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Philosophy / Religion

Philosophy and religion can be defined as the study of and practices related to the fundamental nature and significance of beliefs commonly held by groups of people that may transcend geographic, racial, ethnic or other boundaries.

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Occasionally, a book, video, or other experience has created lasting meaning or value for me in determining what I want to do with my life. I'd like to share some of the things that I considered most significant, and would like to hear from others what they have found.

Recently, a website called "Placebo Effect" has been helpful for reminding me what life is about, and also, how to focus effectively on my goals: https://www.placeboeffect.com/landing/442/Life-s-Purpose (this website lets you choose how much to pay; you can choose $0 if you want to)
A book "The Brain That Changes Itself" (author Norman Doidge, from memory) is about plasticity of our brain over time, and I found learning about it to be not only enlightening, but also empowering
When I was in my mid-twenties, I read Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder, and it helped me consider what was important in life

I'll look forward to hearing what others have found useful.

Edit: Placebo Effect has since changed its pricing, but they still offer a free trial.

1. What are religious grounds for 10% supporting discrimination against African-Americans?

[see following for reference]

PRRI Religion  &  Politics  Tracking Survey
http://publicreligion.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/May-2014-TOPLINE.pdf   May  29,  2014

Do  you  think that it should  be allowed to  refuse  to  provide  products  or services  to groups of  individuals because it  violates   religious  beliefs?
Individual         % yes
Gay  or  lesbian  16
Atheist                15
Jewish                 12
Black                   10

Public  Religion  Research  Institute
"While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God's creation." [Maya Angelou]
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

1. What steps should 'modern world' take regarding issues within areas beyond their own borders - or would it be better to keep one's hands off?

Specific case could be sufficient, where religions could have issues, as well as those have-nots without religion.

Islamic extremism to blame as Christian deaths nearly double in a year – report
http://rt.com/news/christian-persecution-radical-islam-333/ - January 08, 2014 [abridged]

At least 2,100 Christians died because of their beliefs in 2013 .. Most of the dead were in Syria, where radical Islamist groups have clamped down on a long-established religious minority.

“Overwhelmingly, the main engine driving persecution of Christians in 36 of the top 50 countries is Islamic extremism,” write the authors.

North Korea, which is officially atheist but is dominated by the Kims’ personality cult, and where merely owning a Bible is reportedly grounds enough for a life sentence or execution, remains the worst country in the world for Christians...But the rest of the top five is made up of Muslim states suffering from internal instability, with Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan all earning a place.

Nigeria, which has a roughly equal split between Christians and Muslims, is on the list with 612 deaths,

»» "Most of the RT reporters are nazi Jews"
Something new or something old? Pope picks up a coupla hitch-hikers.

Are they helping to bring all together towards greater peace?
Is this just an attempt to get agreement on which ten commandments to show the heathens?

1. What do you make of this pope's tripping out now all over holy lands?

Pope Francis praises Jordan at start of Middle East visit .
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-27551843 24 May 2014
The tour's official purpose is to improve ties with the Orthodox Church.

The meeting ended 900 years of separation and enduring antagonism between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity.

The Pope will be accompanied by a rabbi and an imam - friends from his native Argentina - and hopes to improve relations between Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Holy Land.
Who celebrates Christmas?

Wondering, about Full time and Part time Christians, lurkers,
and also - opening to all,

What about atheists and other religions,
yeah, even pagans and cults.

Any examples? You?
Are there any refusing to not work on that day not Their holy day?
Do other than christians put up tree or exchange gifts?
Anybody going on strike to not permit it?

1. Who observes Christmas ?

Challenge: Support textual infallibility
Take on issue vs alternatives to those of Christian.

EX: Is Quaran infallible, inerrant, or both

             Or is infallible = inerrant

[following comment is for defining some context]

<your turn>
Once upon a time...

There was a god having level of 38
Looking down upon a world of creation

Oh-oh about all that recreation
How about eliminating all that?

An advisor suggested: Have it be Patriarchal
An advisor suggested: Have it be Matriarchal

<your turn>

Which weigh should world turn?
Suppose there's this god
This god 's all-powerful
This god made a creature
For the creature this god prepared a text of words to live by

The creature woke up found words
The creature lived life for awhile
The creature fell asleep

<repeat cycle>

This god found need for creature
This god's all powerful
This god erased creature's memory of a text of words to live by
For the creature this god prepared a text of words to live by

<return to cycle>

How does creature know that the words to live by upon awakening were the same words that were there before falling asleep?
Initially there was only God. After a while he got bored of talking to himself and created some companions, demigods called angels. Unfortunately, God is rather a bumbling creator. Hence His creation was flawed, and some of the angels decided they wanted to rule heaven themselves. There was an almighty fight, but God won and the angels, now called devils, were cast into hell.

