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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop dominates the market. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

Hello experts,

I need to convert more than 900 svg files into png or jpg.

I am looking for the best free or paid apps (no monthly subscription) to cover this need.

Could you please provide some advice.

Thank you for your help.
What would be 5 REALLY GOOD contrasting colors for a dark background.


Good in contrast & readability.

Somehow I was hoping there was a web tool that one could put in a background color, and a range of suitable contrasting colors would get generated.

Couldn't find anything for a SINGLE color as a starting point.

So, for the color


if you can offer a solid set of 5 colors with great contrast and readability, that's what I need.

If there's a formula for that, please share.

If there's a tool where one can enter a background color and a range of text colors is generated even better!


I took a picture of a screen for a manual I'm writing and the result showed a lot of odd dots and patterns (see below). How can I take a picture of this screen and NOT get this horrible rendition. Or is this something which can be easily fixed after-the-fact.
a friend of mine has thousands of pictures, scattered over his whole pc, and has up to 5 duplicate locations for the pictures in 3 different disk drives

i am looking for a good software to compare picture folders, so i can delete duplicate folders
please only post software you used and like; eventually with the proper settings -  and why you prefer it over others

best is free, but if needed, i'll pay for software with better options
Can an iPhone 11 take a photo every second or two?

I want a high resolution photo from a stream of facial expressions, but find a video to be "lossy". So, I want highest resolution image, that of a still shot.

Can I time the camera to "push the shutter" every second?

2D Grid Mock-Up

This concept contains an outdoor asphalt court area surrounded by grass, that could double as an area for people to gather, eat healthily, engage in commerce, etc.

The total asphalt surface should be 40' x 64' with court boundaries drawn in the center at 20' x 44'. The 10'  area around the drawn court boundaries could contain square tables strung together as well as separately and the area surrounding the asphalt surface would be grassy and could show people sitting in the grass.

I started this project by trying to mock it up using a 3d tool such as sketchup.com. What I liked about this approach was that I could make further edits using that tool as well as hand-off harder edits to others. It would all be online this way thus preventing the need to upload and download file changes.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get past even the smallest of hurdles using that and so assistance ether finding the right tool or getting this started in some way would be greatly appreciated.
hi guys

I'm looking for some advice here for purchasing a laptop. I have a friend who is a fashion designer and will need a laptop which she can use to work with programs like Illustrator and Photoshop and some 3D modelling.

Her budget will probably be set to around £1,400-1600. It shouldn't weigh more than 2.5kg and that's probably the heaviest.

I was looking at the following:

Lenovo ThinkPad P53s Core i7 8565U 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6 Inch NVIDIA Quadro P520
13.3-inch MacBook Pro 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 with Retina display

I'm even looking at Dell laptops too.

The thing is, she won't be using any of this for gaming. So I also don't want to get her something with too much overkill.

I just wanted some thoughts about any recommendations you guys might have regarding the above information?

Thanks for helping
Dear Experts, If you check you will see I asked this same question two months ago. The expert's suggestions seemed to work then, however the same difficulty is back again and the accepted solution does not work now. I have renamed, deleted several time and tried several renaming attempts. Nothing seems to get rid of these two drawings. I have turned off auto-backup. I have tried starting the program and simply cancelling each request. Next startup there they are again. I am at a loss.
Need MSPaint for the Mac

I have used PaintBrush many times in the past, since it is so quick and easy. But, it has a crappy bug where it does not save your file upon Save. I am giving up on that junkie program.

What options are there?

Doesn't Apple have one?

PhotoShop is (out of license) and too complex for simple graphics updates...

I need to be able to share a mock-up of a PSD file with another editor without a monthly fee.

So far, I have tried pixlr.com and fotor.com but neither solution seems fully capable of this type of shared editing of a fully layered PSD file.

Assistance in finding a completely web-based solution for this would be greatly appreciated.
How to change attached file to be 512x512px?
Experts: May I ask if this question is deemed "Not important enough" to receive assistance? Or, have I posted it in the incorrect area? Just wondering...Cameron

I am using CorelDraw 2019. EVERY time I open it the program tells me that it had found two "Auto Backup" files and wanted to know if I wanted to open them. When I open them I can see that they are junk files to me and I take note of the  name of the drawing ( a CDR file ) and close Corel. I went to the folder that I store all CDR files and erased both of the files, yet they both keep coming back. Corel must be storing them some other place that I do not know about. How can I locate the files and delete them?
I'd like to remove the large heart and smiley face which are on top of the image. Any way to remove them? Thanks.
I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit desktop computer.

