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A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

I want to generate unique numbers for every page on a pdf file.

In sudo code it would look something like

next_number = 393456
job_code = "abc"
file = "some_document.pdf"
total_pages = pageCount(file)

For each page in file
     next_number = next_number +1
     addFooter(job_code + " "+next_number)

Open in new window

Most likely this would be command line (windows).  Right now, what I have found is https://www.pdflabs.com/docs/pdftk-man-page/.  Reading the docs, it looks like I need to first find out how many pages are in the pdf, then generate a blank pdf with just a footer and add the unique "next_number" to every page. Then merge this document with the document I want to add the footer to.

What I am looking for are other command line tools available where I can add something unique to every page with hopefully some type of free tool where I can do this programatically. Are there better options than pdftk?
macOS Catalina retired my Adobe Acrobat Pro so now I need an alternative way to digitally sign PDF's.   What would be an option to duplicate previous feature?  See attached for clarification.SCREEN CAPTURE
Boss want Filemaker to be able to export to a pre-existing Fillable form (Bloomberg).  Is that possible or what workaround would you suggest?
We are currently facing the issue that chrome.exe registers as pdf default app as itself. We set the filetype association for adobe reader or other pdf applications during logon, which is working fine.
Unfortunately Chrome will register as default app during the day and because of this pdf files will open in chrome which is quiet annoying. We already disabled the following setting in chrome - unfortunately without luck. Chrome still keeps registering as default app

GPO Setting Google Chrome - open PDF with external PDF Application
Hi We are using Visual Studio and we want to start storage PDF or some other files in DB but we would like to know which is the best DB to do it?

we have SQL, Mysql, and MongoDB    if you know other, please advice
Where does the iPhone save PDF documents it receives in emails? When I click on the email and choose to view the document it asks if I want to download it. I choose yes and the document is then viewable. Where is this document saved on the iPhone?
We receive email which has ".eml" files I need to open "eml" files and extract all the "pdf" attachments.  (i have email folder as "attachments" where i have emails"; I am using office 2016

I am currently saving all the emails to a folder by using macro "https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Save-attachments-from-5b6bf54b"however I need to extract all pdf files from eml files which are inside ".msg" file

tried this did not work: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19255083/vba-outlook-extracting-attachments-from-eml-fileshttps://gist.githubusercontent.com/urschrei/5258588/raw/aba67931890a91692e21e9edf45c09d9d1f145ca/parseml.py
Dear Experts,

I have a customer who is using in house software to manage their database.

I have configured odbcad32 to access their database.

The issue comes when they want to print out in pdf or hardcopy there is this error:

print error
Weird problem here.  Thru windows explorer, if I double click on a file, could be pdf, word or excel.  The computer takes about a minute and a half to load the program and open the file.  If I open a program and use the file open option select the same file, it loads it immediately.  This happens with every file I have tested so far.

I tried disabling all startup options and disabling the antivirus.  That didn't help.
We have a user that is requesting that his digital signature password be saved so he does not have to keep on putting it in every time he signs a pdf. He said it used to not constantly prompt him each time he signed a pdf with XI but with Adobe Standard 2017 it prompts him each time. Apparently he signs a lot during the day. Is there a way to reduce the amount of times he has t put in his password for his digital signature?
I have about 200 PDF files with a bunch of data in them.
Sadly the data isn't in a table but it is copy and paste able.
I want to be able to convert these PDF files into a table.
My assumption would be to run a query on the PDF file in String format and say when you see the character:  Collect the next several characters and place them into a table/CSV/Excel.

My question is this probably has been done before like 1000 times.
rather than re-inventing the wheel does anyone here have a tool or similar described above that can export PDF filed based upon string query's?
We are looking for a way to make documents (preferably PDF files) self-destruct after a set period of time.  We strongly prefer a strictly client-side solution with no central management server.  Is there an easy solution?
How can I convert a website I am currently on to a PDF file.. Showing all website content?  I want it to show header and footer information as well.
I recently acquired my first MACAirbook (I'm a dyed in the wool PC guy).   I went to an online continuing education course, and "printed" my certificate using "Microsoft Print to PDF" (my local printer wasn't available due to security issues on the education website).  I selected "Desktop" as the location for the print (and subsequently I selected "Documents" and "Downloads").  However, when I went to my Desktop (and Downloads and Documents) to find the PDF file, nothing is there.  How do I find out where the MAC put my document(s)?


