A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.

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We have a few pc's with various remote connectivity issues in Windows.  One of them most perplexing is the abscense of the C$ and ADMIN$ shares (known as "admin" shares colloquially). I have tried to recreate them manually using the cmd format of "net share C$=C:\", but it only lets me recreate C$ not ADMIN$ and even C$ isn't contactable through a remote windows explorer session.  I am hoping to script this so that I can add it to my "fix all the blasted remote connectivity stuff" batch script I have started. Does anyone know of a way to fix these so that you can connect via windows explorer on a remote pc again?  

These machines are all Windows 10 x64 with Windows 1803 installed currently.  Any assistance would be so truly appreciated.  I really want to make it so we can remotely deploy software again to these poor folks. Thank you!

admin shares missing
This is a planning in writing a vbscript to find out PC OS, service pack, missing patches, computer name, antivirus software installed, personal firewall, and so on. This vbscript was evaluated and works without problem. The "last piece" of the check that we are thinking to put in is the checking of PC for any possible infection of virus. How do we ensure that the pc is really virus-free? Can we write a script to check for some "run", "runonce", and other registry key and values? the objective is this seems to be a "preliminary" check for the virus infection, malware, spyware, and so on. MS Windows clients from windows 7 to windows 10.

If so, any sample for the script on this virus checking?

Thanks in advance.
I have a guest network that was setup kinda odd (not by me).
The management part of this network is on VLAN99 and runs in the 192.168.1.x address space.
This address space includes all the switches, access points, access point controllers and one management PC.

The guest part of this network is on VLAN100 and runs in the 192.168.111.x address space.
The Cisco WLC controller gives out DHCP addresses in the 192.168.111.x space and uses the gateway address of, which is a Sonicwall firewall (which is managed by Spectrum business solutions... don't ask).

If you login to the management PC you can manage the WLC and all the switches just fine.
However, because you are on VLAN99 and in the 192.168.1.x address space you cannot get to the internet.

If you login tot he WIFI you cannot manage any hardware but you can get to the internet.

This IS how it is supposed to work.

However, I would like to monitor the firewall, via SNMP, from my management PC on the 192.168.1.x network.

I have assigned a 192.168.111.x address to the PC as it's main address.
I have assigned VLAN100 as an additional VLAN on the port that it's plugged into.
But, it does not work.

The switch that I'm plugged into is a Cisco SG300-10SPF

The port I'm using is configured as:
interface gigabitethernet8
 description "Management PC Link"
 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 100

Open in new window

On the 3650 line of switches that would allow VLAN99 (the default VLAN on the switch) and VLAN100 to use port 8.
On this switch... it just doesn't work.

I'm open to ideas.
Windows 7 pro PC windows file sharing stops being accessed from certain windows 10 and windows 7 pcs

We have a PC that has windows sharing enabled with several directories shared.

This configuration has been working for the last 3 years.

This morning 1 windows 7 pro and 2 windows 10 computers can no longer access the shared folders.
1 windows 7 pro and 2 windows 10 PCs can access the shares in the same way as always without problems.

I even tried with my laptop not from this environment to access the shares and it won''t work (my laptop is windows 10).

Not sure where to start.
All firewalls off on the local network.
Network adaptors are set to private on the windows 10 and work on the windows 7 pro PCs.

No anti-virus software is present.

Any help or utilities to check or verify settings would be helpful.

I have rebooted the router.

pinging the name of the window 7 pro with shares resolves in the proper IP address.
Browsing and trying to use the share by IP address gives the same result.

I have a client with three pcs all running win 7 pro. One pc is acting as a  "server" with multiple shares. This has been working for years.

This morning they came in and when they tried to login directly to the "server" they got a profile error and through them back to the main login screen. At this point the other pcs where able to access the shares without any issues, we just couldn't login directly with the primary (admin prived) account. Other local accounts were able to login. When a secondary account (not admin prived)  logged in I remoted in and every time we tried to run an elevated session (ie command prompt, manage pc) it came back with an invalid path. I ran malwarebytes and it came back clean.

