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Philosophy and religion can be defined as the study of and practices related to the fundamental nature and significance of beliefs commonly held by groups of people that may transcend geographic, racial, ethnic or other boundaries.

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Hi experts!

Until now, all the database developments I implemented were done using M$ SQL Server. Very much interested by the open source solutions, I recently started to use MyQSL to develop a reporting solution based on BIRT (eclipse). In order not to stick to the first considered choice, I now successfully migrated the core of the solution to postgreSQL to check before my final choice.

It seemed to me that the querying interface from postgreSQL was much more intuitive than the MySQL one for a Window$ user. This has been confirmed.

The additional skills needed to switch from the SQL Server world to the MySQL world are very limited though, compared to those needed to migrate from MySQL to postgreSQL. I am especially speaking of stored procedures.

However, with the expert's help, I could go as far as being able to compare bare execution speed. postgreSQL seems much more powerful for me, as use of the cache should be limited in my solution.

Having read a lot of stuff during the migration process, it seems to me too that postgreSQL has many more capabilities in terms of available languages, namely. May be to many: it can be confusing.

Also I like a lot the fact that I did not hear that it was bought over by a competitor.

Now these are still pretty much uninformed personal thoughts, and I would be pleased to hear form you, experts.

Thank you very much in adance.

I am wondering what computer I would need to setup for a church that intends on running videos through a projector from the computer, as well as presentations that display lyrics according to the songs they sing.

Would a system under $700 work for this? If so, what would be some links? I've checked newegg and tigerdirect but am finding a lot of computers with gamer/LED cases, and I don't think this is what  the church would really want, especially with bright LEDs and possibly loud fans...
Give today's medical technology, is there any reason why, in theory, a human head could not be kept alive and conscious. I cannot see why not. As far as I know, all that would be needed is a pure blood supply.

Would the person be able to talk, hear and see? What about eating? Would the face age normally? etc. etc.

A person in this state would be little worse off than a quadraplegiac and should be able to cope mentally. If it is possible, it could be a way of extending the life of a person with a cancer-ridden body.

If it is possible, why has it not been done? (or has it?)

Please speculate on the above and any ethical implications
Dear all

I am trying to find any written material regarding studies concerning the creation of a list about everything. To put it in other words, any research or theory on the attempt to categorize everything. Information on how to create a taxonomy which can include everything, like an apple, a dog, a tree, a football match and love or hate.

This is probably a philosophical or sociological topic so I would appreciate any kind of help or suggestions on this. Thank you very much in advance.


Please somebody explain me the following terms with examples:

Political risk
Business risk
Ethical risk ??
I have to prepare a presentation for our board of management just to proof computer engineer can be interesting and deserve better :) But the problem is that I have no knowledge except computer, could you suggest me some topic I can talk about and give some e-book link to read about the subject.

Thanks for your interest.
interested in joining Judaism
and told there are hard cover course books to study

are there online study guides
Hi expert

i am going to prepare a article and presentation to my audience on topic like decent dress code. please help out me above subject matter


Please, take a look at this line

The variable total has a number that must be transfer to another windows, but when I call the windows, my windows doens't appear.

[code]%>  <script> abrir(''" & <%=total%> & ",'Pontos',510,450,'no','no','no') </script>
time critical volunteer project - need to automate the process of inserting bible text into bible study outlines with scripture references (e.g. Acts 2:38, Romans 10:1).

Current outlines in OpenOffice Write but solution can assume outlines are in plain text, as long as I can figure out how to automate a soft return, insert the text of the reference, etc.  I'm hoping someone has already done this.  I have no idea where to even start (not a coder).

If it's a huge process, let me know, I'll break it down into as many 500 point questions as needed.  

Obviously need to account for scripture ranges (Acts 2:38-43 chapter 2 verses 38 to 43, etc.
i have the kjv in access format, text delimited, etc

Example paragraph:

Part of salvation requires baptism (Acts 2:38)

Needs to look like:

Part of salvation requires baptism (Acts 2:38)

Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Said by Benjamin Franklin.

