A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

Hello experts. I created a test pdf form in Adobe Acrobat Pro with three simple text field properties. Test1, Test2, and Test3. I have a table in ms access for office 365 call tbl_test that contains the identical field names as my pdf names. Test1, Test2 and Test3.

All I am trying to do is populate the pdf form field names with what every I put in my ms access field names. Everything I have tried to google or go on youtube (preferably since I am not a programmer) to view shows how to export from say an entire excel into a pdf to where I am looking for say some sort of mapping. Hope I am making sense and any help for a newbie would be great.
I use Word a LOT for collecting ideas, and then switch them over to PDF & use PDF X-Change Editor tools for extraction.

I usually start in Word because it is the most akin to what I grew up with - notes on paper, or even a typewriter.  

Seems like most of the tools in Word for getting ideas on to the screen are based on some reflection of those two analog methodologies, writing or typing.

However, I realize that LOTS of Word's functions are more about PRINTING a page, rather than reading it / reviewing it later.

So, if I create a "notebook" of ideas, after a while using Word to look through them is pretty challenging.

Is there any program you think is best for being a kind of "spiral notebook in the back pocket"?  Or, even a 3-ring binder?  Where, creating the notes, the platform is designed so that the created pages are more for READING, rather than a  than a weigh-station for printing.  

So that the pages can be READ, reviewed, even tabbed -  once an organization idea occurs.  Pages can snapped behind other pages, pages inserted later.  AND...that allows the TEXT to still be easily extracted / manipulated.

Looking for a program you've used in this same pursuit.  I'm guessing there are lots of programs that SAY they can do these things on the tin.  Are there any you have used that ACTUALLY achieve this?

Many thanks,

I have a PDF with two text fields on it "Today" and "Tomorrow".  I am trying to have the form read the "Today" field and then display "Today" + 1 day in the "Tomorrow" field.  So, if the "Today" text field is 2/18/2020 then the "Tomorrow" text field will read 2/20/2020.  Here is the code I have so far:
this.addScript("init", "var d = new Date(); var f = this.getField(\"Today\"); if (f.value==\"\") f.value = d; var t = this.getField(\"Tomorrow\"); t.value = t.setDate(d+1);")
Need to figure out the best way to convert a Word Document into a form fillable PDF?
Looking for the tool to be low cost if possible
Does not have to be Adobe although that might be my only solution
I am open to third party tools of any kind that can do this.
I have a PDF file with a size of 175 MB that I am trying to send to a recipient from my Downloads folder using right click send to mail recipient and nothing happens when I do so. I tried a different file and it went through. after that I realized it could be the file size which in this case it was a lot larger than the file that got sent. I know Outlook had 25 MB file size but I was reading and I came a cross that there was an increase in limit to 150 MB using cloud based Outlook which I am not familiar with. See Google search hit""Microsoft has increased the maximum size of an e-mail message that can be sent by an organization using its cloud-based Office 365 services to 150MB. Previously, a single Office 365 e-mail message could be 25MB max. ... IT pros can change these settings for individual users via Office 365's Exchange Admin Center..
Can someone advise me on how to go about sending this file? hopefully an easy method if all possible.

Thank you,
Basem Khawaja

Staff email confidential PDF documents  to other organizations and they would like to password protect the PDF document when they email.
Is there any free software or paid software that can password protect a PDF document?

Any help much appreciated

I am using an access database to handle scanning orders into folders as a PDF.  

The scan function works great.  It drops the image into a local file as a jpg, no problem.  
I open the jpg(s) in a report, which works.
I close the report, using acSaveYes, and this seems to be working correctly.
Where I run into issues (at least on the AccessRuntime side of things) is in this line

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptScan", acFormatPDF, "C:\TempScan\Report.pdf"

In the Runtime environment, I frequently get a 2046 error, and it stops.

If we rerun the process (sometimes multiple times) it goes through with the exact same results.

I added in a statement to try to get around this, by having it loop back to the portion of the code above in the Handle_err

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 2046
            GoTo StartPDFConversion:  {the line above}
    End Select

Rather than loop, its still coming up with the 2046 error.    

I am using RT2013 as I was seeing too many bugs with RT2016.  

