A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.

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The keyboard is active through pressing F8, but does not move the selection bar up and down on the screen where one chooses SafeMode etc.

I can enter setup with F12 and can move up and down in the setup menu with arrow keys, but am locked up immediately on closing.

If I let Startup run its course with no keyboard intervention I get the Windows logon screen, but the PC is locked up. Cannot type in the password field, Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing, no lights go on or off when toggle CapsLock or NumLock.

If I boot with a Linux disk I get a desktop, but keyboard is again nonresponsive.

Nothing works but power button.

Any suggestions where to start?
Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I am looking for a WiFi enabled home webcam that allows me to save screenshots and video to my PC or via FTP. I'm finding a lot that support either local SD cards or cloud storage, but I don't really want that. Basically, I want to hook up an old PC to use as a DVR, rather than buy a dedicated one.

Looking through the camera choices on Amazon is pretty exhausting, so I figured maybe somebody here would know more.
Today, I remoted into one of my customer and the I couldn't.  The password was changed and the were 4 accounts created on the PC.  The accounts were Ghoster, GhostUser, GhostUsers, and GhostUserss.  All had admin rights.  Lucky, I have a program to blank out the password for the user account and could see the additional accounts on the PC.   I removed the Ghost accounts and scanned the PC for virus, etc. and found nothing that seems associated with this issue.  The data on the PC seems intake, strange.

Has anyone had this happen to them?

I have an HP 8100 Compaq Elite running Win7 that just recently downloaded the update KB4088875 which made the NIC unusable saying no hardware is detected. 3 other machines had the same issue, but they had restore points so I rolled them back and everything is working. But one machine has no restore points. Steps taken:

1. Booted into safe mode and deleted update KB4088875. Restarted and still no network connectivity.
2. Went in Device Manager and uninstalled the unknown Ethernet connection, restarted and plugged Ethernet back in. Still no NIC detected.
3. Attempted to download correct driver from a different laptop, and then using a thumb drive to install it on the broken PC.
4. The PC failed to open the thumb drive due to the fact it doesn't have the appropriate driver...

Any ideas?
We have a point of sale system and we use a posiflex cash drawer (USB) we use the DLL they provide (USBCR.DLL) to kick open the cash, we also use their utility to get the port number for your program.

We ran into a problem when one of our clients used the the cash drawer on a windows 10 pc on windows 7 it works fine. The problem is that the drawer losses power each time it is kicked open and after 10 openings the drawer doesnt open again. We contacted posiflex  but we are struggling to get a answer from them.

I had a look at the device manager and set all USB connections to never power off and I also set the power options to do the same. After that I updated my  Microsoft Point of services with no luck.

Any ideas as to what I can try next. The posiflex utility still kicks open the drawer and it does not lose power.
Good Morning....
I am trying to get a handle on how the Windows time service actually does what it does. From what I can gather by reading Technet posts and hands on experience, the time service is Ok, not the best way to synchronize time but it does work. Here is what I am faced with and why it is a bit confusing.  
In my environment, I have a Windows AD domain, the primary DC gets it time from the internet. The subordinate DCs, which are located across various remote offices, get their time from the primary DC. The client PCs get their time from the subordinate DCs. (A fairly straight forward setup)
What has me baffled is this, I set the client PCs to look at the subordinate DC via a registry setting.  (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters\NtpServer XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, 0x1)
Most of the client PCs will return the correct server name when I run the "Net Time" command as well as the correct IP address when I run "Net Time /querysntp" command.
These systems all run Embedded Windows XP
A fair amount of the client PCs will NOT return the correct server host name when I run the "Net Time" command but they all will return the correct IP address when I run the "Net Time /querysntp" command. The ones that do not report the correct server will report another client PCs host name on the same network segment, NOT their own host name.
I can't find a good reason why this issue occurs.

So my question is this, is this normal behavior for this service and if not …
I am looking for an easy way to verify that the PC where my program is running is connected to the Internet.
The program is mine and coded in Delphi XE

This is related to the Lenovo Update (Laptop, Thin PC, X1 carbon, etc).

I worked with different kinds of Lenovo product: Lenovo T520, T530, E540, E550, T560, T570, M9000, etc.

