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Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. For large systems, the operating system makes sure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other. The operating system is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized users do not access the system. Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run.

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We have just setup a Windows 2016 Server to run Hyper-V and host 3 different Windows 2008 Servers.  I have installed all 3 of them from an ISO-image, no errors... but they do not come up with a network card.  

I did create a Virtual Switch and they are all using it.  Each of their device managers shows a single network adapter "Microsoft VMBus Network Adapter" with an error that it could not start.

I would appreciated any assistance on this.
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I installed Paragon Migrate OS 5.0 to migrate from a HDD to an SSD.   When I try to run it, a window pops up saying:

 "Program Compatibility Assistant.  A digitally signed driver is required."

What do I do?
my OS is win ro 10, and I have a logitech keyboard, when the letter next to the letter 'o' on the keyboard, I  ourchased a new one, a Logitech MK 120, but this too has the same issue.  that key does not work.  How do I fix this thank u.
This is using a raspberry-pi. My co-worker has defined a bridge called br-lan on top of the physical eth0. Please see attached docx for ifconfig command. Please also see the networking settings on /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/network/interfaces.d/br-lan, and /etc/dhcpcd.conf files. See the ip addressing settings of br-lan as follows:

       ip -
       mask -
      default gateway -
     dns -

However, the default gateway setting doesn't seem to work. Please see the results of route -n. I also try to set br-lan to dhcp, and the result is, eth0 grabs the ip -

Appreciate for any help. Thanks in advance.
I am trying to create some folders or files and it is not appearing, I have to refresh and then only I can see those folders

My OS Windows10 64 bit, please advise how can I fix this issue
Dear Experts, can you please suggest us 2 problems:

1. How can we reset multiple Gmail accounts at the same time? (We are using Gsuite, and are Admin accounts)

2. How can we configure multiple MS Outlook accounts at the same time on Window OS?

Many thanks!
Please share hardening checklist for windows 2008,windows 2012, Redhat Linux and Cent OS for ISO 27001 audit
Dear Experts,

How do I configure the static IP Address of a linux server?

Is it?

Method 1

Ifconfig eth0 netmask up
Route add Default gw
Echo “nameserver”> /etc/resolv.conf

Method 2

Sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask
Sudo route add Default gw eth0

Are there other methods?

I just want to cover all the possibilities so I won't get stuck if any of the methods do not work.

I also know that only the root can change the IP Address.
Hello Experts,
Our customer usually uploads files to different web sites.
Usually third party sites like a goverment site or a provideris site.
Each third party has almost a hundred folders to choose from en the local lan,

in all websites when click the option to upload file... a local window opens up
pointing to some random folder or usually pointing to the last folder used to upload.
which is never the one needed right now.

How can I programmatically set the folder path so when using any web browser on any site....
it will open directly on the folder path we need, sparing the user to navigate to the right location?

Hello everyone,
This must be the third time that I am posting about this issue.  This time it is happening with a fresh, new out of the box computer.  The OS that they use is Windows 10 and the version of Office is 2016.  The search functionality does not work at all and if I remove Outlook from the index it pulls up irrelevant results.  Here is what I have tried so far:

Rebuilding the index
uninstalling and reinstalling Office, using the uninstall tool
creating a brand new profile
Windows is up to date and Office is up to date.
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Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how to preserve snapshot tags in AWS. This node.js function moves the snapshots to another region but does not preserve tags so it becomes difficult to identify which server the snapshot belonged to.
If I cannot preserve tags, I would like to know how to tag a snapshot using the javascript code below. Example Key:DeleteOn Value [currentdate]
I found this code snippet that may be of help:

 // Add tags to the instance
   params = {Resources: [instanceId], Tags: [
         Key: 'DeleteOn',
         Value: 'current date as 2017-12-05'
   ec2.createTags(params, function(err) {
      console.log("Tagging instance", err ? "failure" : "success");
//define variables
var sourceRegion = 'us-east-1';
var destinationRegion = 'us-east-2';
var AWS = require('aws-sdk');
console.log ('Loading function');

//main function
exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {

    //Get the EBS snapshot ID from Cloudwatch event details
    var snapshotArn = event.detail.snapshot_id.split('/');
    const snapshotId = snapshotArn['1'];
    const description = 'Snapshot copy from ${snapshotId} in ${sourceRegion}';
    console.log ("snapshotId:", snapshotId);

    //Load EC2 class and update the configuration to use destination
    AWS.config.update({region: destinationRegion});
    var ec2 = new 

Open in new window


I currently host multiple terminal servers, ranging from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2016 - I plan on upgrading them all to 2016 and then keeping them within two versions of the latest server OS.

Each customer gets their own terminal server ‘hosted desktop’ which all their users log on to. Some of these will have an active directory, some are a standalone RDS with local users only.

I would like to have a single forest, with each customer having their own domain. That way they only need one server of their own, but get all the features of active directory, which would allow me to configure an RD gateway which when they log in connects them to their own server. This would also allow them to login via the web rather than just an RDP file.

Can anyone think of any security implications of this? I wouldn’t want people to be able to see that any other domains exist and I would want them to be completely secure.

I can create multiple domains within a forest etc, but have never gone this far on such a scale.

I appreciate this is an open-ended question, but I would like to get expert opinions before I go and try it out, as I can then use that information to determine where and what to research.

Has anyone got any examples of similar things or any suggestions on what to research first?

