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A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated...

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25 yrs Mgr operations & tech support @ fortune 50 corp.   20 yrs Sys Engineer & mgr @ Motorola, Four-Phase, Honeywell and GE computers.

Troubleshooting Solution

*** Super SLOW PC All of the Sudden***


Hello EE,

I need help with this sudden issue with my Desktop PC. The screen turned off momentarily on


Computer Running Slow? Try These Steps!

Computer running slow? Taking forever to open a folder, documents, or any programs that you didn't have an issue with before? Here are a few steps to help speed it up.

Blade's Shadow Cloud gaming service ($34.95 /mo) launched in…

Blade's Shadow Cloud gaming service ($34.95 /mo) launched in California today:
Troubleshooting Solution

Help on using microSD memory for RAM and encrypt data saved to the card


Hi Experts!


I have a Moto G Stylus and just found I can insert a microSD card up to 1TB.  Though

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 11 Slow PC - large files



My Windows 11 laptop is running very slowly. I emptied the recycle bin and it sped up for a while

Troubleshooting Solution

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and comcast tested with their XMT and speed is gig from the modem.

I ordered gig speed from comcast, but cant get the pc to run it.  Router and Modem are both gig and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Problem reaching websites from google list



I have dell inspiron 14 with windows 10.

I have been having problem with going to sites after

Troubleshooting Solution

How to restore Windows from ISO


Hi Experts,

I'm trying to reformat my client's laptop remotely... Yes, remotely - she does not want

Troubleshooting Solution

HP Laptop Model & Battery Error


Hi Experts,


This is a 2-part question, I guess.


First, my client keeps getting the below message and

Troubleshooting Solution

Steps to backup data from phone to PC


I have a data usage issue which is large amounts of usage on specific days which causes the cell

Troubleshooting Solution

Can't SAVE to Android SD Card Connected to PC


Can connect my Galaxy A7 Android phone to my PC and the phone's internal memory show up, but ONLY

Troubleshooting Solution

Chrome was working after renaming chrome.exe file


on one of my user workstation chrome was opening and working with renaming it to chrome.exe or

Troubleshooting Solution

Is it possible to move all my Adobe onto a differnt hdd? If so, will Adobe still work?


Hello! I was wondering, my Adobe programs are on my C hdd and my drive keeps getting full on me. My

Troubleshooting Solution

Hard Disk Drive not accessible. Access is denied.



I have a PC with Windows 7 Professional OS installed on it .  Recently, it started encountering

Troubleshooting Solution

PC Freezing

I probably should know what to do with this sort of Q, but when it's your own PC it's sometimes …
Troubleshooting Solution

Computer keeps shutting down randomly while working on it.


I have a user running Windows 10 x64.  His computer recently just started shutting down on him

Troubleshooting Solution

How can I text from my PC?


How can I send and receive text messages to and from my iPhone and Windows 11 computer?

Troubleshooting Solution

external hard drive shows on Mac but not PC

a teacher gave me it to check out. when I plug it into my mac I can access all the files but when I …

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