Last time , I did Lenovo update to all the above machines by executing this files (please see the attachment);
However, recently, I cannot do the Lenovo update (Not windows update) by executing this files anymore.

Any help?

Hello Experts

I have a client with a .pst file that is more than bursting at the seams.  His OS is Windows 7 so I can install Live Mail, but that's only good until Windows 7 goes away.  So I've opted for Thunderbird.  But I'm not finding good information about importing his email.

I guess another possibility is to use Live Mail for now and see how it converts with the mail program in Windows 10.  Has anyone made that transition?


I have one computer that I cannot connect to remotely on the network. When I try to access the PC remotely using PSEXEC I get "The network name cannot be found. Make sure that the default admin$ share is enabled on computerA". I can connect to it using Windows "Services", and when I start the WinRM service (which is set to manual), I can connect to the remote computer using Powershell. Once in Powershell on the remote computer, I am connected as my user account, which I think is normal. In powershell when I use the command "Net use \\localhost\admin$" or "Net use \\localhost\c$" it shows that it is enables and connected.
When I try to connect to the PC using Windows Explorer, I get  "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection". The weird part is that I can ping the PC by name, I can connect to the "Services", but I cannot connect to registry, I cannot connect to it using PSEXEC, and other methods. I have verified that the firewall is off, I have verified that file and print sharing is enabled, I have also (in Powershell) verified that registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer is set to 1.
Can someone help me get the computer to the point where I can use PSEXEC, and other tools? I am happy to send screenshots or report back on anything that will help identify the issue.
Free Tool: Site Down Detector
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Hello I would like to connect my computers to rdp server.

My server is on Windows server 2016

remote. example. com - server
remote. example. com: 3388 - my pc

Would he have a person give me the method for configuring the rdp.

Thank you, thank you!
I have a client that has a windows 7 pro (32-bit) PC running a CNC machine.
In the past, I have configured a proxy (Internet options > Connections tab > LAN settings)
With the box check to bypass proxy for local addresses (so they can access local Intranet, and not the internet)

This works great keeping users from accessing the internet….all good.
Present Day…They have made some upgrades to the CNC machine and support remotes into the PC (from internet) and works on configuring software to work with machine.

Problem now is: when I uncheck the “Use proxy server” in settings, PC will not go back to normal internet access. Doesn’t matter how many times you restart, PC will not access internet and you cannot remote into it.

I have done this trick for years and had no problems (easy-peasy)
Only way I have been able to bring this PC out of this is to issue these commands.

  netsh int ip reset reset.log
  netsh winsock reset reset.log

Then after issuing these commands I have to restart PC and manually add in both network card static settings (IP, Gateway…etc.)
Then all is good until the PC is restarted, then it goes back like it was with the “Use proxy server” check box. PC will access local intranet, but no Internet or remote access. And the “Use proxy server” check box is blank!

Anyone know what is going on here and why this PC is not letting go of these settings.
Don’t know if a reg setting is hanging on or something I am overlooking.

This PC is…
Dell Vostro 220 Desktop PC.  Windows XP Pro.  Will not boot.  Says:  "windows system32 config file is missing or corrupt, insert the windows xp cd and click r to repair.  OK.  What if I don't have a windows xp pro cd.  What are the steps to fix this problem?  BOOT DISKS?
Lenovo  Windows 7 PC  can not wirelessly connect to Apple AirPort (Time Capsule) network.

Network is visible on PC, but does not serve Password entry input box.

Owner of PC claims he can login to many other wireless networks (does not know type e.g. Windows/Mac) with password entry field.

Issue is Windows 7 PC does recognize network, but does not have password entry screen.

Windows 10 PC, Android/Apple iPhones and other Macs all work, displaying input screen for password
My company has a SCADA control system comprising of 2 industrial Windows PCs within a cabinet. These operate in a hot-standby configuration. One PC is designated as the online machine and this communicates with a number of remote PLCs etc. The other PC is designated as the standby and simple waits for the online PC to fail, which will then cause it to become the online PC. In addition, it is possible to manually force a PC switchover.

