A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

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I have created a process flow chart in Visio Professional. I would like to add functionality where each shape has multiple hyperlinks. I would like users to be able to click on a shape and view the applicable hyperlinks. I'm trying to figure out a way to have multiple hyperlinks functional when exported to a PDF or webpage.

I haven't yet linked each shape to data (hyperlinks), but that would be the goal as well so this is easily updated. That part seems easy compared to the above request.

I have just a basic understanding of Visio.
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The users in our office all access the RDS VM using a workstation. We have five licenses for the above Adobe product. For over a year I have had the email icon, which allows me attach the pdf file to an Outlook email (from O365). For reasons unknown to me, the icon is now gone and all attempts to replace it have failed.

It is checked on Show File Tools on the toolbar, and I cannot find any window which would allow me to add it. Every other user (who, of course, doesn't need it or use it) still has this email icon and email functionality.

Any suggestions as to why it is gone and how to get it back?

Of course, as I am typing this, I notice that when I click on Share on the top right I get the share column which opens when I click on the email. I can attach and email from there. It would save a step if the column was open by default.

Dear Experts
We have project for 6 months where the data to be captured from the pdf document to captured and entered into excel and then imported into the application, it is found that the pdf documents in some sections are scanned some sections it is hand written, in some section it is table,  
1. looking for solution/software  please let us know the best solution to handle this work.
2.  also please suggest can we think of reading so that use some voice reorganization software if yes then please suggest the software
Have downloaded PDF Manipulator and went through demo videos, but it doesn't show case of data being inserted from EXISTING Filemaker fields into the pdf.  Or, do I create new fields with the name of the PDF fields and then enter the data?  Trying to avoid double entry.  Tried to get into FM Forums, but having a problem.
We are currently facing the issue that chrome.exe registers as pdf default app as itself. We set the filetype association for adobe reader or other pdf applications during logon, which is working fine.
Unfortunately Chrome will register as default app during the day and because of this pdf files will open in chrome which is quiet annoying. We already disabled the following setting in chrome - unfortunately without luck. Chrome still keeps registering as default app

GPO Setting Google Chrome - open PDF with external PDF Application
Outlook 2016 intermittently will not open a pdf attachment.  Adobe DC is set as the default pdf program.  When you close and reopen Outlook the problem goes away for a period of time.
We have an existing void to generate pdf on the fly using below. Basically, read the xml string and
using the node as field name and value.

My question is: we want to integrate it with DocSign but the data source xml is remind the same.
In DocSign, is it possible to use its template,  and read the template's fields and populate the value like below?


  public static void CreateAppDocument(string pdfTemplate, string newFile, string xmlString)
            pdfTemplate = @"C:\Users\source\repos\Surety\Appstore\file\app\"+ pdfTemplate;
            newFile = @"C:\Users\source\repos\Surety\Appstore\filedoc\" + newFile;
            PdfReader pdfReader = new PdfReader(pdfTemplate);
            PdfStamper pdfStamper = new PdfStamper(pdfReader, new FileStream(newFile, FileMode.Create));
            AcroFields pdfFormFields = pdfStamper.AcroFields;
            #region all fields 
            //xmlString = "<Surety><PrincipalFirstName>RICKasdfY</PrincipalFirstName><PrincipalLastName>YsdafdsU</PrincipalLastName><PrincipalMiddleName>ASDF</PrincipalMiddleName><PrincipalNameOnBond>11</PrincipalNameOnBond><PrincipalDba>SDFDS</PrincipalDba><PrincipalEntity>Sole 

Open in new window

I have a client who receives reports from their insurance provider in pdf format.  The client uses Yahoo email.  When she clicks on the download icon the pdf file is downloaded without the pdf extension.  The file gets saved with a random number as the extension.  Example: Filename.618.  If we rename the file by removing the .number, changing it to .pdf we can open the file.  

Has anyone seen this before?
Weird problem here.  Thru windows explorer, if I double click on a file, could be pdf, word or excel.  The computer takes about a minute and a half to load the program and open the file.  If I open a program and use the file open option select the same file, it loads it immediately.  This happens with every file I have tested so far.

