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PHP is a widely-used server-side scripting language especially suited for web development, powering tens of millions of sites from Facebook to pers...

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Troubleshooting Question

Importing a JSON response to MySQL in Laravel

I am using the API of a program to get data through Laravel's HTTP function. The request comes back …
Troubleshooting Question

Could you point what possibly is causing this error SSL error when a call to an API is done by using PHP?

Hi Experts

Could you point what possibly is causing this error SSL error when a call to an API is …
Research Question

Where can I find the best Dot net C# learning resource for php developer?

I am a PHP developer. Now, one client need change my old PHP project to the Dot net C#.
I have long …
Opinion Question

Language to learn for web development

I need suggestions which is better to learn for web development - PHP, Django or flask ?
Troubleshooting Question

What's wrong with this SQL?

Here's my SELECT:

 Here's how it looks in PhpStorm:

Notice the way in which it's registering an error …
Troubleshooting Question

How can I display a facebook video thumbnail on website.

I use to be able to retrieve the Facebook video thumbnails like this.However, this no longer works …
Opinion Question

Amazon query for 3x3 3 out HDMI switch

I need help forming a search query. So far I have been unsuccessful at honing in on these
Troubleshooting Question

how do I use phpmailer with a gmail service account

I have an app that connects to a specified gmail account using the old login/password mechanism …
Troubleshooting Question

Read MSG

Ive been looking for a way to be able to read MSG files from outlook.

Im developing a IT helpdesk and …
Troubleshooting Question

embeded videos are pulling jscrips and redirecting people to other sites

the server runs apache2.4 php7.4-fpm and there are embeded videos in the website
the videos are …
Troubleshooting Question

PHP: How to upload files using sFTP?

I do website development work on a Windows computer (Apache/PHP 7), uploading to a remote production …
Troubleshooting Question

Trying to include some javascript params into php


I've got this code:

The checkin and checkout textfields fills after a date picker is used

The …
Research Question

Quick but custom web site

I am retired, with many years of experience in K&R C, C++(very limited), VC++(rusty) and a myriad of …
Troubleshooting Question

Time to create a simple web app

Im getting pretty depressed at how long its taking me to write PHP applications. Most that come …
Troubleshooting Question

Print through remote mobile - automatically print receipt local network printer using PHP

We are using Epson - TM88VI network printer. Restaurant waiter given print from their mobile …
Troubleshooting Question

Plugin is inserting a script

WodPress.  A plugin (I don't know which one) is inserting a script that I do not need. Is there a …
Troubleshooting Question

Insert JSON into table using PHP

Hello Experts,

I'm trying to insert the following bit of JSON into a table via an HTTP post:

Troubleshooting Question

I need to encrypt a string on the iseries using SunJCE cryptological library

I am running a web program on the iseries that will send information to a payment processor.  The …
Troubleshooting Question

MySQL View Tests


with php, I want to know a method for testing if a MySQL view has been created
I dont want to do …

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