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A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.

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Hi all,

I am looking into alternatives to LogMeIn central. This looks like a great package however the cost per endpoint makes it quite restrictive when trying to stay competitive.
The LogMeIn central package offers the pro active approach of patching servers and endpoints from the central interface ie we can see all of the endpoints and what updates are needed to be installed then schedule these updates for installation.
it also provides the ability to see which user a pc is on within an organisation. ideal for supporting hot desk users & the ability to monitor event logs and provide us with alerts should any services stop.

We have looked into Bomgar, Teamviewer, splashtop. Most of these offer the remote access functionality and some look to offer better remote reactive support inc mobile devices which would be great however it is the patching and monitoring service I also require.

any experience or recommendations?

Thanks in advance
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i3 PC

When you put the power cable on it immediately tries to power up the first time which is odd as well

No POST. Just blank

Usually works on 3rd it 4th attempt

It was left on for years and slept after a time but never shut down so no one noticed ....

I’ve tested memory and it’s fine

Probable cause ? / most likeliest cause ?
I am creating a winpe ghost boot disk that will run on wds.  I can get the computer to boot up and get to the ghost window.  I would like to automate it a bit by having it automatically get to the multicast session window.  I know you can have it automatically join an existing session, but i would like it to just boot to where i can enter a session name.  

I can join a session by using "ghost64.exe -ja=session -sure" but i don't want them to join as i have multiple sessions running at any given time.

Is this possible?

I am using symantec ghost solution suite 3.2
I have an internal CA. It's got a Root CA (offline) and a Subordinate CA (Enterprise). I am looking to enable code signing. I was successfully able to publish the template and get the cert for the administrators. What I can seem to figure out is how to get the PC to fully trust any certificate from the CA for code signing. I have the Root CA cert in the Trusted Root Cert Authorities and The subordinate in the Intermediaries Authorities. I know that code signing looks at the "trusted publisher" store. What I don't understand is why it's not trusting the certificate since it's issued by a CA that is in the trusted Cert Authorities. Anyways, I tried adding the Root and sub CA certs into the Trusted Publisher store and that also didn't work. The only way I could get full trust was to put the public cert into the Trusted Publishers store. I would like to just make it so that any code signing cert we ever issue, is trusted by my clients. what are requirements to make this happen? I don't want to update GPOs for evreyone's individual code signing certificates. Thank you.
Hi Exeprts

we have Skype for business server standard edition

it work normally with many users

but for some other users it work for chat and video calls and share desktop

but for whiteboard sharing or poll or Q&A  the user get error (( pls check the attached file ))

so the issue i think not on the server level because other users work without an issue

it is not user or server issue

it is the pc itself


i removed every security update start with KB314

but still the same

kindly advice
I'm setting up a few scheduled jobs with Windows Task Scheduler under Win 10. All tasks are set to run only when user is logged on, and the only user on the PC is specified as the user to use when running the task.

When I'm opening any of the tasks for editing, the scheduler seems to "forget" this user, and it has to be specified again. The machine name stays, but the user name must be entered again. Have checked on several other PC's, and can't reproduce this.

The only thing that is "special" on this machine is that machine name and user name are rather similar (ABC-TEST\ABC-test).

Any ideas how to figure out what to do to make the user name stay when open the task for editing?
Care to share any thoughts on at what point you'd say - that computer is working, but too old to risk it failing and having to scramble to get a replacement?

Age comes into play I guess.  But also processor?

I have somoene using a machine with i7-2600 processor with a benchmark of 8212 AND 12GB of RAM


That benchmark is faster / higher than machines I am getting these days for small businesses: typically i5-7500 (benchmark of 8096).

But the machine shipped in Jan 2012.

Yeah, it's a mac truck so it's got the power still to carry your bikes on a bike rack (dumb analogy for lightweight office work in Word / Excel). But it's an old mac truck.
Context for my lack of knowledge:
I wasn't formally trained in sysadmin work, but have learned on the job for years now. I work at a shop that has never done imaging the 'approved' way, as no sysprep was ever used for any of hundreds of PCs, and OEM media/install was the image source. (No issues from that BTW... But also no Win 10 in domain yet either...)  TL;DR- I'm used to just PXE booting to K2000, and grabbing an image with an easy GUI, so I know next to zero about cmd line imaging tools like imageX or DISM.

However, after some shifts in staff, I'm now the lead and want to do things as 'right' as is possible.  I am tasked with deploying numerous identical tablets, and all of the tutorials/videos/examples shown here an elsewhere on the web don't really apply to my situation.  Leaving me very confused about the proper method to accomplish this task.  Plus, I want to make sure that we acquire the knowledge to apply 'best practice' imaging techniques wherever possible from here forward, as I'm convinced Win10 will not image correctly or play nice in our domain if not sysprepped.

Before anyone asks: Yes, we have a 10 Pro VLK.  But, we must retain the preinstalled OEM 10 Pro key already on the tablets.

Tablet imaging requirements:
  • Retain OEM key
  • Retain all user config (wallpapaer, colors, lock screen, no OS sounds, desktop shortcuts, etc.)
  • Capture & Deploy via USB with free windows tools (We have a Kace, but no PXE capable adapters for the tablets)
The project I am working on consists on creating a GUI using RStudio and Shiny.  There is one complication, "I think", the R program is a pipeline that calls several other open source application installed in the user PCs.  The idea is to install the program in a server using RStudio server and Shiny server, keep the applications on the PCs and call the applications from the R program running in the Shiny server.  Afterwards, the R analysis is done in the server.  Is this possible?
We have an issue with our recent upgrade to Outlook 2016 in that saving contacts from external senders places the sender's email address in the IM field in Contacts instead of the Email Address field.  

