A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.

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Dear Experts,

We have this User folder on our file server (running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard) that is having a permission issue.  
Initially, it started when this user created sub-folders inside and started to organize her files by moving them into these sub-folders.  Suddenly the user could not open any moved files, with "Access Denied".  When we, system administrators started to check permissions and share options, we realized that the test sub-folders we created in the same locations cannot be removed by us.  The ownership belongs to us, system administrators, and we have full control permission.  We do not have this issue with anyone else.  We tried to have the user log into the same account from another PC, same issue.
We created another user folder, but when this user creates a sub-folder inside, the same issue repeats.  It seems as if something is over writing her permission, but we have thoroughly checked out this user's profile, using utilities such as AccessEnum, and also comparing the profile to other users', nothing seems to be different about this account.
Another test we have done is to share this folder with Everyone, and also to a particular user, but nothing seems to allow us to control the permission of the sub-folders, and no one, not even system administrators can open any folders inside sub-folders, or delete sub-folders.  We can create or rename sub-folders, and that is it.

Please advise.
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Dell pc running Windows 10 pro.  All current updates installed, including Windows and Fujitsu.  Fujitsu scanner (fi-7160) loses WIA connectivity every evening while pc is not in use (user logs out of Windows and turns scanner off before going home).  The next morn, when user tries to scan document (using any scan app) error says can not connect to scanner.  When you try to double click scanner within Devices and Printers, error says something about No WIA connection, need to install WIA drivers.  When you try to restart the WIA service, receive error that WIA is in use and can not be restarted.

Current temp fix is:
1.  Task Manager - End Task - Service Host:  Windows Image Aquisition
2.  Restart WIA Service

I also can not replicate issue during the day by following user end of day proceidure, so am driven to think something is occurring during the evening within Windows that is causing the issue.  Also, temp uninstalled A/V to test to no avail.

Would love to figure out why this happens every evening so we don't have to temp fix every morning.

Thank you!
I have a PC that has Windows 7 Enterprise installed.  The automatic upgrade (SCCM task sequence) didn't work with this PC.

Here's the odd thing.  I tried to manually upgrade the PC but it only gives me the option of upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.  I've manually upgraded 15 or so machines and this is the first time I've seen it.

I need it to upgrade to Enterprise - I'd prefer not to start with a newly imaged machine.  

Anyone have an idea why this might be happening.  My google foo must be off, because I can't find any reference to something like this.
Outlook 2016 - Not sending reported error (0x800CCC1A).
Have a client which cannot send emails using IMAP account via the SMTP connector.

Have run Scanpst.exe and repaired the PST and OST files, have run SFC /Scannow and created new profiles but each time trying to send out emails gets the attached error message and the emails don't send, just stuck in Outbox.  I have also completely removed Office from the PC and reinstalled fresh after restarting the PC and still fails to send emails with the same attached error message!
I have now installed eM Client (trial) and configured as the same account/ server settings etc... and the email account is working sending emails fine within eM client email client so this is showing it's an issue with Outlook 2016 itself.

The OS on the PC is Windows 7 but this isn't the issue as clearly working using eM client.

Any ideas to why Outlook 2016 is causing this issue?
We have a network of 25 Windows Systems and I have problems with one of them that cannot connect to Crashplan Pro backup services.

This computer was on a domain and migrated off using forensit.
There is no domain on this network.

I cannot ping central.crashplan.com from this pc but all the other computers I can.

I have disabled ANTIVIRUS turned off firewalls and still nothing.

Is there a log that I can see that will tell me what is preventing me from connecting this system to Crashplan Pro

When I launch Crashplan it says cannot connect to server, but other computers on the network can
Outlook 2007...
Recieving but NOT sending emails...
Occasional Secuirty Certificate cannot be Verified...

My mother in law...age 95 is active on her PC...She uses Outlook and is fairly familiar with it...We POP Gmail...

She has been using this PC with W7 and Outlook 2007 for about 8 years...
She lives in an assisted care facility...

About 2 weeks ago she started getting Security Certificate cannot be Verified...
Relates to Sophos...says a mismatch in the SSL port...and Outlook will NOT send email...but she recieves email ok...

I cleaned it up...reinstalled Office 2007...and got the same problem...no joy...

So...I took it to my shop...and discovered that Outlook worked just fine on MY internet connection...

BUT....I rebuild the PC anyway and installed W10...re-installed Outlook 2007...connected her PST file and everything is working perfectly on MY internet...

I set it up again in her apartment at the assisted care facility and Outlook will NOT send email...I had the facilities maintenance guy try...and we cannot get it working...
Internet is fine...if I go to Gmai webmail her email works just fine...

So...It seems to be an Outlook issue on the facilities network...

So...on Gmail the SMTP port is 587....what do you think the chances are that the IT company that handles the assisted care facility closed port 587 on the router...???

Or...is there some possible other reason for the issue...

