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I am running out of disk space on my computer as shown in the image below. I have both DropBox and OneDrive on my machine. What can I do to free up space?

IPad (3) IOS 13.3.1

My Word Documents downloaded to my IPad from  OneDrive app are protected and cannot be edited. A message tells me they are of an older Word format which needs to be upgraded and there is an upgrade button which I press. A new version of the file appears but it too is protected. I thought of uninstalling and reinstalling Word but am afraid I will be asked for money. Is there any way around this
So I open an excel file in my one drive

It warns ...
Offline copy - Workbook is in read-only mode "Edit Workgroup"

So I don an edit and Im made to keep a file of a different name ...

I would have thought that logically that the local copy on my hdd could be edited and synced later when next on line.
Its dark green with a correction mark on it

What am I missing here ?
Is this the way it has to be when no www ? No editable and save-able work with the same file name?
Dear All,

I have got a request from a client to restrict access to certain folders/files based on a certain group. for example I have 10 Folders, 10 Groups and each of these groups need to one group meanwhile being able to upload/change files in other folders. 

An Example

Group 1 can access/read and change folder 1 but can only access folder 2 and can't change its content. 

Group 2 can access/read Folder 1 but can't change its content ..etc 

I tried looking into conditional access but couldn't find a way to do so.

Can anyone please shed a light on how this is doable 

Thank you
Historically I've kept lots of email locally on my laptop.  This includes historical email, but also email with links, product license codes/keys, etc.

With my old laptop, I would clone my laptop regularly and copy my Outlook offline folders even more regularly to a thumb drive.

I got a new laptop and I can no longer use Outlook for my personal email, so I've switched to Thunderbird.  I'd like to improve on my previous approach by using my OneDrive for these files, which should keep me from losing almost any mail.

Does anyone know of a process to move the offline TB folders in their default location to a One Drive folder?  Is it as simple as copying them and changing where Thunderbird looks?
There are plenty of items on the internet about how to set versioning for my OneDrive users, however, the settings for this are no longer available to my users.  I did see that Microsoft made a change to that policy... and is no longer available for users.  What are my options to set versioning parameters? Instead of 250 versions default i'd like to make that number much lower... corporately if i can... to say 10 last versions.

Can you prestage all the data from a file server to one drive for business and then use redirection to use one drive as the desktop location?

Having problem trying to delete a folder from OneDrive For Business O365 due to multiple checked out files. Is there a way to force delete the folder or discard all checked out files for that folder? It is fairly large number of files, so I hope there is another way other than manually going to each file and discarding the check.
Im relatively new to one drive, using it a few months,

Getting errors on files sometimes in this folder that its read only when off line - Yet Ive chosen to have it available offline.
All the files in that folder are ...

"One drive s up to date" according to one drive icon.

Ive also reset.
%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Any ideas?
I would like someone to show me the proper method on how to rename a One Note Notebook and make sure that the new name changes as well in my Documents One Note Notebook folder as well as in One Drive. The way I know of is to change the name in my Documents of the One Note Notebook then go to that Notebook click File-Open-Browse-Then Open and the new name was changed. But when I went to One Drive the name was not changed!!!

Thank you,

Basem Khawaja
I am trying to automatically sync a few sharepoint document libraries using the Administrative Templates in Microsoft Intune. All of the instructions that I have found have said to go to the document library, click sync and the click the option to copy the library id. However, that option does not appear for me even though I am a global admin. I contacted Microsoft support and they could not tell me why I did not have that option. I was told how to find the library id but I think there is more than that which is copied from it based on what I have read. I would appreciate if someone could either tell me how to get the option to copy the library id to appear or how I can retrieve the information another way. I already tried just placing the library id in the administrative template but that did not work.
Using Onedrive email alerts for shared documents are turned on by default.
email notification in one drive is on by default for shared files
Shared doc with colleague.

Watched him open and edit it in Office365.

Got no email update.

What do you think is happening?

I d like to protect my One Drive files with an encryption so that if my files would end up being downloaded or hacked, they are not readable for anybody who hasn't got a decryption key.

Is that possible and how would that then work? I could make a container/vhdx on OneDrive but then the full container would need to close before a sync happens and the full container would be synced on any smallest change of a file.

When you buy office 365 subscription, it comes with 1TB OneDrive. I also have Carbonite online backup where I pick and choose which folders I want to back up. It seems to me that I can cancel Carbonite subscription and just synchronize folders using One Drive.
Is there a problem with idea?
OneDrive for business


OK so set it up ...... More > Settings >  Backup > Manage Backup >  and decide what to back up. Desktop /  Docs / Pics / Click Backup

Where are  they stored on One Drive where I can see them after its done ?

