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Oracle is an object-relational database management system. It supports a large number of languages and application development frameworks. Its primary languages are SQL, PL/SQL and Java, but it also includes support for C and C++. Oracle also has its own enterprise modules and application server software.

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hi am downloading the file using webutil how can i set the context to ASCII or Text when i download the file in my window is puting everything in one line am in oracle form 11gR2  the application is running in solaris this is what is happening when i download the file i what to do this in my code
I'm experimenting with near real time context indexes at the moment but there seems to be a lack of any comprehensive documentation on how these should be effectively implemented and managed.

I believe I now have all the prerequisites in place, but I am sure that the index should be configured as system managed rather than user managed.

DOMIDX_MANAGEMENT is currently set to USER_MANAGED. Presumably all I need to do is change this to SYSTEM_MANAGED to complete the process? What is the best way to achieve this for this single index? Is there a parameter that needs to be set at the point of index creation?

Thanks in advance for your contributions.
Dear Experts,

 How do I know in Oracle SQL for specific table when ( the time ) it was last updated or changed ?

hi am downloading the file using webutil how can i set the context to ASCII or Text when i download the file in my window is puting everything in one line am in oracle form 11gR2  the application is running in solaris
Dear Experts

We had one large query and it has lots of join and was having full scan. So we applied the /*+PARALLEL(10)*/ hint. And this server has lcpu=12 (No of processor 3). And the query performed very well (8hours came down to 6 mins). Then it worked nicely and yesterday got the below error:

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.quipoz.framework.util.jdbc.SQLRuntimeException: ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server P00I
ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP

Our DBA reported that yes the TEMP space has touched the limit. So, to solve it, what I am going to try is to reduce the PARALLE degree to 4 or AUTO.
Do you have any other idea to manage this kind of problem?

I am getting below error while connecting Oracle DB from Visual Studio 2015 - SSIS. Can you help me to fix below error?
MS SQL Version: MS SQL 2016 Ent Edition
Oracle client version: Oracle 11g 64 bit (Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows (x64) )
ODAC version: ODAC 11.2 Release 5 and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio ( (32 bit)

I have also tried with 64-bit ODAC 12.2c Release 1 ( for Windows x64, but still same error. There are No multiple 32-bit client libraries (SQAORA32.dll) on the same machine.

I am able ro connect oracle DB using SQL plus utility but geeting error in SSIS.
Hi ,

I am coding a HHT program which manages stocks and create picklists for pickers.
Orders will be imported by user .

I have stock table , keeps Product_Code, Location, Stock, Blocked_Stock
Order Table , keeps OrderCode, Product Code , OrderQty (will be imported by user)
Picklist Table , keeps OrderCode ,Location , ProductCode, OrderQty, PickedQty

There will be a textbox and button in program , user will enter order ordercode and press "Generate Picklist" button

need help here : when user presses button in database side a function will start to work it will start to check items in ORD1 and for example first will get Product1 and will check stocks one by one by location
it will check available stock as Stock - Blocked Stock for example if one product need to pick 40 pieces , it will check for location as Stock(50) - BlockedStock(20) = 30 , it will block this 30 pieces and look for next location until it completes all order quantity 40. It must update blocked quantity too when this Product1 blocked this 30 , so blocked stock should be 50 now .

ıt needs to check this for all items and create a picklist as in attached file at last, so regarding this created picklist program will guide user to pick for necessary quantities from correct locations.

not so much experienced in cursor management in oracle side , thanks in advance.

Hi Expert,

Please look into the code and guide me where is the blockage.

Email is coming without attachment. i think issue in email piece.


v_dir_path         VARCHAR2(100) := Amps_Common.get_output_dir;

v_data_file    VARCHAR2 (10000)
                 || '.csv';
      v_output_file      utl_file.file_type;

      --attachment varchar2(10000) :=v_output_file;
      --l_output            varchar2(32767);
      v_loop_num         NUMBER := 0;
     -- v_output_file varchar2(10000);
  --v_sql VARCHAR2(100000000):=NULL;
 -- clobsample CLOB;
--vLine VARCHAR2(100);

    cursor AMPS_SHIPMENT is  
  SELECT distinct  '="'||to_char(cust_id_nr_cd)||'"' CUST_ID_NR_CD,
  '="'||to_char(ind_acct_nr_cd)||'"' IND_ACCT_NR_CD,
  '="'||to_char(brnd_nr_cd)||'"' brnd_nr_cd,
  '="'||to_char(PROMO_PLN_YR_CD)||'"' PROMO_PLN_YR_CD,
  '="'||to_char(FMLY_NR_CD)||'"' FMLY_NR_CD,
  '="'||to_char(CS_UPC_NR_CD)||'"' CS_UPC_NR_CD,
  '="'||to_char(CS_UPC_VRSN_NR_CD)||'"' CS_UPC_VRSN_NR_CD,
AND ROWNUM<=1000;       

v_output_file := utl_file.fopen (v_dir_path, v_data_file, 'w');  

