Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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Hello Experts. My company, with exchange 2013 cu19 enterprise, AD 2012 R2, is looking into options of migrating email to o365. Mainly how much time consuming the process will be. My company owns many different companies, all in one domain forest. So we have around 30 UPN in our domain, and even more accepted domains in our on-prem exchange.

We will be in a hybrid scenario for long term, and all mailflow will happen through our on prem mail firewall. I have recently found out that before we can migrate any user to o365, we have to add all our on prem accepted domains to exchange online first. Even though o365 itself will not be accepting any external emails for us. Otherwise, the migrated users in o365 will not be able to send those domains thats are not added at accepted domains in exchange online any emails. Is this true? And why?

In order to add accepted domain in exchange online, i first need to add and verify the domain in  o365 tenant?

Please let me know, and thanks in advance.
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I am getting pages of spam emails that started this morning and the spam email addresses are all different.  I am running Outlook 2010 on my Windows 7 laptop and do not have a antivirus or malware program installed. What is the best free or paid subscription solution to get rid of this issue.  I am not able to use my email.  Should I install AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes? Thanks in advance for your help.
cannot connect to an exchange account from Outlook 2016

After setting on the log I got these messages:
2018.03.22 22:05:44 <<<< Logging Started (level is LTF_TRACE) >>>>
2018.03.22 22:05:44 HELPER::Initialize called
2018.03.22 22:05:44 Initializing: Finding a Transport
2018.03.22 22:05:44 MAPI XP Call: XPProviderInit in EMSMDB.DLL, hr = 0x00000000
2018.03.22 22:05:44 MAPI Status: (-- -- ---/--- -- ---)
2018.03.22 22:05:44 MAPI XP Call: TransportLogon, hr = 0x00000000
2018.03.22 22:05:44 Initializing: Found a transport, Error code = 0x00000000
2018.03.22 22:05:44 MAPI XP Call: AddressTypes, hr = 0x00000000, cAddrs = 3, cUids = 1
2018.03.22 22:05:44 MAPI Status: (IN -- ---/OUT -- ---)
2018.03.22 22:05:44 MAPI XP Call: TransportNotify(BEGIN_IN|BEGIN_OUT), hr = 0x00000000
2018.03.22 22:05:44 HELPER::Initialize done, Error code = 0x00000000
2018.03.22 22:05:44 HELPER::GetCapabilities called, Error code = 0x00000000
I'm trying to add column heading to the following HTML. The headings contained in the sbody1 are as follows Primary Appellant Full Name, Appeal Number and Adjudicator. This code is being run from an Access db that generates Outlook email with table.

sbody = "Hi " & strname & ",<br>The appeal(s) identified below are currently involved in the LA Initiative.  Although the appeals have not been settled, the appeals have been pended in MAS. " & _
"<br><br>HA processing (i.e., conducting hearings and/or issuing orders) must cease until further notice from HA HQ. <b><u> DO NOT SHIP THE CASE FILE(S) TO THE Ad</b></u>  You must keep possession of the case file(s) until further instruction from HA HQ." & sbody & "</table><br><br><br><br><br><table>" & sbody1 & " </table></b></i><br><br>If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!, </i></div></body></html>"

Open in new window

   sbody1 = sbody1 & "</tr><td>" & rst2("Primary Appellant Full Name") & "<br></td><td>" & rst2("Appeal Number") & "<br></td><td>" & rst2("Adjudicator") & "</td></tr>"

Open in new window

When i boot up i get the following message
But when i look at the setting in OUtlook and my setting prefereances both point to Microsoft Outlook
Windows 10
Microsoft Outlook 16

 What happens when i boot up
I can not open the contact list of a group in Outlook when i am in the email To: or CC: or BCC
All my other groups will open in an email but this one

windows 10
Microsoft Office 2016

what happens when i try to open my group contact list
What i get when i click on the help button
how can I send email reminders for due dates from a lending library template in MS access?
I have always been confused as how exchange photo works with AD photo attributes. do they sync? can we make it possible so exchange photo sync with AD?
we have our AD gets updated with employee photos daily and I have disabled users ability to change their photo in outlook. however, if a user photo is updated in AD it does not update the exchange photo.
Can someone explain to me how exchange photo works when it comes to AD photo.
I am trying to move emails from an DropBox to Exchange Email.  However, when I drag and drop the emails they disappear after they are transferred into the Exchange email account.

