A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.

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We have 2 PCs running Windows 10 Pro. We'd like them to have ONE app available (preferably IE), and to log users out after X minutes of inactivity. I have seen that "assigned apps" doesn't even allow us to do this with Edge, let alone IE. Has anyone implemented this before, and if so, how? Is there another way to accomplish this besides group policy?
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Built my self a new PC so i am working on getting my old one cleaned up to sell.

Took it all apart and cleaned it all up. After putting it back together i went to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows 7. After all said and done and running windows update it started to crash with the error. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Bluescreenviewer shows the driver causing it is ntoskrnl.exe.

I tried updating drivers and windows and such, tried with 2 sticks rather then 4 of memory because some people said that it was related to the memory.  However all 4 sticks along with everything else worked fine when i was using it as my main computer.  It kept crashing and starting a loop saying windows couldnt start and other things.  

I put a brand new hard drive in and tried installing windows 10.  After getting that set it then crashed as soon as i went to run windows update.  After restarting it ran all the updates with no issue.  No drivers missing in device manager.  No new windwos updates are available and its up to date.

I installed some virus protection and let it sit for awhile.  IT had no crashes so i installed the front and back covers of the case and it crashed again the blue screen showed error: 0xc0000225  and the mini dump shows the same driver causing the issue.  I am clueless and have never had this much issue just getting windows installed and running.  The computer never had issues before when i used it, and now im just getring it cleaned up and ready to put up for sale.

I heard there is a free 3 years for schools

If I want to install it on 20 computers

Do I need to download it 20 times to install on all machines ?
I have several PCs running Windows 7 Pro and I will be upgrading them to Windows 10 Enterprise within the next month or so.  I would also like to upgrade the memory in these PCs.  What would be your recommendation for the amount of memory to have installed on these PCs.  The PCs currently have 4 GB Ram - they are 64-bit OS and the processor is Intel i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20 GHz.  Any input is appreciated.  These PCs are used to run standard business applications (O365) and other business related apps (mostly hosted applications).  Any input is appreciated.  Thank you.
Windows 10 Turn Off

i have upgraded 3 pcs from windows 7 to windows 10 all lenovo systems when you shut the pc down the system shows as off put the power light is still on the machien and you have to hold the button in for 5 secons for the machines to fully power off

i have tried to

turn fast boot off within power options

turn hibrenation off

reset bios

i am out of ideas

system has all the latest drivers and windows updates

Help Please

A client got a win 10 home PC after I told him I could get a PC for him and if he wanted to get it, be sure it comes with Win 10 Pro and to send me pics when at the store (they have sbs server).

So it's an HP small desktop with i5 processor,  12GB RAM, 1TB hard drive.  He.... wants to 'upgrade' to win 10 Pro, which really means wipe the drive and install pro from scratch, right?

Do you see any issues with getting it up and running on Pro? Not sure the exact model, but if it's running from the factory on Win 10 Home, then it'll run Win 10 Pro just as well?

and yeah, that's the process - wipe and install?

gotta buy:


no upgrade path.  anything else out there for less than the $200 is scam / VL / something not legit?

How much time would you say that will take? To get it to a win 10 machine ready to get on the SBS network?  1 hour? 2?
Hello, I have a customer PC which behaves in such an incomprehensible way I had to post it here.

Here's the facts: it's a desktop with Windows 10 and a PCI wifi card.

Wifi used to work, now it suddenly has stopped. It will connect and receive ip and dns through dhcp, but won't even ping the router.

And here, the strange stuff begins: I tried in my office and it worked. Cleaned it up, reset winsock and tcpip, brought it back. Doesn't work.

So I tried with a usb wifi adapter. Same behaviour.

I decided to format and reinstall Windows 10. And here's what totally blew my mind. Now it has the same behaviour in my office too, with the usb wifi adapter (still haven't tried with the pci card). It's a frakking fresh install for criminy's sake!

I honestly don't know what to think.
EMR App using dbvser9 (App was sunset'd a few years ago, but there are many users still using this EMR software) after a Windows 10 Pro update passed build 1709, the App on the workstation began running very slowly loading the patients chart from the server PC. Microsoft appears to had made it difficult to stop updates.
in the first windows was working perfectly ….. then  I got some kind of green screen of death saying some sort of unknown error … then it got into automatic repair loop  I tried every single fix out there on the internet but all failed ….
I tried
1- bootrec /fixmbr

2- bootrec /fixboot

but I got access denied

3- bootrec /rebuildbcd

4- copy the registry files and replace them

5- windows restore point but it failed while trying

6- windows reset but failed after it took long time

7- dism but it failed  too .

