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A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

How to print a PDF Saddle Stitched booklet?

I am having trouble using Word to print a booklet, and used ILovePDF.com to convert a Word booklet to the attached PDF.


This booklet appear to be intact. But, I can not get the PDF to print, using Adobe Acrobat (PDF), on my Mac, using an HP MFP M127fw.

Here is the Print window...

Adobe Print (Mac)
I select to print from pages 1 to 1 and that bring out 2 pages.

IF they were on the same sheet, opposite sides, they wold be correct.

What can you suggest I do to make it stop so I can flip the page??

I also just discovered some juicy details that probably hold the answer.

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I cannot open Word 2016 Hyperlink with Internet Explorer.
I have a word document with a hyperlinked text that points to a pdf document (see attached). I want this link be opened from public visitors.
The link works if I have configured Google Chrome as my default browser, but visitors have different browsers so it is not a solution to change the default Browser that opens the link.
Any Ideas on how to fix it?
google chrome cannot show the print preview when the built in pdf viewer is missing
We deployed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to our users and we want to make a global change to how that client for everyone.  We don't want users to get a security warning when they click on a link in any PDF - we want that link to open in their default web browser.  Users could do that manually by opening Acrobat Reader DC (version 2019.012.20035) and selecting Edit/Preferences/ Trust Manager/ and clicking on Change Settings under Internet Access from PDF Files outside the web browser.  Then you can just click a radio button for Allow PDF files to access all web sites, or under Custom Setting choose Allow Access under Default Behavior for web sites that are not in the above list.  I need a registry key that correlates to either of these states.  Does anyone have an idea?
outlook /0365 preview pain shifted

When a pdf is viewed in the preview pain (regardless of program used. ) the pdf is shifted to the right in the window and only half of it is visible.

 This is w-10 , office 365 , Lenovo think pad laptop , have tried using different programs to view the pdf with the same result making me think this is an outlook issue. When you change the preview pain to the bottom it is correct but as soon as you change it to the right again it is off the screen. This is not a zoom issue as you can see that the right margin of the pdf is at the center of the screen.
assume I have pdf file with
textbox called qty
dropdown called product each  option product 1 is 10.00 product 2 is 15.00
textbox called total

when the pdf is opened, it  runs the script like total = qty * product

can  you show me how to do it in adobe acrobat?
We have a NetCore web application and we are looking for an SDK or REST API that will parse data in PDF files.
If we upload a PDF file with specific fields we need for the PDF Parser to extract the data in those fields and arrange it into XML or JSON so that we can then use it any way we want.

I found a couple software companies that have this type of PDF Parser but I want to do more research on this. Any recommendations?  Do you have any experience with the recommended software?
Outlook 2010 Emails with Word Attachments are not showing the paperclip for an attachment.  The attachment is there when you open the message.  It only appears to be .doc attachments.  If someone sends my user a pdf or xls it shows the paperclip.  I have done lots of searching and cant really find an answer.
I have been having an ongoing problem with Firefox when I log into my bank's website.  When I try to view a statement, I see a page full of HTML code.  Above the HTML page there is an up arrow and a blue button with the option to log into my Google Account.  The up arrow opens up another page of the same HTML code.  For a while this only happened when I used Ameriprise. Now the same problem occurs on Schwab and Wells Fargo.  The problem does not occur on Chrome, but I use Firefox 98% of the time and prefer to fix this on my primary browser.  I am running Windows 7 (if that matters).  My OS and browsers are up to date.  In Firefox I just tried changing the application settings for PDF - before they were set to "default", now they are set to open in Acrobat X Pro.  The problem still exists.  I do NOT want to be logged into my Google Account when accessing my online banking for fear of what data is being captured.

At some point I will be upgrading my Windows, but for now I am hoping a setting or proven safe plug-in will solve this.

Thanks for your help.  Let me know if you need any additional info.

P.S. As I type this I am going to change the default to open in Acrobat Reader DC, after I make sure it is up to date.  Maybe my X Pro is so old it is missing some security feature that allows it to open the PDF?

