A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.

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User's PC has crashed twice yesterday and once today, it's been reported that it's happened while trying to print documents.

I've got the event log but can't seem to upload it?

Details of PC:

Win 7 (64-bit)
Dell Optiplex 3020
Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Supports up to 4K resolution!
Supports up to 4K resolution!

The VS192 2-Port 4K DisplayPort Splitter is perfect for anyone who needs to send one source of DisplayPort high definition video to two or four DisplayPort displays. The VS192 can split and also expand DisplayPort audio/video signal on two or four DisplayPort monitors.

I'm having an issue that I've seen on numerous forums but I've yet to figure out...

I cannot connect new or refreshed PCs to the domain. All PCs on the network are Windows 10, our server is Windows Server 2012. I am using an ethernet connection on the network.

When trying to connect to the domain from the local account I'm advised: "That domain couldn't be found. Check the domain name and try again."
I've tried both just the name and also the name.local

I've tried disabling the firewall and IPv6 but I CANNOT get this or any new computer connected to the domain..

Any assistance would be appreciated!
Hello to all computer experts,

If I have a Windows 7 computer running a Powerpoint representation. What is the best way to mirror the image of the powerpoint presentation without hard wired between the computer and the TV. The computer offers wireless connection.

Can I use Chromecast to do this job ??

Please kindly advise ASAP.
I run a start up.
My programmer has win 10 pc .
How can i prevent unauthorized transfer of code .
My modem is binatone DT910W .  

Can i make custom rule in firewall to ping me if any upload of .cs file extension happens.
Hello All,

How we can set the path in VBA while using MAC PC. For ex. like we do in Windows

sub Test()
                   mypath$ = "C:\Desktop\FilesIn\"
                   newpath$ = "C:\Desktop\FilesOut\"
End Sub

Same function we want to use in MAC PC

locations of Mac PC is   "\users\desktop\test\FilesIn" & "\users\desktop\test\FilesOut"

Thank in advance
I have some servers that i connect to over VPN. Does the Windows Server Manager allow connection to servers over VPN. When opening Server Manager on my Win 10 PC, it is unable to locate any of the servers, or AD. Hoever, normal AD tools are able to connect as well as DNS tools.

An app or a service is hanging up my win7 PC only when I am connected to the internet.

I started up in safemode with networking and the hangup does not occur OR if I boot with the Wifi switch turned off the hang does not occur: Only when I am connected via wifi to the internet.

Any ideas how to diagnose?


Chris Schene
Any recommendations for cyber cafe management software?  Need software to manage 16 PCs.  Customer purchases a prepaid timecode that they can use ant any machine and the timecode is good for 1 hour.  We currently use Cafezee and I'm at wits ends with the issues we've been having and the lack of response from their support.


I have a Gigabyte 6th gen LGA1151 motherboard.

Is intel's to be launched 8th gen desktop processors compatible with 6th gen LGA1151 motherboards.

It would be helpful if you folks can provide me some URLs to refer to for motherboard compatibility for the to be launched Intel's 8th gen desktop processors.

Thanks and Regards,
We are reimaging some dell latitudes and our boot disk is apparently missing this file.  I have copied it from another pc that has not yet been re-imaged.  Where on the boot disk (USB) should I put this file?
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We have a Windows 10 PC that is giving an error when trying to open images or videos. The default application for the images is the Photo Viewer but when we try to open an image, we get an error saying Class Not Registered with the path of the file. If you right-click on the photo and open with Paint, it opens fine but the user prefers to open them in the Photo Viewer. Any thoughts on why this is happening and a resolution?


What's the minimum laptop CPU so that I can play 4K UHD movies in high resolution?
Does using, for example, Cyberlink PowerDVD software can help or do I need to use K-Lite codec pack?

PC's ( some ) of a specific VLAN is not able to do a policy update "GP update command" and still doing "policy updating" for a long time without any result, is it VLAN or network issue and how can I make sure that is not an error with the network (if there is any show command) and what can I do to resolve it (We try restart PC , and all antiviruses and firewalls are off )  ,,,,,

Thank You.
On one of my client's PCs (Windows 8.1Pro), he recently started having any emails with "linked" images just show the famous "red x" for all the images, with the message "The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, of deleted".

I've tried all the "fixes" online, including:  changing the location of the OutlookSecureTempFolder in the Registry, checking that IE "works" and is not marked for offline use, checked that "Picture placeholders" is not checked, checked that "Do not save encrypted images to disk" is not set, temporarily turned of all virus and firewall services (Symantec), looked in the Registry for "Send Pictures with Document" (not found), etc. As one last ditch effort, I just upgraded Office from 2010 to 2013. Nothing has fixed this.

When you first open an email with linked images, it shows the "click here to download pictures" option. But after clicking on that, you get the "Linked image" message above. If I click on one of the "linked" boxes, it takes me to the correct web site for that image.

