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Personal Electronics

Personal electronics includes any device, including fitness and health trackers, watches and wearable technology or personal GPS devices. Examples of these devices include the iPad, iPhone, Cell Phones, Smartphones, BlackBerry Hardware, Digital Cameras/Camcorders, Home Theaters, Home Security systems, Game Consoles, Wireless Hardware and Automotive systems.

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I think my motherboard failed. It just shut off and then it smelled bad as melted plastics. I thought is from the power supply connector, the yellow female jack in the back of the laptop, so I took it apart, dissembling totally, piece by piece.
I cleaned up everything, especially the fan full of dust, using air pressure jets and also dedicated spray for electronic components, PCB.
The components on the motherboard are covered with a black sheet of plastic/vinyl-like.
After cleaning I spotted 2 capacitors carbonized – most probably the cause of the smell and failure.
They are SMD ceramic capacitors, seem size 1206, most probably MLCC.
I have the tools to remove and replace them, but I do not know their value.
Can someone help with the values of these capacitors?
I have in mind persons that either had similar experience and repaired motherboards before, maybe particular for Lenovo T410s – by chance, or if you can find somewhere the PCB sketch with the bill of materials and or/schematic.
What cause that failure? Is it the only one?
I do not know, but I would like to try to replaces those 2 capacitors. On opposite side of the PCB everything is clean, the components are untouched by the temperature.
I presume the failure comes from the small WiFi board inserted in the nearby connector. Maybe has to be replaced with another one. What I remember is that I let for few days the laptop set with power on, even when the lid was closed, and was not always on the table, but also …
JavaScript Best Practices
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JavaScript Best Practices

Save hours in development time and avoid common mistakes by learning the best practices to use for JavaScript.

I'm contemplating to sell e-cigarettes in Amazon US or UK.

Any idea if e-cigarettes are allowed in US or UK?

if it's allowed, is it a popular substitute in the US & UK for the real cigarettes?

Some countries (like Singapore) ban e-cigarettes: what could be the reason?

is there some sort of refills needed to refill the e-cigarettes?  Or after a certain
number of puffs, it can't be used anymore & had to purchase new ones?
Which ScreenFlow product does green screen removal for Live Streaming on an old Mac?

There are so many choices. I am not sure which is the best (and cheapest) for me.

I need to remove the green screen from the video feed, and replace it with a static image, since I am using WebinarJam for a live web seminar.

Which ScreenFlow product handles this green screen removal on a Mac? I have an old Mac, and hope it would work on a 2013 Mac with the following hardware:

Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HG Graphics 4000 1536 MB

If I must, I would consider a machine upgrade to use ScreenFlow, but hope I can get it running with my current gear.

Using ChromaCam (or other) on my Mac to replace a green screen with a static image?

I need to replace the green screen for live streaming with a Logitech C922 on a Macbook.

Does ChromaCam support this? I see other names, like Syphon, CamTwist, VirtualEyez, Veescope, Wirecast, MimoLive (formerly BoinxTV) or Visual Communicator. (ChromaCam is based on Personify, which I think is Windows only.)

I need to run this on my Mac, since Windows runs of parallels, and I see a huge time delay on the webcam that make it unacceptable.

Please let me know.

Need to replace green screen background using a web cam for live streaming

I use WebinarJam and need a web cam, and have been directed to get a Logitech 922 or 930 (by EE and WebinarJam).

A primary use of this camera will be of me in front of a green screen, for live streaming. But I am not yet sure if WebinarJam handles the green screen replacement or if that is the job of the camera itself.

Here is a camera which does the green screen replacement...


I have a Mac, BUT, I could load Windows for this Personify green screen replacement technology to be compatible with my system.

My only experience with green screen replacement is with a video, using Premiere Pro. I have not does this live but have heard there are problems involving automatic green screen replacement, when the subject is moving, or when details, like fingers, get truncated.

Please provide some feedback on whether this green screen replacement works well with this camera? Is it possible that WebinarJam has a setting which does the green screen replacement.for me?

Need a web cam for live streaming

I need a web cam for live streaming my video image to my Mac, for use in a live webinar.

I may place it on a tripod since the top of my monitor may be a bit low. So, I think I need a conventionally sized screw hole at the bottom of the device.

I need it to be high enough quality so that my webinar looks good.

What kind of resolution do I need?

What kinds of features are useful?

I expect to buy on eBay.

Any suggestions from this page?



I am aware of the fitness bands and trackers for keeping statistics for fitness routines and a person's progress.

What I am looking for is a band that focuses primarily on health rather than fitness.

The device should have a heart monitor, blood pressure monitor and alarms for difference warning scenarios.

What would be the best tracker bands that would focus on health monitoring?

I'm designing a device that plugs into a base and am looking for clip-like part that will take a metal tab and transfer a small current (5V) to an LED in the device. The user should be able to pull the device off easily, but still have good enough contact to supply power.

What hardware should I be looking at?

Please see my very rough mockup:

We would like to get Freeview or terrestrial channels on our large display.

We are thinking of purchasing an Amazon Fire TV and connecting it to the large display to give access to these channels.

Does the Amazon Fire TV come with Freeview or terrestrial channels?

If not, is there a way of getting these channels on to the Fire TV and how would this be done?