I cant see them anywhere.  Where should they be in OneDrive ?
OneDirve for business ...  My BB speeds are approx 50 meg

It was working OK with a gig or so of data ...  

I decided to move my photos / videos in of approx 250 gig.
Now I realise thats a lot. But a week later and I left my laptop on over night a few times and it still wasnt complete or any whwre near it
Got a mixture of messages / excuses saying sync resources low etc

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled One Drive ap and it says  Processing and is on a count down and at about 5000 and getting lower.
Presume when it hits 0 it starts up loading what it doesnt have in the Cloud

Anyway, whats your experience of OneDrive?
Is it fast?
Is it stable?
etc ...
Redirect MY Docs to a different location that windows intended.

E.g. If I wanted to make the default my docs location to be within the one drive folder not under the traditional c:\users


C:\Users\eds\OneDrive - Eds\My Docs


Getting used to One Drive and just wondering ...

Is One Drive excellent and practically bullet proof at this stage?  Any pit falls? No file corruptions caused by it etc ?  

Aside form deleting a file and expecting it to be just deleted from Cloud and it syncs the delete (N00b mistake)
are there any failings of the application?

Im considering putting all my docs and my pics in there ... Should I?  

Id much prefer to stick with Microsoft One Drive that try other cloud services if possible
How does the new MS One drive Backup (recently introduced) differ from the main One Drive folder?

Could I not and would it not be better and clearer to create My Docs & My Pics (dont use desktop for anything important) within the existing One drive folder in the first place?

Is One Drive backup a "back up" or is it a sync like the One Drive folder?
Quick Tests of backups -  I logged on from a few different PCs its confusing for me with the possibility of my docs and my pics merging.

For those who havnt tried it yet, here it is ...
One of our clients does not have a domain.  They are all workgroup machines off a local lan.   Currently all their file shares are shared out from O365's sharepoint.   Can someone tell me how to map folders from O365 to the local windows profile a user is working off of?   Also One Drive is setup and there are some files that were shared from one user to this local profile's One drive however the shared files cannot be seen.  

We have a user who is trying to open these files directly through Quickbooks and other applications but I am unsure how to point local apps to the sharepoint.  Is there a way to map them locally like a google drive?
I need a workaround for an Access database. We only have SharePoint and OneDrive as our sharing options and I would like to enable the database to be accessed by multiple users. We don't have the ability to build/ link in Azure or PowerApps. I know SharePoint has discontinued their Access web application, but still allows for the sharing of files, but I would like everyone to be able to access the database and make changes simultaneously. We are encountering an issue where everything is in Excel and one person has to wait until the document is locked until that person is done with it. Which is one of the reasons why I wanted to move to an Access database. Is it possible to split the database, put the back-end on the sharepoint and link the front-end/ share the front-end with multiple users so the tables are updated simultaneously?
We have an issue at our company wherein personal one Drive accounts/login/access is not blocked in our enterprise.

We tried the One Drive GPO (allow syncing OneDrive accounts for only specific organizations and prevent users to sync personal accounts) to restrict access locally on the desktops - it worked when you go to the client -> settings -> add account BUT doesn't work when you use SAVE AS in Office applications.

Also at the browser level, are there ways to block OneDrive.live.com and office.live.com FQDN on all browsers so users will not reach the these URLs?

Any thoughts?
I would like to share a link to a video via one drive (office 365) and i would like to block the receivers to download it.
I can apply this restriction  word/excel file but i cannot  apply this restriction to .mov file.

There is anyway to apply this restriction to video .mov file ?
Hi team,
In the process of migrating to Office 365, we have Zscaler tenant restrictions enabled but for some reason we can still access a 3rd party user's one drive and was able to upload and download files to/from it. Is there a way to block the access to 'other' OneDrive accounts on our corporate network?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi experts,
We have Azure AD connect host with passthrough authentication set up in our environment, users platform is Win 10 VDI. Still in testing phase, and noticed that a user changed a password on local AD premise (btw we don't have the password write back enabled). I checked and user's password sync'd to the cloud (via get-msoluser lastpasswordchangetimstamp). User's OneDrive now is showing "oneDrive isn't signed in...please enter your sign-in info to start syncing again" error. Then the One Drive agent in windows file explorer disappears.

Can someone please shed some light and provide some insights as to what's causing it? We just wanted to make sure this setting is seamless for our end users.







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