Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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Hi experts,
Question - I have Outlook 2016 opened on my VDI (connected to an office 365 mailbox), when i try to expand the folders within outlook, I get the -->

"the set of folders cannot be opened. You must connect to Microsoft Exchange with the current profile you can synchronize your folders with you Outlook data file (.ost).

Is it because under Control Panel -> User Accounts -> my profile is still connected to my old profile (Outlook 2010 .pst file)?

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Security Alert outlook.office365.com message pop up all the time.
 We are receiving this same Security Alert randomly for many users.  We are running Outlook o365 2016  and Office 2013 on Windows 10. Any idea?
I'm having certificate issues with outlook 2013.
Outlook is complaining that the name of the certificate is not the name of the site outlook is connecting to.
When i go to the o365 portal and i check my DNS records everything looks fine, there are no problems with the OWA.
I just can't get the outlook client to give me the correct certificate.
me.com email account in Outlook.

After getting a new iPhone and changing the password of the Apple ID the icloud sync in Outlook not longer works and when it prompts for the password,
 imap.email.me.com or smtp the new password does not work. No setting in outlook changed in that time period. 993 and 587 and etc are all the same. It's a bit like a cert or other verification is needed.

PS: I've read most of the post on EE so far and found nothing that helps to date.

We have an issue with our CIO's email.  His Outlook stopped syncing on his laptop, and it also stopped syncing on another Dell micro wireless PC that we use in a conference room TV.  First thing to troubleshoot was to delete his Outlook profile on the laptop and let the system generate it fresh.  Now he gets this message:

"Cannot start Microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. You must connect to Microsoft Exchange with the current profile before you can synchronize your folders with your Outlook data file (.ost)"

On the Dell Optiplex wireless micro PC, he can get Outlook to open, but the last email is dated 9/12/2018 (and as of this post its 9/20/2018).  If he deletes this profile there, I think the same problem is going to happen.

So we let him sign onto another laptop we have, brand new, and it gave him the same exact error about the set of folders cannot be opened.  This was odd because it was a new machine with a new Windows 10 1803 install and Office 2016.  Therefore it was a brand new Windows profile.  Then we tried yet a third laptop that he has never signed onto before.  Same program versions but he got the exact same error message.

His desktop PC which is a Dell Precision tower up in his office has no issues.  He has no issues with email ActiveSync to his iPhone.  He has no problems getting into OWA to view emails on any of these devices where Outlook is not working.

I also moved his mailbox to …
connect MSOutlook 2013 to Exchange through Cisco Any Connect VPN

I have users that works remotely, they connect through Cisco Anyconnect VPN. One of the user has issue connecting MSOutlook to Exchange server. It used to work, the incident just happened and Outlook is not able to connect to Exchange server. I reset the Outlook profile, but still could not resolve the issue.  However User is able to connect to Outlook using OWA, which isolate one problem

Any Help on this issue ?

Thank you

I have about 40 rules in Outlook 2016/Office 365 to sort the various emails I receive from different processes.

I have issues with 1 of the rule. This rule just doesn't run automatically when a message hits my inbox but runs perfectly if I use "Run Rules Now...".

As you can see here, the rule is really simple.

What I have tried so far:
  • Delete and recreate the rule (many times
  • The rule is the first in the list
  • simplify the rule
  • Recreate the folder where the message has to be moved
  • Create the rule directly from Office 365 (instead of Outlook 2016)
Outlook makes appointments private when dragging to a delegate calendar on the outlook.
Is there a way to run a short macro every time a new message, or reply message, is created in Outlook?

I would set default tab to 0.25" instead of 0.50; I understand that it is not possible to do this via the underlying MS Word template.
I'm using the Access code below to copy files from (Outlook) OMHA.HQ.MI.REPORTS Inbox to a subfolder (MATS Backup folder) under the Inbox. I'm getting an error -Runtime error 450 wrong number of arguments or invalid property on line: Item.Copy myDestFolder. Any ideals?

 Dim myDestFolder As Outlook.Folder
 Dim ns As NameSpace
 Dim Inbox As Outlook.MAPIFolder
 Dim Item As Object
 Dim SubFolder As MAPIFolder
 Set ns = GetNamespace("MAPI")

 Set recip = ns.CreateRecipient("OMHA.HQ.MI.REPORTS")
 Set Inbox = ns.GetSharedDefaultFolder(recip, olFolderInbox)
 Set SubFolder = Inbox.Folders("MATS Backup")
 Set Items = Inbox.Items
 Set myDestFolder = SubFolder
 Set Item = Items.Find("[Subject] = 'MATS Download'")
 While TypeName(Item) <> "Nothing"
 Pause (0.5)
 Item.Copy myDestFolder
 Set Item = Items.FindNext
 Pause (0.5)

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.PST file handing best practices data sheet required.
I have an on-premise exchange user setup in outlook and I have a different Office 365 user setup in Skype on the same computer. Every time I open Skype client I get an error "Exchange needs your credentials. Until then, you might see outside info in skype for business"

I believe this is because outlook and skype have different account. I tried to disable the "sync contact info between skype for business and exchange" in the skype setting but did not work.


Within Outlook, I can create a link to a specific Outlook task with the EntryID like this and it works:


If you paste this into an email, create a hyperlink out of it, and send it to yourself and open the email, it brings you to the task.

