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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop dominates the market. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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My cousin (who I have no way to contact) put his father's color slides on the father's computer so the many dozens of images could be viewed as the screen saver, one photo at a time.
I have slides I need to get to my computer.
There are Youtube videos using DSLR cameras and cereal boxes with a hole, piece of paper, shine a light to show the image and then use the camera to take a photo. These slides are not worth buying a new camera.

I doubt the cousin used a high powered camera. He could have used an actual slide projector since i know his father had one.

Any other methods?
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Why does my Canon SX720 HS NOT go into Record mode, and beep instead?

I record often with my Canon, and usually have no issue. But sometimes, pushing the Record button causes it to beep three or four times in rapid succession, and NOT record.

There is no error displayed. (Is there an error log somewhere?)

My only recourse is to power off then power up.

I do not have a clue what is happening, and fear that a longer video may be interrupted, where I am recording, only to find later it switched itself off.

How to delay the shutter on a Canon SX720HS

I can not find the option to have a 5 or 10 second daly on the shutter.

Streaming video from my Canon 40X SX720 HS to a MacBook High Sierra. I have not yet connected my camera to my network, but hope to figure out how to set up the streaming.

According to Canon, they do not support this but it requires third party software and works like other camera models from Canon.


Need a lower cost alternative to a Canon 40X SX720HS

This is a great camera, but out of my price range.

What is a good alternative that costs less money?

Hi guys

I am currently looking into providing a solution for my Photography studio teams and the retouchers who work with them. We have Adobe Creative Suite running on most of the machines here. The photographers churn out photos onto our fileservers constantly and it eats up the space. The fileservers are all saving files on our SAN. These photographs then get worked on by our retouching teams which then go from what they were in size to multiplying because of all of their layers etc.

They all are running on High Sierra. They are saving files on a Windows 2003 server and a Windows 2012 server. The bandwidth we have at our head office is a dedicated 200MB link with the capability to increase.

Based on the fact that we have Adobe Creative Suite, is there a way of having a centralised location which these guys can work on in the cloud? If not, then is Adobe Lightroom a suitable option?

The only thing I'm wondering is whether working on local servers will always be far quicker than any cloud based systems due to the fact that transfers are all gigabit on the LAN and that the cloud cant match that at the moment?

Any help would be great as I am looking into implementing a decent solution.

Thanks for helping
I would like to record the incoming audio & video (I'm playing a Computer
Based Training) from a site which I would like to record for review/revision

With ATube catcher (on my patched Win 7 & IE11), it  hangs/freezes the

I have a very old version (maybe Ver 7) on my Win XP & it has an option
to "record a video of a screen" but after recording, it only saves 1 frame.
I use Chrome (as IE 11 can't support Win XP).

Ideally, I need a freeware which records at the Wifi (Internet) rather than
trying to capture the screen video which often doesn't work very well.
Something that I could press a key combination to start recording &
another key combination to stop recording.   Ideally in compressed mp4

Any freewares?
Does Windows 7 have a DNG (i.e. photo) file viewer?
Is there a cheap/free viewer/editor?
Need a video hosting platform...

I will be selling my video online for $7-$9 each and want to ensure easy watching for the people who buy my videos.

I am new to the whole discussion and do not have an opinion of how to do this yet.

I hear Vimeo can do what we need. But does that require the user to have a password to log in?

I do not care of the file is downloaded to my customer's PC and would fear that a password would reduce the rate of viewership. I prefer to be more open so they can watch it with the click of a mouse.

Please describe some hosting platforms that could work for me.

I am told the cheap Vimeo could work for me, but I hope to hear some confirmation. And I have no idea what I would get versus what I wold be sacrificing.

Does MP4 have a default image option?

I have seen YouTube lets you pick the default image to display on the image, and I wonder if the MP$ format has an option also where I can set the default image to show?

Sometimes, the first image is not the right image to show...

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PhotoShop CC: need to put a black frame around a photograph

I see how to drop images, create new layers and use the Rectangular Marque Tool, but can not see to get the square around the picture.

I place the picture and draw the square. Fine.

When I then try and fill, Fill... is not active.