Kind of at a loss here. Any other suggestions ?
Hi, I am new to the gaming zone and don't have much knowledge about buying games. I am planning to buy new video game for my PC. My friend suggested me to search online for buying latest game. While searching online I came across to this site . Do you have more suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Hello. I can't install anything connecting my PC to to wyse with no external hardwares. Is there a solution I can install through pen drives?
LVL 11

Expert Comment

Not sure if I understand the question.
Are you trying to deploy to a Wyse Terminal or are you trying to install some tools through your PC onto a Wyse system? (Or perhaps other)

Do you have any info on the model number, and whether it runs Windows or Linux etc please?
Hello Experts,
I am receiving this message "Navigation to webpage was canceled"
only on a web browser I programed with visual basic dot net 4.5
This means chrome, ie , are working normally

This small app developed in visual basic 2010 has been working for years...
a couple of weeks ago stopped working only on this particular pc with win7

I have cleaned form virus, update win 7 and all... simply >I continue getting the message
What can I do to get the app working again ?}
i know the usb 3 drive docks
my question is : is there anything faster on the market?  
 or is sata speed comparable to USB 3
Client's PC. Dell. Win 10 (originally upgraded from Win 7).

Comes up with the typical error "Automatic Repair" "Your PC did not start correctly"

I have tried three available restore points and the Advanced Options "startup repair".  No success.

Can't think of anything else to try, Apart from the Windows Reset option, but then the client loses all programs, although the data will be retained. Any ideas welcomed.
Free Tool: IP Lookup
Free Tool: IP Lookup

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I have a Surface Pro 3 and I am unable to get it to boot to windows.

I am getting a blue screen :(

Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.
We're just colleting some error information, and then
we'll restart it for you.

If you'd like to know more, you can search online for this error: SESSION1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED

I have tried all of the automatic repairs as well as re-installing windows with keeping my information.

Google has not come up with anything useful.

I have a HP Z200 workstation, model KK667ET with Nvidia Quadro 1GB graphics card
the processor is Core i5 660 @ 3,3 Ghz
16GB Ram installed (can't remember why exactly)

the workstation is primarirly used for photoshop, indesign

Every 2 years : the station is also used for database publishing which among other intensive tasks includes importing 3.000 Pre Press images as BLOB into a DB file.  Total size of the DB is 8GB.

Needless to say, when this import is started, all other running processes, have to been shut down in orde not to freeze on import.

It is time for me to reinstall this PC as it has not been done in years and has become slow.
Little has been done over the years to boost performance :

Bios Upgrade
Kingston 256GD SSD Now V2 installed

Since upgrading to a new PC is not an option, i'm looking for the best performance upgrade for this workstation

these are my options :

- install 2 cheap SSD's and use the built in raid controller on the motherboard
- Purchase the biggest processor still available for this motherboard (i have no idea how to figure that out)
- purchase an SSD that can be used on the PCI ports available

i'm no expert to which would boost performance the most,
Primarily goal is the speed up  working with the large database files since this has to be done more often.
In one remote office, IT needs are being a managed by a third party provider.
Currently, they are using an account which is a Domain Admin in order to do basic PC and printer software installs.

I would like to revoke the Domain Admin membership as this gives them much more access than is necessary.
Is there such a thing as a Windows account that can be configured on the domain to have admin rights for installing PCs, printers but without being Domain Admins?

My first thought was to create a local admin on each PC through GPO (I think this is possible) - is there a better way?
Strange issue... I bought an LG Smart TV a few months ago, running WebOS3.  It's been running with no issues since I hooked it up.
Today I finally got around to hooking up their "SmartShare" to stream all the vid content from a PC (the TV itself has virtually no onboard storage).
Just had to install their SmartShare app on the PC (which is running Win10 Pro), and the TV finds it.
But as soon as I start playing a video, it will last about 2-3 minutes, and the take down my entire wireless network....  and I have to power off the router to get it operational again.

No idea where to even start looking.  Any ideas?
I'm working on getting a client off their SBS2011 Server and they have only one server. To make it a little more challenging I'm replacing all the drives with SAS drives to optimize performance so this will be a complete reinstall. This has to be done over a weekend so I'm trying to decide the best way to approach this so there is very little downtime. My plan is below and I'd like to know if anyone sees any gotchas.

Existing Server SBS2011 with Hyper V: SBS2011 is the DC for internaldomain.local

I plan on  building a new DC with a new domain name on Hyper-V and using our public domain name (newinternal.contoso.com) in Hyper-V on the current SBS 2011 Server, building out the users (only 15-20), connecting a few PCs to the new domain on the LAN to test. Export the VM to an external drive

Beginning afterhours/weekend copy all the data on the data drive to an external drive. Install the new SAS Drives, RAID 1 for OS, RAID 5 for DATA drives, Install Server 2012r2 with Hyper-V, then importing the New DC into Hyper-V, copy provision vhd data drive and copy all data off the external drive.
We have a Windows 2008 Print Server with numerous printers installed on it, of various brands and models.

2 of these (both HP Colour Laserjet 3600DN) have started playing up at the same time. Any users who send a print to them will not get their printout, but will instead get a page with a PC XL Subsystem Kernel error ("Opendatasource"). The issue seems to have literally started overnight.

A print sent from the print server itself to either HP3600 will work fine. The same print sent from a user PC won't.

I've read up on this error extensively and can see that it's PCL related, with various suggestions of changing the drivers on the server. I have done this and tried various releases of driver, but nothing works. From what I can see there is no PS version of the driver. I have also tried completely removing the printers and re-adding them from scratch with the very latest drivers on release. Still no joy.

Changing the drivers used for Sharing (the X86/x64) ones makes no difference also. I've tried various permutations of other settings, such as not spooling and printing directly, changing the print processor setttings, and so on - nothing changes.

Does anyone have any ideas?






A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.