Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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in a previous ask to "Convert Months to Days for Total price Calculation". I had an issue with entering a "Renewal Date" into the userform. In the attached workbook is the fix.  

This issue was fixed but changes are not incorporated into this worksheet 29173473a.xlsm. Please incorporate the fixed code.



I need help with converting the attached link file worksheets Original Quote and RAW_DATA to a Table format with the ability to convert back to a range while having the code to still function correctly.

I have a problem sending email attachments from my Outlook account to various Yahoo email accounts.  The email arrives fine, but the attachments are somehow corrupted into something that cannot be opened.  Below is a screen shot of the message I get when I attempt to download a PDF file, though the same happens with Word attachments.  And there is no "open" option available.  It seems as though all the attachments are renamed to some version of "di-mail.ymail.com":

Yahoo Attachment Problem
Please help.


I'm looking for a way to move email I have in an Outlook *.pst file to Thunderbird that actually works.

I used to use Outlook for personal email, which I kept in a *.pst file.  The company policy has changed however and I cannot use Outlook for personal email any longer.

My personal email is Gmail and Thunderbird has been a long-time supplier of a solid email product so I installed that and it works fine, however I have thousands of email in a hierarchy of perhaps a hundred folders I need to move over.

I've tried uploading to gmail folders from Outlook on another computer, however that's a complete joke.  Files don't show up.  The equivalent of folders in email don't get created.  Just a disaster.

I've downloaded a thunderbird extension for import, however it fails while throwing windows errors.

I have yet to find a program that can move the email (and the folder hierarchy) into Thunderbird, so I'm writing to see if anyone can recommend one that will actually work.  Free or otherwise.
Hello all.

I am experiencing an issue with a critical user who is currently in an ongoing litigation from 2013.   Currently his O365 sent folder only is showing emails from 2015 on.   He needs to be able to locate emails prior to 2015.   When the original migration was done from their old exchange environment to O365 by default we took everything that was in the onprem exchange and sucked it into O365.   However a year later we are being told there was more mail then what is currently listed.   I found a link on Microsofts retention policy


This is a very confusing article.   Because of O365 default retention policy that we are unable to get mail before 2015.   Has anyone run across this?  This is critical that they are able to retrieve sent messages prior.   If he logs into portal.office.com the mail only goes back to 2015 so policy somehow kicked in I think when the migration was done and only did 5 years worth.   But I have a feeling when the migration took place there was more than 5 years, so I am hoping perhaps email is sitting somewhere in MS cloud and can be retrieved prior to 2015.   As always appreciate the help.

P.S. I am reading that after the retention policy date is exceeded email goes into an archive.   Is this retrievable?
I have an Excel VBA module that sends an email that includes a hyperlink to a network drive location (that may have spaces). I have some code that sort of works but needs a bit of help...

  Dim OutApp As Object
    Dim OutMail As Object
    Dim strbody As String

    Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)

    strbody = managername & "," & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
              "Data has been dumped from the survey controller on project number " & newjob & ".  The name of the file is: " & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
              filefromname & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
              "and it is located in the following folder:" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
            "<a href=""<file:///" & GetFolder & ">"">" & GetFolder & "</a>" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
                "Comments:" & vbNewLine & surveynotes
    MsgBox strbody
    On Error Resume Next
    With OutMail
        .To = manageremail
        .Subject = "Some survey points have been downloaded on one of your projects"
        .Body = strbody
        'You can add a file like this
        '.Attachments.Add ("C:\test.txt")
        .Send   'or use .Display
    End With
    On Error GoTo 0

    Set OutMail = Nothing
    Set OutApp = Nothing

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The email sends no problem, and the extra chevrons in the string help me pick folders that have spaces in them.  But when the user gets the email, they see the hyperlink source code in the Outlook email like this: (PS - the link works no problem)

HTML is showing
instead of seeing it neatly like this:

What I want it to look like
If I grab the "strbody" variable and paste it into dreamweaver or some other editor, it looks fine, but when the Outlook email is received, the HTML code for the link shows up.  What can I do so that the user doesn't see all the <a href> text that goes with the hyperlink?

Thanks very much!

For the first time in almost a year of using Office 365, Outlook just today started giving me an error upon trying to open Word document attachments.

It gives me that error message saying that Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

This error even appears if I save the attachment on my desktop and try to open it.

I tried several suggestions that I found online, but none of them work.

And, this issue only occurs with Outlook Desktop - not Web Outlook.

Please let me know how to eliminate this issue.

Thank you!  Much appreciated!