8- sfc /scannow  failed   then asked me to try fix the files with dism

log file

9- dism  from the windows source disk

10- chkdsk /r /f c:  it failed  too

log file

11- I tried replacing the corrupted file
but it did nothing

the windows the version  that  I had  while this was the spring creators update 1709... the only fix I had was clean install windows
I got the rs4 1803 tried installing it but I got windows cannot be installed on this disk the only fix was converting the disk from mbr to gpt
but  I had no backup disk so  I launched hiren's live cd then partition wizard tool then I clicked convert mbr to gpt  to avoid formatting the disk
then I tried installing  the windows again ant I worked just fine but after 4 days I got through  the same problem that I tried the 10 fixes on it and didn't work ….. then  I clean installed it again after …
I need to understand how it is possible (or if it is impossible) to create the publickey/privatekey for blockcahin (BTC) in a way that there is no way for the private key to be revealed. I just don't understand. (unless y actually give it to some one or it is stolen or my pc mobile are in a way hacked).

How do I create/access my BTC or ETH wallet using my privatekey in a way that it is not compromised. I am using myetehrwallet.com for my ETH but whne I access and the privatekey/passphase is entered it is recognized. How can it be validated if it is not stored there and if it stored well it could be hacked, I guess. Some people mention that you trust myeteherwallet.com it s not the point.

I read the nano ledger (or similar devices) are secure. Or doing it offline  But I still have the same uneasiness.

I really need to understand this
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How To:  
  1. Create a Desktop or Taskbar icon for the online version of Microsoft Word 365
  2. Make .doc & .docx file types open Word 365 online

I have lost Word 2010 Starter (free, ad-based version offered on limited PCs & laptops) when I had to rebuild a PC.  One free option is to use the online version of Word in Office 365.  I am using it now, but all my Word files no longer have a default app.

Being able to open a program via icon or double-click on a file is a time-saver.  I'm not sure how to set this up, though, for the online version of Word or Excel.  Or Outlook, for that matter.

I have a Bluetooth speaker that can also be hardwired. When I plug it into my PC, it emits a high pitched sound. But when I use it for my phone via Bluetooth, it sounds fine. What could be causing the high pitched sound when plugged into my PC? Note that my PC doesn't have Bluetooth and that's why I have to plug it in.

What is the best app for making a .db file as readable as possible?

I use a softphone program called RingCentral Desktop App for PC. The UI it is not my favorite but for the most part, it handles my phone calls and text messaging OK.

Users can view a log of their regular voice phone calls by logging into their RingCentral account online. However, a huge downside of the app, in my opinion, is that there is no way to view/export/download a log of your text messages. It does have a limited SMS search capability but nothing that allows you to specify a date range or search past messages exchanged with more than a single contact at a time.

I've submitted several requests to RingCentral but no solution or workaround has been offered.

I located the file that holds past text messages here:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\RingCentral\SoftPhone\[phone number]\storage.db

The file size is 6.45 MB.

Out of curiosity I opened the file using Notepad and, as expected, most of the content (6K+ lines) is made up of meaningless symbols. However, two things I did notice are that:

1) the first line begins with "SQLite format 3" (as shown in the following screenshot) which I assume is the language of the database (if a database has a language).

2) interspersed among the symbols, the file does contain all of the outgoing and incoming text messages (in chronological order) in a readable form as shown in the next screenshot:

Hyper-V Moved from failed Pc to a different PC.  There are multiple virtual disk segments .  I cannot figure out how to recombine them.
Hyper V folder looks like this.  
Test PC Office 2007.vhd                                                                                                                         8/22/18                                  41,000,000
Test PC Office 2007_9F3E5128-1505-47E9-829C-5BE2494F2518.vhd                                            9/27/17                                    3,300,000
Test PC Office 2007_275C1A16-FED6-41B3-8C97-568CA7A563D5.avhd                                       9/29/17                                    2,000,000    
Test PC Office 2007_5544EC0E-AAE8-4BDD-B107-1C753FA6BA48.avhd                                       8/22/18                                      336,000
TesTest PC Office 2007_F4403888-7F14-495F-8B77-1CCA88D284F8.avhd                                    8/6/18                                    7,000,000
Test PC Office 2007_F4403888-7F14-495F-8B77-1CCA88D284F8.avhd                                          9/29/17                                       20,000

The last time they used the hyper v session was 8/6/18 (before the cash)

After creating the vm and launching the VM all of the data in the database is from 9/27/19 or older.
i am having trouble moving files from the ipad to my pc
Is it possible to share iTunes Library between PC & Android phone?