This happens on PCs that have been upgraded from Outlook 2010 to 2016 and on computers that have been freshly reimaged with Office 2016 only.  

I've gone through every Setting/preferences window I can find in Outlook but seem unable to get the contacts to map to the correct field.  Is there a way I can edit these mappings?

Thanks in advance :-)
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We have a 4K Sony TV monitor with a touch screen overlay on it.

A Windows PC is connected to this screen via a HDMI cable.

With this PC and display, we use Microsoft Word for brainstorming sessions where people can illustrate their ideas via the touch aspect of the Sony display overlay.

Although this solution is okay, it is not ideal.

We would like to use software created mainly for use with touchscreen drawing.

What would you recommend as the best software for touchscreen drawing?

I'm running a Win 10 PC that plays different music sources (using wmplayer) during the day - controlled by Windows Scheduler. In order to prevent wmplayer to play two or more different music sources at the same time, I have set up two tasks.
1. taskkill /IM wmplayer.exe /f /t
2. wmplayer.exe (link to net-radio)

This works mostly well, but from time to time the process just stops. I suspect that the taskkill hasn't completed when scheduler tries to start the application again. I would like to add a short "wait" - just a few seconds between the scheduled actions. Is this possible without going to a .bat file?  How?
does anyone know where can I get a computer wrap for a desktop pc case in order to protect it from getting scratches .

the same idea car have them.
I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop. Everything is running smoothly except on startup and any time that I attempt to logoff or log on to the laptop. The message is as follows:

LogonUI.exe entry point not found

The procedure entry point SsoCredentials could not be located in the dynamic link library DialogManager64.dll

That message appears at the following times:

When I start my PC and immediately before I'm asked to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to logon
Immediately after I press CTRL + ALT + DELETE

I have to click the message's OK button numerous times but it eventually goes away and I can log on and proceed without a problem.

I recently installed a copy of Pulse Secure and the problem started at around that time but I'm not 100% sure that it is the cause or if that was just a coincidence. I used System Restore to rollback to the pre Pulse Secure install state but that didn't clear the problem.

Any ideas on what I should try. I've googled for answers but found nothing that really helps
Once I install Cisco anyconnect in my user PC, the shared drives in the system are showing with a cross mark. Once the user click on the shared drive, the drives become available

Is there any way I can avoid the click

Command PromptHi,
I have HP (model p2-1334) windows 8 PC that fails to boot since Windows update was performed.
The user had no backup system.
 I got down to command prompt using Advanced Repair Option during startup. I created Windwos 8.1 OS in USB (using Rufus and shown as G drive on the screenshot). It appears C drive is OS drive.
 Is there a command that I can run here to have the system replace missing or corrupted file at this stage?
Hi all,

In my visual studio project, I set the target framework to be 4.6.1

But some of my client PCs only have the .net version 4.6.0 installed.

May I know if there is any impact.
I tried executing my application on a PC with version 4.6.0 installed. It seems okay.

Please advise Thanks.
I have a sound-bar attached to my PC but normally have the volume muted unless I actually need the sound; daily dings and dongs of system notifications aren't really necessary in an office environment but may occasionally need sound for a training video etc.

On my lunch break (of course!!) I occasionally visit an online crossword website and before opening each puzzle the website shows adverts. I don't have a problem with that, they're normally less than 30 seconds so I take another bite of my sandwich and wait for it to go by.

However, when I first go to the site the first advert that comes on will always over-ride my volume settings and the sound of the advert will be heard eventhough my sound settings are muted.

How do they do that???

I have to unmute and remute to stop the sound. Is there any way I can stop it?

The port virtualization technology may be integrated to any cloud OS. A user may work with remote or local USB devices without any limits.
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Windows Updates are set to run automatically and to prompt for restart.  It reports being up to date and the last check for updates to have been 12/12/2016.  Update history shows the most recent to have been in Feb 2017.   Running Update manually takes a long time and nothing changes in the results: same 12/12/2016 date for last check for updates and a Feb 2017 update as the latest.

Any suggestions about how to make it really check for and apply updates?
Dear all

I have two PC. logged on the same mail account.Cause of Exchange on line,  I just set rule that is when I received e-mail have a sound one PC_a and the PC_b be synchronized. It's good.

But Two PC both connect sounds, why only one sound we I received an e-mail?

I'm sure both sound is good....
Good morning,

For various reasons, I decided to reset my Windows 10 PC via the option under Update & Security -> Recovery.

However, during this process, "Something Went Wrong" is displayed (see image). No other details are given on the screen. I have "Try Again" and "Skip" as options. I've clicked both of these about 20 times, and I can't get past the "Something Went Wrong" screen.

I powered off the PC and powered it back on to no avail.

I'm not sure what to do here. Any help would be appreciated.
hi am geting this error after running the antivirus am not even able to start my pc in safe mode mode am in window 10 The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005 am in window 10
All, I recently acquired Windows 10 Enterprise so I can use my PC for work. I wiped out Windows 10 Pro and installed Enterprise. Once I did that I entered my work email for Azure AD (excuse the spelling) it should set me up with all my work apps. Unfortunately that's not working. I did previously had this built as Windows 10 Pro... would that be causing me grief?
Hello Experts,

Our company has YSoft SafeQ printing, a network printer has been created, \\printserver\SafeQPrinter

However according to Xerox website we will not be able to use GPO to install the printer, http://forum.support.xerox.com/t5/Printing/Group-Policy-GPO-will-not-install-print-driver-on-user/td-p/196124

Currently to install the printer, we have to visit individual user and Run \\printserver\SafeQPrinter to install the printer.

Is there a way to install the network printer to all PCs on the network without using GPO

Thank you,







A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.