PayPal's services allow people to make financial transactions online by granting the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses. Through PayPal, users can send or receive payments for online auctions on websites like eBay, purchase or sell goods and services, or donate money or receive donations. The company operates as an acquirer, performing payment processing for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee.

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I have an installation of Opencart that has been working fine. A couple of day ago (Friday) when submitting a payment for a product purchased I am getting this error message "Warning: A match of the Payment Address City, State, and Postal Code failed. Please try again."

PayPal Pro/Payflow is being used for inline checkout/reoccurring payments. I've checked all of the settings and they are correct, and as I said the cart worked fine until a couple of days ago.
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On Demand Webinar - Networking for the Cloud Era

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I have set the functionality of Paypal INP function on the my sit in the physical file. when the transaction is completed on the paypal then physical file hitted and email sent the the client against the order id along with their transaction details. it was same working fine. but now i have issue with this is that in somehow Order details and transaction info emails is sending duplicate to the client against their order transactions.emails function is set on the physical file that is hitted automatically after the completion of the transaction on paypal  INP.
How can I prevent this issue , if some one have experiance about Payal INP functionality, please share and guide me.

Thanks in Advance
How do you create a PayPal Buy Now button?

I am logged in to Paypal, etc. all they give is docs on how to do it, no link to actually do it.

Used to be simple, now like everything else, they made it complex.

Can you help me in writing the query for it..I am stuck in the task..

Requirement :
Database Name : PayPal
Tables : Need to combine all the three table into one table data.
IVR: [SV10_Amt] as Amount,[Cdr_Id] as cdn#,[SV07_Last4] as CC#,[CardType] as CCType
Vendor :  amount,[Account #]as cdn#,[CC ACCT]as CC#,[CardType] as CCType
Virtual: [Amount],[CDN #] as cdn#,[Card_No] as CC#,[Card_Type] as CCType

Common Field :
IVR  : [SV03_Clientnbr])
Vendor : client
Virtual : [Client_Id]

Database : CUBS
Table : Client

Column Name : PK_CLIENT('SWMC600',' SQMC203',' SQMC600',' SBMC203',' SBMC600',
' PROV203',' PROV600',' SWRC203',' SWRC600',' SMCC203',' SMCC600',' SWIS203',' SWIS600')
Using PK_Client Names we need to fetch the data from All the three tables
Hi All

As i am new to SSIS can any one help me with the below task, As i need to transform the data from three tables to .txt with Header,detail and trailer format.

Please help me with the link and step by step procedure to start with the project....

File Type:       Fixed width file .txt
Frequency:      Daily, if no transactions are taken the file should contain the Header & Trailer Record indicating no trans count
      H – Header Row (this remains the same daily).
      D – Detail/Data Row
      T – Trailer Record

File Name:            SMCBDPMT_PASC_1_MMDDYY.txt

PayPal Manager:            acsswepasc

Client #s:      SWMC203; SWMC600; SQMC203; SQMC600; SBMC203; SBMC600; PROV203; PROV600; SWRC203; SWRC600; SMCC203; SMCC600; SWIS203; SWIS600
•      D – data type
•      Next 11 – dollar amount with no decimal (i.e. $50.00 would be represented 00000005000)
•      Next 20 – HAR (client reference#/CDN)
•      Next 16 – Credit Card # (last4)
•      Next 2 – Payment type (in this case it will always be CC)

Trailer Record:


•      T – Trailer Record
•      Next 13 – Sum of dollar amount with no decimal ( i.e. $3500.00 would be represented as 0000000350000)
•      Next 10 – Count of transactions/line items

I am building a small ecommerce marketplace.

Companies can add products in USD, EUR, GBP.

Customers can purchase product from multiple different Companies at the checkout.

I'm trying to get my head around how I should handle a Customer who has 3 products in their basket with 3 different currencies:


What should the Customer pay?

I'm building a basic marketplace at the moment, however there are 3 parties involved in every product / sale.

When a customer purchases a product, let's say for $100 I need to split the $100 three ways on the fly:

- party 1: 70%
- party 2: 20%
- party 3: 10%

I was hoping to use Stripe so that each party could connect to the platform using Stripe Connect but Stripe have said that they do not allow payments to be split like this unless the platform owner is keeping the majority of the funds. I do not want to handle any of the payments... I want them split on the fly.

