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Operating Systems





Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. For large systems, the operating system makes sure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other. The operating system is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized users do not access the system. Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run.

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Android OS
App: Outlook
Question, can malware get into the Outlook app, it it infect the phone?
Introduction to Web Design
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Introduction to Web Design

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We have a SMALL domain with 2 2008R2 DCs running at a 2008 AD level. It's time to upgrade. One is a physical machine and the other is a VM. We are replacing the physical machine with new hardware that has Server 2019 on it. We want to upgrade the VM instead of creating a new one. Our thinking would be to:

1) raise domain level to 2008R2 from 2008
2) join new 2019 Server to domain and promote it to a DC (so there would be 3 DCs for a little bit)
3) demote VM DC and upgrade the OS to 2019 and promote it back to a DC
4) demote old physical DC
5) raise domain level to 2016 since both DCs are Server 2019

Is this a sound plan or would we be better creating a new VM, making it a DC then just demoting the old VM and deleting it? This is the first time we've done anything with the DCs since they were setup,

Are there any potential issues for the workstations/servers (all workstations are Win 7 current updates or Win 10, Exchange server 2010, CRM 2013, Sharepoint 2010) bringing the AD from 2008 to 2016?
Hi guys, based on your experience which one or ones in the msconfig station should I disable to make reboot faster?
On random Mac OS devices running Mojave (any version):

SOCKS proxy is automatically re-enabled after every reboot/power cycle.

By default, no proxy settings should be configured.

The proxy is configured with: localhost port 8080

This causes all email apps to go offline intermittently. Also it causes all web browsers to become "unable to load" any web page.

Once the proxy is manually disabled in Network Preferences; everything works fine.

How do I disable permanently?
Why does the SOCKS proxy auto enable after the device is power cycled?
I replaced a computer, with a new model, and the new model came with a different docking station, but the docking station does not have a DVI connection.
I will try connecting the laptop directly to the  LCD and see if it resolve the problem
I will also try a display port to VGA adapter.
I was not able to get the resolutions on both LCDs to match since one is smaller than the other.
The BIOS is already updated and all the latest drivers have being installed.
The device will receive new Windows Updates soon.
OS is Windows 10.

Challenge: I have two LCDs with different sizes, when Outlook is moved from the smaller LCD to the larger one, it does not maintain the font size.
I will have to configure Outlook to open in compatibly mode and set the resolution for it, I am confident that will address the problem.
My other idea is to purchase an DVI to HDMI adapter, since VGA and DVI are different technologies.
The docking station only has an HDMI, display port and VGA adapter.
The LCD that has the problem only has a VGA and DVI ports.

I may have to reach out to the manufacture of the LCD for their input.
The other thing I can try is to install the latest video drivers directly from Intel and execute driver verify on it.
The other thing I was thinking of is to lower the hard accelerator  on  the LCD, but as of this writing, I have not researched that, on Windows 10, I know you can change the graphic libraries on Windows XP.
I have to compare the video card on the …
I need to be able to share a printer when a computer is connected to the VPN.
My theory is that  the printer will need to be shared, before it can be printed to, when a VPN connection is established.
The OS is Windows 10
My other ideas is to uninstall the printer and install it when I am connected to the VPN.
I imagine there is a solution to this challenge.
I do not recall the other steps I tried, but I believe the one solution to the problem is to configure a Cisco ASA.
I was also thinking that I will have to enable the wireless printer's IP as an exception on the firewall.

Maybe I need to create a script with Powershell, to first configure the printer to print to a file then send it directly to the print queue.
Hello Experts,

We have Dell R610 servers in our network, last few days i am getting unexpected server reboot issue, i try to find issue but unable to find out.
please help me out i am attaching 2 servers log files.

OS - Windows Server 2008 R2 Stranded SP1
i am getting a new computer (it has been 8 years) and wondering about best SSD Hard Drive config.

I am mainly using the Adobe products, but no 3D stuff.... photoshop, preimer, illustrator.

What is the fastest setup

- 1 SSD for both OS and Programs
- 1 SSD for OS and another SSD for Programs?

Does this even matter anymore?  thanks
I need to run some 32 bit legacy software and some old hardware (Scanner) that will not work with Win10.

Can Windows 7 32bit and XP be installed on newer PCs ?
If Yes ... How new ?     ....... How about an Intel i3 ?