We have a situation where a Modbus client wishes to connect to our system. Ideally I would like to provide the vendor with a single IP address to connect to our system. However, I really need to provide 2 addresses, 1 for the online PC and another for the standby PC, which could be promoted to the online and thereby resume communications to the Modbus client. Which ever PC is online will server as the Modbus server.

I have been looking at ways of presenting our system as a single IP address. One potential option is Network Load Balancing using the features of Windows Server 2012. Ideally we would like to avoid introducing addition hardware into the cabinet. We have a Cisco L3 switch connecting PC1 and PC2 and this will also be used to connect the Modbus client.

What is the best way to do this?
I have a few Windows 7 PCs I manage and a couple of them are saying that when I try to enter administrator mode it says "Windows cannot find 'C:\Windows\system 32\cmd.exe'.  Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." The same happens with regedit. My guess is that this is a virus of some form.  I've run malwarebytes, Avast AV for Business, AdwCleaner, JRT and RKill and none have found anything.  Or maybe something set a local policy.


This morning after doing the windows updates. I cannot boot up my pc anymore.  I have done the following

1. Windows repair tool does not work
2. System restore failed
3. Safe mode failed

Any ideas? Thanks

I have win 7 64
Best way to transfer settings, programs ect from old pc new pc
Both are windows 10.
can i make application run as admin without giving user on the pc admin rights? my domain is 2012 r2 i need the user just click on the app and run as admin without giving user the admin privilege.
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Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

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My OS is win 10 pro and I have an msn email account.  My login somehow got changed to use my email address.  How this got changed is a mystery.  So I now use my email address password to login.
I am trying to have separate passwords when I login into my pc and also my email account.  I changed my email.
But I do not know how to change my User account password, and would like to seek expert advise else I may lock myself out.  Is it ok to create a duplicate Admin user as a backup?
thank u and regards
ho un problema di connessione di questa Macchina Mod :Sharp MX-300W
io la uso solo in rete stampante tutto ok ma lo scanner di rete nulla da fare ho settato tutto il Dispositivo viene visto nella rete ma di inviare le scansioni al pC nulla e nemmeno se io voglio importare ( scannerizzare )dei documenti tramite pc nulla ...mi funziona solo la Stampante esiste un'aggiornamento firmware o un reset per questo modello ? o eventualmente potete dirmi come risolvere io la uso solo in rete senza USB!!!

Vincenzo bellini
Is there a manual method to do this ?
Looking for a remote User file sync solution. We have satellite users that work from other states. Some from home offices. We want to centralize all user data. What can we implement to sync folders on their windows pcs to a central server? Ideally a secured connection that does not require a VPN connection.
Hi there fellow Tech Community,

We are having a few issues in our organization whereby some users are not receiving new emails unless Outlook is restarted, when you restart Outlook, it delivers new messages and does so for say under a minute, then stops delivering new messages.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps we have carried-out, we are finding that the only way to overcome this, is to rebuild the customers PC, which as you all know is a cumbersome task and shouldn't be necessary to resolve an Outlook issue;

-Office 2016, 32 and 64-Bit
-Windows 10, build version 1607, 1703 and 1709
-All laptop users (HP EliteBook 840 G3 and Lenovo T440p)
-Windows Updates pushed out via WSUS

Troubleshooting done;
-Ran repair of office
-Recreated local OST Files
-Recreated Outlook Profile
-Recreated local Windows Profile
-Checked Outlook connection status, all showing as connected
-Checked A/D Account, not locked or anything along those lines
-Ran scan pst tool, that not really applicable anymore with Office 2016

Some more background;
-Users have additional mailboxes in their Outlook, some are manually mapped in Account Settings, some are delegation mapped via Exchange Admin Console
-We have a mixture of users on Android and iOS devices synching their Exchange Account, does not appear to be a trend with mobile devices

If I have missed any further details, I'll add them, other than that, any suggestions and what people have …
I am running the Windows Insider build of Windows 10 Home (64-bit).  Every single night the PC tries to run a particular update ("October 17, 2017—KB4043961 (OS Build 16299.19)") and it fails.

I have tried to run it manually by downloading it and then running it.  Still fails.

Anyone know how to get it to install or get it out of the update list so it stops trying to install it?

I would love to install it if possible but seeing the failure every day fr the past several months is starting to wear me down.  lol







A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.