What did he mean?
Why would society loose the very thing it strives to achieve if it gives up libery to get there?
Hi Experts,

I have been thinking about the the Law of the Lever (>  I am trying to compile a list of Life areas where this law could be applied.

The Goal is: How can I "get more" for "less"

Some examples are naturally: A Job takes me 2 hours to do.  If I program a Computer and "let it run" it will take only 10 minutes.

Good examples would be:  Input: 10 US$  Output: 1 Million  (just kidding, ;-)     Or ways to expand what you could do in 1 hour....

You get the point (if not, I assume responsability and will contribute with more comments).

Thanks for your "Brain Time".  Maybe we could come up with a useful list of "actions" that have some sort of "Leverage" built into it.

I'm looking at creating a landing page with different content to my main website, which will improve my SERP's in particular geographic areas. This landing page will then provide the user with a link to my main website.

Does any one have any experience of this? If so what should I need to consider? Is this ethical from Google's perspective?

Any help appreciated.

Question: What do women firefighters wear in other countries? Are their uniforms designed to reflect their religious and ethnic identity or are they designed to get on with the job of putting out fires?

No doubt some facist will remove this from Politics and Misc while I'm not looking. But it *is* political and certainly very miscellaneous. Almost as daft as the ethnic gynecological gown.
This question is in response to SStory's 'hijacking' of several threads to spread the gospel of creationist literalism.  While acknowledging that micro-evolution is fact, he and others have claimed that macro-evolution is bunk and that creationism, as defined literally in the bible(s), is the true origin of life on Earth.  This leads him to conclude that "intelligent design" should be taught in science classes as an alternate 'theory'.

It's time to establish, hopefully once and for all, exactly what is scientific about the ID postulate?  Points will go either to whoever can establish that ID is a valid scientific principle worth teaching alongside (or replacing) evolutionary theory, or to whoever can most clearly show that ID is not a viable science and should be relegated to the dustbin of pseudoscience along with astrology and alchemy.  In my mind, it's either one or the other, but I guess we'll soon find out.

As a side discussion, I'd like to know exactly what are the problems with evolution science?  I know we haven't accounted for every transitional fossil yet, but is that enough to throw out the entire principle?

I think I'm fair minded enough to judge reasonable conclusions based on evidence, though I'll admit to having a clear leaning given the sheer volumes of scientific data and overwhelming consensus in the scientific community, so I might defer to those more neutral (if there are such people) and put it to a vote at the end.

I am trying to write a comparison paper and I am having a hard time trying to compare the Books Tangerin(Edward Bloor) and Speak(Laurie Anderson).

Any one have any comparison ideas?
I heard from a friend somewhere that There was a man back in the day that described computer like machines and "birds that flew people" (airplanes) in the future. There is a lot of "prediction" crap out there, but anyone will get points if you're a better google searcher than I am. I can't find a single reference or source of anyone that predicted anything like the computer or the airplane in current times. Even someone in the industrial age that briefly wrote about it would be fine.

Nowadays, we have a lot of predictions about nanotechnology in the future, there must have been someone that saw currrent technological advances in the near/far future.

Anything would be appreciated
This is a kind of topic question, but I've asked to come up with a cute name for a Christian Reading Program.  It cant be something that is already in use like Pizza Hut BookIT program.  If it had some kind of religious association, would be a plus, but isn't really a must.  Its a kids program, so something like little christian readers   (I have no idea),  or The Bible teaches us to read books program; something like that.  Hopefully everyone gets the idea.  Something cute, for the kids program.

Suppose in office,

Issue related with, escalations,mistakes of team member (juniors/seniors), mistake of myself,
Issues arises when client escalates because of our unawareness in business rules.

Suppose if some of my colleages doing wrong .. but doesnot come into our we need to report it?
if so how we need to report? through email ? or work of mouth? or indirect?

How do we need to handle them? or how you handle them in office?

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Please do not links

i want to know what all you do to make ur life successful?