I know that anything above 4gig memory is wasted on 32 bit systems.

(These PCs will not be connected to the internet or my LAN so security will not be an issue).

I have a client who encountered a completely frozen Windows Server 2008 R2 this past weekend.

Server was unresponsive via RDP or direct console. No user interaction could be performed. System was non reponsive
to any attempt to open task manager and terminate processes.

A forced shutdown was required to regain control.

No network intrusion, AV or other issues were found.

The unit is a PowerEdge T420 with iDrac.

I have looked at every log in the event viewer and can find nothing regarding this issue. I've filtered the event logs to 24 hours on either side, no listing of anything.

Is it possible the iDrac could manifest such an issue?

I come from more of a log file and Unix background and wanted to know if there is a way to dig deeper into the OS, similar to /var/log/messages, kernel panics, etc.

Any assistance is welcome.
C++ 11 Fundamentals
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C++ 11 Fundamentals

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In Azure  when I create a Windows machine it let me choose the OS version but not all. Like Windows 2012 it just give Windows 2012 Datacenter or WIndows 2012 R2 Datacenter. Why just Datacenter version?

Hey all,

I have a wierd one here.. I have a client running 2012 R2 - this runs their file & print sharing, Active Directory and backup software. The IT officer that I deal with has been asking me to help him with an issue, which is the server goes offline and has no connectivity. The server remains on and the OS is in tact but the network card says "no internet" unidentified network.

DHCP is running through the firewall which is (Default Gateway / DHCP). Long story but we will leave that.. This firewall is around 8 years old btw so it could be the culprit and will be providing them with a test unit to see if we can narrow down but I haven't given you the curve ball yet.. wait for it.

Things we have tried;
  • Checked error logs at the time it drops and nothing pops up at the time of the drop out.
  • Testing all cables running from server, Tested OK.
  • Tested connecting to the Firewall LAN port, tested OK.
  • Swapped NICS from NIC4, to NIC3, NIC2 on the server and still no go.
  • Checked all the IP config is ok. (server) / / (gateway) / (DNS)
  • From a client's computer, provided a static IP address. Cannot connect to server or gateway so it does not see the network at all which is odd
  • We have swapped out to a new switch as a test which we will leave there for the time being
  • Checked DNS services, forwarders & entries are correct on the server
In Mac OS Mojave, I'm contending with lengthy delays in applying changes to network interfaces. Sometimes 60 seconds to apply a change to Service Order (i.e. move Ethernet ahead of wifi) or to configure a Static IP address.

The Network Pref window also appears blank when first loaded and takes a full minute to populate. (I have many network configs in my list)

When preparing, testing, and troubleshooting networks (a big part of my job) this is really bogging me down. Never saw this before with any previous release. Always in the past changes are instant with no "apply" delays.

This symptom continues after installing 10.14.2. I've also tried:

- Resetting PRAM
- Resetting SMC
- Reinstalling MacOS using Recovery Mode
- Removing all 3rd party apps that could interfere
- Booting with Shift key down - no performance improvement

My last move is to wipe the machine and recover from backup, discarding the network config option. However since I have so many VPN configurations this is a really big deal.

I'm hoping someone has some other suggestion.
I have three Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B tablets.   32 bit 8.1 Connected is the current OS
the tablets won't activate Windows with the imbedded keys.
Microsoft says the keys have been used too many times...Toshiba support blows.

so, if I want to upgrade Windows to get out of this mess....what is the proper ISO to upgrade a Windows 8.1 tablet to windows 10?

another option is trying to find a good key to enter - so, what kind of Windows 8.1 key works with Connected?

...this is a pain in the neck I just want to go away!
On Windows 10 Pro I was able to set up an account without an email address. I just got a new computer with Windows 10 Home Edition and want to set up a user without an email address and can't figure out how to do this. I want to do this because the computer is used in a church classroom for projecting DVDs and songs or lesson material. It is used by different people who should not have accounts on the computer. The other computers have a "projectionist" account with minimum priviledges. I have set up the registry on those to automatically log the projectionist account when when booting up. It works very well in this setting. I've tried a fake email address but the OS requires it be authenticated so that doesn't work.
Good day.
I have an issue with getting a windows multi-boot usb up and running.
I am trying to get windows 7,8 and 10 onto one usb drive, where i can install the different OS.
I need some advice on Microsoft licensing.