After getting to safemode we were able to login to the primary account and I had them add a secondary account to the local admin group. rebooted. I then able  to remote in the the newly admin added account remotely. I fixed the profile isssue in the reg (deleteted temp prof and removed the .bak) and on the next boot the primary account was fully accessible.

The problem is now none of the other pcs can access the shares. The previous mapped drives come up handle invalid and clicking on the pc give be a network path not found. even tried using the ip address instead of netbois name. same thing happened.

after searching internet tried modifying secpol ntlm levels, didn't help
checked permissions looks good. turned sharing off and on same thing.

any ideas
We have some PCs on our Windows domain that when they login we get a message about not being able to connect to network drives.  We have desktop icons and custom wallpaper that it grabs from one of the shared network drives but alot of times the icons don't have the correct ico file and the wallpaper is not there.  It appears to happen mostly on the PCs that have SSD drives.  They startup so fast.  I will also mention that these machines are setup to auto login to the domain.  Any know fixes?
Hi -

A client has a Windows 7 pc running as a file server on a workgroup, As of this morning, no user can connect to the pc via RUN or network browser. An error message comes up saying :
\\  the handle is invalid.
Here is what i have done so far:
Changed IP address
Changed Network Name
Switch off Firewall
Switch off AV
Swap network switch and restart it

Ping does get a reply from server
The pc does see other computers and can connect to them .

Any help gratefully received.

I have a Windows 10 PC that is connected to a domain in a small office. For the last month one of the PC's restarts with the login screen being "other user". I can still put in the domain users credentials in & log in just fine, but the user would like it to default the his user account. I'm not finding much on Google; we don't want to reset the pc, or wipe the system. Any ideas?....Thanks!
I am in a domain environment. How do I keep the HP bloatware and other programs from installing every time a new user logs onto a Windows 10 pc? I get the desktop and start menu set just the way my user needs but when they log in, all of the unnecessary software returns. Is there any way to permanently remove these unnecessary programs?
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Hi I have an IPhone6 with a broken screen, I have the code and it seems to come on, I just need to get photos off of it.  

Question, how do I do that, hopefully through a PC not Mac.

Thanks all.
My Surface Laptop (System UEFI: 137.2268.769) powers on but constatnly loops into recover. Auto-repair never completes (just tells me "Could not complete repair").

Attempted to reset PC - stops and informs that reset could not complete so no changes were made
similar failure when attempting to restore to previous date
unable to boot to external media (attempted to boot from windows install CD via portable CD-Rom and from easy2boot bootable usb drive)
was able to access CMD prompt:
tried scf /scannow
tried chkdsk C
tried to repair DISM
still not booting into OS
Problem switching on power in Dell PC Studio
I have to press the on/off button numerous times before it works.
It does not seem to be a problem of the power supply as the small green light new the power socket (at rear of PC) lights up as soon as I connect to the Wall socket.
My client has a Macbook with an electrical problem. She has decided to replace the Macbook with a new W10 laptop which I have already set up
for her. My question is; how do move her pictures, documents and music from her (now external) old Macbook HDD to her new PC?
Also, where (in what folders) on the external Mac HDD would I find the pictures, documents and music?
A friend asked me to ‘fix’ her HP Pavilion PC which cannot be started… I have done below, to no avail. I have 3 recovery CDs that came with PC (see below)

Question is How to start/reset/ PC - Likely WIN 7 - unfortunately upgrade to WIN 10 is no longer free.

Attempting to start WIN 7(?) HP laptop returns… " The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows , click "oK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation"

I press “OK” and PC repeats above message.

https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/error-message-the-computer-restarted-unexpectedly/b770f14d-e345-e011-90b6-1cc1de79d2e2 — not much help here… “This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.”  IMPORTANT SEE (20) BELOW

HP PCs - Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 7)
HP and Compaq computers that came with Windows 7 installed.


Recovery Options:

Continue - does not work

Use a device - Will not load Recovery System from internal CD drive

Use another Operating System - there is none

Reset this PC, Keep my Files - no, “…There aren’t any administrative accounts on this PC”

Reset this PC, - delete all files - “There was a problem reseting this PC.”

