Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.

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Hi All,

Attached are two pictures showing the storage quotas that we use in Exchange 2010 so that users get a maximum mailbox size of exactly 2GB and 3GB reported in their Outlook client. Could someone tell me what I need to enter so that the user gets the following:

Issue warning at 3.75gb
prohibit send at 3.9gb
prohibit send / receive at 4.0gb

Also, does anyone know why the "Prohibit send and receive" limit shown in my screenshots aren't exactly 2GB or 3GB yet the Outlook client shows them as Exactly 2GB or 3GB to users? (screenshot attached).

We've tried setting exactly 2GB (2000mb or 2048mb) but this then shows users they have a maximum size of 1.7GB?

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hi experts,

 i have a user who's emails are not showing up in her outlook till hours later. She logs on to owa and she sees her emails there and an hour later they will drop in her outlook. What can be causing this?
Hi to all, Microsoft Outlook is blocking all email received like attachments (msg or eml format);
I tried to create Level1Remove Registry Key but it don't solve the issue;
Microsoft Outlook 2016 (Office 365 local installation version) doesn't block them.
is there anyone that has a solution?
Thanks to all
I have a fresh Server 2016 install with Exchange 2016.  I did not migrate.  In OWA I can add Public Folders to favorites and they work.  

The problem is In Outlook 2016 I am on the "Folders" view at the bottom left and don't see anything - no Public Folders top level to even expand it.  Ctrl 6 doesn't show it.  In the Exchange Admin Center under "permission" then "admin roles" I added 4 users to the "Public Folder Management" permissions and under "public folders" I added them all to root permissions as "Owner" and to the Public Folders I created "Folder Permissions" as "Owner" and still no go.   I have created a new Outlook profile on all machines.  I've rebooted everything many times.   Outlook 2016 refuses to see the Public Folders.

Any thoughts?

I uninstalled office 2010 on several computer and installed office 2016. I then went back and re-setup the email accounts. The auto complete was lost and I was wondering if I could recover it for some users who want it.
A client can access his iCloud email from his iPhone and logging on thru his Apple Id online but cannot thru Outlook 2010 or Windows 10 mail since the middle of June. Should his iCloud and his Apple ID password be the same or not necessarily? Is there a way to retrieve his iCloud email password from his iPhone or Apple account? He is using a Dell and Microsoft Surface with Windows 10.
Our management team would like to let each other know when one of them is on vacation. They obviously don't want to give full access to their calendar but we'd like to have a central calendar where when staff is out of the office it would show as a vacation.
I always have trouble sorting this out so I've decided to ask rather than poking it with a stick until I figure it out, but, I'm getting this error when internal exchange users attempt to connect to our exchange server using outlook.  The first error is right after I say yes to the set up email account and I get the Security Alert that shows the name exchange.child.domain.com and the cert on the server is a wildcard for *.domain.com.  I know there is a way to change what name the server presents so that it will match the *.domain.com cert.

Then after I click ok and move forward, I get There is a problem with the proxy servers security certificate.  The name on the certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the target site exchange.child.domain.com.  That's an error code 10.

So, I know it's something with how I have the server URLs configured, but I can never sort that out.

Point to note, external devices are fine.  This is only on internal outlook clients connecting.



We are using Exchange 2007 and outlook 2010.In the outlook when the users go a search for an email on the search bar (With a name or subject)
It immediately displays all the emails related to the search.
We recently migrated to outlook 2013 and when searched and doesn’t list all the email, rather it shows only few emails and at the bottom, it says  
Showing recent results….
Only when I click More it list all the emails. Is it possible to set outlook 2013 , so that when and email is searched it lists all the email, rather than every time clicking More.

Any help  and suggestions will be great. Thanks in advance.
Hi Experts,

we are using now the archive possibility from exchange to eliminate our PSTs.
When I activate the IN SITU archive on the user properties it takes very long to see the archive in outlook.

Do you know why ?
SharePoint Admin?
SharePoint Admin?

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Hi People,

I'm trying to achieve below with no downtime:

DISABLE Circular Logging
Configure DAG
Allow Database Replication

I've got 2x Exchange Server 2013 Standard Edition SP1 in the two different AD sites:

AD Site: Default-First-Site-Name
C:\ 200 GB - OS
P:\ 100 GB - Page File Drive


AD Site: Head Office
C:\ 200 GB - OS
P:\ 100 GB - Page File Drive


The two mailboxes server will be replicating to each other, so my question is:

1. Can I disable the circular logging after the DAG has been configured on both servers and all mailboxes database successfully replicated?
2. Do I need to disable the circular logging first and then setup the DAG which cause the unwanted outage to the users?
3. Does the DAG can also running fine even with Circular Logging enabled?
Is the Migration Wiz website able to migrate the entire contents of Gmail accounts including all email subfolders into Office 365?

Will these email Gmail subfolders appear as subfolders within Office 365 Outlook underneath the Inbox?
Hi everyone,

I'm starting to have a problem where my users are being asked for a password each time they open outlook (any version of outlook) when not connected to my LAN (using outlook anywhere).  Its a strange problem as it was working fine up until this morning.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers guys
Please can someone help Using Outlook 2010 (on Windows 10 PC) the only Item showing on the Ribbon  is FILE
Ctrl+F1 does not bring the ribbon back

If I start Outlook in Safe mode the whole ribbon is there!

Any Idea how to get the ribbon back in normal mode?
I am using the following code to create an outlook item from my access database.