Also, not sure if this is related, but on some sites when I go to download a PDF I get a long random string of alphanumeric characters with no extension.  If I go…
This is not necessarily a problem but question. I've looked over the internet and experts exchange, but haven't quite found the info I'm looking for.

Folks at work need to password protect PDF files, and no one has Adobe Pro, but I'd think there has to be a free way to password protect a PDF file?

I only need & want to password PDF files as simple as possible for the folks at work. I do not want software that will allow any PDF editing.

There are other ways to password protect files free, such as ZIP files, but I just need a simple & free way to make PDF files password protected.
I have an ASP.NET MVC framework 4.5 with AngularJS that I’ve inherited and have to maintain.
The application had a .cshtml to PDF capability for a summary of all student questionnaires for a given term. The questions changed, and so we added a new .cshtml page for the new questions and renamed the .cshtml for the old questions.
Now there are
What I’m trying to do is to have a condition somewhere in the code that will call PrintSummaryBefore2019.cshtml for queries before 2019 and call PrintSummary.cshtml for queries starting with 2019 and after.

The anchor tag for the Print To PDF functionality was originally coded like this:

<div style="padding-bottom: 10px; text-align: right;">
        <a class="btn btn-danger" href="../Survey/PrintSummaryPDF?Term={{term.Term}}&Campus={{campus.CampusId}}&Faculty={{faculty}}&Dept={{dept}}" target="_blank"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-print"></span> Bulk Print </a>

Open in new window

I changed it to this:
 <a class="btn btn-danger" onclick="setHref" target="_blank"></a>

Open in new window

And I added this JavaScript:
    function setHref(term, campusid, faculty, dept) {
        var term = document.getElementById("term");
        if (Number(term) <= 20190)
            window.location.href = "../Survey/PrintSummaryPDFBefore2019?Term=" + term +
                "&Campus=" + campusid +
                "&Faculty=" + faculty +
                "&Dept=" + dept ;
            window.location.href = "../Survey/PrintSummaryPDF?Term=" + term +
                "&Campus=" + campusid +
                "&Faculty=" + faculty +
                "&Dept=" + dept ;
        return false;

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But the debugger never even reaches this script. It seems that if a page is setup for AngularJS then it won’t parse regular JavaScript calls; I don’t know.

Then in the PrintSummaryPDF() function of the Survey controller, the previous programmer had code that parsed the Url, altered it to call a different function in the Survey controller, and then started a process like this:

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At the moment i am creating an email in html and sending it out, i would like this to be a pdf as this will need to be printed is there a way to convert the created HTML page into a pdf ?

EDIT: i know about some tools that will do this in php but i am running a windows server configured for ASP and cannot run php..

the email creation page is below

Dim myEqp2, myEmp2, myPri2, thisSQL

Dim myWoList2

	Set myWoList2 = New cWoList
	Call myWoList2.GetTodayWorkOrders

for each MyWo in myWoList2.WorkOrders.Items

	Set myEqp2 = New cEquipment
	Set myEmp2 = New cEmployee
	set myPri2 = New cWopri
	'Set mysEmp = New cEmployee
	'set myvEmp= New cEmployee


session("woid") = MyWo.WoID
Dim myWo1
Set myWo1 = New cWorkOrder

if (session("woid")<>"" ) Then
end if

if (session("woid")<>"" ) Then
	Dim myPri1, myEmp1, myEqp1, myEmailSent1
	set myPri1 = new cWopri
	set myEmp1 = new cEmployee

	set myEqp1 = new cEquipment

end if

						      if myWo1.ActCompDate = "01/01/1900" then
								myWo1.ActCompDate = ""
						      end if

if myWo1.emailSent = 0 then

Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer") 
Mail.FromName = "name" 
Mail.FromAddress= "email" 
Mail.RemoteHost = "smtp" 

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I want to run a nightly task on a file share server that closes any PDFs/ connections left open on a certain folder in the share.

I want to be able to filter the session based upon folder name or PDF, pipe the results to close-smb session

Is this possible?
Need free alternative to Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF's

I sometimes need to update a PDF but hate the huge fees charged by Adobe.

What FREE options are there?