Software Engineer
I have a client that deleted all of his deleted emails & swears that took alot of his inbox & folders...

I do have a backup of all his emails, but when I replace the .ost as soon as it goes it syncs with GMAIL it re-deletes all of his emails to its current state.

Is there a way to make the OLD .ost be the correct & the GMAIL sync to that ?  I could not find where it was talking about unchecking "cached email"

He is using Outlook & I want to use his OLD .ost to be the correct email & then update from there.

Any direction would be great.  Thank you.
I have an excel file with Name email address and html file location.
I need to automate this process.
i.e. Send email based on the email address and html content in the email.
I have a client with over  30 order takers.Right now each user sends out their orders user via Outlook using their Outlook account so they see the outgoing email in their sent box. They also want all these emails to go into a generic sent box so that anyone can see all the emails sent by anyone else. They use Outlook 2016 with an Exchange server. Is this possible with their current software?
I have a PDF file with a size of 175 MB that I am trying to send to a recipient from my Downloads folder using right click send to mail recipient and nothing happens when I do so. I tried a different file and it went through. after that I realized it could be the file size which in this case it was a lot larger than the file that got sent. I know Outlook had 25 MB file size but I was reading and I came a cross that there was an increase in limit to 150 MB using cloud based Outlook which I am not familiar with. See Google search hit""Microsoft has increased the maximum size of an e-mail message that can be sent by an organization using its cloud-based Office 365 services to 150MB. Previously, a single Office 365 e-mail message could be 25MB max. ... IT pros can change these settings for individual users via Office 365's Exchange Admin Center..
Can someone advise me on how to go about sending this file? hopefully an easy method if all possible.

Thank you,
Basem Khawaja
what is the difference in mail flow between exchange 2013 and exchange 2016 and exchange online

what are the tools used for troubleshooting exchange issues

is there any article which mentions about some important exchange issues faced on exchange 2013, 2016 or office 365

what is the difference between rpc over https and mapi over http
Has anyone seen or noticed iPhone users that run the Outlook app for their O365 account that have shared mailboxes simply disappear out of the clear blue?   One of my users just called in and states both of his shared mailboxes were gone out of his outlook but his primary account was still there.  He swears he didn't delete them manually because it would have meant he would have physically had to have removed both, however he claims they just disappeared.   I walked him through re-adding them both and they appeared.   Figured I'd ask.

I found the following code that will scrub Outlook calendar and put appointments in Excel spreadsheet.  I'd like the code to apply to a specific calendar titled 'Projects'.  How can I modify the code so its only pulling from that specific calendar?

Option Explicit 
Sub ListAppointments() 
    Dim olApp As Object 
    Dim olNS As Object 
    Dim olFolder As Object 
    Dim olApt As Object 
    Dim NextRow As Long 
    Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") 
    Set olNS = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI") 
    Set olFolder = olNS.GetDefaultFolder(9) 'olFolderCalendar
    Range("A1:D1").Value = Array("Subject", "Start", "End", "Location") 
    NextRow = 2 
    For Each olApt In olFolder.Items 
        Cells(NextRow, "A").Value = olApt.Subject 
        Cells(NextRow, "B").Value = olApt.Start 
        Cells(NextRow, "C").Value = olApt.End 
        Cells(NextRow, "D").Value = olApt.Location 
        NextRow = NextRow + 1 
    Next olApt 
    Set olApt = Nothing 
    Set olFolder = Nothing 
    Set olNS = Nothing 
    Set olApp = Nothing 
End Sub

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If I create an Outlook 2016 Template and save it, is there an easy way for other people in my local network to access and use this template for their own email use?

Example: The Template simply says "Did You Know" - ES Components has millions of EFI Thin Film Resistors In Stock for immediate delivery!

We want to have everyone in the company to send out their emails during the day with this line
in the body of the email.

Can we do this by using a template and everyone having access to it?

Thank you...

using Delphi 10.1 and outlook 365.
There are only some clients where I have the problem: I can not send EMail from my application. On my computer and most other clients-computers it works. But there are computers, where only outlook is startet but no send-window is opend. Retring a second time, outlook is startet also a second time...
    MailItem1 := OutlookApplication1.CreateItem(olMailItem)  as _MailItem;
    while toAdress <> '' do
      if Pos(';',toAdress) > 0 then
        toAdress := '';
    MailItem1.CC := ToCC;
    MailItem1.BCC := ToBCC;
    MailItem1.Subject := Subject;
    if EMailOutlookAbsender = '' then  //local definitions?
      if Pos('@',getOptionMandantS('EMail_Absender','')) > 0 then
        MailItem1.SendUsingAccount := OutlookApplication1.Session.Accounts.Item(getOptionMandantS('EMail_Absender',''));
    else MailItem1.SendUsingAccount := OutlookApplication1.Session.Accounts.Item(EMailOutlookAbsender); //globale Einstellung
    Mailitem1.BodyFormat := olFormatHTML;
    //the default signature is added
    ObjectInspector := Mailitem1.getinspector;

    if ObjectInspector.EditorType = olEditorWord then
      WordEditor := 

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Please help me to find the right solution to the issue we've got.