Is there a better way to force a retry of the PDF outputting code so that it just retries again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 end user is on Outlook 2016.  When she e-mails sales invoices in PDF to customers from GP, the file name of the PDF is a long "drawn out" name beginning with the following path: c:\username\appdate\local.

She said that, prior to about a year ago, the file name was much shorted and simply composed of "obvious data" such as the invoice number.  She does not know if a recent upgrade or anything along those lines could have caused this change.

Is there a way of setting the format of the e-mailed file name of the PDF, or will this situation require say an upgrade to Office 365?

Thank you!

Software Engineer
How do I only display certain fields in sql query on a aspx c# page?  see code below using this in a load pdf page.

        void LoadData()
            var st = from s in db.Design_Tables select s;
            GridView1.DataSource = st;
I am in need of some help. I am using FPDF, extracting data from a MS  SQL Server 2014 table. I am using PHP v5.6.25.
I am rather confused about two columns that are giving me grief. One is a money column and the other is a date column.
The money column displays 4 decimals and I need to display it as 2 decimal places.
The date column will not display at all and it stalls the creation of the pdf.
With the date column, I decided to explode the date, reassemble it as a string in the order that I need to display, MM-DD-YYYY, and it will not display.
If I comment it out, it displays the PDF.

This is my select statement:
         $sql = "select SupplierCode,ConfirmNbr,AmtRcvd,DateRcvd, Description,IDOC,InvoiceNbr from importCmsReceipts where  AgencyId = $strAgencyId ";	 

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And this is what I have tried as to displaying the date - doesn't work.
$strDateRcvd = $row['DateRcvd'];
$strArray = explode('-',$strDateRcvd);
$strDate = strval($strArray[2]) . '-' . strval($strArray[1]) .'-' . strval($strArray[0]);

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I am thinking I need to change my sql select statement to put both the money and date columns in the format that I need.
How can I fix this and what am I doing wrong with the date and money columns ??
Any help appreciated.
Trying to import a pdf file that is stored in a sql database.  I want to import this into a data grid view, but be able to filter the data grid view based on a text box inside of the page.
I am seeking advice and suggestions concerning creating PDF documents. I researched many sites but thought I would ask you folks about it.
I will be extracting data from MS SQL Server - 2014 database from many tables to create/populate the PDF document which will be on our web server.
Basically, the user will click a button and code will generate the PDF file.
I can find my way around Java but client doesn't not want to use C or Net.
I use localhost - Win 10 - and mainly PHP - v5.6.25 (client version - no plans to upgrade - their web server is Linux) with Wampserver and Apache 2.4.23.
I have looked at Apache PDFBox - got confused about it. I also took a long peek at iText. I did request a quote but they have never responded to me.
The creation of the PDF document must be created programmatically.
Any thoughts - suggestions - advice would be appreciated.
thank you.
Hi Experts,

I'm looking to print several PDF files 4 in a page, like they would be one big file, how can I do it?

Is it possible to email a pdf document to an email address contained within the PDF document, and if so how?
I have a csv file containing name, address, email address, and a payment amount.

Fore each person in the csv file, I want to send a PDF receipt.
More precisely I want to send an email to the email address, with an attachment in PDF made from a html template filled with name, address and amount.

Tools I can use:
- MS Office or Libre Office on Windows
- I used VBA some years ago
- Linux/Bash shells
Is there any good converter or site to change PDF to Word file?

Is there good sharing to do the same by C#/Java, in programmable way?
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          I am needing help printing out a large PDF file located at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040gi.pdf in a time-efficient manner.  The document is 108 pages.   Each time I attempt to send this document to the network printer at work,  the printer never actually receives it.  However, whenever I click on the printer icon at the bottom right of the screen, I see the message of spooling page 1, page 2, etc.  I went to different computers too and got the same result.   That said, I am wondering what I could do to speed up the process of the printer receiving the PDF document so I can print it.  

          Any shared tips and or suggestions regarding the resolution of this concern will be greatly appreciated.

          Thank you.