To give you some background information,, we have rackspace in three datacentres, all linked via site-to-site VPN. Each customer is vLAN’d from each other currently, but I …
I have an Asus hl-l2340dw computer and I'm using windows 7 as an OS.  I would like to switch back to Ubuntu for awhile.  BUT I forget my Asus password.  I repeatedly tap the F2 key to boot from CD but apparently my boot order is wrong and it boots from my hard drive.  It won't let me change the boot order since I forget the Asus password.  What can I do?
Every time I try to open anything to download or even open iE explorer I get a certificate error and have to say continue on to the site anyway. This is a new image just put on the laptop. it I have disable the virus protection until I get the key to activate the OS. This OS is windows 7 pro. I have downloaded and installed internet explorer 11. As soon as I open it I get the certificate error and once I say continue to the site it op0ens the explorer. If I go to Dell to download all the drivers I get the error again.
How would I go about installing OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks on an old MacBook Air please?

the Mac currently has Mountain Lion, but I can't run certain apps such as dropbox.

I don't want to upgrade to High Sierra. The old MacBook is slow enough as it is.

Cannot eject mp3 CD from Mac OS USB drive

Inserted CD, created from MP3 files, in Mac OS 10.13 USB drive. CD did mount and could not eject from drive. Methods used seemed to try to eject, but no go...

How can I eject CD?

I want to copy MP3 files to Mac and play with iTunes

How to accomplish these tasks?
I have the Rampage III Formula (LGA1366) motherboard.  I wanted a larger secondary HD so I could boot to a Acronis boot disk and place the backup image on the new drive which is a 3 terabyte.  I already had a 1 terabyte as the second HD.  I replace the second drive with the 3 terabyte.  When I reboot the BIOS does not see the drive.  When I get into windows I have to go to device manager and scan for hardware changes under disk drives to get windows to see the drive.  I did do the disk management,  format etc and had no problems getting windows to see it but it does have to be found after a reboot like I mentioned above.  

I updated the BIOS from ASUS but it still does not see the drive.  If the BIOS does not see it Acronis will not see it so I can't pick the 3 terabyte drive to put the image. Running WIN10 64bit Pro

Any help is appreciated.
Please provide me with the URL address for downloading the Windows 10 operating system restore media for a Microsoft Surface.

I have several Microsoft Surfaces that are unable to boot and I need to download and reinstall the Windows 10 Professional operating systems for these surfaces.

Please provide me with the URL address for doing this.
Hello Experts,

I have what is hopefully an easy question but I want to be sure before I proceed.  We have a server that has SBS 2011 installed as a physical image.  We would like to P2V it into ESXI so we can spin up a VM that will run RDS.  The OS that's on is the OEM licensed image installed at the Dell factory.  If we P2V that machine to the same physical hardware its always been running on will it activate and work after the process is complete?  We plan on upgrading the RAM in the server and the HDD's to increase the storage, the processor will stay the same.  

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Hello Experts
Can I run a chkdsk on a RAID 1 array?  I have an old 2003 server that is a backup DC and runs license managers for some programs.  I'm getting the following in event viewer and the attached image on the server.

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      Ntfs
Event Category:      Disk
Event ID:      55
Date:            11/20/2017
Time:            10:16:45 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      server-name
The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume OS.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

hello all,

We have getting Microsoft office updates form our WSUS on client machines. But we are not getting OS updates.
Is there anything we are missing on server side or on client side?

Hello Experts, i recently purchased a used server for building a home lab environment. i would like to install win 7 professional as the servers main OS, then install vmware workstation for my virtual machines for sharepoint, exchange, AD practice. I know i can set up remote access to this server by allowing rdp access from my home router (configuring port forwarding), then rdp from public internet using my home servers public IP. I've already tried this and the server was infected with ransomware. Can anybody tell me how i can make this as secure as possible while on a budget?
I have a Windows 10 Pro, version 1703, OS build 15063.674 64-bit computer. This computer is being controlled via Connectwise Automate or Labtech as it used to be called. The patches are being approved and installed via their Patch Manager plugin.

Several times a day, the user will get the popup indicating that Updates are available. The attached file shows it. Unless the user clicks on the View Updates Button, they are unable to do anything else until they do so. When the View Updates button is clicked, the Windows Settings screen is shown. When Updates and Security icon are clicked, the screen shows at the top 'Your computer is being controlled by Admin' which is what is displayed on all of our computers that we are monitoring.

This is the only computer out of over 100 end points that is giving us this problem. All the critical and important updates have already been applied per the Patch Manager plugin.

I have run CCleaner, Malwarebytes Pro, checked the logs, but cannot find how or why this popup is occurring.
Hello I have  a Mac Book Pro that I need to reinstall the OS. I have erased the data on the drive from the drive utility and now about to reinstall the OS but it required me to enter the apple ID and password and then I get This item is temporarily unavailable.  I tried a few things such as making sure the format of the drive was Extended and Journaled, tried a another apple ID and no luck. I have another Mac Book Pro right here that I just reloaded but this system didnt require me to do the apple ID and it running os 10.8.5.  Any suggestions or what I am doing wrong??
Hello Experts,

very simple question here

I have installed an Centos OS 7.3 image from Azure.  I have SSH'd into the machine. Can someone let me know how to find out if the machine is 64 bit of 32 bit?



Operating Systems





Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. For large systems, the operating system makes sure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other. The operating system is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized users do not access the system. Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run.