Can anyone recommend a payment processor that will support this? Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi, is there any other paying services similar to PayPal that one can consider to use?
Setting up a new store. There will be about 1300 different inventory items.  I have a merchant Visa/MC processing account. Is there a way to process all the sales on an iPad? When I was at a farmer's market once, the shop owner did the whole thing on his iPad. Typed in the product code on the pad, swiped my card and I signed right on the screen. The receipt got emailed to me in lieu of printing. I really liked the simple solution. This is also the way the Apple salespeople do it at Apple stores. No need for a big cash register set up. Not even a computer or printer.

So..... what app is that? What was that guy using at the farmer's market?

FYI: My merchant services provider is PayPal (NOT to be confused with PayPal "request money" via email). It's a service that PayPal has that directly processes the Visa/MC WITHOUT the PayPal stuff that most people do (i.e. sign up for an account, yada yada).

Anyway, if the above could be done, great. and the following would be an extra bonus, if possible:

1) Scan barcodes with the iPad camera
2) keep track of inventory

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  

Anyway, I want to keep this simple. The farmer's market owner's solution is exactly what I'd like. If the scanner/inventory makes it all much more complicated, I can eliminate that.

Thanks for your help!!

I see many content creators on youtube asking for money with links to patreon account

I click on patreon and account is not active

why do you think that is?

Does patreon suspend many users

This patron isn’t supporting any creators at the moment.

I also notice this happens on paypal donation pages
On Demand Webinar: Networking for the Cloud Era
On Demand Webinar: Networking for the Cloud Era

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I have a simple payment form on my site and I am using paypal express checkout .

        env: 'sandbox', // Optional: specify 'production' environment

        client: {
            sandbox:    'AZlk9atGsDkr3u960*******OLLQbu',

        payment: function() {

            var env    = this.props.env;
            var client = this.props.client;

            return, client, {
                transactions: [
                        amount: { total: '1.00', currency: 'USD' }

Open in new window

The amount to be charged looks like it needs to be set when the page loads.
What is the client switches something int heir cart and the amount to charge needs to be changed.
How can I re-render the button again?
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

        I hope I can explain my goal here in a way which makes sense.  So, here it goes.  Basically, I wish to upload a variety of text files saved as MS Word 2013 documents for partial viewing using  For instance, the partial document would only contain a free introduction of the paper while leaving out the body and conclusion.  However, the entire document would only be available through a PayPal link.  

         Realizing my difficulty from time to time explaining my goals, I will certainly understand if further clarification is needed.  At any rate, I look forward to reviewing any suggestions for accomplishing what I have in mind.   Hope to hear from everybody soon.

         Thank you

A client of mine is interested in obtaining a list of all of the online payment systems besides PayPal.

Please provide me with a list of online payment systems besides PayPal.
We are having trouble processing PayPal transactions on our website. We have a PayPal business account setup in the US and used to work fine till a few days back for the last days. But all of a sudden the donors get the following error message when they try donating through PayPal.

Long time i didnt use paypal eventhough i had one paypal account which is not using

now i want to signup with new account

and getting below error

"It looks like you already signed up. Log in to your account."
"Sorry, something went wrong on our end. Please try again."
Hello Experts, I have to update a legacy Payflow Pro setup that iis left over from the Cybercash days and used the CFX_ONCR_CYBERCASH3 tag (does not run on 64 Bit). It is currently working on the old site with the following code:

<CFIF #form.CardType# IS "MasterCard" OR #form.CardType# IS "Visa" or #form.CardType# IS "AMEX">
    <CFLOCK name="#session.sessionID#" timeout="30">
      <CFSET cfxpid  = #GETID.ORDERID#>
      <CFSET cfxcnum = #FORM.CARDNUMBER#>
      <CFSET cfxexp  = #DateFormat(Session.ExpDate,"MM/YY")#>
      <CFX_ONCR_CYBERCASH3 name="ResultSet" ccps_host="" cybercash_id="xxxxxxxx-35" merchant_key="xxxxxxxxxxx" trans_type="mauthonly" order_id="#CFXPID#" amount="#Session.PmtAmt#" cc_number="#CFXCNUM#" cc_exp="#CFXEXP#">

      <CFSET Session.Tstatus = ResultSet.Status>
      <CFSET Session.TAuthNumber = ResultSet.AuthNumber>
      <CFSET Session.TErrorLocation = ResultSet.ErrorLocation>
      <CFSET Session.TErrorMessage = ResultSet.ErrorMessage>
      <CFSET Session.TAuxMessage = ResultSet.auxmessage>

I need to get this running using CFHTTP.