Many thanks in advance...
I have a Bell (my ISP) 2000 modem/router.  It is connected directly to the PC beside it by way of an ethernet cable.  This modem/router sends a wireless signal throughout the house.  The wifi signal is picked up by other PCs, laptops, tablets and 3 televisions.  I would like to setup a simple home network for my PCs, laptops and tablets.
How do I do this?  I would like to do this without disrupting the existing wifi system throughout the house.
I am wondering if anyone has some experience on changing the Office365 license that your Apps are installed on a PC on.

I have a client who has changed their business name.  SO we set up a new domain name and Office365 Business Premium account for them.  All users email history has been transferred from domain 1 to domain 2.  Both domain had O365 Business Premium subscriptions for users and exchange email management.

The problem I am finding now is that the licensing for the software on the computers is not changing from domain 1 to domain 2 user.

When we open Word, then click on File  then Office Account, it shows the user information as domain 2, which is correct but the subscription product information is still on domain 1 user, which is not correct.  If I click on Change License and use domain 2 user, it says:
We couldn't find other office licenses associated with {email address}

I know both domains have the Business Premium plan set up for all users.  So they should have full use of all Apps.

Anyone know how to solve this?

I want to have all apps licensed to domain 2 users so that we can unsubscribe domain 1 users.
I am looking for a laptop for university specifically computer science major i have done a lot of research and still can't decide my best option from those.
1. Dell XPS 13 (16GB Ram, 512 SSD)
2. Dell XPS 15 9560 (16GB RAM, 512 SSD)
3. Lenovo YOGA 720 (16GB RAM. 512 SSD)
4. Dell XPS 9575 (16GB RAM, 256 SSD)
5. HP Spectre
6. ASUS Zenbook Pro
If you could please rank them from best to worst according to my needs and add any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks in Advance
I have RV016 routers and the VPN on one of them is going bad.  I am looking at the RV345. I have several questions that no one can answer to my surprise.
Is the VPN compatible between the routers?
What PC client software should I use?  I have PC and MAC clients.

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Dear support

Where can we standardize all domain PC localization, date time format?

Sometimes it is trouble for some old system capturing individual PC setting on database... thanks.
surface pro4 cant use fingerprint or facial recognition on sbs 2011 domain  keeps saying some settings are hidden or managed by my organization, security policies on this PC are preventing some options from being shown. so cant configure it to login.    dont know which security policy setting is stopping me from using them.  i already added the user to the local administrators group on the local pc but that didnt help
I want to be able to stop my o365 users from accessing one drive, SharePoint and teams from their home pcs and mobiles.

Conditional access and in tune seems to be the way to go. For mobiles it looks straight forward that the user must enroll their device. But what about laptops and pcs.

I want my company laptops (which are not all joined to the same AD domain) to be able to access where ever they go but I do not want these sane users installing on their home machines.

What should I do and please I can google : ) this question is specifically around pc access, thanks
How can I download my HOTMAIL messages inbox, sent and drafts onto my PC?
Hi Experts,

I just noticed that my Windows 10 PC is showing time that is 1 hour behind actual time.

Here are my settings:

Date and time
11:08 AM, Friday, July 6, 2018
Set time automatically On
Set time zone automatically 0n

Time zone
(UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney      v
Adjust for daylight saving time automatically • On

My internet connection is OK.

Access 2016 Database - Compact and Save; Save as ACCDE issues.

Both the above operations used to work without issue. When attempting either of the above (all on a local PC single user) i get the message "could not use .........accdb; file already in use".

I am of the opinion that I have some form Access/Windows corruption - I say this because I can that the file to a backup PC which is not up to date with all the latest updates and perform both operations as expected.

I have also downloaded a sample template application - so fairly small and very little data - and this also fails in the same manner.

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be resolved?
Hi Experts,

I have a troublesome PC emitting an Error attempting to install Camera "error code 32"

Under device manager the camera is show with exclamation mark unable to update the driver I have installed this camera on anopther PC for testing and it worked so camera is fine

Camera is a Microsoft Cinema,  I can get the audio to work with Skype but Webcam is not detected... anyone come across this one?

Exclamation mark on Camera & both  DVD's that are installed on this PC, there are a few so called fixes I have been through without success...

Any suggestions please?

I tried to configure a static NAT on cisco router 897va so it can be access from internet on port 443 and udp 161.  Also I need an outbound rule to allow  all ports so print can talk to outbound traffic to any destination.

1st Question:

When I configured below static nat on router.
1.      ip nat inside source static
internet works ok
wireless access point works ok
printer works ok
I can ssh to access point and router.
When I connected one of pc and check what is my ip it gives me

When I configured below static nat on router.
ip nat inside source static udp 161 161
ip nat inside source static tcp 443 443
internet works ok
wireless access point works ok
printer doesn’t work.
I can ssh to access point and router
When I connected one of pc and check what is my ip it gives me
 It looks like both are same static nat except No.2 is ports lock down. My question do we need to allow / permit to so it keeps the same ip add for outbound traffic.

