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Personal Electronics

Personal electronics includes any device, including fitness and health trackers, watches and wearable technology or personal GPS devices. Examples of these devices include the iPad, iPhone, Cell Phones, Smartphones, BlackBerry Hardware, Digital Cameras/Camcorders, Home Theaters, Home Security systems, Game Consoles, Wireless Hardware and Automotive systems.

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I want to interface ir sensors and leds with 8051 microcontroller.......And how to programme an ic
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I d like to read ebooks pdfs on an ereader device. Dont know anything about it. Heard that some resist water, battery can last a month and you can use in the dark. Do they also sync to a Dropbox or can I upload my pdfs?  Do readers support all formats these days?

Features above I do like but which one should I choose?

Please advise.
I read this article:

which said in March 2016,

"he calculated that a single bitcoin transaction requires as much electricity as the daily consumption of 1.6 American households, and that number has increased since then"

Let's use his numbers just to find what the rough cost of the electricity was, at the point, for a single transaction.

The article also states "currently about 350 megawatts according to my own calculations, which is roughly equivalent to the electricity demand of 280,000 American households."

I calculate that at 1.6 times the daily requirement of a household, there are 5.48 MegaWatts used.

Bitcoin electricity in terms of American household

Please verify this logic is correct. And what is the cost of that amount of electricity?

When a person or a business uses bitcoin to pay for something, that could be an expense, am assets or a donation, is that transaction saved somewhere?

Thank you in advance.
I have a CoolingTech handheld microscope camera. It shows no model information.  The only place I find a driver is a pay site that asks for your credit card info. It costs around $40. for this microscope.
I have a Sky box and it is currently connected via a HDMI cable to my Denon AV receiver.

If the Denon AV receiver is left on 7 days a week it can be;
- Generating a lot of heat
- A fire hazard
- Using up a lot of electricity when not used

The Denon AV receiver is generally not used too much so would preferred to have it turned off until needed.

If the Denon AV receiver is not used, I would like the Sky box to use sound from the TV it would be connected too via a HDMI cable.

Is there a way to splitting a HDMI cable coming from Sky box to TV and Denon AV receiver so that when the Denon AV receiver is turned off, the Sky channels will still have sound?

I used this Note 5 for 2+ years with a great experience.  Great phone - large bright screen 5.7" 2560x1440 pixels, fast 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage, 16mp camera.   All good except.. battery life is terrible.  Time for an upgrade.  
Should I stick with Samsung and go with Note 8 or what would be other recommendations?  

Thanks in advance.
It's the latest model Apple TV.
I am replacing a VCR with the Apple TV, and need the Audio and Video to be converted to connect to an old Marantz AV Receiver.

Is there an adaptor that will work and support Component as well as the 1-output Video?

I recently used a power bank and it charged my mobile at 1250 apmere . I checked dis using the ampere app in android. Then i noticed that the usb port showed 2.4A which as i understood means its capabale of charging at 2400 ampere. Why its charging at lower then that what could be the reason.
Free Tool: ZipGrep
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

What are the things to look for when buying an ear phone.
I see many places things like stereo ear phones.
What does it mean. Is there anything else apart from stereo or mono.
There is one type of earphone like this which does not go inside the ears. And other type goes inside the ears.. which one is better.
Also specifically can you see some negative in the above product.
How many things do I need to charge my "schumacher instant power" portable generator with solar panel?
Hi Experts

I am having a problem trying to diagnose a problem I have with a simple high side switching circuit that is on a PCB. It works fine on a breadboard. The schematic is below. RL is a placeholder to where the rest of the circuit goes. The rest of the circuit I dont think matters because there should be no current draw if the mosfet if off. Please see attached schematic.
It is supposed to work like this. I have a microcontroller controlling the power to the circuit. To turn on the power I set the IO pin high and the Mosfet to M1 turns on and so grounds the gate of M2 and so switching M2 on. This all works fine.

The problem is that when I set the GPIO low I get 0V at the output of RL but if I measure the curent draw its around 150mA. This should be 0 or maybe just a few uA. Shorting R2 to ground has no difference.

I am having trouble finding out out to troubleshoot this and why this would be. Any help in how I can find the problem would be great.

Are these symptoms indicative of a faulty mosfet or something else.

A group of individuals who are residents of suites in a condominium have asked me to find an answer to the question above.
I am a regular user and loves to listen music the best headphone which i know are stereo one. Therefore, I want to buy a stereo headphone which also provides very high quality sound and have soft ear cushions that not hurt my ears. I visited few sites but now confused from which one I should buy my headphone.Kindly suggest me an excellent quality headphone.
The above was gifted. what would be most ideal specifications to aim for this (for elec wire to go with this for outdoor use)? when searching for outdoor electrical wire, below are specs are needed to be filtered thru.. can you guide how you would choose in the below availability..