I can not draw the frame without the picture there to frame.

What am I missing?

PhotoShop: using Lasso tool and need an invisible background to paste onto

I need to use Lasso to grab an image and paste it onto an invisible background


Need Best Video Settings for Canon SX 720

I took a video of myself, after many attempts, that looked acceptable. But I noticed the buildings in the background came in and out of focus.

Then, I noticed, when I came closer to the camera (during filming) even by inches, that triggered the change in focus.

I had the "wheel" set to "Auto" and I assumed there was an auto-focus thing going on.

I need to make yet another take, but first need to understand the video options for that camera.

Please let me know...

I am close to the camera, perhaps 4 feet away. And I am taping the buildings across the harbor, perhaps 1/4 mile away.

Also, is there a way to use Bluetooth for the Microphone?

Video: Need more light on my face

I mad a video but did so with bad lighting. I suppose this means the video is useless.

Or, can It be lightened somehow?

What can I do with a .MOV file?

I recorded movie in iMove but I need MP4 files.

How do I convert it?

Need my MacBook to make a movie of me

I need to use my Mac as the teleprompter and the video for the recording.

I will also use a Bluetooth headset for the recording.

What software do I need for this? I presume mp4 is the target platform...

Need to make a plan for an online video series...

I am good at writing and reading my audio scripts, recording them and editing them with Audacity. But I am new to video editing.

I plan to use Powerpoint, record my desktop and marry the audio into the video.

What's a good tool for this?

I have several Adobe licenses, and suspect I can use one of their tools for no charge. But, it may be overly complex for me??

What Adobe tool does what I need?

I have a Mac, so what other tools might work for me?

I want to have a standard enough tool where I can hand off the file to an expert for some final enhancement and maybe some animations...

Need to trigger shutter on a very long selfie-stick.

I have a Canon PowerShot 12X and hope to get a Canon SX720.

I want a really long selfie-stick I can use to dramatically change my perspective while making photos.

But I do not want to be bothered with setting a self-timer or recording it as a video, which I then need to watch to find that perfect shot, etc.

I need a trigger that will fire the shutter.

What technologies do this?

Can  I use my old camera for this? If I buy a Canon SX720, does this have the ability for this?

If Bluetooth i the trick, does this mean I need a BT trigger? Does this support Canon PowerShot 12X? Canon SX720?

Never used a Selfie-stick

I want to take picture from a teller perspective and hope to use a Selfie-stick to give me a could of extra feet. But I see no way to trigger the shutter.

What am I missing??

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Need to get best memory card (best value) for Canon SX720

I need to store lots of pictures for photo shoots but am not sure of what memory card to choose. Prices are all over the place.

This one hold 256MG:

This one is half the space but a third of the cost:

I take dozens of pictures per photo shoot, but download them to my PC after each shoot. I feel like I will never have a problem, even with a 32BG memory card.

Are there speed considerations?

Need Free Satellite Photos of New York City

I found Google Earth displays perfectly the images I need to use. But if I used that image in a presentation, I could be sued by Google.

So, I would never do that, clearly.

Are there other ways to get Satellite Photos of New York City which are public domain? Or that have some easy to accept license such as putting a copyright notice at the bottom?

I heard some French company had some which were free?

Can you please give me any Satellite Photos websites I can check their terms??

How to change the overall Photoshop CS4 appearance ? I want to make the screen and font larger than the current setting.

I have an *.ai file which I was given by a client (my wife in this case). I want to modify the vectors, but the imported art is not showing as 'grouped' or 'path combined' and I am not sure how to break the vectors apart to edit. I am attaching the file for reference.
Thank you,
Can no longer move image with Marching Ants

When I successfully select a layer, with an image, the layer is surrounded with Marching Ants. But when I use the arrow kay to move it, the image does  not follow.

How do I select the image too??

Does it still exist?
Can not find my Square Marquee Tool

I only see the following...

No Square Marquee
I removed the file for Photoshop preferences


and restarted PhotoShop.

But the tool never arrived.


I have 2017.1.1 for a Mac

Photos / Graphics Software

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop dominates the market. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.