2nd Question:  router interface config verification.  Both interfaces are up.

Also , issue is I applied almost all inbound and outbound rule for restrict the traffic. Every when I applied on inbound then outbound stops working, outbound then inbound stops working.
I got funny feeling that router config is not correct.
BT assigned the subnet ( …
This is a naive question I'm afraid - trying to work out if it's worth following up in detail. Will try to be brief.

We have an application on a domain member 2008 R2 server. The *.exe file is on a shared folder, and that is run by several users on their desktop PCs.

One user now wants to work from home. Over a VPN, the program concerned works but is excruciatingly slow in use. I'm not sure precisely why, but some combination of using a slow laptop, VPN latency etc is suspected. The slowest broadband link involved is 3Mb upstream from the office.

My favoured workaround is to get a spare desktop PC in the office that he can RDP into.

It's been suggested that we try Remote Desktop Services on the server (I know we'd need to buy a CAL). I know you are *supposed* to install RDS before the applications, but is it worth a try?

I'm not personally keen on messing about with the server, but could installing RDS break any application on the server for other local network users not using RDS? Or is it a fairly safe experiment to install the role to see what happens?

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Hi - I've been asked by a friend to assist them with an issue. They were having problems with Windows 10 and contacted a company who appears to have 'Reset' the PC within the Windows 10 recovery settings. At first glance, it seemed that all the installed applications and locally held data (word docs, photo's etc) had been removed. I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that there is no backup. However, a copy of the user profile (including data) has been located within the 'windows.old' folder. This is great news for my friend. The issue that I would like assistance with is as follows:

1) They were using Windows Live Mail to access\download their email. This data appears under C:\Windows.old\Users\yourlogonname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail.
a) I'm struggling to download a genuine copy of Windows Live Mail - Is it still possible to download from a reputable source?
b) If I can download and install, how do I recover the data into the recently installed Windows Live Mail application?
c) If it's not possible to download, can the old data be imported into another program to view the email? If this is possible, how do I do it?
d) Friend does not remember email password. Original email provider has been taken over a number of times and current provider is unable to verify security requirement to reset password. Is there a tool to recover a password stored in Windows Live Mail that is no longer installed but records exist under windows.old ?

2) Friend is …
Dear EE,

My application is using SAP file in UTF-8 format, for this purpose my application uses a a DLL “Interface_encoding.dll” to convert file into required format.

Some how , same user generates file on same PC and get the different file formats.
1) Sometime it is generated correctly in UTF-8 format
2) Sometime fie is created in UTF-8 BOM format.

Please see that we have checked for DLL registration and it was fine all the time.

Your support is required to find out the possible root cause and resolution.  

Do dual processor work as redundancy?  If one fails will the server or PC still boot up?  Or Dual CPU only speeds up the process ?
Devices in remote network can't ping/access QNAP NAS in our network over a VPN tunnel but we can ping them from the QNAP NAS

We know the remote devices as 172.20.20.x through our firewall. QNAP is on our gateway so a route was added to QNAP (route add -net netmask gw through Putty

We can (through putty logged into the QNAP NAS - ping devices in the remote network ( for instance is a PC I am logged into) but we can't talk the other way - pinging from to QNAP.

Maybe something I don't have enabled in QNAP or the routing isn't quite like Windows?

I can mock up connecting to the QNAP over a VPN through Windows Explorer from my PC (I am offsite but set up similarly) so I know the QNAP allows this. The difference I see is that my VPN doesn't need any routing changing - my VPN is on the firewall that is the gateway the QNAP is on - where the other - we had to add the route as the VPN is on a different firewall.
I am having issues with a Cisco WLC wifi deployment using radius authentication setup on an NPS. User certificates are installed by Group Policy and users are able to connect and work just fine however if they move out of range for an extended period of time and return the wifi SSID says connecting but never connects until the user manually clicks disconnect and connect again which prompts them with the certificate and asks to connect. In extreme cases users have to restart there PCs to reconnect to the wifi. PS. - Enable Fast Reconnect is checked under the Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP) settings.
Hi Experts,

I use Dropbox to Sync files between a number of coworkers PCs.

Yesterday I set up a new PC.

I thought it would be a good idea to copy the Dropbox folder from one of the other PCs to the new one.

That turned out to be a disaster.

After installing Dropbox on the new PC, the number of subfolders in the Dropbox folder doubled.
So I now have folders with names like:

D:\Dropbox\Dropbox\Travel (Selective Sync Conflict)

this folder has some of the files duplicated from this folder:


My problem now is that I can delete this folder, D:\Dropbox\Dropbox\Travel (Selective Sync Conflict).

But minutes later it reappears, presumably because it is on one or more other PCs.

How can I delete the Selective Sync Conflict folders permanently?







A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.