Cable/Wire Type: Thermostat Wire,UF-B
Guage: /10/12/14
Conductor: 2/3
Allowed Amp: 15/20/30/50
Solid or Stranded

ideally, more durable to last a few years. (mainly for summer, and possible little snow blower too)
also ideal to have feature to roll it up when not in use
I have a second hand SONY VAIO Series E notebook with Windows 10.

Last night, I ran it on battery and at 5% battery it shut down on its own  (not hibernate)with a little pop sound.

I immediately attached the original power charger and there was no charging.

My first guess was that either the motherboard or the power adapter gone south as there was no green light on power adapter and no charging light on notebook.

I opened up the three pin in the socket of the power adapter and saw there was a 3A fuse itself.  I replaced the 3A fuse with a 5A fuse and there was green light on power adapter. However, when I attached the power adapter to the notebook, the green light turned off within 15 seconds and I can confirm that the power adapter is dead now from the smell.

The good news is the notebook can be powered on after 15 seconds of "charging".

I have forgotten all my lessons in electronic circuit.

Is my motherboard having a problem? Will it burn another power adapter?

Why changing the fuse will burn the power adapter?
I have several new Dell laptops that explicitly say they take DDR3L 1.35V memory. - Latitude E6440, E5550, E3460...
I have Patriot Viper PV316G160LC9SK so-dimms that are 1.35V but say they are DDR3, not DDR3L.  Can I use the Viper memory in the  Dell Latitude computers?
Hi EE,

I have attached multiple sensors with my Raspberry Pi. I want to power off couple of those sensors from my mobile. I can now only start / stop sensor data reading from my application, but it do not power off / on those sensors. However I can reboot my Pi which power off all of the attached sensors.

My question is, "is there any way to power on/off selected sensors which are attached with my Pi"?

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There is a "Facebook", but I've always felt there should be a "Familybook".  We don't live in isolation of each other, we have families and each member of the family has personal electronics which can take and view pictures and store music tracks.  In the pre-smartphone home, these were easily shared between family members.  You could reach in the bookshelf in the den to view photos.  You could borrow your sister's Metallica album, etc.

Now that you know my mindset, is there a hidden way in Google for my family members to share our Google cloud files (Google Photos and Google Play Music) between family members?  The only option I have seen so far is to literally log out of your account and log in to your family member's account.  I know you can create a photo album and make it available for "public" or "family" but this is not what I'm talking about.

As an example of my intent, my wife and I are going on a cruise next month.  I will be taking photos with my phone, as will my wife with hers.  When we get back, we (meaning she) wants to merge them then go through and pick out the best to be made public.

Ideas?  Hints?  Compassion?

Dear experts,

I am a novice in raspberry pi. I want to make a door lock which should be unlocked only when it detects presence of myself within a range not for others.

Is it possible? What type of sensors need to be used for that? Any tutorial or advice?

With regards,
Is it ok to plug my UPS into my surge protector?  Any electrical engineers out there?

I have the following UPS: APC BR1500G

And the following Surge Protector: Tripp Lite HD10DBS

I'm not trying to "daisy chain" extension cords here, but trying to protect my UPS from Surges.  Unfortunately the built in Surge protection on the UPS isn't stellar.

I am attempting to use the harmony hub to turn on my tv and have it MUTED

thanks !!!!!
I'm in a country that uses UK power system (ie 220-240V).

I'm looking at Brother MFC-J480DW & MFC-J680DW which is
selling for about US$143 & US$168 here while in eBay, they're
listed for US$94 to US$110 in eBay:

Our local Brother says the eBay units are under Brother USA's warranty
(not international warranty) & uses 110-120V & local Brother can't service
them in the event of faults.

I ever bought US electronics & use converter but in most cases, the equipment
got burnt or don't last long (eg: bladeless fan & white noise generator).   Should
I take the chance with Brother MFCs or has anyone tried them in a UK-power
system country before with good success?
Attached is CAN Transceiver Datasheet.  This IC is wired in our Microcontroller based Electronic Control Unit.
What will be CAN High (CANH) and CAN Low (CANL) Voltage when CAN Transceiver is in sleep mode?  

To verify these voltages are correct in sleep mode, measure CANH with respect to ground?   And measure CANL with respect to Ground?

Personal Electronics

Personal electronics includes any device, including fitness and health trackers, watches and wearable technology or personal GPS devices. Examples of these devices include the iPad, iPhone, Cell Phones, Smartphones, BlackBerry Hardware, Digital Cameras/Camcorders, Home Theaters, Home Security systems, Game Consoles, Wireless Hardware and Automotive systems.