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A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

how to get the data from pdf form which is getting information from specific site encripted ?
I have a problem with renaming a Foxit Phantom PDF . I am able to rename it in a folder abut when I open it it shows a different name on the top than the name I assigned to it. I am not sure why is this happening? I just noticed this yesterday. My 2 questions: 1.Why is this happening and 2. How do I fix this? Please take a look at my screen captures.

Thank you,
Basem Khawaja

Foxit PDF name does not change when renaming
Macy's Name Change Reflected
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I wish to help my sister fax a  PDF file consisting of 32 pages of pictures to 1st Franklin Financial in Cookeville, TN.  While I do have a traditional landline fax machine, I am wondering if I can somehow fax them all 32 pages within Windows 10.   I was thinking about simply emailing it to them as a file attachment, but, I could not locate any email address within the contact section of their website of https://locations.1ffc.com/tn/cookeville/124-s.-willow-avenue.html?utm_source=yext&utm_medium=citations&utm_campaign=yextwebsite That said, it seems like the easiest and most time-efficient approach is to simply fax it to them using Microsoft Fax of Windows 10 if that is an option.  

          Any help will be greatly appreciated.  The company is needing the contents of the 32 page PDF file as soon as possible.  

          Thank you :-)

My engineer client is looking to replace paper commenting & drawing mark ups with digital replacement.

They're considering marking up a pdf. But, using a mouse to draw in Acrobat is a pain. So, I think a good solution would be a digital pen and or tablet.

Maybe something like this: XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 10x6.25 Inch Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet Drawing Pen Tablet

If you've experienced using any pen/tablet input devices or have anything useful to say about it, I'd appreciate your comments - hardware brand, pros, cons, etc.
I have an Access program that uses Azure for some tables.  Currently, I simply put customer information into a table (name, address, purchase, very basic stuff) and then our users can go to a website and see that information (I used ASPRunner.net to build what I needed because I have no clue how to do it otherwise).

This was fine but now my client would like to run a report from the Access program, save it in PDF format, and have that available to the customer.  How would I do this?  I read something about BLOB storage but I have never done anything like that.

I finished building the code in Access that will allow the system to create the PDF file and save it in a folder on their local server.
Hi Folks,

When printing an EE article, code snippets are jumbled up...they look like this:

Gustav Brock submitted a bug report on this more than two years ago:
Code blocks of article print view are unreadable

The EE Mod at the time, Modalot, said this:
Ouch. That renders the printout almost useless. I've filed this internally as a major bug.
Not being aware of Gustav's bug report, I submitted one about two months ago:
Print feature at articles does not format code snippets properly

In response to my bug report, the same Mod (Modalot) informed me that it is an old bug and is "still unresolved". Being more than 2-1/4 years old and filed as a "major bug" by a Mod who has been an EE member for more than 10 years, it seems to me that EE is either incapable of, or not interested in, fixing the bug. As a result, I'm looking to the experts here for a workaround. I want to use the workaround to "print-to-PDF" my 63 EE articles and the Steps at my 47 EE video Micro Tutorials. Although that's 110 publications, only some of them have code snippets, so while I would prefer as automated a solution as possible, having to do some manual effort on each one is fine. I'm also fine with a solution that requires other products, such as Microsoft Word, or other commercial software. Thanks for your ideas! Regards, Joe
Unable to create PDF of band post.  I have a band post under a band group at band.us.

If I right-click the band group and say "convert web page to Adobe PDF" the function appears to hang.

It seems to do that with other web pages also.

I am using Windows 10 and Google Chrome.

Assistance in resolving this is greatly appreciated.
I have a user that needs to convert email files to pdf.  They have a folder on their desktop and for the past 2 weeks have dragged emails from outlook into the folder.  They are wanting a program that will convert these emails into pdf files.  Is there something like that?  And the other question would be if there is  a software, how would it handle an attachment within the email?
I would like to use PDFTK to rotate all ODD pages in 1.pdf
What is the command to do this?
Hi Experts,
how to display a pdf file in picturebox using vb.net?. Thanks for the help
I've got 7000 TIF files that need to be combined into a single PDF and OCR'ed.

