A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.

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Hello All,
I have been searching for awhile for a SharePoint 2016 app that will convert Docx file to PDF. I have seem some scripts out there for converting using JavaScript, but none work. I have also seen some apps that will do the conversion but cost $1000s of dollars that I can't afford. I believe I can use Word automation services but I am out of my league when programing.

What I need is a way to bulk create PDF files from Word Document in a SharePoint 2016 document library. I hope to use a button to trigger the event.

Thank you,
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Has anyone had experience on converting PDF files to Visio 2016?  I lost my folder that had all my Campus Visio Diagrams but have the PDF versions.  Any help here would be appreciated.
I need someone to help me please in showing me how do I save a page in Foxit PDF reader? I received 2 pages I opened the PDF with Foxit reader free version. The first page was straight . The second page was not. I had to rotate the view to the left in order for me fill it out. I saved it with different name and put it on desktop. When I opened it it was still rotated to the left. How do I fix this? Also when I insert the signature I can see it on the signature line but when I click X to exit I am asked do I want to apply all signatures which I already had applied in the field. Why am I being asked again?

Thank you
Hello Experts!

I have a php page where students enter information to check their results.
See here

I want to display relevant error message on the same page when wrong info is entered. Currently, I'm using error_reporting(0);.
The result is in PDF format.

Please use following to get accurate result:
Class:                       SS 1A
Session:                  2018/2019
Term:                      1st Term
Adminssion No:    GSS/0001
Password:              abc (could be any string)

And use random data to get what I'm taking about.

Bellow is part of the codes:

<form id="resultForm" action="terminal_result.php" method="POST">
                        <!--Form with header-->
                        <div class="card wow fadeIn white" data-wow-delay="0.3s">
                            <div class="card-body">
                                <div class="form-header blue-gradient">
                                    <h3><i class="fa fa-download mt-2 mb-2"></i> Check Result</h3>
                                <div id="error"></div>
                                    <select name="class_name" id="class_name" class="mdb-select colorful-select dropdown-info" 

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Can you create a pdf file & then "save" it as a blob type in a MySQL database?

I use FPDF; one output option is a string, which I could then save as the blob.

But then (later) when a user clicks a button (now it's a submit, could be ahref=), how can I read the blob & open it in a new window where the blob is just the pdf)
I have this JavaScript code:

if(ac == "p") {
			if (spr == 1) {
				str = fn;
			} else {
				str = fnnp;	
			return false;	

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Both fn & fnnp are previously defined strings like, for example: "https://www.abcxyz.com/folder/file_name.pdf.

Is there a way to DELETE the file (file_name.pdf) as soon as the new window is opened?

We have to assume the user may print or download the pdf or DO NOTHING but look at it.

Thank you

Posted a previous question about removing the password from a PDF that I DO have the password for.  Just to simplify opening it going forward (accountant emailed tax returns with our SSN on them).  Different ways to do that, but printing to a new PDF is 1 way and seems to be (for me) the cheapest / simplest way.

Touches on another issue that I've wondered about for a long time.

Printing  a PDF (or even a web page or text doc, etc) to PDF using different apps can yield wildly different size documents.

Any (free preferred) app that you like for printing to PDF ... and makes small resulting files?

I know with this password protected file (monochrome text), the original was 90KB and any app I tried using to make a PDF resulted in files that  was hundred Kilobytes / megabytes.

And even PDF Forge - for a password protected PDF, it won't even print to PDF (at least when viewing it from Adobe Reader.

From PDF Forge forum:

it isn't really up to us, this is a Ghostscript "feature". Ghostscript is what PDFCreator uses internally to convert the Postscript print data to PDF and other formats.
The idea behind it (I guess) is that you can't use Ghostscript to strip protection from PDF files. Even though the settings allow print, printing it to a virtual PDF printer will basically remove the user password for you, so it is really something different than printing it to a piece of paper. On the other hand, if you have the password and you can view/copy all content …
I already did 7 day adobe acrobat trial

Is there another program I can use to write my signature (my name in cursive handwriting)
and fill out pdf document with text
I have a very large set of assorted PDF files. They contain searchable text, but the text is filled with errors. If I save a page from the PDF as an image, and use my OCR software on it, I get a much better result. So, I would like to re-OCR all of the files — but first I need to "flatten" all of the text objects in the PDFs, since none of my OCR tools will overwrite any existing text.