(20)      On the same error screen press SHIFT+F10 and it will open up a black Window. (a …
I am trying to copying some files but, I am getting access denied. I have tried to take ownership of the files through the advanced ownership option but, I still get access denied. I there a way to force ownership so they can be copied/moved to another drive? The PC is running Windows 7.
Hi All,

Im trying to display PC info on the Background of our workstation pc's.
i am Familiar with BGinfo but since BGinfo is no longer being updated i would prefer an Alternative like power shell.
We have to deploy it Via a GPO.

Any advise/Script would we Appreciated.

please find the attached example

Happy Holidays Everyone,

I am trying to install office 2019 in my pc. I receive the following error ( see attached pic).

I tried to download what is requested but for sure i downloaded the wrong thing because its not working.
can someone send me the link for a reliable download of IIS 7.0 with ASP. net v4. please.

thank you,
Best way to handle the AD account that will be used only for automatically logging into designated Windows Domain Workstation PC(s)  that will be used only for DISPLAY purposes (Solarwinds monitoring, Analytics, App Dynamics, Ping Plotter etc....)

We will have many of these Display Domain Computers all across our different geographical sites within the company.  

Our hold up right now is whether to use 1 AD User account for all the Display PC's in all sites, or to instead use a unique AD User account for each and every Display PC.  The idea behind the unique AD account for each is that incase the password or user account gets compromised in any way, or for example the someone accidently moves the user account to a different OU or disables mistakenly etc...., it will only affect that unique account rather then having 1 User account that is used for all Display PC's in all sites and have a company wide impact.  

For ease of administration of course we like the idea of 1 AD user account for all Display PC's and if a password change occurs, we could just update the password on the auto login registry settings via GPO i am assuming.  

I guess i just need some feedback from your experiences and expertise to make an informed decision.  

How would  you decide to approach this?
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We have a domain controller and an exchange 2010 server and are in the process of migrating to a new cloud provider.

Last night I changed the MX and autodiscover records to point to the new server and now can't connect using Outlook to the old Exchange server to export the email accounts as .pst files.

I'm on a PC in the office still logged in to the old domain but no matter what I do, Outlook won't connect.

I thought that editing the hosts file on the office PC so that autodiscover and the MX pointed at the old exchange would work but it hasn't and outlook just keeps on prompting for a password and fails to login.

Is there an easy way for me to achieve this or do we just change the records back, wait 30 minutes (we changed the TTL's to 300 a while ago), export the emails and then reverse?
Having trouble downloading Google drive to my PC.  I have downloaded twice but can't find it on my computer nor does it show up in control panel under programs and features.  I would like to place a folder for Google drive under Quick Launch so that I can put documents there from my computer.  Thanks
One of my employees upgraded their PC from win 8.1 to 10 without backing up their documents, excel files, pdfs, archived emails, etc...
I have run EASUS file recovery and some can be opened...about 50%. There is no rhyme or reason to what was recovered some of each type. With the excel files it looks like they were created in Office 2003, he now has 2016. I am currently trying Recuva to see what that will do. Any thoughts or suggestions would be apreciated.

I have a client that would like to move her photos, docs, etc. from an old Macbook hard drive to a PC running W 10.
The Macbook is no longer functional so all I have is the Mac configured hard drive.
Is there a way to do this and if so can I get detailed instructions please?
I've an OSX Virtual Machine running on a Windows Host within VirtualBox 5.2.20

I need to press CMD-R sequence at boot but i can't find the correct sequence on a PC Keyboard.  I've tried LeftAlt-R, WindowsKey-R, LeftCtrl-R

Anyone know the sequence?   Thanks
Anyone have a link to MS info (or other source) which shows when Windows 10 v 1809 will be automatically delivered to PCs running Windows 10 v 1803 that are using Windows Update for Business ??

I can see some of the related info here : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ie/windows/windows-10/release-information
but that doesn't address my question ...






A personal computer is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities and price make it useful for individuals, and is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer time-sharing models that allowed systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection, and through that to the Internet. A personal computer may be a laptop computer or a desktop computer running an operating system such as Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS.