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Office Productivity refers both to the act of being productive and efficient in an office or professional environment, as well as the software appl...

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Building portable Data Science Home Lab under an Hour.

In my work in the IT industry, which spans over 20 years, data has always fascinated me. How we …
A look at PDF Wrench

PDF Wrench - A free new way to manipulate PDF files

A new and innovative way to manipulate PDF Documents and Images in the browser without having to upload your documents to the cloud. Includes an interview with the site owner and creator.

Add Security Protections for Data Extraction

The Get & Transform Data Wizard in Excel is a powerful tool. It allows the users to extract the data from the connected sources. But by delegating the privilege to users to access the connected sources, how could we ensure there is at least some degree of security is in place?

Developer's Choice: Tools for Web Data Visualization

This article explores the benefits of a dashboard as a tool for data analysis and visualization and recommends approaches to building a web-based dashboard using free data visualization libraries.
Top5 Image

Top 5 Browser Extensions for 2020

A listicle showcasing my favourite Top 5 Web Browser extensions for 2020...

Truly Random Numbers in VBA

Pseudo random numbers are right at hand in VBA. Obtaining truly random numbers, however, requires an external source. One is the Swiss Quantis QRNG Chip. The output from one of these has been made public by ETH Zürich, and here we present a complete solution for retrieval of random numbers in VBA.

A matter of highlighting in Excel

I have seen some great articles online relating to how can we highlight a cell or range of cells based on certain criteria, whether it's using simple conditional formatting or with the help of macro scripts. In this article, I discuss some of these implementations.

Certification; What is it? What does it mean? Why is it needed?

Why is Certification such a concern for accreditation and employment? What purpose does it serve and Why does it exist? In this article, I will answer those questions to provide a better understanding of certification.
Conflict Resolution - Moving from Divergence to Convergence

Conflict Resolution - Moving from Divergence to Convergence | Muneeb Imran Shaikh

The path from constructive divergence to convergence is far stronger than the fake uniformity. It is therefore extremely important for the Senior Management of any organization to understand the dynamics of change and importance of constructive disagreements.

How to Navigate IT Education and Your Career

As technology is a constantly growing, evolving platform, there is an emphasis to stay tuned in to technological changes and the latest research. When you implement this into your weekly education, it will allow more opportunities to become available to you.

Feeling the Talent Shortage? 5 Ways to Build Your Tech Team

As an IT professional, you know how hard IT teams work. How a team operates as a unit can make or break a project. Building a fundamentally cohesive tech team can make all the difference for any organization.

Forward emails to external address in Exchange server.

This article will help you forward emails coming to a mailbox to an email address external to your organization in Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019

How to Develop the Skills Required to Go From Individual Contributor to Manager

A manager needs to have a vastly different skill set than an individual contributor. This article discusses the differences between the two positions and provides tips on how to make the shift and be successful in a leadership role.
Signing a PDF

Signing a PDF

This article discusses some different options for signing a PDF.

Why Every IT Professional Should Be on Experts Exchange

I discuss my journey and personal achievements on Experts Exchange, while explaining the professional and educational benefits I have experienced as a Certified Expert. I have seen people of all skill levels find value on EE, whether it’s from submitting questions or teaching others.

Office file dialogs

Provides a one size fits all solution for File Dialog calls for all MS office applications. Module contains function fncGetFilePathTRM() which does all the filter building for you. I've used a similar version of this for over 15 years, 1 module import, 1 line of code, all done... GLHFSS
Why the new AirPod Pros are comparable to $2,199 headphones

Why the new AirPod Pros are comparable to $2,199 headphones.

A comparison and explanation of my experiences with three different headphone options: AirPods ($199), AirPods Pro ($249), and the UE Lives ($2,199).

What Senior Developers Can Learn from Beginners

To grow and continue to succeed in the workplace, senior developers may still have a few things to learn from junior developers. This post discusses the many benefits that seniors can get from taking the time to mentor juniors and learn from them.
Time Zones, and Microsoft Office - Part 2

Time Zones, Windows, and Microsoft Office - Part 2

Listing and selecting time zones in Microsoft Access and Excel is not straight forward. In the previous article was shown how to retrieve the time zones of Windows. Here will be demonstrated how to create tables to store these and how to display and select a time zone in Microsoft Access and Excel.

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