I do have Acrobat X and XI Pro, and I've tried using a batch action to strip the text and rerun OCR, but anytime the program encounters an error, it interrupts the process with a dialog box. I searched for a way to prevent this, but there does not appear to be one.

So, the way I see it, I need one of three things:

1. A way to force Acrobat to skip over errors in batch actions and process the remaining files. I could swear you used to be able to do this.

2. A batch OCR tool, free or paid, that will remove and replace all existing text objects.

3. A tool to batch-flatten all text objects in a large set of PDFs (so I can then run them through OCR). I've found software that looks related, but everything seems to either delete text, which I don't want; or else it flattens form fields, images, etc. but does not mention text.

Any of the three of these would solve my problem. I'm open to other suggestions too, of course -- any advice is greatly appreciated!
I receive pdf form in email.  There is a field for my signature.  I need to make digital signature and sign the form.

Please provide steps to make digital signature and sign the pdf document.
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Accountant sends us tax returns as password protected PDFs (password needed to open it.  Properties says it was created with Thomson Reuters FileCabinet CS.  The security tab says I can print, copy contents, comment, etc (I can do everything execpt doc assembly and page extraction, whatever those are : )

I click on them in outlook, it opens in Acrobat Reader DC ( free version) - this is on a windows 10 pro machine by the way.

I want to keep a PDF without the password.  So print to PDF?  But they get sooo much larger

Working on it now, he sent a 24 page PDF that is 93kb

trying different apps:

microsoft print to PDF - 673kb
Tried printing with PDF Creator, but it balks because PDF is password protected (to open, and printing is allowed).  WTF!


Tried opening in chrome.  printing w/ microsoft print to pdf made it a 5MB file!  And still can't use pdf creator.

What's a good combination for opening & printing a PDF or some other easy way to strip off password protection to open a PDF
Does Adobe provide a way to associate a *.wav file (or other audio format) with each page of a PDF file?   I'd like to be able to produce a report with voice narration for each page of the document.   I have assumed no such ability exists, but before I head in another direction, I thought I'd ask -- because Adobe does sneak in a lot of features to some of its products.
I have a bunch of scanned (and OCR'ed) PDF and Word files : I need freeware tools that cud search (for case sensitive+non Sensitive) strings of text using AND & OR operands .

Appreciate a few free tools
I photographed printed text, several pages, created a PDF file out of the image files.   I want to search the PDF files to locate words etc. Is there any program which will do this for me? (Windows 10. Soda PDF Desktop)
Hi All,
I am using VS2017  MVC C#.
My requirement is generate pdf file from cshtml page. The format in pdf and html is different.

for example

Enter name       txtName
Enter Address    btnAddress   txtAddress

PDF format:
[txtName] is living in [txtAddress] is requesting so and so information.....

I can't convert html to pdf directly since pdf has it's own format. Any suggestions is helpful but if there is any direction to perfect solution would be great. Also please assist me how to deliver the pdf with some examples...
Please help.

Kind regards,
On my DevExpress ASP.NET Web Forms project hosted in Azure I have a XtraReport which prints fine on my development system and also tests OK at a company where I consult but my client, an administrator at a national construction company gets an Acrobat Reader error when the report is rendered to PDF and can't view or print it.

The only diagnostic info I have

She has asked her IT support to help but they may turn round and say it is down to my Web App.

Do you have any suggestions as to what is going wrong here?
In Nuance Power PDF Advanced ver. 1.2 when we use bookmarks to link to another document, after closing the document we linked to, the program will remain open but it will also close the document we linked from. Is there a way to have the document we linked from, with the bookmark, to stay open after we close the document we linked to?