I have also tried to export to a pst and then import but the import fails.
New office 365 mailbox.

I've imported the PST, inbox is still updating, however, when I receive new emails it doesn't show up. on the portal(OWA) it does.

But when I search a name e.g John it will show newer emails from him.
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Free tool for managing users' photos in Office 365

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Exchange 2007 - Auditing a Calendar of one person.

Outlook 2010 - Auditing (turned on)

I'd like to know what i need to do to turn on Auditing for an individual (if thats possible...maybe auditing needs to be turned on for the whole server...i suppose i'm stuck with that).  We have a user with issues with his calendar, and i'm trying to determine if its a user issue, an iphone issue or perhaps another user making changes to his shared calendar.

Right now what i've basically found is this:
Which gives me auditing for everything as far as i can tell.  

I'd definately rather just enable it for the one user having an issue though.  
Something like:
Set-Mailbox -Identity "John Smith" -AuditEnabled $true
I need some help setting up Azure RMS. AIP is activated in Azure. I've set up my labels. I've installed the AIP client and see the button in Outlook 2016.

When I click the button I get a message that pops up that says "Azure Information Protection cannot apply this label because the client isn't fully configured. Try closing and re-opening your Office application, and if prompted, sign in. If the problem persists, contact your help desk or administrator."

I've tried waiting a few hours for the labels to publish. Any ideas?

Error message

Though there are a few manual ways to import PST files to Office 365, third-party PST to Office 365 import tools are preferred over them due to various reasons.  Consequently, many tools or services are available for the same. Here, we pick the top 4 ones:

  1. Kernel Import PST to Office 365 Tool
  2. 4Team PST Migration services
  3. BitTitan PST to Office 365 Migration Wiz
  4. NetMail PST to Office 365 migration services

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Note: You can import PST to a single mailbox using its Office 365 account. Also, you can import PST to multiple mailboxes using an Office 365 account with Global Administrator credentials.

4Team PST Migration Services

With the use of this 4Team PST Migration services, you can import PST files and OST files to Office 365. You can also import multiple Outlook profiles to the Office 365 account. While using the import services, you do not have to worry about anything else. Another advantage is that their service can be used for migrations involving many other applications like Gmail, Exchange, etc.

BitTitan PST to Office 365 Migration Wiz

BitTitan PST Office 365 MigrationWiz can migrate PST mailboxes and public folders to Office 365. This process has zero downtime and zero impact on end users. This tool also provides complete security to data while you are using this MigrationWiz. However, this tool is complicated to use, and so novice users cannot use it.

NetMail PST to Office 365 migration services

NetMail offers PST to Office 365 import services. They offer to eliminate security risks and provide you well-secured data without any loss or any change in it. So, it helps to deal with all the import-related issues and access PST files in Office 365 quickly. It is a reliable and affordable way to import PST to Office 365. You can use it without worrying about any technical details.

Final Verdict

If you want to avoid manual methods for importing PST files to Office 365, you will have to try third-party tools. Here, we have listed the top 4 tools for importing PST to Office 365 - you can use any of them. But if user-friendliness is your first consideration for selecting the tool, you should choose Kernel Import PST to Office 365 tool. It is very efficient in importing PST files to Office 365.

I am familiar with setting the following variables to move messages from inbox to another folder, however, I'm trying to figure out what modifications I need to make if the source mailbox is NOT my default Inbox.  

I have three mailboxes in my outlook and I need to figure out how to address the Inbox of the second mailbox in my outlook tree.  I assume it requires a change to the 3rd line below but I can find the syntax by Googling around.

Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objNamespace = objOutlook.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set objFolderSrc = objNamespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)      <<<<< This line
Set objFolderDst = objFolderSrc.Folders("@ToFile")

Any help would be appreciated.
Hello all,

is it possible to create a macro which can be used to create/insert another macro/sub procedure in VBA on the same machine?

like this

suppose, an outlook vba userform with fields like "macroName, To, CC and BCC"

when user load this userform and update these fields, a new macro (sub procedure) wants to be created on the same machine like below

Sub macroName()
 Dim objMsg As MailItem
 Dim emilTo As Outlook.Recipient
 Dim emilCC As Outlook.Recipient
 Dim emailBCC As Outlook.Recipient
 Set objItem = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
 Set objMsg = objItem.Forward
 Set emilTo = objMsg.Recipients.Add("to.com")
 Set emilCC = objMsg.Recipients.Add("cc.com")
 Set emilbcc = objMsg.Recipients.Add("bcc.com")
 emailTo.Type = olTo
 emailcc.Type = olCC
 emailbco.Type = olBCC
 End Sub

so if I create let's say a main/standard vba userform (a forwarding macro in above case) to be used by an end user who probably unknown to vba codlings can create a number of forwarding macros with different recipients. further if these new macros can be assigned to customized button programmatically, it would be wonderful.


