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Philosophy and religion can be defined as the study of and practices related to the fundamental nature and significance of beliefs commonly held by groups of people that may transcend geographic, racial, ethnic or other boundaries.

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

        I read a quote the other day which goes like this.  "Loneliness is your soul wanting to make friends with itself".  This quote really is eye-catching but  I am unsure what conclusions to draw from it.  That said, could someone share some thoughts regarding possible interpretations of this quote?  

        Thank you

I've seen a Red Herring argument called a "Distraction". I thought that was good.

Are there any other ways to describe this fallacy that communicate the tactic at hand - sort of lay it out to the OTHER person?
What are common biconditional statements we use/encounter in day-to-day life?
What are common examples of Affirming the Consequent reasoning you see in everyday life?
In your opinion, how do you describe/define discrimination? Prejudice? Racism? How are they alike and different?
A lawyer advised me and my spouse to write separate wills :
as the will is charged at a fee per will, I'm trying to establish if this is a general
practice out there & the reasons for it : if it's one joint will, it will be charged
for one will's fee.

Reason was the lawyer wants to customize it to meet our special-needs
(intellectually disabled who can't live on his own) kid but by making the
wills separate, I'm curious how this helps
Discuss the contributions to education of the following: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, John Dewey, B.F. Skinner
Is there any good book or epic or video which tells about different people we meet in life. The psychology of various relatives and people that we meet in life and how to be clever in judging people etc. I think epics like Mahabharata are on these lines.
Hello all, i am new to IT field and was wondering the first steps into becoming an IT professional. I did about a year at ITT-Tech before they shut down. I was just wondering, i just completed my IT fundamentals course and nothing stood out that i didnt know. Right now, im currently about to enroll in the A+ certification course. Im torn in what path i should do after that. Any advice? Also, what the take on IT certifications Vs a Degree?
I was in a band in late nineties college,
am 39 now, single, set up financially, don't want to sneak into the decimated music industry now. I'm not going to sing for a 90 second trial in front of Simon, etc for AGT. I am of the Nirvana/Pearl Jam, don't care about clothes and 80's hair band superficiality. Online song submission venues still mention to bare in mind your image and personality. Hah! It never dies off. If I dye my hair pink like Kurt Cobain, the old bastards I have wings-night and watch football with won't be impressed.
Playing live 'round town now is more invisible than playing at an old age home, which I did once with my Novell colleagues, btw, and also at a metal institute!
But, it's the millennials that comb these sites for new music. How? Where? How can I insert my music into the millennials' radar?

If I'm not myself a millennial, is music a waste of time? It feels like it. As a 19 year old, I digged DMB, but he was all over the radio, and TV. I can handle doing it for myself and satisfaction of live play. Is that all there is for non-millennials? Dave Matthews was 36 and the others in DMB were old like me, too.

I freeze my credit report from 3 beaurues. Equifax, Transunion, Experian. I did that because some people knows my social and date of birth and I don't want they knows my new address. My question is what other agencies i can use to freeze my credit history?
I know this is not maths and science but I've asked tonnes of maths and science questions on here and got better answers than maths forums. I know this is pushing my luck asking a grammar question in the this topic but I have proposed this topic.
So the question. If my boyfriend and I went shopping the grammar is 'boyfriend and I' not 'boyfriend and me'. If a cake was shared between me and my boyfriend the grammar is 'my boyfriend and me' and not my boyfriend and me. The current trend seems to be to say 'and I' regardless as aren't confident in their grammar so they say 'and I' as a catch all as they know it is a common mistake. But is there a rule when you use the word myself (I know you don't start a sentence with but)? For example, I dragged myself to the gym. Would it be 'I dragged my boyfriend and myself go to the gym' or is it 'I dragged my boyfriend and me go the the gym?'
I know it's not a crucial topic but it is bugging me as I did used to proofread and I can't see this in any of my grammar books.
I'm sorry if I have misused this topic and I hope the moderators don't get too annoyed but the description does say that ,although the topic is Maths and Science, questions are asked on other subjects like biology. This suggests biology isn't a science which is quite brave to say  as biologists don't like this, but biology is information-based and not axiomatic like physics or maths. If biology is a science because it is based on experiments and observation and then …
Is it possible if any one knows my social security number and date of birth can pull my credit history?
Anybody who has practiced kundalini yoga. Any views or good books articles etc.

