Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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Hi there;

Could you download the file in the link:

The file is on your right hand side as "Application for residence permit for students and doctoral students". There is a c/o section in the file you download as pdf. Could you tell me what abbr. is?

What is utilitarian capitalism?
On November 2, all 435 members of the House and 35 members of the US Senate are up for re-election.  Given the current political climate in the US, how many of those 470 people will actually be re-elected?  60% of points will go to the closest, 30% to second closest and 10% to third.

Feel free to editorialize your prognostications.

Points will be awarded on November 3.
I work for a school district in Texas that does not contribute to social security (not sure why, but they don't).  Because of this, I will be unable to withdraw social security on my own once I retire.  However, when we were still married, my ex-husband owned his own business that did pay into social security.  He made a great deal of money (100k-150k) and therefor paid a great deal into social security.  After we divorced, he continued the business and it still operates to this day.

My question is, since I work for an employer that doesn't contribute to social security, will I still be able to draw from it based on my ex-husband's contributions while we were married?

Thank you
Can a public official(including governors and president), employed by the government in the USA also own a business that does contract work with the government, at a local or federal?
Is there a minimum age limit for owning a business in usa?
Hey guys,

Do any of you had any issues with Dell sales/customer services?  I have a situation where I am very upset with Dell services.  The Client asked me to review the quote.  I asked her (dell sales) to call me regarding this and she never did.  But she did find a time to call the Client directly.  

She sold the Client the wrong video card with the last purchase.  She was unable to correct the problem.  I had to spend another two hours (and bill the Client) on the phone with Dell technical support to correct the problem.  Dell Tech. Support sent us the correct part and we had to send the other one back.  That was one of the reasons why the Client asked me to review the quote this time.  

Should I let Dell know I do not want to use that sales person any longer?  Where should I complain?  I just pissed about this situation today.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi, does anyone know website like experts-exchange, but targeting group dynamics, team work, people management, communication at workplace, etc?
Thanks in advance.
I am in India I work on a project that involves getting work specs from the US.

I have been working with this person Dmitry. He is a Russian. Somehow i have had bad experiances working with Russians. I have already worked with 3 till now. I found them to be mean and always finding faults and raising hue and cry about petty matters.

Our company's India Office has just opened about a year ago. Our manager came from the US to India office and promised us quality work. So he asks Dmitry to give the work he was working on to me. To which many people in the US have become insecure might be even Dmitry. The project Dmitry was working on was shelved and all his team members were let off except him. He was put in this project. This is the project:

Our project accepts delimited text files from an external vendor, inserts the data into a staging table to clean duplicates
from them through Oracle Sql Loader, and finally stores the data into the final table.

As the vendor has introduced new fields and removed other fields  in the delimited file, columns needed to be added and removed in the staging table and the final table.

Dmitry assigned me work regarding this. So he wrote me a mail which tried to describe about the following.

Object1: data file containing delimited text to be loaded into staging table.
Object2: Staging Table that will load all data from delimited file into the staging table, and clean the data of duplicates.
Object3: The table …
I don't trust the talking heads on TV, is there a website with the raw facts of housing data that isn't manipulated by the us government?

Something like http://www.shadowstats.com/ but for the commercial and residential real estate markets?
i'm currently installing a new Domain controller in a branch office (a new office for the company), this DC is linked through VPN to the main office domain so basically it's an addictional domain controller but based in the branch office (and i have promoted it as a Global Catalog and it'll be used to authenticate users in the branch office.
I have created a new site in the active directory sites and services and moved the branch DC to it.
I have also created 2 subnets (1 for the main office and one for the branch office) as the following: for the main office
10.100.5../24 for the branch office.

the problem that im facing is that i am getting the GPOs of the main office applied in the branch office ( i didn't touch any thing in the Group policy management console yet), is there nay thing that i should do to stop this issue ?

I want also when a user logs in from the main office to apply the main office policies for him, and we logs in from the branch office to apply different policies from him (example in the main office the internet proxy settings are: , but in the branch office they will be:

Please advise

Best regards
I need specific information for foreigners coming into USA who need health insurance for the time of their stay in America.

What are some good companies who carry this?
Is this vastly different than the insurance that citizens carry in USA?