Got this from the web:  (Results in "connection error"

<cfset username = "" >
<cfset password = "Same as PayPal Mgr password">
<cfset partner = "Same as PayPal Mgr partner">
<cfset vendor = "Same as cybercash_id in code above">
<cfset amount = "1.66">
<cfset ExpirationDate = "1015">
<cfset CCnumber = "4111111111111111">
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I am wondering how I might can login into my PayPal settings and determine if an email address is setup to receive PayPal payments.  

           Thank you

Many do-it-yourself website tools offer storefronts, and most of those interface with PayPal... but it appears that PayPal has some limitations regarding recurring charges (i.e. subscription fees).  For example, it seems to us that you can only have one subscription charge item in the Shopping Cart at a time.

We're seeking recommendations for website tools that support recurring charges, multiple recurring charges in the shopping cart at once, and recurring charge items mixed in with one-time charge items.  We prefer to accept credit cards rather that PayPal.

If it interfaces with Wix, that would be a plus.

Can anyone recommend class booking software, that has:

A - book class and pay

B - book class and provide a link at the end that i can link to PayPal

I see several Wordpress plugins but they have mixed ratings.

Can anyone recommend a booking software that they have used before? Thanks in advance for your help.
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[Webinar] How Hackers Steal Your Credentials

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I have a Classic ASP e-commerce site that has been stable for quite sometime. Now, for some reason, I am getting an msxml.dll 800c0005 error when I try to access the PayPal credit card test site. The problem seemed to first occur after I installed the March 15 'Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1', which contained a security update for the Microsoft XML Core Services (MS17-022), although that may be coincidental.

As I indicated, the code is stable and has not been modified in quite some time. Further, it runs just fine on any of several other machines. My current environment is 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 running as both a web server (IIS 7.5) and a database server (SQL 2008 R2).

I have attached the segment of the web page where the error occurs (I have taken the liberty of extracting the code from the larger credit card data entry page); the error occurs at the 'objXMLHTTP.send xmlList' statement near the bottom. (Please note it was necessary to convert the file to a '.txt' file instead of an '.asp' file to get it to upload.)

I have a simple test program that I have stolen from a article that downloads data from a remote site using XML and it works just fine. I also attempted to uninstall the MS update, but unfortunately it's one of those that can't be uninstalled. The version of msxml3.dll that I have installed is 'msxml3.dll SP11 Ver 8.110.7601.223648'.

Any ideas of where to go from here would be greatly …
I have a client who says that only 18% of their online sales (of a book) come from what PayPal terms, "mobile devices", which appears to be significantly lower than what his web stats indicate are mobile visitors.  All things being equal, his sales should be well over 50% mobile, since well over 50% of his visitors are mobile.

Does PayPal consider tablets such as iPad and Android to be mobile devices?  Or are just phones mobile devices?  I cannot find anywhere where PayPal defines this.
Hello, Experts Exchange.
I've been working on a project in class and if you could spend a few minutes to help me with a problem i'd really appreciate it.
In our class, we have to make an MMORPG Video game and i was asking you for a little help with my issue.
So, we had to have an in-game shop within our MMORPG video game and the platforms for this game we're :
-Playstation 4
So my question is what money processor should i use for people to buy my in-game shop items? Should i use paypal? Microsoft? If you could help me, that'd be great. A part of this project is also to ask Experts Exchange a question.
Thank You for taking your time and reading this question.
Can anyone help me. I want to add a payment method via credit card and paypal to my webshop in Tanzania. But in order for it to work I need a downloadable plugin for my wordpress site.
I have contacted direct pay online but they cannot assist and others do not know what the plugin for wordpress is.
Any idea where to go from here?

Best regards
Sussie and valerie
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           I am concerned about a PayPal refund which was completed on 2/23/2017 but never shows up within my PayPal balance.    I did check my bank account statement and the amount which PayPal indicates being refunded actually exist as a credit.   Needless to say, I am confused about this situation.  Can someone experienced with PayPal transactions shed some light upon this situation?  

           Thank you

I understand Paypal now has a Bot for Slack....curious why they didn't introduce to Whatsapp. Does Whatsapp not allow bots or did Paypal want to start smaller?

Secondly, I currently have a mobile app that our company users utilise to reset passwords, check status of tickets and things. If I was to introduce a bot here could this be something along the lines of

"How can I help you today"
"I want to reset my password"

...or something more complex?






PayPal's services allow people to make financial transactions online by granting the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses. Through PayPal, users can send or receive payments for online auctions on websites like eBay, purchase or sell goods and services, or donate money or receive donations. The company operates as an acquirer, performing payment processing for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee.

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