I tried disabling all startup options and disabling the antivirus.  That didn't help.
I have an Access Report in where I'm encountering two problems.  Once is the border is leaving a blank once it's converted to a PDF, but does appear in the Report itself.  Ever field has the border, except in the PDF -  about 1/4" on both the right and left sides (circled in red).  Then, my 2nd issue is that in the Report, the Project Manager name does appear, but again, when converted to PDF, it disappears.  Has anyone else come across this issue and how to resolve it?
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I have an official forms to complete but I have to complete it for several hundred people.  
The data is all in an access database .
The source document is in PDF but I have successfully converted to word and slightly less successfully to Excel.  On conversion not all fields are editable in word and I really want to be able to see the data on a form in Access where all the other data sits.  The conversion to Excel does not maintain the layout in anyway.   In a perfect world the output would be editable word for certain user fields and the source document for the actual form but for now I am assuming I will just print an access report.

The source form is heavily formatted.  There are several fonts and different sizes, in the middle of sentences certain words are underlined or italisised.

I looked at the article:

I copied in the code and set up a table with a text field.  In the field I put  fonttype("abcdef",fl_ArialBold) & fonttype ("ghi",fl_ArialBold) & fonttype ("jkl",fl_TimesBold)

I tried with and without a leading "=".  I changed the format of both the table and form to rich text but I dont get evaluated formatted text in my text box

I need to do font size as well as font name/Bold but so the FontType function would need to take 5 paramaters

Fonttype(Text, Font, FontSize, Bold, Italics)

My idea was then to have a …
Hi All,

I'm a very rusty programmer who has opportunity to get nice business but need to get in shape pretty quickly.

I was programming like 8 years ago, mainly in C# Windows Forms and was pretty good at it. I still remember it.

Today I'm about to create cloud application where I need:
- nice web front end. Interactive application, wizard
- frontend will send files for remote computing on my server (my PC with C# application, Windows for sure, no Linux absolutely)
- server will compute and generate .pdf (how to generate pdf...?)
- pdf accessible in frontend for download and sent via email
- frontend will ask for payment before computing. Subscription plans 24h access, 6 months, 12 months

More or less I think its good description.

I need to choose technology I will use which is easiest for me to adapt.
ASP.NET or HTML5 or what is at the moment most desirable?
I wish to program in Visual Studio Pro.
I hope I don't need to learn anything more than I need for this project.

Please advise!

Many Thanks!
I would like to write a simple script which is always running.
It checks a specific folder to see if a pdf file is there and if it is it should open Outlook and attach the file so that the user can send the attachment to specific recipients.
We have a form that was created in Adobe livecycle design.  The form consists of 2 pages arranged in a set.  Page 1 allows entry of 4 separate part numbers with various special requirements.   Page 2 allows extra requirements for actuation; if needed, that may be required for one or more of the items listed on page 1.  The form itself works fine when only a single set is required.  We've included a button on each form that allows the user to add an extra page set.  

The fillable form is saved to a shared area and users can start a new form at any time.  When this PDF is opened for the first time, it works great.  Users fill page 1 and 2 as necessary and if more parts need to be entered, the button is pushed to create a new page set and the entire new set is appended to the bottom of the form.  Page 1 & 2 (part & Actuation) stay together and the addition creates a page 3 & 4 (part & actuation) at the very bottom of the form.  It's important that the item and actuation sheets stay together for each set as we could have 1 or 50 + items on a single form, meaning lots of parts; some with actuation and some without..  It's more difficult to figure out what actuation goes with which part if the file is out of order.

Prior to save, the added page sets are in order and even print in order.  When the PDF is saved though, the page order (and page print order) changes to:
       Page 1, Page 3, Page 2, Page 4  ("Part 1", "Part 2", "Actuation1", "Actuation2")  
User may add more …

I have 100 separate Word documents, that contains companies policies and i would like to convert every word document into PDF.
I know to convert then individually.

But is there any software that can convert all the word documents in on go or in in batches.

hi Experts
I'm trying to creating a acrobat form which has 2 list box and radio button selection.

