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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

We just completed a migration for a client from POP3 to Office365.
I cannot 100% say that some accounts were not imap, but everything I touched was POP3.

It was a manual process that required both email servers to be live with transport rules between them.
There was no easy way around this, but only Office 365 exchange is running now.

During the process we would fire up an O365 license for the user
Import their PST into the email account through Outlook
Let it migrate to the cloud
and everything worked fine save for 1 other user that had this issue.
Deleting and recreating their profile solved the problem for that user.

Current issue
One user had a sizable PST of around 11GB, but nothing we had not seen in several other users
It imported to Outlook without error

In Outlook 2016, there is an issue where SOME subfolders not showing any emails.  Even when a brand new email from today is moved to that folder.  Invisible.
All of the emails show up in OWA.

We have deleted and recreated the email profile
Set cache to ALL (changed from 1 year)
Set cache to none
View->view settings = Off.  Do not see any filters set there.
Do not see any rules set up

I have noticed that some of the subfolder properties show
Type: folder containing IMAP items
Where others show Type: folder containing Mail and Post items
However they do not correspond to the problem folders.  It appears to be random which will not sync and which have the IMAP or…
Hi All

We have a strange scenario with 1 user not being able to access their mailbox remotely on a Domain Laptop.

We assigning the correct settings in "OA Proxy Settings" after a Outlook restart we are the settings disappear.

What we have tried so far.

Different user account on Laptop - Works fine, indicating its User specific.
Checked Exchange and AD setting and Non working user and Working user have the same settings.
Moved Non working user to same OU as Working user - no change
Gave Non working user same access rights through firewall - no change
Checked GPO and cannot see any differences.

Its driving me nuts as always its a Director and in this time of troubles he is screaming.

I have searched forums but alas no fix found so far.

Thank you in advance

I am running Windows 10 and Office 365 on my two office laptops (both are pretty new Lenovo laptops).  All of a sudden, Outlook won't open on one of my computers.  If it's already open, it stops getting new emails - and if it's not already open it won't open at all.  I need to reboot the computer, and then everything works fine.  Any idea what's causing this, and how I can fix it?  There aren't any error messages to give me a hint.


Hi,  we have Exchange 2010 and 2016 in coexistence.  We added 2 new Exchange 2016 servers and were in the process of configuring them.  They new servers' IPs were not behind the NLB VIP yet.

When some 2016 users opened outlook, they were getting certificate warnings for the new servers.  Why would Outlook connect to those servers even though there are no mailboxes on them and the NLB doesn't point to them?
Exchange 2016. I had to renew my SSL certificates, after renewing them, kept getting errors on all the outlook users.
Now I cannot get into EAC or the management shell
IIS seems to also have issues. I am at a loss.

This is my first time to ask; Now we are work from home because of coronavirus we were working from home sines three weeks ago,

My issues with the exchange:

- when adding an account from the work network and go home is working fine.

- No one can add the account to outlook from home because of different use networks even use VPN.
this message appears ( An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available)

- Users who work on outlook form home, outlook not stable some time disconnect and sometimes need to close outlook and open again.

our exchange server is 2019 and office 2016 all on-prime
please need help to make everything stable.

Thanks in advance,

I check Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Edition end of support date from MS site and this is what I found:

Mainstream Support End Date: 4/10/2018      

Extended Support End Date: 4/11/2023

What is the difference between both?
What are some ways that I can create a Skype for Business meeting via Outlook 365?
For instance, can you check someone availability via for a meeting via Outlook, then I believe you can then schedule a Skype for Business meeting.
OS: Windows 10 version 1903
Hi Experts,

I am lately experiencing something very strange and frustrating with my Outlook (Office 365).

When searching for emails I definitely have them in my inbox, for no money can I find them.

Just this Friday I sent and received back messages with subject "Email wording", and when searching for it or by going thru all my Friday emails, I simply cannot manage to find them.

Any Idea?

Hey Experts,

I am beginning a migration to O365 from exchange 2010 and was checking the health of mailboxes prior to deploying the hybrid configuration.

I discovered a user's mailbox that had corruption and to cut he story short, I had to delete the mailbox and re-create it (leaving the AD user account intact)

All went well but now I have discovered that internal users get an NDR stating that the user cannot be found.

I have tried:

- to force an update on the OAB then forced outlook on another user's machine to download the OAB,
- removed the entry from the other users NK2 files,

It work fine when I use OWA to send mail to the new mailbox which leads to believe that there's a problem with distribution of the OAB.

Anyone assist me with this?

I am running Windows 10, and regularly sync my Outlook with my iPhone 6.  Today I was notified by iTunes that there was an update available, but when I tried to update the software/firmware, I got the message below saying I needed to liberate some storage on the phone.  It said I needed 770 MB, but there's over 8 GB available on the phone.  Please help.

iPhone storage error

How do I get the Paragraph spacing and indent dialog box?
We just upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2019. We are using installed software, not the cloud.  Is there a way to make Outlook look more like the 2007 version?  Not really liking the look and feel of Outlook 2019.  Staff is complaining, too.
Outlook 2019 keeps popping up a "Sign In" window, then disconnecting from Exchange.  This will happen randomly, then not for a while, the it happens over and over and over again. How do I make it stop trying to get me to Sign In to a Microsoft account?  I bought the software and have installed and it has a valid key. I have even tried signing in my Microsoft account, but that doesn't make this stop.  Whether I sign in or just close that Sign In window, Outlook still disconnects from Exchange. I have to click the "Disconnected" area in lower right corner, then it connects and is fine until this happens again.