 I have an user who uses Road Runner (now Spectrum) email service (Jeffr@cityname.rr.com) and I like to to get him moved over to Microsoft hosted exchange service with domain name (Jeff@company_domain.com) so that his email resides in MS cloud server and his iPhone (via Exchange account) and Outlook software can synchronize the data in the cloud all the time. However he does not want to spend money ($4/month for hosted exchange, domain name $15/year via Godaddy = $53/year).
Does Gmail provide something similar to Microsoft Hosted Exchange service where he can sync up his Outlook and iPhone?

in my outlook when I search a user name it shows when I click receive date but when I do search from FROM field it only display his 1 email and all other email doesn't show up

also when isearch username  how should I find that particular email is in which folderof in box? as when I search username I see his emails but cant find in which folder of inbox it is
A client of me with Office 365 mail accounts wants to have a contacts list in Outlook that is shared for all of the users and can be easily changed when needed.
I would say a public folder is the best for this, but it can also be done using a shared mailbox.

what is the common idea on this?

If a document pops up that public folder is really used / advised for this then I would love to see this so I can convince the client to use a public folder :)

PS: Outlook for mac is used and 1 user does want his contacts list IN the MAC contacts app.
When setting up a new profile on outlook 2013/2016/365 Outlook keeps asking for a password... When doing the same from Outlook 2010 no issues... anyone got an idea. I'm stuck with our migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013...
OWA and mobile access works fine...
Easily manage email signatures in Office 365
Easily manage email signatures in Office 365

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Dear Experts, we are using Exchange 2016 mail server, but sometimes the new users could not login as Exchange account in MS Outlook (it changed to IMAP automatically). Some others could.

Do you know why? Please explain and suggest. Many thanks!
Dear Bros,

                     One of my users can see shared calendar in Outlook, but not in OWA.
But other users are able to see the shared calendar in their OWA.

Please kindly help me on this.

Best Regards,
Kyaw Thu
An email was restored from enterprise vault which included the option to only copy the email from EV. The email was subsequently deleted from the 'restored' folder in Outlook. Would this process delete the email from EV?
Hello all:

My company has a unmanaged email account for our helpdesk  team.  We get cases via different ways, one of them being via a transcripted vm with audio attachment.  What I am looking to do is to forward this email, while modifying both the subject as well as appending some data to the end of the transcription.  This is needed because the account we forward to will parse the file (looking for a specific subject) and also looking for specific xml tags in the body (what we would append to the end of the body).  We would also like this to be server side as the mailbox (which is a shared mailbox) is not attached to a specific user.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Many thanks!

Hi, I am relatively new to Outlook 2016.  I was using Outlook 2010.  It seems 2016 has been a bit more fickle to work with.  I also don't understand the storage or archiving locations that well in an IMAP environment.

C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\mike@email.com.ost 700 megs
c:\users\michael\documents\outlook files\outlook data file - outlook.pst  13 gigs

So I state nothing is optimized, everything is dragging or simply not working.  I don't understand how the OST functions in comparison to the PST.  I assume the PST in my active email database file but when I select data files in mail within control panel, it points to the OST file... C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\mike@email.com.ost

Troubleshooting Steps:

    I ran a scanpst hoping to resolve some issues with the PST.  It did find a bunch of errors.  I have yet to open it back yet.
       I use to chop off PSTs and create new PSTs to stash my previous year's data into.  However, I was consulted on enabling archiving.  I set it to archive after 8 months of data.  However, my PST is bigger than ever and I can clearly see archiving is not doing its job.  There email data lingering beyond the 8 month mark.  I am almost tempted to migrate from G Suite to O 365 Exchange because this shiat is annoying.
      we have a new receptionist. in exchange, our rooms are configured to show how many seats.  how can the receptionist know how many seats if she has access to the rooms on her calendar?







      Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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