Some time later, God got bored again and decided to create a world called Earth. On it He created plants, animals, and people, in that order. Or, depending on which Genesis story you believe, He created Adam, then the animals to keep him company and, when that was not enough, a female companion, Eve.

Not being much good at creation, God made the people flawed. The devil saw that and decided to have some fun. God, who must have noticed this, decided not to take any action, and decided to sit on the sidelines while this demigod had a go at Eve and Adam. Predictably, considering the flaws that were built-into people, and the power of their adversary, Adam & Eve failed the test.

Now God, who in his omnipotence had created a flawed design and, being omniscient, would have known what was going to happen, did not decide to fix people up properly. Instead he become enraged at them and damned not only them, but all their descendants as well. Then, to show that He could be merciful as well, He decided to give people a way out of the damnation. He did this by sending Himself, in the guise of His son, to …
How do neoclassical literature and Romanticism literature compare? It’s a bit confusing to me.
What is neoclassical literature?

Could someone help me decipher what the first part (above the star line) of this passage means?

When first upon his high, paternal throne
He took seat, forthwith to divers Gods
Divers good gifts he gave, and parcelled out
His empire, but of miserable men
Recked not at all;
rather it was his wish


To wipe out man and rear another race:
And these designs none contravened but me.
I risked all in the attempt, and saved mankind
From stark destruction and the road to Hell

Could anyone clarify?
Are there any miracles which were not performed by jews and had no affect on jews?  What evidence exists for them and where are they documented?
I can find no subsequent reference to them in the bible.
Is there any record of anyone having seen them?
Did they contain the entire 5 books of Moses or just a summary?
Survey or poll. Need lots of opinions to get a good cross section.

If someone says:
Do you know ........ ?
Do you want to know ........ ?
Honk, if you know ........ ?
Come know .........

What is the most desirable word to fill in the blank?
God, Jesus, or Christ.

I'm thinking out of 100 people, Christ would rank 3rd.
If I am correct on that, then the choices may be Jesus or God.

We have a project and trying to decide which is best to use.
I'm curious whether you see mathematics as something that is primarily discovered by humanity or something that is invented by humanity.  What is your reasoning?
Is Monotheism a superior form of worship (vs Polytheism)? Is it more complex? Was it an evolutionary step in religious beliefs?
The theory that some all powerful deity created everything and put the laws of evolution and physics in place to create and maintain the world we see all around us. A form of creationism (IMHO), but without all of the bible, quaran, <insert holy book name here> stuff.

What do you think? A valid theory or a lazy way of trying to "explain" our existence?
Suppose that in the next ten years AI develops enough to allow the knowledge of the internet to be analysed and processed so that instead of typing into google we can go to some Artificial Intelligence and just talk to it?

This "brain" would have all the logic, philosophy, science, history, biographies, stories, blogs and experience contained in the internet.

People could ask it for advice on personal problems or politicians could seek advice on how to rule a country. Economists could discover how to make the economy actually work.

What would be the implications of such a Being coming into existence?
This is a maths AND philosophy question. and I have it posted it as two separate but identically worded questions.

Infinity is a conceptual number which can always be added to and never actual reach infinity because infinity is a concept.

Is there a mathematical term for an infinitely small number that is greater than zero? This special number would also be a conceptual number.  I don't think it can be a negative number, but it has to be much smaller than .....
In fact infinitely smaller than the above, but greater than 0.0

What brought this to mind was more philosophical than mathematical. I was looking for a term that would help describe a wild idea is in fact impossible. However it's impossible to prove 100% that something is untrue ... maybe 99.999999999.....99999% but not 100%

Was it Bertrand Russell who said that it was impossible to prove that a teapot was not floating around some distant planet, or something like that?
Why do some people call themselves a Messianic-Jew?
I need an exact URL address where I can download the New American Standard (NAS) version of the Bible.

I'm currently consulting for a religious organization that has asked me to find this for them.
What do you know about this? Is true or fake?
Is it the first statement made by an official in public?


Can someone Explain to me the two philosophical jokes about Marks and Satre (numbered 3 and 19) in the link below?



Philosophy / Religion

Philosophy and religion can be defined as the study of and practices related to the fundamental nature and significance of beliefs commonly held by groups of people that may transcend geographic, racial, ethnic or other boundaries.

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