We have a vendor installed site on a local server in IIS.  They said the site only works in Chrome.  The site allows tickets to be printed by clicking a button called "PDF" which then generates and downloads a PDF.  For some tickets it works and others get "Failed - Network error".  It's not random, the same ticket either works every time or doesn't.  We can download those same tickets that don't work in Chrome, in Edge and Firefox without issue.  But Edge and Firefox have other view issues so we can't just switch to them.  Everything else within this site works fine in Chrome.  We've already tested disabling AV, UTM services, etc.  Those had no affect.  I'm thinking this issue lies in IIS or the code of the site.
Which Adobe  software is best to use to add charts, to a  PDF?
Let's us say that I convert a PowerPoint file to a PDF, then later I try to add a chart to it, which software from Adobe should I use?
Can I use Adobe Acrobat 2017 to add a chart to a PDF file converted from a PowerPoint 365 file?
I am using simple HTML to open new tab

<a  href="http://www.somesite.com/Test.pdf"  target="_blank" >

It opens fine in new tab. How can i change title of new tab. Any ideas please?
Paperport 14.5 installed on new computer closes down completely when adding a folder from the file manager. No other problems, the program only fails when a folder is added or deleted from the folder manager.
ms app that displays a pdf file in an access sub form. For years had been using an adobe activex
add-in to run this by providing a pdf file path as the control source. This has been redacted or never legit in the first place after 2010 version. Now I have to use a MS web browser control in place of the adobe activex control. The app let's the user update info in another sub form and then "Refresh" the pdf by recreating the file. During this process, I'm getting rt error 2501 the outputto operation has been cancelled when I try to refresh. It appears that adobe reader is still running in the background, which I think is causing the error.
I'm looking for a code snippet to close the adobe reader app.

The vba in question is
DoCmd.OpenReport "Work Order Report", acViewReport, , "JOB.JOB_NO='" & CurJobNo & "'"   ', acHidden
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "Work Order Report", acFormatPDF, Temp1Path, False
DoCmd.Close acReport, "Work Order Report"

the docmd.Outputto.. item is where it fails
How to print a PDF Saddle Stitched booklet?

I am having trouble using Word to print a booklet, and used ILovePDF.com to convert a Word booklet to the attached PDF.


This booklet appear to be intact. But, I can not get the PDF to print, using Adobe Acrobat (PDF), on my Mac, using an HP MFP M127fw.

Here is the Print window...

Adobe Print (Mac)
I select to print from pages 1 to 1 and that bring out 2 pages.

IF they were on the same sheet, opposite sides, they wold be correct.

What can you suggest I do to make it stop so I can flip the page??

I also just discovered some juicy details that probably hold the answer.

More Options


I cannot open Word 2016 Hyperlink with Internet Explorer.
I have a word document with a hyperlinked text that points to a pdf document (see attached). I want this link be opened from public visitors.
The link works if I have configured Google Chrome as my default browser, but visitors have different browsers so it is not a solution to change the default Browser that opens the link.
Any Ideas on how to fix it?
google chrome cannot show the print preview when the built in pdf viewer is missing
We deployed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to our users and we want to make a global change to how that client for everyone.  We don't want users to get a security warning when they click on a link in any PDF - we want that link to open in their default web browser.  Users could do that manually by opening Acrobat Reader DC (version 2019.012.20035) and selecting Edit/Preferences/ Trust Manager/ and clicking on Change Settings under Internet Access from PDF Files outside the web browser.  Then you can just click a radio button for Allow PDF files to access all web sites, or under Custom Setting choose Allow Access under Default Behavior for web sites that are not in the above list.  I need a registry key that correlates to either of these states.  Does anyone have an idea?
outlook /0365 preview pain shifted

When a pdf is viewed in the preview pain (regardless of program used. ) the pdf is shifted to the right in the window and only half of it is visible.

 This is w-10 , office 365 , Lenovo think pad laptop , have tried using different programs to view the pdf with the same result making me think this is an outlook issue. When you change the preview pain to the bottom it is correct but as soon as you change it to the right again it is off the screen. This is not a zoom issue as you can see that the right margin of the pdf is at the center of the screen.
assume I have pdf file with
textbox called qty
dropdown called product each  option product 1 is 10.00 product 2 is 15.00
textbox called total

when the pdf is opened, it  runs the script like total = qty * product

can  you show me how to do it in adobe acrobat?






A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.