A brief search yielded shows information about using Android but I don't see any literature on using Android phones other than Apple Music subscriptions.

Is this a recent change or has it always taken an Apple mobile device to play your library from a mobile device?
My machines respond to Wake On Lan unless the power cycles.
Setting the BIOS power to "Last State" is no help.
So setting the BIOS to Power On at least lets me run a program.
I'm trying to figure out how to tell the difference between a normal button push or WOL
and BIOS Power On resulting from power being restored.
office 365 I need users on a pc to only be able to send mail, not receive mail. To be clear, i need users to be able to send mail but not receive incoming and they are all office 365 outlook 2016 users.
Trying to add 3tb ext HD to a pc with Windows 64-bit and Trend Microsystem. I tried a WD Passport and even after taking Trend entirely off, it never fully installed. I see on forums others had this issue with Trend/Passport not getting along (mine would never fully install). But sadly,if they found a solution, they never stated what ext HD DID work!  Any one got experience with this issue who might be able to advise me on what ext HD to try next?
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

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Is there a way I can remotely export the IE 11 and or Chrome history from any given PC to a CSV file? This would be on windows 10 and windows 7
I need an offline database solution for PC that is easy to use. I've created an Access database and it's causing me more trouble than it's worth. I'm thinking of just using a spreadsheet, but thought I'd pick your brains. Basically, I am totally cool with a spreadsheet of data, but I want to see all the fields on one page at a time. Google forms sound perfect GUI-wise, but I'd also like to be able to search and modify the spreadsheet data within the form (not just submit info). I tried with an Access form but I messed up the relationships or something so now the form is duplicating its own records sometimes and I'm over it. Any ideas for something I can't screw up and stays offline? Either offline or an online solution with the ability to encrypt the data using a key not available to the host organization.
I had this question after viewing Window 10 Group Policy: Disable Reset this PC and Advanced start.

I know you can run reagentc.exe /disable, but how do you do it with Group Policy Preferences as Jesus Vigo indicates in his article on Techrepublic.com, quoted below? We have literally thousands of machines that are mobile, and I'd hate to have to push this out in a startup script.

Disable System Restore in WinRE
Log on to a Windows 10 computer with admin credentials.
Launch the command line, choosing Run As Administrator.
Enter the following command:
reagentc.exe /disable
Once the command has executed on the PC, the command prompt will confirm that WinRE has been disabled. That's it! The command must be run per computer, but it need run only once to disable the System Restore functionality from WinRE.

Note: WinRE will still be accessible, though features such as the CLI do incorporate support for authentication and will not run anonymously the way that System Restore did prior to being disabled.

As far as deployment goes, sysadmins can have this run in any number of ways: during imaging sessions as part of their thick-image; as a separate post-installation command during MDT/SCCM; as a scheduled task; through a startup script in Group Policy or Group Policy Preference; through a variety of third-party management suites; or manually, via good ole' fashioned sneakernet. The choice is yours!

 TechRepublic disable reset this pc
Questions on Migration of users, user profiles and User application settings:

We have a small CO merging into ours and need the local user accounts from their PC's merged into our AD.
More specificaly wee need the contents AND application settings integrated with their new AD account profile!

Also there is an issue as they run Office 2013 and we run Office 2016! And YES we need their settings, macros etc to migrate!!

It would also be nice with some tool for every day handling, backup and restore, of profiles when we reinstall or replace a PC.
Note: this is a follow-up to another thread posted yesterday and located here:

        Identify desktop PC ports


Yesterday I posted images of the front of my computer and shown below are images of the back. If someone could identify the ports labeled by letters (and numbers), as well as which of them can be replaced individually if faulty, I'd appreciate it.

By the way, the panel near the top (labeled x in the first screenshot) appears to be removable. What type of component is that designed for?

Also, I've always been curious about the multiple different-shaped (but mostly rectangle) openings in the video card (see 3rd image). Do they have some purpose?


What would be the best method for imaging a reference Win 10 PC if I need applications, settings, domain membership migrated and using individual license keys?






A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.