Open in new window

The following SQL statement is throwing the following error and I don't know how to fix it: ERROR: ORA-01848: day of year must be between 1 and 365 (366 for leap year)

null as "Document Type",
null as "Document Co",
null as "Record Type",
elig.CEY55CONID "Contract Id",
cntr.CHY55CMFGID "Manufacturer Contract Id",
elig.CEY55CTNUM "Series Number",
addr.CAAN8 "Account Number",
elig.CEILEL "Include/Exclude",
TO_DATE (TO_CHAR(elig.CEEFFF+1900000), 'YYYYDDD') "Eligibility Start Date",
TO_DATE (TO_CHAR(elig.CEEFFT+1900000), 'YYYYDDD') "Eligibility End Date",
null as "Vendor’s Customer Number",
CA$C10 "Active Flag",
CABADT "Address Type",
addr.CAAN81 "Bill To Acct",
attr.CEY55GPON "GPO Number",
attr.CEAC02 "Sub Cat",
attr.CEAC01 "Class of Trd",
attr.CEY55POLID "Pool ID"
from MMSDM910.SRC_E1_MMS_F5521070 elig
inner join MMSDM910.SRC_E1_MMS_F5521051 addr
on elig.CEAN8 = addr.CAAN81
inner join MMSDM910.SRC_E1_MMS_F5521010 cntr
on elig.CEY55CONID = cntr.CHY55CONID
inner join MMSDM910.SRC_E1_MMS_F5521060 attr
on elig.CEY55CONID = attr.CEY55CONID
where addr.CA$C10 ='Y'
and addr.CABADT <> 'B'
and attr.CEAC01 IS NOT NULL
and TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(elig.CEEFFT+1900000),'YYYYDDD')> sysdate and CHY55VEND IN ('3904111')
and TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(cntr.CHY55VEFFT+1900000), 'YYYYDDD')> sysdate and CHY55VEND IN ('3904111')
Order By '7,4,5'
How many instences creating in oracle 11g , ihave single core processor and 16Gb RAM,5ooGb hard disk
we need to extract value from below xml tag

select extractValue(value(vy), '//NARRATIVE/NA_LOAD_DT') dateloaded,
                               extractValue(value(vy), '//NARRATIVE/NA_LOADED_BY') loadedby,
                               extractValue(value(vy), '//NARRATIVE/NA_TYPE') nartype,
                               extractValue(value(vy), '//NARRATIVE/NA_TEXT') text
                          from table(XMLSequence(Extract(lx_xml,
                                                         '//RESPONSE/MESSAGE/ITEM/RSP_REPORT/CONSUMER/NARRATIVES/NARRATIVE type="M"'))) vy)
How do I call a BI publisher report via an apex rest service.
Can you please share any examples / links
I have two Oracle 11G installations on two different Unix servers. I would like to know if there is a way to compare the two installations quickly and see if there are any differences in files, settings etc.

Oracle Heterogeneous Services is a feature of Oracle DB that allows the database to talk to non-Oracle DBs through their ODBC drivers.

It is fairly straightforward to debug an ODBC driver using ODBC client tools such as isql.

With isql - I can input the driver info at the initial command prompt. isql and similar tools accept the ODBC DSN name and directly loads the driver. Thus when I type: info sharedlibrary at the GDB command-prompt I see the ODBC shared library loaded that I am interested in debugging.

How can I do the same using sqlplus or other Oracle client tool?
However, with sqlplus there is no telling when the driver gets loaded.

How do I debug an ODBC driver ("dynamically loaded library") using Oracle Heterogeneous Services?
My ODBC driver works fine in isql environment.
I am interested in knowing how Oracle HS calls my driver to uncover issues in the ODBC driver and fix them.