Does anyone know what's the maximum distance (if any) for the key readers in the building?  From the electronic panel to the key reader.  
We use keyfobs for the building.  Sometimes one or two doors key readers (out of 5 total) do not react to the keyfobs.  And that those that farthest away from the electronic panels inside the Telco room.   So my suspicious would be a distance limit but I would be completely wrong.
Any knowledge in this?  Thanks.
OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks
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OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks

Learn to build secure applications from the mindset of the hacker and avoid being exploited.

Where are my videos hiding on my iPhone 7?

I am using a few teleprompter apps and start the recording okay, but I can not find where the video is being placed for either app. I look in the Camera app since that is where I see videos when created with the Camera app, but I am sure they are elsewhere...

Any ides where I can find them?

Why does my Canon SX720 HS NOT go into Record mode, and beep instead?

I record often with my Canon, and usually have no issue. But sometimes, pushing the Record button causes it to beep three or four times in rapid succession, and NOT record.

There is no error displayed. (Is there an error log somewhere?)

My only recourse is to power off then power up.

I do not have a clue what is happening, and fear that a longer video may be interrupted, where I am recording, only to find later it switched itself off.

How to delay the shutter on a Canon SX720HS

I can not find the option to have a 5 or 10 second daly on the shutter.

Need a lower cost alternative to a Canon 40X SX720HS

This is a great camera, but out of my price range.

What is a good alternative that costs less money?

I have a Samsung AirTrack speaker system: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/2013-2-1-channel-soundbar-system-with-wireless-subwoofer-hw-f550-551.
The wireless subwoofer is not working.
I called Samsung and they said it needs to be repaired, but it's out of warranty.
What are the next steps I can take to try to troubleshoot this beyond doing a hard reset and re-pairing the speakers?
Dear Experts

Would like to understand why online ups is recommended for server what happens if offline ups is used, please help me to understand
Need Best Video Settings for Canon SX 720

I took a video of myself, after many attempts, that looked acceptable. But I noticed the buildings in the background came in and out of focus.

Then, I noticed, when I came closer to the camera (during filming) even by inches, that triggered the change in focus.

I had the "wheel" set to "Auto" and I assumed there was an auto-focus thing going on.

I need to make yet another take, but first need to understand the video options for that camera.

Please let me know...

I am close to the camera, perhaps 4 feet away. And I am taping the buildings across the harbor, perhaps 1/4 mile away.

Also, is there a way to use Bluetooth for the Microphone?

Need to Connect BlueTooth Transmitter to MacBook

I bought this, with no manual.

I can not see how to  put it in pairing mode.


I see a Power button but when I press and hold, nothing happens.

The toggle switch is set to TX for Trasmitter.
When I press for a shorter time, I see a show flash of blue...that repeats...


Connecting a Bluetooth Microphone for iPhone video

I get the BT headset to connect to the iPhone 7. Ho do I get the video recorder to use that BT Mike?

Exploring SharePoint 2016
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

Explore SharePoint 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office to provide intranets, secure document management, and collaboration so you can develop your online and offline capabilities.

hi there,

Not sure this is the right place but I'll give it a shot.

I have a simple door entry system wiring details as follows:

wiring diagramPicture of main unitPicture of handset
Also via link:

I want to add a manual door release button, can i do this from the main unit? eg by closing a circuit?

Many thanks!
Need to trigger shutter on a very long selfie-stick.


I have a Canon PowerShot 12X and hope to get a Canon SX720.

I want a really long selfie-stick I can use to dramatically change my perspective while making photos.

But I do not want to be bothered with setting a self-timer or recording it as a video, which I then need to watch to find that perfect shot, etc.

I need a trigger that will fire the shutter.

What technologies do this?

Can  I use my old camera for this? If I buy a Canon SX720, does this have the ability for this?

If Bluetooth i the trick, does this mean I need a BT trigger? Does this support Canon PowerShot 12X? Canon SX720?

Never used a Selfie-stick

I want to take picture from a teller perspective and hope to use a Selfie-stick to give me a could of extra feet. But I see no way to trigger the shutter.

What am I missing??


The various apartments in our residential area links up to an Intercomm
system where outside visitors could press our apartment's unit # to
communicate with us when they reach the security guard house.

Attached is the photo.

A week back, this unit turns faulty & the contractor requires $300 + to
replace it:  is this something proprietary or I can get a compatible set
from eBay to replace?   I've tried adjusting volumes & resit but no joy.

If there's compatible set for this  urmet set, pls provide me the online
link to purchase
Need to get best memory card (best value) for Canon SX720

I need to store lots of pictures for photo shoots but am not sure of what memory card to choose. Prices are all over the place.

This one hold 256MG:

This one is half the space but a third of the cost:

I take dozens of pictures per photo shoot, but download them to my PC after each shoot. I feel like I will never have a problem, even with a 32BG memory card.

Are there speed considerations?

Plotting Photos on a Map

I have pictures from an iPhone6, iPhone 7 and a Canon PowerShot.

I know the iPhone 7 photos have the geo coding embedded. But I need to verify the Canon Power Shot is working for geo coding.

And if not, I may buy a new camera for myself.

And how do I view a folder of image and plot them all on a map?


Personal Electronics

Personal electronics includes any device, including fitness and health trackers, watches and wearable technology or personal GPS devices. Examples of these devices include the iPad, iPhone, Cell Phones, Smartphones, BlackBerry Hardware, Digital Cameras/Camcorders, Home Theaters, Home Security systems, Game Consoles, Wireless Hardware and Automotive systems.

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