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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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Today as you open your Outlook, you witness an error message: “Outlook is using an old copy of your Outlook Data File…”. Probably, Outlook is accessing an old OST file.
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Random users outlook got disconnected in our Exchange 2010 environment.

Any help will be highly appreciated !!!
One of our users is unable to delete mail from the Deleted items on their 365 mailbox.

In Outlook 2016 it appears to delete the mail, but if you click on to another folder and then back in to deleted it is there again. I have tried this in safe mode, disabled all add ins, .old the OST file and let the profile rebuild, a new email profile on a different machine, and also it will not delete from the OWA. When deleting in the OWA you get the message to say this will be permanently deleted, are you sure? When you click yes the selected mail just stays in deleted.

My guess is it is an issue in the background of the mailbox as we cannot remove from the OWA but I thought I would see if anyone had this before whilst we wait for our host to come back.
We Can't sending Email to our customer , Message Blocked and below are replay from mailer -deamon @ google .com

The response from the remote server was:
550 5.7.1 <ary@primatata.com>: Sender address rejected: Service unavailable; SPF check failed and transaction closed due to the organization's policy

What should we do?? Thanks
I've been using the same email addresses on the same computer with Outlook 2013 for years.  My email addresses are/were thru Verizon.

Within the last year AOL bought the emails from Verizon.  For a period of time the emails worked with the same Outlook settings as they had before AOL made the purchase.  Recently AOL stopped supporting the old setting and I revised my accounts to the new setting.  Everything worked fine for a couple weeks but every once in a while I'd get this popup for each of the two accounts.

I am at my computer all day for my work.  In prior years I would get this popup rarely and when I did get it, it was usually because Verizon was having email issues.

Now, I get this popup for both email accounts I have routed to this computers Outlook.

The email address is not having issues.  I can get and receive emails to the same accounts on my phone without issue.  I have re-entered the password and checked the "Save this password in your password list" dozens of times with no resolution.

Today was the worst it's been.  I have my email set to 'Send Receive' every ten minutes and this popup seemed to appear for both accounts every time the send/receive was invoked.  Even when I confirm the password and click the 'Save password' box Outlook will not retrieve my email.  I get a send/receive error.

Anyone having similar issues or know what is causing this and how to resolve?
ONE USER outlook 2013  OOF works for some time for some hrs. and then turns off automatically

I recreated the outlook profile, checked proxy settings.

All I found was 2 things

When I ran test emailautoconfiguration on users  outlook

I got below
Local autodiscover for xxx.com failed (0x800C8204)

There were  3 or more profiles created

Can this be an issue
Strange the fonts only change in Outlook on the remote device. Fine when I'm working remote however when I get into the office it's hard to work in Outlook on my desktop.  

To clarify only Outlook fonts are smaller everything else has not changed.
I have a bunch of PST files that I need to mount in Outlook for inspection.

How can I just discard those password protected files and avoid the error when mounting automatically?

This instructions seems not be working, it still stop the VBA code:

 olkNS.AddStore PST_name
On error GoTo NoProcess

So, if addStore throw an error, the VBA code should not halt, but go to the label NoProcess.

However, the execution gets halted with this error:
'-2147467259 (80004005)': the outlook data file (.pst) failed to load for this session

VBA code is running from excel as it is taken data from a spreadsheet to load the pst (like name, path) and then is written to excel data from the loaded pst.
When my client attempts to send a report to email using Access 2003, the option is greyed out and they therefore are unable to complete the action. I feel the fault lies with compatibility, as we use Office 2010 for the rest of daily use, such as Outlook for email. Access 2003 is used just for their database. But I have two other servers with identical images installed, and they both allow send to email.

I am at a loss as to what could be preventing send to email. I look forward to hearing your thoughts that could help me find what is causing the issue.
 I have SBS2011/Exchange 2010. I have an user who wants incoming emails to be forward to a HOTMAIL account. Microsoft Outlook is client email program.
Can you help?

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Dear Experts,

I used this site to prepare and do the exchange migration.
Migrating a small organization from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 (Part 1) - TechGenix

after step 4 : Updating Exchange 2010 Virtual Directory URLs : Enable-OutlookAnywhere -Server $Server -ClientAuthenticationMethod Basic -SSLOffloading $False -ExternalHostName $HTTPS_FQDN -IISAuthenticationMethods NTLM, Basic

If first receive an error that the RPC connection allready exists.

and after updating the DNS records from mail.

I am unable to get the Outlook clients connected to the new mailserver 2016. it constantly asks for credentials and is unable to start outlook.

I think this can also be because the first IT provider has called the exchange 2010 server “mail”.
after changing the A records Mail. the new 2016 server loses connection with 2010.

any tips? can i rename the old server without any problems? so i can easily change the A record?
At below link and attached code to count hours for 2 different categories is working really good but how can I add more categoties excect the 2 in this example??
Ive tryed to do it but I have not the knowledge, I hope some one could help me....

This is using MS Outlook 2013. Recently, found that the latest emails not receiving. On the outlook bottom, there always a message stating "This folder is last updated at 10:45 am" while now is already 5 pm.

The only action we can do is in Outlook > Send and Receive tab; click "Update Folder" 2 times. Normally, latest emails will be downloaded. I checked the size of the OST is about 2 GB. What should we do to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.
I have a list of PST files in Excel (with their full path)

a VBA running within excel would  open each PST file (load it) into Outlook and then count the items in each folder and close it.
It would then write in a cell the information from the PST and proceed with the others, until exhaust the list.