Environment: Linux
Debugger: GDB
Oracle Heterogeneous Services:
I am getting error ORA-29279: SMTP permanent error: 504 auth type not available (#5.5.1) please help. I am using Oracle 11g R1
The Oracle SP is returning 2 outputs. One is cursor and another is string. I want to handle both outputs in C# after execution. The 2nd output is error if the query has any issues. If string returned is null or empty I should save the cursor output to a datatable. Please help

Oracle SP is executeSQL(sql_in IN varchar2, p_out package.ref_Cursor, p_err out varchar2)
Hi Expert,

I'm getting below Oracle Web-logic application error could anybody please guide me how to fix it!

subsystem is initializing on Server WebWORKS6.>
####<Aug 2, 2018 1:09:38 PM GMT> <Info> <Store> <trpridrps1app6> <WebWORKS6> <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '2' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <> <1533215378092> <BEA-280008> <Opening the persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" for recovery: directory=D:\Manu\IDRPPSA\srvr6\config\JDADomain\servers\WebWORKS6\data\store\diagnostics requestedWritePolicy="Disabled" fileLockingEnabled=true driver="wlfileio3".>
####<Aug 2, 2018 1:09:38 PM GMT> <Critical> <WebLogicServer> <trpridrps1app6> <WebWORKS6> <Main Thread> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <> <1533215378108> <BEA-000386> <Server subsystem failed. Reason: java.lang.NullPointerException
       at weblogic.diagnostics.archive.DiagnosticStoreRepository.getStore(
       at …
I need to generate an XML file with header, detail records. The detail records come from one table and the header record comes from a different table. The generated XML file must be written to a flat file. How do I go about doing this.

Sample XML -
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The values from the detail records comes from a single table. The header record values can be written out from some variables as part of pl/sql code.
Any suggestions will be helpful.

Integration with Oracle OPERA. I have a customer who uses Oracle OPERA for their hotel bookings etc. The customer would like to have an email sent out a couple days before their reservation and then upon checkout. I was thinking Microsoft FLOW would be a good candidate, however, I'm not sure if FLOW is able to connect to the Oracle database.
Someone mentioned that OPERA has an XML web service, however, didn't really elaborate as to if this would work for my scenario. I'm open to suggestions and what would be the best or at least a recommended way of getting booking information such as the name, dates and email addresses.
If Microsoft FLOW is not recommended, would a C# application be advisable to use?

Currently, we have someone who creates an email list everyday and sends through Mail Chimp. Thanks for your assistance in advance.
Hi Expert,

Could anybody please guide me how to load data from Oracle DB to Hadoop HDFS and the result back to Oracle DB.

Thanks in Advance!
Want to Extract Data (CSV file) from Oracle 8i Table and I am suing utl_file, but have a strange problem , when extracting Arabic data for customer name field the whole record orientation become incorrect, even minus sign become on the right !!!, but extracting English customer name the record will be fine ? any  idea ?

Procedure :

for table_rec in table loop

all_data :=
utl_file.PUTF(file1, all_data);
end loop;

English Output :


Arabic Output :

Alsalam Alikum guys
how are you all i wish all with great health

i would like to ask i have an error when i attemp to open .FMB file on oracle form 6i
when i try to open REPORT_NEW.fmb form i got
FRM-10043 Cannot open file.

anyone can help me to solve this problem and be able to modify on this form :)
thanks people in advance :)
Hey there experts!
I have a importer app developed using delphi and oracle. What it does is, imports data into tables from excel files.
When i run the app it shows list of import files which come from table "importFile".
The structure of the table as below:

ImportCode          PackageName                TableName
A_21                       package_21                      tab_21
A_31                       package_31                      tab_31
A_41                       package_41                      tab_41
So actually when i run the app and select A_21 it runs the package_21 and inserts record into tab_21 similarly other import files.

I have records in tab_21, tab_31 and tab_41 which store the import information.

Now the suffix in importcode, packagename, tablename needs to be changed which means A_21 can become A_31, A_31 may become A_41 and so on.
For example now when i run the app create a new import file A_21 will become A_31, package name will become package_31 and table will become tab_31. The problem is i need to get the old records from tab_21 to tab_31.

So the logic is :
if A_21 changes to A_31, it will check if tab_21 has records or not, if there are records it needs to be copied to A_31. But A_31 may have existing records so those can be transferred to a temp table.

Now if A_31 needs to be changed to A_41, the records which is stored in temp needs to be copied A_41.

So precisely i need to suffle the table names with preserving the old …
how can i change [PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME {lock-period to expire in minutes, not days??

For oracle. Thanks
pg_idrp_ts_domain_param_BODY.txtpg_idrp_ts_domain_param_BODY.txtpg_idrp_ts_domain_param_HEAD.txtHi Expert, Hope you are doing well!

I'm facing performance issue with my production database. The attached stored proc took more than 3 hours to execute in prod DB .

I know it's weird to post this type of issue in direct, still if there any findings by you please guide .

Please let me know if you required any info like table structure or data volume or more !

Thanks for your help as always.

Oracle Database





Oracle is an object-relational database management system. It supports a large number of languages and application development frameworks. Its primary languages are SQL, PL/SQL and Java, but it also includes support for C and C++. Oracle also has its own enterprise modules and application server software.