Dim objOutlook As Object
Dim objAppt As Object
    On Error GoTo Add_Err
    'Save record first to be sure required fields are filled.
    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
    Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set objAppt = objOutlook.CreateItem(1)  'olAppointmentItem
    With objAppt
        .MeetingStatus = Outlook.OlMeetingStatus.olMeeting
        .Start = Me!ApptDate & " " & Nz(Me!ApptTime, "")
        .Duration = 30
        .Subject = Parent!FirstName & " " & Parent!LastName & " / " & Nz(Me!ProjectTitle) & " / " & Nz(Me!ProjectType) & " / " & Nz(Me!Role) & " / " & Nz(Me!Company)
        If Not IsNull(Me!Notes) Then .Body = Me!Notes
        .RequiredAttendees = Nz(Form!FirstName)
        .ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = 60
        .ReminderSet = True
    End With
    End If

Open in new window

The following line return an error 424 Object Required error

        .MeetingStatus = Outlook.OlMeetingStatus.olMeeting

when I change it to

        .MeetingStatus = olMeeting

It works fine, except, when the outlook item displays the to and cc fields are not displayes. I am just curious as to why and if there is way to fix the line. It worked in access 2003, but not in 2016.
Hi I made a powershell script to create a new and default outlook profile.
When I run i from the desktop as a normal user it does what I want.
I've then created a GPO to run it at user logon but then it doesn't run.

How do I figure out what's wrong and why isn't it running?

GPO settings
User Configuration - Policies - Windows Settings - Scripts - Logon
For this GPO, Script order: Not configured
"\\domain.local\SYSVOL\domain.local\scripts\O365 new profile.ps1"
-executionpolicy bypass

The script is as follows
# O365 New Profile.ps1
# v01 July 14 2017 by Filip Heens

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement;
$Displayname = [System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal]::Current.DisplayName
$O365Profile = "O365 $Displayname"

#Default Windows Settings
$registryPath = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\$O365Profile"
IF(!(Test-Path $registryPath))
    New-Item -Path $registryPath -Force | Out-Null

$registryPath = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\"
$Name = "DefaultProfile"
$value = $O365Profile
      New-ItemProperty -Path $registryPath -Name $name -Value $value …
Good afternoon experts,
I have a O365 client that appears to have had users removed from their O365 tenant when they left the company, however the users mailboxes are still in that tenant. So my question is two fold:

- 1st) Can I create a new user and associate to the orphaned mailbox somehow so I can export it down to PST and save for legal processes.
-2nd) Can I not worry about creating a user and somehow just pull the mailbox down manually via powershell or preferably the O365 admin portal.

Thanks for your help,

I am writing an outlook add in. I need to check if User has already enabled default Spelling check option from Outlook options.

How can I read the “Always Check spelling before sending” mail option using “outlook.interop” namespace.

This could be an OEM issue as I took an old gateway box and put in an Asus XM 88 plus board with AMD chip and a few years later I am have bazaar connectivity.

I am on my third outlook profile this year.  I have outlook 365.  I lose connection and most the time it works going to outlook.office365.com.  Some times neither work, yet other sites work and I can ping anywhere I try.  I have been solving the issue by disabling network adapter and  then enabling.  Well it has stopped enabling.  worst case I would recycle modem.  Now the adapter will not enable in either network screen or services screen.  I also have had search issues in outlook and re-indexed.
I also have DNS issues with some websites.  Something tells me this is one fix and I could be wrong, just a hunch after 30 years of messing with these things.

Things that I can remember that I have done.

Removed device and driver - reinstalled both with new and with current drivers
Replaced modem
Replaced Cables
run  ping to -t and it ran for two days no hickups.  
I have set dns to and
I have undone that and redone that
I have run sfc /scannow
I have dumped DNS more times then I can count.
removed outlook accounts and restarted from scratch
I know there is more, but at this time after serving 8 for dinner, and needing to get this fixed, that is what I remember.

MS said that the latest update would fix my search issues.  They lied.  I totally re-indexed then had connectivity …
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Hello -

I am using g suite with a different domain name (Organization) and users would like to see both Outlook/Exchange mail with gmail, however my second domain which host my exchange are separate from g suite organization. How can I sync my Exchange and g suite emails?



I want for my Outlook 2016 environment to have the "Compact" view.  But, when I go to Calendar and back to e-mail, I keep having to reset the view.

How can I get the view to "stick"?  I don't want to have to click "Reset View" every time that I go from Calendar to e-mail.

Thank you!

hi experts,

 I have a user that when she does a search in outlook it comes up with no results but she has emails with that subject. So it appears that her search is not working properly. is there a way to reset that feature maybe?
Hi, I have Gmail account and use MS Outlook to access emails. However, when I export the PST file (with No password), then open it in another Exchange account (my NEW acc in new Exchange server), it showed blank, nothing there.

But with the same PST file, if I import it to MS Outlook, I can access the emails again but some of them are lost.

Does anyone know why?
Dear Team, I just want to confirm these concepts. We are deploying a new Exchange server and in the migration phase. As our understanding, there are 2 options at the moment:

OPT #1. Collect all PST files from users, create new email accounts in a New Exchange server and everyone will have to open their OLD PST file to access the old emails.

OPT #2: Collect all PST files from users, create new email accounts in a New Exchange server and IMPORT their OLD PST files to the Exchange EDB, then everyone can use their accounts to access OLD emails normally.

Am I right to think that:?

1. Open PST files via MS Outlook is just open the file and nothing happens to Exchange EDB database ?

2. Import PST files via Exchange Management Console will import email data from PST file to Exchange EDB database , then increasing its size (by the size of PST files) ?

If we have about 2000 users, which option will be better?
I've been asked if we could, for two weeks, keep several users from seeing their emails.  They could still use their outlook or smartphone app to send.  But they don't want to see any email in their inbox (Exchange 2016 and Outlook 2016)

However they want to see those emails as soon as they're back.

Is there a rule or something that could make it happened?







Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taker, journal, and web browser.