My existing file server VM runs on a Server 2012 R2 Datacenter host. I want to create a new file server VM that runs Server 2016, which will reside on the same Server 2012 R2 hypervisor.

According to my Microsoft VLSC portal, I don’t have an available standalone license key for Server 2016. I only have SA keys for Server 2016 Datacenter and Server 2019 Datacenter.

Is there a legitimate way for me to install the OS to Server 2016 based on my existing licensing assets?

Upgrading my Hyper-V cluster to Server 2016/2019 is not currently supported, as it is an HPE Hyper Converge platform. I will upgrade the hypervisor once HPE’s dev team has developed a migration path.

When responding, keep in mind that my path needs to be absolutely legal and ethical; nothing is worth jeopardizing my organization. I am hoping that an expert can tell me that Microsoft intentionally created some sort of loophole to help people in my situation. Am I just naïve?
I am currently with Ivanti formally known as Shavlik patch management.  My 3 year is about to expire, what I was paying for 3 years is now what I will have to pay for 1 year so we can not continue with Ivanti.   Does anyone have any recommendations on a patch management system that has a reasonably  price structure?

I have VM platform operated by VMWare vCenter Server 5.5.0, build 4180647, hosted by ESXi

physical host server by HP Proliant ML 350p Gen8, CPU E5-2620@2.00Ghz,  2 Processor Socket CPU, 6 cores per socket

When create new VM with OS Windows server 2012. I want use maxmium resource for host.

from VM configuration menu,

What / how "Number of virtual sockets" and "Number of cores per socket " should set to ?
Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features
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Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features

Learn how to use and navigate the new features included in Bootstrap 4, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

I'm sure this this a very simple answer, but I'm having trouble finding it. It's one of those situations where I ask "What time is it?" and the reply I get is how to build a clock instead of a simple answer.

I want to change folder settings in Windows 7 and 10 to display certain settings for ALL folders I open.

For example:

 Screenshot 1
note that I have selected the "size" option to be displayed for files in this folders where that option is applicable. and also note that I have selected the "file type" option as well.

Is there a way to set these options to show for ALL folders all the time in both operating systems? AND--especially important--when I plug in a n external drive and look at files on it, will those options also apply automatically to those files?
I am running the Mint 19 Tara OS on my laptop and I have an issue with my startup (boot) sequence.  Something is telling the system to encrypt my swap partition but I do not have a swap partition...  The "job" tries to run but it times out and fails.  It repeats itself numerous times during the boot sequence and wastes a lot of time during startup.

I need to identify what application is trying to run this job and why?  Then I need to figure out how to stop it from occurring.  I have no need for encryption on my computer at this point in time.  I am attaching a copy of the boot.log file so that the event in question can be viewed & identified.  It starts out with the line: "[* ] (1 of 2) A start job is running for dev-mapper-cryptswap1.device (8s / [** ] " and it appears that it is trying to encrypt two drives but I am not sure.

I'm attaching the boot.log file, any help with this would be appreciated.

i am trying to run virtualbox to power-up VM on Private Cloud but unable to start the VM with error of shutdown the WIn 10 Guest OS each times when trying to Power-up the Virtualbox VM. Thanks

VB Ver 5.2.22r126460
Win 10 Enter OS => 1803 (OS Build 17134.407)

i have a weird problem with printing.
software used : Word2016, OS =windows 10  - Both 64 biteverything re garding printing is fine except the top margin.
i set  a TOP margin at 1cm - and it prints at 3,2 cm. in the margin section
i set the top margin at 3,5 cm and it prints at 4 ,8cm

i tried this on 2 different systems and 2 different printers HP B109a and HP c4180

what can be the cause? or how can i get a correct top margin on my prints???

I'm confused, I've started this new role and they've assigned 3 cores and 10GB of memory to a VM, I cannot fathom why you would assign it in this fashion. Would this cause issues for the OS trying to manage the odd number of cores and the excessive amount of memory.

I would like someone to educate me on rooting my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4. Are there any benefits of doing so. Will it damage anything in the OS? Finally, please provide a detailed step by step on how to root the phone. Thank you.

Operating Systems





Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. For large systems, the operating system makes sure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other. The operating system is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized users do not access the system. Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run.