I have MS Office 365

I have a PDF template. And I am using Coldfusion and database to get the data. Now i need to take that data and populate the PDF.  the data size is different so sometimes it is 1 page and sometimes 1+.

My template is only 1 page. How can I use the same template to say add another page
I have an PDF file that does not display some of the text when I open it. I get a warning to that effect when opening it as shown below.
I haven't been able to find and download the font in question so is there any way that I could re-name a font that I do have and use that as I don't care what the text looks like I just need to be able to read it ? would it be possible to Edit the PDF file to change the font to one that I have ?
Adobe Acrobat Error message
Thanks,  Roger
I have an API to read/write bills. One of the APIs returns a PDF file in a string/variant variable called sResponse. Is there any easy way to store this pdf in sResponse to a pdf file or to display it on screen?? Thank you so much for any help...
Dear Experts

We receive pdf files from the customer which has information of multiple items in the one single pdf document.  in our web application each item is stored as separate record hence I am looking for a solution to copy the section of each item and create separate pdf and store each the item information as a separate pdf under each of the item record in the web application. Please suggest the application that would help us to achieve this , thanks in advance.
HI All,

I need to make some changes in two PDF files. From highlight to changing the text and it is only two documents in PDF.

Do you know any free PDF editor that would do that for me?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
The PDF document is just about 2 mb, and seems to have 3d content in the document, but I am having trouble opening this file that so far seems to happen in LTSB Windows 10.

I re image the same model PC with Windows 10 Enterprise, and the PDF file then opens with no problem.

I’ve included the error message from the event viewer of the error you get when trying to open the file.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader but still the same.

It seems I can re image the PC to Windows 10 Enterprise to fix this but would seem there’s a way to get past this w/o redoing the PC.
This error happens when I try to open the file directly from the email sent; use Outlook. I also get the same error saving the file to the hard drive with the original name, and trying the save as using a different name, same error.

I don't think I'll include the file being it's from work, but maybe someone has an idea of something to try looking at the event viewer.

Any ideas?

Log Name:      Application
Source:        Application Error
Date:          7/1/2019 12:59:28 PM
Event ID:      1000
Task Category: (100)
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Faulting application name: AcroRd32.exe, version: 19.12.20034.1161, time stamp: 0x5ccb9b4e
Faulting module name: TmUmEvt.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5ca1e5b3
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x00095198
Faulting process id: 0x1ad4
Faulting application start time: …

I am using PHP to create a PDF with TCPDF.
I am using the method "$pdf->Image".
I worked through all the parameters and I am stuck.

The problem is that the IMAGE does NOT FIT the full page. I want to image to go from border to border.

I attatched my code and the image is also available to see my sample.

Hi : On June 11th I asked a question about calling a pdf from a table row using php. This was answered promptly and effectively by two experts - thanks again!
However, while the pdf opens 'inline' (ie within the browser) - which is my preference - only the FIRST page is revealed. I cannot access second or subsequent pages.
Does anybody know of a way to get the pdf to display every page? or download rather than open inline?
The pdf is NOT stored in a database, nor is a link to it.  The pdf is named after the sopcode, and stored in the same directory as the php file. ....but I am willing to try anything to resolve this!
I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to scan a PDF file, or grab it from my computer and use it to 'read' some fields in the PDF and save those values into our SQL database.
Our web application is developed in NetCore. and our DB is SQL.

The idea is to scan the PDF (One page), 'upload it' to our web application, and during this upload read the 10 fields included in the PDF and allow the user to save the values of each field into our database without having to type them.
I installed Adobe Reader XI but cannot open any pdf files. If I try, I get a pop-up that says "There was an error opening this document. Access denied."
I thought the fix would be to go to Edit \ Preferences \ Security (Enhanced) and to uncheck the "Enable protected mode at startup" checkbox, but that didn't fix it.
We have this problem no matter which user account is using it (even the built-in Administrator account is getting this error).
How can I export a PDF file to a CSV file?
Do I need Adobe Acrobat Professional to export a PDF file to a CSV file?
Can I save the PDF file to Microsoft Word then export the Word file to a CSV file?

Office 365
Windows 10






A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

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