Our Infrastructure details: ADFS 2016, Most of our mailboxes migrated to O365, On-prem Exchange and SFB still in place.
(A)  We've implemented ADFS Okta adapter for MFA.
In fact, it is a .NET app which appears on the ADFS landing page as an embedded small window after provided credentials, whenever a user should be challenged for the second factor.
(B)  We've enabled Modern Authentification on o365 tenant (was turned off).
(C)  We've created GPO for ADAL (enable) for Outlook 2013, 2016, Lync.

On ADFS created an Access Control Policy for a Group of users - "require multifactor" when on the external network, applied for "MS Office Identity Platform" Relying Party Trust

All BROWSER O365 ONLINE experiences on all devices (mobile included) and OSs is excellent, going through the following steps:

1. Office.com
2. AutoDetect
3. Company's ADFS
4. Password provided to ADFS
5. Okta adapter prompts for the second factor (embedded into the ADFS view)
6. Second-factor confirmation received, access granted

(MFA enabled users on domain-joined workstations were not able to use it at all, even on the internal network) experiencing continues prompts for credentials and autodiscover change.
To fix Rich clients connection issues were undertaken steps (B),(C) mentioned above. After that, all the clients on the internal network just connected to exchange without additional steps.
Now we have…
I wonder if you could help us with the phone configuration in Dubai.

We have a 3CX phone system in the Uk
We’ve just rented some space in a service office in Dubai
And have arranged  for Port 5060 (inbound, UDP) for SIP communications and
Port 9000-10999 (inbound, UDP) for RTP (Audio) communications to be opened on their firewall and linked to the IP addresses of the phones in the office.

We are told that the public ip is which can be used to access the services (I don’t under this part)
However the phone are showing a SIP error and not currently working.

We’ve only two full days left in the Dubai office and I am reaching the edge of my understanding.

Would you be able to assist ?

Kind Regards

Get Outlook for iOS
Hi Experts,

Can anyone tell me why sometimes appointments dont show up under reminders like the image attached below?reminder
I have a user who is retiring work but wants to export some folders containing emails in her desktop outlook to a new personal web based outlook.com address. This address is not linked to the exchange version. Can this be done with .pst files? Or can these only be imported to desktop Outlook?  If so is there any other way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 end user is on Outlook 2016.  When she e-mails sales invoices in PDF to customers from GP, the file name of the PDF is a long "drawn out" name beginning with the following path: c:\username\appdate\local.

She said that, prior to about a year ago, the file name was much shorted and simply composed of "obvious data" such as the invoice number.  She does not know if a recent upgrade or anything along those lines could have caused this change.

Is there a way of setting the format of the e-mailed file name of the PDF, or will this situation require say an upgrade to Office 365?

Thank you!

Software Engineer

I have this alert from microsoft

Activity: MailRedirect
User: abc@nnn.com
Details: MailRedirect. This alert is triggered whenever someone gets access to read your user's email.

I checked the user mail account in office 365, but I did not find any forwording. I checked Mailbox permissions and I have "There are no additional mailbox permissions set on this mailbox."

So what excatly is this alert about ?

Please help
Are there any fields in outlook (connected to an office 365 mailbox) which may help determine when an email was opened/read?
I have Office365 locally installed on a PC with the email account setup as IMAP.  All was working ok but now have a few issues:
1) When opening Outlook frequently (not always) getting a send/receive error - usually a reboot will correct
2) Yesterday - started getting the following message:  "Internet Security Warning" - The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified..... do you want to continue using this server.

I have two different email accounts setup in Outlook (one goes through Yahoo servers and the other through Total Server Solutions (previously Hands On Webhosting) - both accounts are setup as IMAP.

Any help is appreciated!  Thank you.
What is needed to take an existing Outlook account and convert it to Office 365?

A friend has an Outlook account with an existing company but she cannot get the Calendar on her phone so she wants to convert.  

I am trying to find out how to do that.   Is it difficult?






Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.