy it to numerous businesses. But, I need some features also.

Mostly, I need the ability to export the questions, then import them into a different account.

Am i asking too much?

Need a good cloud survey tool

I need a robust survey tool that enables me to develop a few "parent" surveys, but create an unlimited number of "child" surveys, which can inherit questions and answer, word for word, OR add and delete questions and answers.

Without a system to manage this, I see it could easily get way out of control, especially as customizations roll in.

I also need this survey to be anonymous so that clients can send my URL to their customer list without fear they will be losing their customer list.

I hope to get notifications when a survey has been completed.

What tool can you suggest?

We are using OneDrive for Business for Office 365. Get-ODStatus returns  StatusString: NotInstalled when OneDrive is clearly running.
Need a WiFi label printer

I do not like messing with Avery labels on a single sheet, passing it through my laser printer.

A sheet with 24 labels may need to pass through 24 times, causing the label to become dark. It just does not suit me.

I need standard label sizes and hope to set it up using WiFi and always loaded with blank labels, so I can just print.

What designs meet this need?

I expect to use Word to print the labels.

Office Productivity

Office Productivity refers both to the act of being productive and efficient in an office or professional environment, as well as the software applications used to "produce" information. This includes the development of professional skills, creating work processes, and almost any program used to create or modify a document, image, audio or video clip. However, business application suites such as Microsoft Office, which include word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs, are typically called productivity software, as contrasted with a "utility program," such as a file manager, which is used to organize files and folders on the computer. Many office- and business-oriented groups of programs are organized into suites.