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Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files an...

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Troubleshooting Solution

URGENT *** Outlook is Closing ***

i need help regarding this chronic and very annoying issue that I have been dealing with for almost …

Windows 7 Sysprep

I've spent numerous hours getting the sysprep right for Windows 7 images for my organization. I'll …

If you forgot that the WWDC was today, then here is a link …

If you forgot that the WWDC was today, then here is a link to the live feed for Apple. See you …
A look at Apple's AirTag

Apple AirTag - Have Apple executives lost their minds?

A quick look at one of Apple's latest gadgets. AirTags and their Accessories. Read on to save yourself a ton of money and have a great laugh at the same time.
Troubleshooting Solution

Computer thinks brother printer is off, but it is on.

Computer thinks brother printer is off, but it is on.  Troubleshooting: restarted pc and printer. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Steps to install (Migrate) exchange 2016 CU20 on another windows 2016/2019 & permanently shutdown existing exchange 2016.

I have a Microsoft exchange server 2016 CU4 installed on Windows 2016 standard server.
This Exchange …
PaperPort Splash Screen

How to fix: PaperPort shows the splash screen then immediately closes - cannot run PaperPort

Sometimes PaperPort will not even open. It displays the splash screen (above) and exits, or it may show an "Application Crash" dialog before exiting. There are many reasons for this, but a recent cause that has reached epidemic levels is due to an issue with Firefox. This article offers a solution.
Troubleshooting Solution

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and comcast tested with their XMT and speed is gig from the modem.

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need to make M.2 SSD Primary Boot Dell 5575

I did a clean install of Windows 10 on the new M.2 SSD but the laptop sometimes fails to find either …
Troubleshooting Solution

Win 10 Updates Keeps Trying to Install, Fails, Uninstalls, Disappears, Then Reappears Again


Seeing this update for Win 10:

2021-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for
Troubleshooting Solution

Is it possible to set up a Test Linux server at home

I have a job interview next week that prefers some Linux experience.   Is it possible to set up a …
Troubleshooting Solution

SQL Server

All of a sudden, I keep getting Microsoft SQL Error 53, 258, 1607.  This is on a Production machine …

PaperPort 14 - Free Upgrade to Version 14.5

I. Introduction

In a previous article (now deprecated), I discussed how to upgrade — at no cost …
Troubleshooting Solution

Batch file not copying second file.

Hi Experts,

I have a batch file containing the following.

Where the js file downloads Schedule list …
Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook using IMAP Problems

Since I switched to IMAP since August I been having issues with Outlook not receiving emails. let me …
Research Solution

query slow with different parameter input


we have a query sometime slow sometime fast ( finish 2 x sec)

any idea on why is it? I can't …
Troubleshooting Solution

My windows XP machine is running at 100% CPU all the time

Ive tried installing AVG and Avast to check for viruses but oddly they wont install, ie no shortcut. …
Troubleshooting Solution

What is a "System" user permissions in a Windows folder?

I copied a shared folder to another folder in Windows Server 2016 & I noticed that the permissions …

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