First list box: 12 Teams

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 12

Then have radio button choices or  “yes” or “no” if team member is applying for admin access

Based on first list each team has members who perform roles
Second list box: have 20 different roles

Team 1 can have roles
*Standard user
*lvl1 support
*lvl2 support

Team 2 can have roles
*lvl2 support
*lvl3 support

Team 3-12 can have roles another set of roles.

If on form radio button choice is “no” then role assigned will always be  “standard”

If on form radio button choice is “yes” the role are avail for selection based on check of team from first list box

Then Group Name in will be populated in a read only text field

First listbox: Teams

radio button choice to select team

second list box based on roles available to team

attached is sample form and roles matrix
have worked initial scripting using tutorials from pdfscripting.com
i have a pdf that is 8.5 x11. in this pdf there 2 framed boxes with text and barcodes in the framed boxes.  the box is 6.5 by 4 inches.  I have a piece of paper 6.5 by 4.  how can I print that pdf on that paper so it fits .  i attached a pptx as an example.  I can not send the pdf to much personal info on it.  there would be many sheets in each pdf also.  I would like to see if there is a way to do it in vb6 if possible  or some other way.
assume I have pdf file with
textbox called qty
dropdown called product each  option product 1 is 10.00 product 2 is 15.00
textbox called total

when the pdf is opened, it  runs the script like total = qty * product

can  you show me how to do it in adobe acrobat?
We have a NetCore web application and we are looking for an SDK or REST API that will parse data in PDF files.
If we upload a PDF file with specific fields we need for the PDF Parser to extract the data in those fields and arrange it into XML or JSON so that we can then use it any way we want.

I found a couple software companies that have this type of PDF Parser but I want to do more research on this. Any recommendations?  Do you have any experience with the recommended software?
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Can you password protect a calendar invite? This would be similar to password protecting a Word file.
For instance, I sent an e-mail, to someone, over an unsecured connection, or the invitation is not encrypted, can I send the meeting invitation in a way that it is unencrypted, and has a password on it. In other words, the user will have to login to an office.com account, or create one (a Microsoft Online account) before they can access the meeting invitation.

Or even better, what if I just send the user a PDF file, with the calendar invitation attached, would they still be able to open the calendar invite and add it to there calendar?

Can I export a calendar invite in Outlook 365 to PDF,  and configure it to add the meeting invite to Outlook 365 or whatever e-mail client that recipient is using?

A few year ago, I had to install software (I believe it was https://www.fileopen.com/) on a computer before I could open a PDF file, in other words, I had to register the computer before I could open the file. So can the same concept be used to open encrypted calendar invites?
One of our users is having an issue with Windows Explorer freaking out everytime you are looking at a PDF file on the desktop. The file won't even be open, but if there's a Bill.pdf document sitting on the desktop Explorer seems to almost continuously crash. Icons will lose their image and reappear randomly non-stop, and explorer will takes near 100% cpu usage. There is no logged event of explorer crashing in Event Viewer. The weirdest part is that this ONLY happens with .pdf files, or shortcuts to .pdf files. Moving all .pdf files off the desktop into a folder cause explorer to start acting normal with no flickering, but opening that folder causing it to happen again.

Steps already taken to try to solve issue:
-Wiped out the icon cache in appdata
-Completely uninstalled Adobe Reader DC
How digitally signature pdf document using e-token in c#? We are provided with a device "ePass 2003 Auto" (USB)
I want to run a nightly task on a file share server that closes any PDFs/ connections left open on a certain folder in the share.

I want to be able to filter the session based upon folder name or PDF, pipe the results to close-smb session

Is this possible?
We want to include digital signature into our .pdf file. What is the best way to do this? Pdf file is the invoice generated for customer and it will contain multiple rows based on number of products purchased. This means the digital signature will not be at a fixed position. It will scroll down when many product rows are displayed.
Adobe reader DC
creating blop_storage folder on network folders when a PDF file is opened.

this issue is well documented on adobe forum

Adobe most recent targeted patch was released in order to fix this issue but it seems like it does not work. I have tested on my clients computer and it was still creating that folder.

-Stephen choi.






A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.