I am wanting to update the following macro to include saving it as a PDF before clearing the contents

Ideally, I would like the pdf to not open on save and save to the following file path:


Sub SvMe()
     'Saves filename as value of A1 plus the current date
    Dim newFile As String, fName As String
     ' Don't use "/" in date, invalid syntax
    fName = Range("D12").Value
     'Change the date format to whatever you'd like, but make sure it's in quotes
    newFile = fName & " " & Format$(Date, "mm-dd-yyyy")
     ' Change directory to suit your PC, including USER NAME
    ChDir _
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:=newFile
End Sub

Sub ClearUnlockedCells()
Dim cel As Range, rg As Range
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
With Worksheets("INVOICE")
    Set rg = .Range("B1:J50")
    For Each cel In rg.Cells
        If (cel.Locked = False) And (cel.Value <> "") Then cel.MergeArea.ClearContents
End With
End Sub

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Trying to add a pdf file to powerpoint.  I have inserted a pdf file as an object into a powerpoint presentation.  Then I read instructions on how to make it active within the presentation by adding an action to it.  The action I have chose is :  mouse click - open .  When I do this all it does it shrink the pdf file.  It shows it normally (the first page of the pdf file) and then when I click on the pdf it just shows up like it is a thumbnail.  

All I really want to do is click to the slide of the pdf file, click it, and it brings up adobe reader to view the pdf
I head up a small branch of a national organization and I think our Website is the free platform.  We had a volunteer Webmaster but he quit.

I have never worked with Wordpress.

The Website has a page where we post PDF newsletters and I do not know how to add additional newsletters.

How do I post PDF newsletters on an existing page?

Many thanks,

M. Cook
I'm having a problem when i merge two PDF documents.  The process that i run through is to open the first larger document and then from within Acrobat i run through the INSERT routine.  Once the insert is complete random words and characters are changed to garbage.  It looks similar to the wingdings font.  Some words are completely replaced while other words are only partially replaced with bad characters.  All of these words are written in English

I'm using a Windows 10 computer with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 2015.006.30508

Is there a way to merge documents without the words/fonts becoming illegible?
I am using PDFParser (https://www.pdfparser.org/documentation). I understand that it builds upon TCPDF library and both the PDF Parser and TCDF provide examples.  Does anyone know where I can find a more complete manual ??  I am really looking for a PDF parser to XML format using PHP 5X
Thank you.
Hello Experts,

Need some help in calculating specific choices selected in radio button groups. I've search the net but not finding what I need. So have 18 radio button groups. One group for each 18 rows of questions and three choices (columns) in each row for Lower Risk, Moderate Risk and Higher risk. The naming convention looks like this:
Group 1: Risk1 Choices: LwrRsk1, ModRsk1, HighRsk1
Group 2, Risk2 Choices: LwrRsk2, ModRsk2, HighRsk2
Group 3: Risk3 Choices: LwrRsk3, ModRsk3, HighRsk3, etc.

I need a way to add up all the choices select for LwrRsk choices, all the values for the ModRsk choices and sum the values for all the HighRsk choices selected and display the value of the sums in respected text boxes called Lower Risk Total, Moderate Risk Total, High Risk Total.

Hoping someone can help me with this.

Attached is the form I am working with....

Hi Experts,

My new client gave me the attached PDF post as content and I am wondering how would someone do it?

If I take a snapshot and save it as image, it is too blurry.

If I use a PDF to HTML online converter I get a lot of symbols like ~~0 instead of the percents

I tried the PDF Embedder, but I get Setting up fake worker failed: "Cannot read property 'WorkerMessageHandler' of undefined".

The best was the converter, and I go line by line and edit the symbols, but the HTML is not in order as they use absolute positioning. I can do it, but I cannot help wonder if this is the proper way or if there is a better way.finra-infographic---the-financial-ch.pdf
I need some advice/guidance/suggestions. I am using localhost,  Win 10 . both IIS and WampServer  (Apache 2.4.23) are running (each have their own listening ports), and have both PHP 5.6.25 and 7.0.10 installed. I sometimes do work with classical ASP. With all being said, I have the need to extract data from pdf files and insert the data into a db.
I thought it would be easier for me to convert them to XML documents. This needs to be achieved programmatically and not at the CLI level.
I have pretty much decided that Java would be good to use (although I am far more comfortable with PHP) and have already posted two questions concerning the project.
WHAT I think I need is to have a IDE for my Java. I normally use Notepad++ (and sometimes CodeIgniter) Would Netbeans IDE be good to use ??
I am not very versed with Java, I am better with PHP.
If anyone has any suggestions and/or pointers for me about any of this - I am all ears and listening.
Thank you.






A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.