They are large. Like 0.5 MB per TIF. yikes. In total, about 3.5GB for PDF. NOT gonna be easy.

So what options are out there to batch compress them. Probably to jpg's.

I think once they're all down to a manageable file size, it should be easy to do the rest just with Mac Finder.

Let me know. Thanks!

Is there a small, fast PDF viewer that I can use which won't lock files that are being perused?
Hello experts,

I am trying to set up an AutoHotkey script that I will use on a regular basis to swiftly export file as Pdf and open folder in which it has been saved

I need some advice with the following:
1.      Coding structure and optimization proposal.
2.      Line 6 to 8 are required?
3.      Set up a return if active document has not been saved.
Example: I open a document and I forgot to save the document. If I launch the script an if statement should be set up to block the pdf export.
4.      Find the right saveas method for powerpoint and excel the save as method applied doesn't work. File is exported however When I open the file I got an error message.
5.      End the script by opening the pdf export file
6.      Find a method to applied the same mechanism for outlook>emails
If some requirements are complicated to cover I am willing to give up
If you have questions, please contact me.
Hello experts. I created a test pdf form in Adobe Acrobat Pro with three simple text field properties. Test1, Test2, and Test3. I have a table in ms access for office 365 call tbl_test that contains the identical field names as my pdf names. Test1, Test2 and Test3.

All I am trying to do is populate the pdf form field names with what every I put in my ms access field names. Everything I have tried to google or go on youtube (preferably since I am not a programmer) to view shows how to export from say an entire excel into a pdf to where I am looking for say some sort of mapping. Hope I am making sense and any help for a newbie would be great.
I use Word a LOT for collecting ideas, and then switch them over to PDF & use PDF X-Change Editor tools for extraction.

I usually start in Word because it is the most akin to what I grew up with - notes on paper, or even a typewriter.  

Seems like most of the tools in Word for getting ideas on to the screen are based on some reflection of those two analog methodologies, writing or typing.

However, I realize that LOTS of Word's functions are more about PRINTING a page, rather than reading it / reviewing it later.

So, if I create a "notebook" of ideas, after a while using Word to look through them is pretty challenging.

Is there any program you think is best for being a kind of "spiral notebook in the back pocket"?  Or, even a 3-ring binder?  Where, creating the notes, the platform is designed so that the created pages are more for READING, rather than a  than a weigh-station for printing.  

So that the pages can be READ, reviewed, even tabbed -  once an organization idea occurs.  Pages can snapped behind other pages, pages inserted later.  AND...that allows the TEXT to still be easily extracted / manipulated.

Looking for a program you've used in this same pursuit.  I'm guessing there are lots of programs that SAY they can do these things on the tin.  Are there any you have used that ACTUALLY achieve this?

Many thanks,

I have a PDF with two text fields on it "Today" and "Tomorrow".  I am trying to have the form read the "Today" field and then display "Today" + 1 day in the "Tomorrow" field.  So, if the "Today" text field is 2/18/2020 then the "Tomorrow" text field will read 2/20/2020.  Here is the code I have so far:
this.addScript("init", "var d = new Date(); var f = this.getField(\"Today\"); if (f.value==\"\") f.value = d; var t = this.getField(\"Tomorrow\"); t.value = t.setDate(d+1);")
Need to figure out the best way to convert a Word Document into a form fillable PDF?
Looking for the tool to be low cost if possible
Does not have to be Adobe although that might be my only solution
I am open to third party tools of any kind that can do this.
I have a PDF file with a size of 175 MB that I am trying to send to a recipient from my Downloads folder using right click send to mail recipient and nothing happens when I do so. I tried a different file and it went through. after that I realized it could be the file size which in this case it was a lot larger than the file that got sent. I know Outlook had 25 MB file size but I was reading and I came a cross that there was an increase in limit to 150 MB using cloud based Outlook which I am not familiar with. See Google search hit""Microsoft has increased the maximum size of an e-mail message that can be sent by an organization using its cloud-based Office 365 services to 150MB. Previously, a single Office 365 e-mail message could be 25MB max. ... IT pros can change these settings for individual users via Office 365's Exchange Admin Center..
Can someone advise me on how to go about sending this file? hopefully an easy method if all possible.