My boss received a PDF and he wanted to convert it into an Excel. This PDF is different than what we have received before. Even if just highlighting a number, say, 12345 and pasted it into a cell in Excel. It becomes strange symbols. Is it because PDF has security on it? If that is the case, is there a software that can convert it? thanks
I am trying to extract text from a PDF using iTextsharp library. I've implemented the IRenderListener listener and call PdfReaderContentParse.ProcessContent() to parse:
reader = new PdfReader( in_file );
XMLRenderListener listener = new XMLRenderListener();
PdfReaderContentParser parser = new PdfReaderContentParser( reader );
parser.ProcessContent( page_num, listener );

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When the listener's RenderText( TextRenderInfo renderInfo ) method is called, usually the renderInfo.string contains correct text, but not always. For an example, a PDF contains the following symbols:Characters in PDFWhen the method is called, the structure contains the following:
renderInfo content on the symbol 'less than' It is not clear from the picture above, but the PdfString.value actually contains two characters:Invisible characters in renderInfo.PdfString.value
I tried to copy the character from Adobe Reader to the clipboard, and analyzed by Clipboard Viewer.
The "Text" part shows the same bytes:ClipboardViewer Text part, but the Unicode Text Format part shows the correct Unicode value of the character, which is 2266 ClipboardViewer Unicode Text Format part
Also, if I paste that clipboard content to a text editor, I can see the correct character with the code 2266.

The question now: is it possible to make iTextsharp also convert the symbol to correct Unicode value and how to achieve that?
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Attachment 1 is an MSWord doc which when I print to "PDFill"
printer, the blue border at the bottom left always appear even
if I set the border to "colorless".

For the bottom right border (in red), if I set it to colorless, it will
not appear in my PDFill output : refer to attachment 2.

I can always delete away the last four rows but seems like the
border on the left will still appear in the PDF output.  

Need someone to edit the MSWord doc & test print to PDF so
that both the left & right borders don't appear anymore?

As long as the editing resulted in the same amount of the blank
space between the last row of the table, the line tt reads "This
statement does not include ..." & the green line at the bottomost.
TCPDF Not working - CentOS 7.0. When trying to create a PDF file the system gives 500 Internal Server Error

See: https://dev.dom.com/custom/tcpdf/generate/auto-generate-single-pdf.php

Any help with this greatly appreciated.
Hi, folks searching for a free utility to add watermark on PDF reports?
I want to make my files confidential.
Using C# .NET, I'm looking for a way to convert Excel documents to PDF without using paid third party tools or Office Interop assemblies (free third party tools are ok). This application needs to run on a server, so unmanaged code (i.e, Office Interop) is a big no.

Appreciate any insight about where to begin my research!
What are my options for creating a PDF file from my WebApi2... initiated from my SPA using Sencha ExtJs? The concept is I want to have a template in PDF with a grid, and based on user selection from my front end website, fill in the grid with data from my database. I'm not looking for someone to write code for me, just for a path to go down. I am open to suggestions so if a template is too complex I am open to creating the PDF from stratch every time. Whichever is the least complicated option as I am definitely no expert.

An Adobe Acrobat Pro DC user is sometimes unable to print or preview  Adobe PDF documents.

When this issue occurs if the user opens a PDF file and does a print preview of the file the file shows as a completely blank page. When the user prints the file it also prints as a completely blank page.

This user is running Adobe Pro DC version 2018.011.20038. All Adobe updates have been installed and there are no more updates available.

All Windows updates have also been installed on this user's Windows 10 computer.

So far the only fix I have been able to find has been switching the user's file association for opening PDF files over from Adobe Pro to Adobe Reader DC (which also has all updates installed and is running the 2018.011.20038 version).

When the user does a print preview of and then prints these exact same files within Adobe Reader the files print successfully and without any problems.

What can be done to fix this issue?






A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format consisting of an electronic image resembling a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. PDF files can store various types of data, including formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images. The page layout defines the location, size, and shape of each page and each item on the page. The information looks the same no matter what device or program is used to open it.