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I have read that Personal Archive Folders (PST files) for Outlook should never ever be bigger than 2Gb - as the risk of those files corrupting increases significantly as their size approaches 2Gb.

Is there a similar maximum or recommended size for Public Folders - I am going to move archived emails for some users into Public Folders (so that more than 1 member of staff can access them, because I also have read that PST files should never ever be shared between users, again for fear of corruption)

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
This is a long shot, but can anyone read Hebrew ?  The attached note was stuck to one of my switches. I am really curious because of the multiple exclamation points.  My luck, it says dont plug in or kablooey!!!
[embed=doc 98917]
Consider this scenario:

You work at a fairly large company (> 1000 employees).  A new "big wig" is hired, and a couple of years later he's suddenly released.  Along the way, he's kicked off various initiatives, worked hard, probably made a few enemies, but has in general been doing a fine job according those who are his peers and his direct reports.  All you know from the top-level are some vagaries like "couldn't see eye-to-eye with the senior team" and "the results weren't there" and "we're going in a different direction".  The kinds of catch-phrases that belong on a Corporate Bingo game.

The company is shocked...and abuzz.

Your company decides that because of the wide-ranging influence of this individual, a general email announcement must be sent notifying everyone of his departure.  You're tasked with crafting this email.

You know that you may only include the information that's appropriate and legally safe--so you naturally can't talk specifics as to why he was released.

But you also believe that the more you do say to the hundreds employees who are shocked at his sudden departure, the higher morale will be, and the less the rumor mill will churn.

What do you write in your announcement?
I did not see a category for Career so I hope this gets to the right experts.

I am wondering if I could ask for the experts wisdom on an issue I am having with my current company? My problem is I think I am getting thoroughly taken advantage of. Let me describe my situation a little and, if you will, give me your two cents.

Currently I am what I call a IT Generalist, meaning I have my hands in almost every facet of IT. From systems administrator, to help desk, to web design, to user/ new IT Staff training, Exchange management, backup/recovery, pretty much everything except for major programming stuff. My official job title is "IT Support", which is only about 5% of what I really do. I am getting pay $39,000 a year with about a $400 bonus. All the research I have done and all the articles I have read tell me that for what I do I should be getting "at least" $63,000 a year in the Hawaii job market. Assuming  that I am a normal worker who does not go above and beyond for the job, but is just a 8-5er. On average I work 55-60 hours a week and I am 100% more committed to my company than my company is committed to me.

My boss before has told me that Hawaii position pay less than the mainland which seems true from what I have read. He also states that my salary is pretty good for someone new out of college. But after doing the math almost 2 years after graduation and after all the things I have learned,  I still find myself at a 40% difference in salary from the mainland …
I'm reading a fantastic book by Bill Bryson titled
   A short History of Nearly Everything

One section is about a theory that describes and explains how continents "drift" from place to place.  Early in the 20th century there were *major unexplained mysteries* -- such as matching fossils and rocks on different continents, and why the rocks at certain places on the seafloor were always dated as being much newer than rocks elsewhere, and there was some weirdness about how magnetic rocks switched poles... and so forth

Over time, new information was uncovered, theories were proposed and rejected; often because one or more facets of the mysteries were not explained.  Eventually a cohesive theory was developed, what we now call the Theory of Plate Tectonics, and it accounts for basically all of the unexplained geological mysteries.  It is such a good theory that it is now universally accepted as fact.

So, why is this thread in the Philosophy and Religion TA?

I want to compare and contrast the Theory of Plate Tectonics with the Theory of Evolution.

It seems to me that before either theory was developed, the situations were similar:  Unexplained phenomena had been detected and measured.  Scientists tried to find ways to explain the mysteries in the light of other natural phenomena.  There was disagreement in the ranks (Einstein famously discounted the idea of continental drift), but as more and …

Philosophy / Religion

Philosophy and religion can be defined as the study of and practices related to the fundamental nature and significance of beliefs commonly held by groups of people that may transcend geographic, racial, ethnic or other boundaries.

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