Could you help to identify the next piece of instrumental music?

after some minutes it repeats itself.
I refer to Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder:
This guy had a strange theory about magnetism, a kind of mistic, not really part of scientific world.
Interesting is the simple device which can be replicated, named Perpetual Motion Holder. Here is a video about it:

How the energy conservation does apply here?
I wonder if I used a famous person's (first) name in a URL, would that be legally unadvisable?

Say I was making a weight lifting web-site and I wanted to call it Arnold's palace, would Arnold Schwarzenegger have anything to say?
What about an Alternative music blog and I called it from Eddie Vedder.


I am embarking on an artistic stage.

If I make an art piece of a 17" hunting knife stabbing action figures of Britney Spears and also Justin Bieber in one efficient stroke, will there be repercussions? Or will people understand it as a community service w artistic license?
What if I have a Tyrannosaurus eating Britney and Bieb's ?

Planning my travels abroad and looking into the budgets.  Any currencies went down or going down as a result of UK exit from EU?  
Asian currencies (thai, japanese, vietnamese),  Eastern European or Russian Ruble?

I want to make an Excel timechart of the Judean kings.  The Bible gives the length of each kings' reign.  However if a king died in one year and his son took over, is that counted as the next year?  I think it varies for different kings.
Therefore, I need the jewish year when each king's reign started.
Something similar for the judges would be great too.
I never expected this to be so difficult.

I need a database (in any form) listing the following:


I need this in TXT, CSV or Excel or any other format. I do not need web pages if dates that I need to read. But I could consider screen a lot resort.

Any links to this?

This is a bit of a puzzle ;P

I was just struck by the thought: Is it actually unethical to do the work that antivirus and security companies do, examining a virus program, stepping through the bytes to reconstruct what its activity is, etc?  Seriously, that is.

Lets say that I'm a malware author, and I go out of my way to make sure that there is a strongly worded EULA agreement that prohibits reverse engineering of the file, etc, and for the sake of making it a fully black and white question, lets say that I package it along with a legitimate program that folks want to install like filezilla or such -- so the user runs into the various "Check this box if you dont want to disclude the program from not being installed" nonsense pages that such program installers provide for a plethora of adware etc.  And my installer screen says "Install GPApocalypse!  Is your hard drive getting full of pesky data?  Too many passwords to remember for every application?  Worry no more, this program will eliminate most of the space-hogging material on your harddrive and reduce the need to remember passwords by deleting nearly all the applications from your computer at intervals based on a predictable pattern.  As a bonus, it will choose most of the remaining files in a predictable way learned by your behavior, and encrypt all of your files with a 256bit cyptokey, so you'll only ever have to worry about a single password ever again! " and a smaller warning below that indicates that this software will in fact destroy your …
I would like to bring in your attention an experiment published in magazine "Science et Vie" nr.700 March 1976 (pages 42-45).
Please have a look at the next documents:

Interesting to notice that a similar document is on NASA servers:

What is your opinion about it?
I miss a word. It is somewhere deep in my mind and I cannot take it out.
I need a brainstorming to help me to take it out and remember it.
To increase the confusion, I am not so sure if I will be able to define it properly.
Here it is:
-      How do you name/call a person/individual who represents a group, having the same characteristics?
-      When you look at that individual, you see trough/in that person all the others. Like a model, a special type. Maybe is a word related with “type”, maybe sounds as genotype, maybe in Latin.
-      Stereotype is too banal, ordinary and has not a nice connotation.
-      Archetype sounds better, but for me seems that involves something ancient or something initial that was first time.
-      I need the word to express a common set of problems and values. I would like to apply this word or expression to describe a family in needs, which in fact is one family out of thousands in the same situations with the same needs and problems and values. The description would be used to designate all the other families using the name of that representative family.
-      What is that word or expression?
Any other suggestion is welcome.
I ordered an Inversion Table (one which makes you tilt downwards) at eBay during last Dec's promo :
supposedly to help with backaches, dementia & even depression.

The item never arrives & I have a screen shot of the order;  however when I check my eBay records,
there's no record of the order.

Firstly, does inversion table truly has those benefits mentioned esp for depression?  I'm sure
it'll help with backaches.

If it never comes & never charge to my bank account, I'll just forgo it if it doesn't really help with
depression otherwise, I'm going to demand delivery (& pay for the US$49 as I really need it for

Philosophy / Religion

Philosophy and religion can be defined as the study of and practices related to the fundamental nature and significance of beliefs commonly held by groups of people that may transcend geographic, racial, ethnic or other boundaries.

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