Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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I have just reformatted my laptop, and re installed MS Office 2013 (Licensed).

Most of the times that I click on Reply or New email, I get the attached runtime error.

What do I do?

Thanks,Outlook Error
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Never seen this security warning prior to today. User working as normal when it popped up. Ran a scan with Malwarebytes which came back clean. Apparently it's been around for awhile after searching Google.

I find it interesting I've never seen it until today and nothing has changed on the network. Am I overthinking this and should I be concerned.
I am trying to deploy Office 365 click to run, but cannot seem to get it correctly?

I have used the office deployment tool and run the setup.exe /configure configuration.xml command, but I still do not seem to have a click to run version installed

I've attached the registry key that should contain HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\InstallRoot\Virtual\VirtualOutlook

But the Virtual Outlook key is missing?

What am I doing wrong?

Here is the content of my xml file


  <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Monthly">
    <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">
      <Language ID="en-us" />

A client has sent an email message with a 3 megabyte attachment name:  netbenefits.webarchive.

What program can I use to open the attachment?  I have Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro computers.
I have received an email that has an indent each time someone has replied to it.

When I print it out, the lines get smaller and smaller, and the email becomes 75 pages.

How can I get rid of the indents (like make all lines begin at the left margin?

When I tried convert the .msg file  to Adobe Acrobat, the resulting pdf still produces the same problem.
I have office proplus 365  installed through shared computer activation

when there is update from 365 side, users get lot of  outlook addin prompts  ( attached)

why so many prompts come  and secondly can we control updates from active directory
I have an issue that seems like it should be simple but isn't.  The situation:

Exchange 2016 installed on Server 2016.
The domain name is the same both internal and external: domain.com. Was previously two different domain names with a .local on the internal side.
Users have a local mailbox (email address user@domain.loc) and a POP mailbox (user@domain.com).
All email is sent/received through the POP mailbox, but when received it is stored in the local mailbox.
No email is sent out or received directly by the internal Exchange server.

This was working when the domain name internally was different from the public domain name.  OF COURSE!!  Now it's not working since we changed the internal domain name to match the external one.

My question is does anyone have an idea of how to make this work?  If I have the internal "domain.loc" email address set as the default, there are issues with permissions to send and receive using the "domain.com" address, and Outlook does some weird things.  Same if I set the "domain.com" as the default.  

I know that if I convince the client to dump the external service and use their Exchange server to send/receive directly the problems will be solved.  First, though, I need to make sure that there is nothing I've overlooked in configuring it as they've requested that will make it work.

everytime, I want to put my e-mail in Mirosoft Outlook. I get this message.

The e-mail and password are correct. I have changed my security settings but this didn't solve my problem.
Outlook 365 stop responding frequently.
Hardware Laptop
8GB of RAM
Two external display and the laptop's LCD is also in use.
I suspect the problem is something to do with video memory.

Does anyone object?
I use outlook mac 2011, on my macbookair, yesterday the program did not open and asked to do rebuilt. After this procedure, I lost identity, and I can not find the folders and my emails anymore.
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When I click on a link in outlook 2016 it opens as minimized in Chrome. See screen capture. Can you please suggest a permanent fix for once and for all? Thank you.
I s there a PowerPoint add-in for Outlook 365?
How do you auto categorized all messages coming to your mailbox. Do I have to create a separate outlook rule and know the user before receiving an email in order to create a one for one rule. I was hoping to have this done automatically to avoid having to setup a rule for an unknown recipient. I am using Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.
We are currently running Exchange 2016 Hybrid. We have "Migrated" maybe 5 on-prem mailboxes to the cloud for testing but can not seems to do a couple of things. Can't seem to get the mailbox to open using Outlook. Does this have anything to do with AutoDiscover?

 Also the Free-Busy I can't see on-prem users free or busy status just shows a bunch of hashes. your help would be great.

Can someone please help with the folowing request:

User1, 2 and 3 need to share the same assistant. She needs to get all the meeting requests forwarded to her since she will be managing the calendars.

How can we get that done with Exchange?

Outlook is disconnecting \ trying to connect to exchange intermittently for one user.

I have:
set the emails up on a different machine and they stay connected.
updated drivers
updated Windows
updated Office
network reset
uninstalled and re-installed Office Home and Business 2016
sfc scan
created a new Outlook profile
set emails up on new Windows profile

Emails have fairly recently move to O365

Any ideas please?
I have a shared mailbox which I need to setup multiple Out of Office schedules.

Out off Office Monday - Friday 18:00 to 08:00 and Out of office all weekend (so basically from 18:00 Friday evening to 08:00 Monday morning).  

It does't look like this can be done via out of office option in Outlook?  I've seen some Powershell scripts online which can be run as scheduled tasks, but they don't give examples of how to define multiple schedules and presumably I'd have to then run the schedule task on the Exchange server (which is not ideal) as we configure users PC's to go to standby when they are not being used.  

Interested to know what the best options are here and if anyone's already written a script which does what I want?