The ideal situation, would be to close (remove) any PST file loaded just after have been written the data into the excel spreadsheet. Any hint on how to remove a store (a PST file loaded in Outlook -other than the main PST file) ?

The code for load is pretty straightforward (just Outlk.addstore filepath&name)
but Outlk.removeStore does not work as easy...

We use outlook client 2010  and 2013  for the users  and it was opened already by the users and I had to restart our Exchange 2007 server and the server is back up and running now .
But below the outlook windows for all the users  it says “This folder was last updated at 12:30”  “Needs password”

If I close outlook and open in again the password prompt goes away and  It says updating folder and updates inbox  and other folders without any problems.This is happening every time i  restart exchange server and i have to ask all the users to close outlook and open it again for outlook to update all the folders.

Will this be caused due to  replication between exchange and the domain controllers or  antivirus firewall .

Any help to trouble shoot this problem would be great!
Thanks  in advance
Best option for converting OST file from Exchange 2013 to PST so I can import to an account on a Exchange 2016
I have a list of PST files in Excel (with their full path)

a VBA running within excel would  open each PST file (load it) into Outlook and then count the items in each folder and close it.
It would then write in a cell the information for the PST and proceed with the others, until exhaust the list.

At least for now,  I need just a hint on how access the current outlook session (I now how to start a new one from Excel, but it would much more efficient to use an already open instance of Outlook)
Dear Experts, we are in workgroup environment with 200 users and planning to join domain in next week. The DC is ready, problem is local users now are using local profiles with MS Outlook data and when they join domain, a new profile comes.

As my understanding, new Outlook profiles will be created when they open MS Outlook in their new domain profiles, am I right? Is there any solution to avoid it? How can we map an Outlook profile (in local user profile) to new Outlook profile (in a new domain user profile)?

At our office we use one shared office email address and are receiving e-mails to 10 locations via Outlook 2007. The last few months email are not showing up on on every desktop (for many years they did). I have reconfirmed they all have "leave a copy of messages on server" checked.

We are not against upgrading versions but it's a large expenditure and we would only do that if we were sure that solves the problem.

Separating the emails (one per station) is not a viable option since everyone check the general email box.

Any ideas?
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when i export Get-MailboxFolderStatistics username | Select Name, Identity,FolderandSubFolderSize,ItemsinFolderandSubfolders
there are items in  Top of Information Store, when I went to my outlook I do n ot see any items but when I uncheck "Show home page by default for this folder" I still see my mailbox have no items in Top of Information Store..

how is Get-MailboxFolderStatistics get these items and are there actually items in  Top of Information Store ?
I have installed Office 2016 on a new Dell laptop and Outlook is giving me a problem
Basically the Inbox is not updating, all other folders and contacts are updating even the Deleted folder updates, the Inbox shows the number of unread messages and that is how i know they are getting through, if i do a search of the Inbox I can see the emails that it finds based on the search.

The account is a Domain account from an Exchange Server 2010, Office 2016 Pro

The email account is 5 years old

The emails are being received on the old laptop, tablet and phone

I have checked View - filters, Started it in safe, deleted the OST file and reinstalled Office

The error showing in sync is:

Task 'Email removed for privacy' reported error (0x00040820) : 'Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, further information is available in a synchronization log in the Sync Issues folder.'

The synchronization Log shows:

15:27:40 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8625
15:27:40 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Email removed for privacy'
15:27:40 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Inbox'
15:27:40 Downloading from server 'dc-Server name removed for privacy'
15:27:40 SyncMonitor triggered for Inbox (0x80004005)
15:27:40 Error synchronizing folder
15:27:40                  [80004005-501-FFFFFC06-560]
15:27:40                  The client operation failed.
15:27:40                  Microsoft Exchange Information Store
15:27:40                  For more information on this failure,…
I'd like to take an entire email with graphics and attachments and use it to create an appointment for next Thursday.
What is the quickest way of doing this?
hi experts,

 so I have outlook configured with IMAP email account and when I open an email to read it or even sent emails and I move them to another folder it is automatically marked as unread. outlook version 2016.

example: I compose and email and hit send.
now my sent folder has 1 in bold "unread email" then I click on sent and now it is marked as read. make sense?
I have a customer with an email address/domain hosted by Google G Suite.

I want to be able to enter appointments in a calendar in Outlook 2016 that automatically show up in a Google calendar.  The customer uses G Suite.  The G Suite tech support staff say the only way to do this is with their "G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook", but this requires allowing the program to create a whole new Outlook profile, and sync all emails contacts, calendars, everything.  Right now it looks like the sync is set to complete in approximately 2 days!

There used to be a way to just grab the link to the Google calendar, and enter it into the Calendar tab in Outlook.  But when I do it, Outlook says the URL is invalid.

Is there an easy and quick way to do this?

I ran ESEUTIL /P when my EDB started to show dirty shutdown error. After running the ESEUTIL /P Command my database got mounted, but now a few users are not able to connect through Outlook or Outlook Web Access.
Then I checked the state using eseutil/mh, It is showing in dirty shutdown.Can someone please suggest me a solution to resolve this issue.






Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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