Thank you,
Basem Khawaja

Staff email confidential PDF documents  to other organizations and they would like to password protect the PDF document when they email.
Is there any free software or paid software that can password protect a PDF document?

Any help much appreciated


In Microsoft Dynamics GP, upon clicking "Print", you have the option to choose a printer including Adobe PDF.  

As you read this, please keep in mind that the option "File...Print" when generating a PDF is not available.  So, please, no recommendation about unchecking that box that usually solves this problem.  

Anyway, no matter what Adobe PDF printer setting is changed, no matter whether Cute PDF Writer is tried, or this version, or that thing, or whatever.....nothing prevents the cut off of the bottom of each page of the printout.  I have gone to all of the web sites on this matter and no solution has worked.  It is beyond frustrating.

Ideas, please?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

Software Engineer
Hello all, I have a windows 10 system that anytime I open a pdf it opens up adobe acrobat pro but trying to print, and if I hit cancel the document closes. I am sure this got to be windows setting but I am having a hard time finding something in windows or acrobat to stop this so it will just open the pdf. Any suggestions
I am using an access database to handle scanning orders into folders as a PDF.  

The scan function works great.  It drops the image into a local file as a jpg, no problem.  
I open the jpg(s) in a report, which works.
I close the report, using acSaveYes, and this seems to be working correctly.
Where I run into issues (at least on the AccessRuntime side of things) is in this line

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptScan", acFormatPDF, "C:\TempScan\Report.pdf"

In the Runtime environment, I frequently get a 2046 error, and it stops.

If we rerun the process (sometimes multiple times) it goes through with the exact same results.

I added in a statement to try to get around this, by having it loop back to the portion of the code above in the Handle_err

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 2046
            GoTo StartPDFConversion:  {the line above}
    End Select

Rather than loop, its still coming up with the 2046 error.    

I am using RT2013 as I was seeing too many bugs with RT2016.  

Is there a better way to force a retry of the PDF outputting code so that it just retries again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 end user is on Outlook 2016.  When she e-mails sales invoices in PDF to customers from GP, the file name of the PDF is a long "drawn out" name beginning with the following path: c:\username\appdate\local.

She said that, prior to about a year ago, the file name was much shorted and simply composed of "obvious data" such as the invoice number.  She does not know if a recent upgrade or anything along those lines could have caused this change.

Is there a way of setting the format of the e-mailed file name of the PDF, or will this situation require say an upgrade to Office 365?

Thank you!

Software Engineer
How do I only display certain fields in sql query on a aspx c# page?  see code below using this in a load pdf page.

        void LoadData()
            var st = from s in db.Design_Tables select s;
            GridView1.DataSource = st;
I am in need of some help. I am using FPDF, extracting data from a MS  SQL Server 2014 table. I am using PHP v5.6.25.
I am rather confused about two columns that are giving me grief. One is a money column and the other is a date column.
The money column displays 4 decimals and I need to display it as 2 decimal places.
The date column will not display at all and it stalls the creation of the pdf.
With the date column, I decided to explode the date, reassemble it as a string in the order that I need to display, MM-DD-YYYY, and it will not display.
If I comment it out, it displays the PDF.

This is my select statement:
         $sql = "select SupplierCode,ConfirmNbr,AmtRcvd,DateRcvd, Description,IDOC,InvoiceNbr from importCmsReceipts where  AgencyId = $strAgencyId ";	 

Open in new window

And this is what I have tried as to displaying the date - doesn't work.
$strDateRcvd = $row['DateRcvd'];
$strArray = explode('-',$strDateRcvd);
$strDate = strval($strArray[2]) . '-' . strval($strArray[1]) .'-' . strval($strArray[0]);

Open in new window

I am thinking I need to change my sql select statement to put both the money and date columns in the format that I need.
How can I fix this and what am I doing wrong with the date and money columns ??
Any help appreciated.






A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.