I'm using Exchange 2013 on-prem and Outlook 2016

Thanks in advance.
I'm running Outlook for office 365 MSO 16.0.11425.20200 32 bit
I connect to my local ISP which holds my mail content
I have created an archive where i put old mails grouped by some subject. 50 folders + subfolders on some of them.
This archive is NOT the Outlook Archive, but a subfolder created by me and residing directly under Inbox. I call it "ARKIV".
I connect to my mails using IMAP
However the local ost-file is becoming big (3,2 GB) and some of the folders are getting more irrelevant for day to day work.
Based on various suggestions on the web i have tried to unsubscribe to these directories so that it does not fill up my disk.
However the folder seems to pop up in ARKIV no matter what i do, but empty. So it seems like it understands that the unsubscribed emails should not be copied over from my ISP.
So it's logical that they should be empty.
I have seen that the setup in the Folder --> IMAP Folders has a "tick" saying " When Diaplaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only subscribed folders"
I have set this (of course), but it still shows the empty ARKIV-directories.
I have also deleted the local ost-file and synced this again, but this is logically strange to me since i need to see all directories before I can unsubscribe to them ...
Suggestions are VERY appreciated.
When I get outlook meetings via email or when I register to an event (*.ics), it get placed to a calendar not my own (I have my calendar and icloud calendar).  I want to always have them place in iCloud calendar; how can do this?
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I have an iPhone with Outlook app that wont sync all the folders within an Office365 account to the device.  I have checked the sync settings and they are all supposed to sync 1 month of mail (all folders have recent mail in them), but only some folders actually sync.  I have already reinstalled the Outlook App and reset the account, but it still inst pulling down the folders.

Background.  The device was working perfectly with all folders synced properly until the end user opened an excel file that "crashed the phone".  He ended up uninstalling the Outlook app to fix it.  Now that it is set back up (reinstalled a couple times) he cannot see his other folders that were there before.

iPhone7 with iOS 12.2

Any ideas what to try next?
Exchange 2010 dirty shutdown wont come clean!  Soft recovery
  Restored log and EDB and am running eseutil to clean the EDB.  I have the correct log files as of display, and it says that it goes through successfully, however, when I run the /mh, it still comes up dirty.

 I moved the log files and the EDB into the same folder for ease of syntax, but then reverted the files back, both with the same result.

 Do I have to keep the files in the original (restored) folders?
  How do I do a hard recovery for the same set given the soft recovery wont work.  The ultimate goal was to restore a clients sent item folder which has seemed to mysteriously emptied itself.  I have a good backup from native windows backup.  
 So I have a recovery DB in EMC, and am working the actual EDB on a sep disk / location, but cant get it to come clean so I can mount it, then extract the info.

 Client did not have SIR enabled.

Little help?

 Thanks in Advance

I have an existing Microsoft Exchange 2010 farm consisting of a separate server with the CAS role (MAIL01) and a separate server with the Mailbox role (HSMAILDB01).   The site makes extensive use of public folders.  The public folders are housed on the HSMAILDB01 with the mailbox role.   I just created a new Exchange 2016 server containing both the CAS and Mailbox Roles (MAIL02) in that existing Exchange farm.   Everything is fine and I can send and receive mail to/from both servers as well as to/from the internet.  OWA works fine (old and new).   The mailbox migration is slated to take place over time in phases.   I need to make public folders from the Exchange 2010 server visible to the 2016 mailbox users until everyone is migrated.  Then I need to migrate public folders to 2016.

I have done this before using this Microsoft article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/configure-legacy-public-folders-where-user-mailboxes-are-on-exchange-2013-servers-exchange-2013-help

However, previously the Exchange 2010 server had both the CAS and Mailbox roles.

This Microsoft article says I need to add the CAS role to my HSMAILDB01 Exchange 2010 mailbox server to make this happen.

My question is if I add the CAS role, to the Exchange 2010 mailbox server, what effect does that have (if any) on the existing CAS server MAIL01 and orignal OWA and Outlook users still on the Exchange 2010 servers, etc?   Is adding this role purely a back-end function that won't disturb the …
Have a client running Outlook 2013 with multiple add-ins, and some keep disappearing. They are not showing as being auto-disabled (for speed, etc by Outlook), then add-in checkbox is simply unchecked. When we recheck it, they will work for  while (sometimes), then turn off again. There a no alerts or messages when this happens.

However, when Outlook is run as Administrator, everything always comes up fine. It is does not matter if the user logged into the machine has admin privs or not.

There is no specific group policy in place that allows or disallows certain add-ins, and the AV has been disabled with no effect.

Also, this happens on both Win7 Pro and Win10 Pro installations running Office 2013.

Anyone have ideas on this?
Outlook clients won't connect to this particular Exchange Server 2016 unless "HKU\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\MapiHttpDisabled" is set to "1".
What did we miss on the Exchange Server?
I have some Win XP machines that are used for connection to an older ERP. They use Outlook 2010 with all the latest updates. We were on an Exchange 2013 email platform and it was working. Our email provider recently migrated to Exchange 2016 and now the Windows XP computers cannot connect. When adding a new profile and connecting as an Exchange over https client, an error is received that 'must be connected or online'. We have run the commands on the server to specify the certificate used for connection, but this has not resolved the issue. Is there any other options for settings on the computer or the server that may help?
Thank you






Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.