Now I am in Access query query design view.  I've brought this address into a field and cannot figure out how to make  link out of it.

Thanks for your help.
What can I do to remove the top boxes with the circles?
They are duplicates of 3 of the ones below. Bill Gates up to his usual tricks of making stuff harder not easier.
I have one user with an odd issue.

When he sends an email with an attached photo from his iPhone to his company exchange email account it appears as embedded NOT attached.

This ONLY happens from his iPhone.

Other people can send attached pics from iPhones to his email and they arrive still as attachments.

What could be causing this???

Hi, is there a way in Office365/online Exchange to set a rule to delete messages with a particular subject line after 3 days for ALL users? I think I can do this with an outlook macro locally but would rather do it in o365/online exchange centrally for all users.
Dear experts, We have Slack onboarded in our environment and trying to integrate it with our Outlook (currently 2010), and will eventually move to Office 365/Outlook 2016 client / Exchange 2010 for free/busy calendar for unified presence. Just curious how you guys do any of our calendar integration with your other SaaS applications and what are the common issues you have encountered.

Thank you!
Hey guys,
I have a user who says that sometimes when moving an email to  a different folder the mouse pointer grabs one of the folders and then as a result she accidentally ends up moving one folder into another instead of an intended email.

She has never been able to recreate the issue for me when I was working with her.  Has anyone heard of this happening?  If so any solutions?
One of our users who is running Outlook 2016 uses Search Folders to create Tasks and To-Do lists from emails flagged for followup. He has Outlook rules which move messages from his inbox to a Personal Folder stored on his laptop. This is a faculty member and MD who gets a lot of email and needs this system to organize his time and make sure he completes action items based on emails he receives from scientific collaborators and others.

Last week he sent our team a ticket saying he is seeing this error message "The Outlook data file C:\Users\johndoe\Documents\Outlook Files\Personal.pst has reached the mazimum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, permanently delete some items that you no longer need." The file size was 37GB. He said he could not delete anything as it would not let him do anything with the file. I talked him through running scanpst.exe on it, which repaired it. Then he made a second PST file and moved some messages there.

But he reports that now items are not being created in his To-Do lists and Tasks from messages in the new Personal Folders file. He said something like this happened before and a former tech on our team who has left the company was able to somehow reset the Tasks to fix the issue.

Does anyone know how to do this or fix the issue so that To-Do and Task items are created from both .pst files?

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we have a client with 8 desktops. They all share a single google email. They also use google drive. There is no server just stand alone. They all use outlook.
What they want is an archive solution for archive emails that they can all access. So far we have archived to google drive which keeps stopping , failing to sync. I think in reality its not supported but wonder if any experts have got this working?
I am using Exchange 365.

- I received notification in my web portal that my password needs to be reset in 14 days.
- My outlook 2013 & 2016 does not receive any notification or email for password to be reset.
I set a new IMAP configuration through Outlook 2013 for one of my clients. He originally had a POP3 setup.

My client stated he was wasting allot of time updating his desktop Outlook after he made changes (read, delete, send, etc.) on his iphone, hence the move to IMAP.  

The transition was not easy! He had massive custom folders (including sub folders) under his inbox containing client emails over the years. He is basically keeping a history via his outlook. I ran into a ton of problems attempting to restore a PST backup to an OST IMAP account - too long to explain. At a certain point I was moving one folder at a time/counting emails. I finally got to the finish line. All the folders/emails were synced to the online email server.  As I'm about to report the great news, my client tells me he opened a suspicious word document which turned out to contain a virus.

So...I had to buy new drives , and perform a full restore of  recent backed up images. I bring the system back on line, it performs an outlook sync and proceeds to freeze up the on-line email server web account (purchased through a 3rd party vendor). I am now unable to access any folders, or emails either through the web interface (to a 3rd party email server) or through Outlook. I called up the 3rd party, who stated they will refresh their server. I await the results.

In hind sight, I feel like I should have kept those custom folders out of the sync process. At this point, it feels like a total mess.


All our staff mailboxes were on exchange 2007 and we built exchange 2013 and through hybrid set up we migrated all the mailboxes to 0365.
All the workstations have been installed with Outlook 2016 and successfully connect to 0363 mail

I have problem with one of the mailboxes. After I log in as the users and click outlook , it picks the profile and after some time it says , we are having trouble connecting to your account. verify the settings below...

Please see the snapshot and any help to resolve this would be great.
Thanks in advance,
I'm using Group Policy to establish Software Restriction policies.  We have an outlook add-on called 'todoist' used by some users that we are having trouble whitelisting.  Every time it runs, it runs in a different temp folder.  When SRP prevents the process from running, the file no longer exists, so we can't find the file to whitelist.

Here are some examples of where it runs:

We have an Exchange 2016 Server running as DAG on 2 Members with a Virtual Loadbalancer.
Now we are coworking with a new company in france. They have an own Exchange 2013 Server at the moment.
The Plan is to migrate all users from the exchange 2013 server to our Exchange 2016.
But before we can start to migrate i want to test that Outlook can connect from their AD Domain to our Exchange Server.

The neccessary Domain Name is reachable and Port 443 is open (This should be enough for Outlook Anywhere)
I have a Testmachine on the France side but i cannot activate an running outlook profile.

What Kind of Configuration and Setting is neccessary to access our Exchange Server from another Domain.
We want that the Traffic is going internal.






Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.