I opened PNG file from my 'Downloads' folder into paint.net  I modified the file and saved it.  File did get modified but  Date in File Explorer didn't update.  Why?
I would like to know where is the location of the recent photos and favorites is in the PHOTOS App on my Windows 10 PC? I would like to see different photos instead of a single photo in the Photos App Tile in the Start menu. I am attaching a screen capture.

Thank you,


Photos App Settings.JPG
I have this problem when I delete a picture using photo viewer, the picture does get deleted but it remains on the screen for some reason until I click either refresh or click exit the screen. When in fact there is only one copy of the image . so when I delete it ,it gets deleted in a sense but another ghost image comes from somewhere and appears and I click on it to be to be deleted and it never ends. Can someone tell me what is going on here? what is the solution ? Why is this happening?

Picture Does not get Deleted.JPG

What's the best/easiest way to create a diagram or template which will overlie any content on the screen?

For example, suppose you create some type of diagram using PowerPoint as shown here:

Is there a way to save the diagram as some kind of image file which can then be displayed (outside of PowerPoint or any other application) to overlie (ie be always-on-top) whatever apps/windows may be active or displayed on the screen — such as the EE website:

Need to easily make a composite matrix of images

I have roughly 20 images of faces I need to make into a composite. Think Brady Bunch...


4 rows, 5 columns...

But I do not want to need to reduce the size of any image. I want it to auto adjust to fit.

Suggestions for a tool?

Word has a table layout where I could drop each photo. But there will be white space. I instead want this to look like one image with 20 faces.


It need to be easy...

Lay images out for printing on an 8.5 x 11 page.

Is there a free online tool that does this well?

If not, what about a free offline tool?
Need a Mac alternative to MSPaint?

I do not want to learn Gimp. I can not tolerate the incredible bugs in Paintbrush. It lets me design exactly what I need. Then, it fails to save it!

Screwed up!

What free options?

I am slowly learning Photoshop, but it is a slow and steep learning curve.

I need fast, and may just use MSPaint, But that has just one layer of Undo.

Crazy difficult finding good software

Moving an image in Adobe PhotoShop?

I have four images, each on its own layer. So, it should be easy to move or resize any of those images?


I do not know the secret trick to do this.

Can someone help?

Paint and Word have the largest fonts set at 72. Where can we get larger fonts for a 2 line text that will be saved as an image so it can be pasted as a still photo on a video?
I used to have Photoshop Elements and therefore uses 'Elements Organizer' to location and sort my large collection of digital photos (40,000 plus). I no longer have that program and use GIMP to do all my advanced manipulation, editing and photo restoration.

I am looking for a replacement photo management program (not necessary one that imports collections from 'Elements Organizer') but it must have the following:
  • Easy to setup
  • Ability to create user-defined Albums
  • The ability to create and apply an unlimited amount of tags which can have a folder / tree like organisation (so if you select a parent tag all photos that have child tags are selected
  • Ability to launch an external photo editor
  • Ability to select photos by time or tag
  • Open source and complete free
  • Cross-platform so it works on Windows and Linux (not essential but ideal

I have tried 'digiKam' but it's documentation is rather confusing and interface is rather clumsy, like:
  • what is the difference between a 'collection' and 'album' because they seem the same
  • if I create a single Album why does it create a number of sub-albums that are an exact mirror of the directory structure - because I can do that disk organisation  for myself
A student (with a budget)  needs a PC laptop to run AutoCad.
Dell has what looks to be a deal.
The student says that he is concerned with blueprints and floor designs, not so much 3-D rendering
Will an Intel UHD Graphics 620 be acceptable for reasonable speed using AutoCad?


New Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1 Laptop
8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
Windows 10 Home
Intel® UHD Graphics 620
15.6-inch FHD Touch Display
256GB Solid State Drive
8GB Memory
I have a Quicktime .MOV file that I would like to convert into a autoplaying, looping file of some sort that I could then place on a website.

It is an animation, with just a few graphic images moving.

I need it to very very compact.  A similar Shockwave Flash file was 140k


Photos / Graphics Software





Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop dominates the market. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.