We are in a remote office and we are VPN'd to the server at our home office in another city.  When this Outlook thing happens, the VPN is still connected and our apps that are running over the VPN are still working, so I think this is just something to fix in Outlook
Running WinServ2012R2 with Access and Outlook 2016.

Using job scheduler and macros/VBA to send out automated reports via email.  Messages are going out fine....but now I want to see who's actually reading them and who's ignoring them.

Outlook profile on the machine has read-receipt-requested as a default.  Access is sending the messages out via EmailDatabaseObject and/or SendObject....and it's not picking up that profile setting.  Instead, the sent messages have the tracking options (delivery/read receipt) greyed out.

Any way to fix/enable it?  If not, we'll live....but it would have been nice.  

The Access/Outlook "break" might even be by design.  I noticed that Access macros will still run even if Outlook is NOT open.  The messages will just queue up in the Outbox and will go out whenever Outlook gets re-opened.
Hi All

I have been tasked with searching through an Ex Users PST file.

There are a number of criteria being asked, for example:
1) All Emails between the Ex User and Person X
2) All Emails between the Ex User and Person Y
3) All emails between the Ex User, Person X And Person Y talking as a group
4) Emails with the word 'Blah' in it

Is there a better way of searching through this PST file other than the Search options that come with Outlook as even the Advanced Search option does not really offer these search criteria.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Is it possible from Exchange online (O365 WEB), OWA to save an email as an attachment in local pc, like .msg?

Hello, we have a few users who regularly connect to shared PST files.  Over the last few weeks they have reported that some of the PST's are becoming corrupt and they can't open them.  The PST's are located on a shared drive and they all have .corrupt at the end of the file name (e.g. "sharedpst.pst.corrupt").  I have tried restoring the PST files from backup and using the scanpst tool but the files just become corrupted again after a few days.  Also scan pst appears to fix the file, but when i re-run it the tool still reports corruptions.
I am required to get email from two different email accounts.  Outlook from Office 365 keeps prompting me for one password and I can get in.  When prompted for the second email account, it keeps failing and looping back to the log in prompt.  I have verified that I am entering the correct password for the failing account.
Hi Experts,

I use an application called Mailwasher to preview my emails prior to downloading them into MS Outlook 2016.  I currently launch it from the Taskbar.

I would like to create a button on the Outlook Ribbon to launch Mailwasher.

Is there a way to create a custom button to do this?

Bob C.
Hi, I have an issue with IMAP client (Outlook 2013) and a quite large mailbox (about 30 GB).
Outlook is still synchronizing inbox, but this task never completes (and quite often, Outlook crashes so I need to manually kill process and restart it).
I already disabled Kaspersky plugin, which was one of first suspects for this behavior.
OS is Windows 10.
Can you give me some hints to troubleshooting this issue?
Thank you
When using Outlook desktop, the application crashes and restarts if I open up a new mail window. For example, if my inbox is open and I open a new window for sent items. It does not happen if I open up multiple other window types such as tasks, calendar, notes while a mail (inbox/sent/drafts) window is open, only when I open multiple mail windows. I am running this on two Dell machines running Windows 10 Pro and it only occurs on one of the machines.
2019 is up and running.  2 servers in a DAG with full creative originality in the naming of exchmb1 and exchmb2. I have not moved all mailboxes yet from the old 2013 server.  I have moved some of the affected mailboxes from the old servers to the new servers with no change in the end result.

Most users are connected and working fine, but about 100 or so out of 1100 plus will not connect.

I can ping autodiscover.domain.com and mail.domainname.com and they resolve to the correct servers just fine from these machines but outlook will not connect.

They are windows 7 machines. that originally had office 2010. they now have 2016.

domain firewall is turned off and all antivirus is uninstalled.

Outlook gives the error message "Log onto Exchange ActiveSync mail server (EAS): The server cannot be found."

I have read this article stating that EAS isn't supported, but that is the ONLY option to install.  


I have tried to use this article which tries to oversimplify it, but get the same result and same error message.  


Pulling my hair out here.  Thanks in advance for any tips...

I have deleted all profiles and added the registry entry for …

my client has an existing Exchange 2016 server and a mixture of different MS Office Home and Business OEM installations. The client Cals and server license has been paid for so I'm not worried about use-equivalent rights. They want to harmonise on the latest version of Office, probably a 365 subscription.

365 Business Premium contains online hosting, but as we already have our own on-prem system fully licensed are we forced to use the hosted exchange offered or can we just ignore that part of the package? Previously I had my own E3 subscription and I could use the Outlook provided to connect to my own on-prem server.

Thanks in advance.

Hello All,

So few days before we had a power outage and exchange 2013 server went down. When power was restored, we had database in dirty shutdown. We repaired the database and users were able to access emails. however, there were 2 mailboxes that showed quarantine. I ran a repair request on those mailboxes, but still, it didn't help.
Finally, I disabled their mailbox after taking PST and created a new mailbox for them. Now they were able to access emails from the new mailbox. External send receive from these emails works fine.

However, when any internal user emails them they receive NDR. Even the two user cant send emails to each other internally.

Remote Server returned '550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found'

i tried to remove the autocomplete email from outlook and they fixed the issue for a  day, but the same situation now. I tried to send emails from owa and it works fine.
I think there is some problem with x500 email addrerss.
Can someone help to find a resolution for this?






Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.