Hey guys,

The employer asking what do I prefer - W2 or Corp2corp.  I assume Corp2corp same as 1099?
So can anyone tell me the quick pros and cons and what should I choose?
I am single no family, if that's matter. Own a property.. Please advise.
Thanks in advance!!
the media often carries the worst of news happenings. is there a good source of compilation of what good things have been happening around the world, be it in Iraq or in the backdoors of nowhere.

A friend (I thought he was a friend) of mine removed me as a friend out of the blue, then added me again a few weeks later - I was a bit curious, but when I accepted, he posted some accusations on my wall that I was invading his privacy.
It seems he suspects me of compromising his facebook account details.
Seeing as it wasn't me (I don't expect you to believe me at face value, just want help in resolving this) I don't want to anger him more by blocking him, but I do want to help him sort out his problem.
I can't see any place to ask a facebook admin to investigate / assist him in re-securing his account.
How do you go about getting help in a case like this? Obviously the longer the person who has actually compromised his details in able to interfere, the worse the effect on our friendship will be.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to get some survey / feedbacks :

If there's occasional oversights made by computer operators working on rotating shifts,
esp when a number of typing (sending / replying emails, compilation of duties / job logs,
and Unix command-line operations) tasks are involved, would it help if they pick up typing.

I thought if they are equipped with typing skills (like those of secretaries who type fast
with all 10 fingers), it would help focus better when typing is second nature to them.
Agree or Disagree?

I just felt if a person has to keep looking at keyboard frequently, it would drain and strain
 the person that it compromises a computer operator to an extent.  Agree or disagree?

Some of the mistakes / shortcomings could be :
a) sending email to the wrong persons or missed certain people from email distributions
b) typing the command wrongly (eg: "tar cvf target.tar source" was mistyped as
     "tar cvf source.tar target"
c) even to the extent of copy & paste wrongly (though this is more of mouse action
    than keyboard action but I thought the lack of typing skill distracted the person to
    this extent
d) loss of productivity (delay in responding to emails & taking longer to prepare jobs
    or duties summary for the day / shift he has done which has more chance of
    being incomplete / inaccurate)

Trying to justify for computer operators to be equipped with typing skills
What are the local/global factors that weaken or strengthen the USD?

It seems like in a big dip right now- why so?

I am looking for a big picture commentary on the revolutionary outsourcing efforts that has taken over the business world lately.

1)Since outsourcing came into effect couple of decades, what actually has happened to the business world? Has the bottom line difference made up for any deficiency.
2)Has it affected the unemployment rates in the developed countries? and has it really lifted up the unemployment rate in the developing countries?
3)The business wins and also the consumer; but what about the employee - is he taken care of?
4)what are the unshakable benefits of this phenomenon and what could be adverse effects of it in the future, that may be overlooked?

Is there a resource, either online or not, that has some type of where this real estate market is heading to?  I'm contemplating on purchasing a home, but I'm a bit confused about the market in the Southern California area.  If I ask a Realtor, they say buy, buy, buy, but not really sure if they're advising accurately or just trying to make some cash at my expense.  I understand that there is another wave of foreclosures coming through by mid-year or close to the end of the year, but trying to see if I should gamble?
I am from India, and i find that the sexes are fairly seperated.

Females usually have more Femaile friends than Male friends, and Males usually have more Male friends than Female friends..

I guess it may be as india is a fairly conservative country..

Q1. Is it the same story in your country.. (especially if you are based in Europe or North America)

Q2. If yes, than what is the reason for it..
I read an article that said only Delaware and Connecticut employers are required by law to notify employees if email activity are being monitored.

Can anyone give me examples of how this site is useful for the people for whom it is intended :-


How its beneficial for ::
Re)Insurance companies, banks, hedge funds/ investment managers, lawyers, multinationals, Governments, NGO's

And what is a political, business and ethical risk ?
I considering purchasing a home within the next month or so, and will need to go through FHA loan.  I'm wondering if it's even worth the whole trouble of attempting to close escrow before, in California, the $8,000 tax credit.  Something in the back of my whispering to me not to purchase until the end of the year.  I keep having a feeling that things, housing being one of them, still falling in value.

I'm I alone?  I'm currently renting a two bedroom with my family and if I was to purchase today, I'm looking at paying almost double for becoming a home owner.  If I wanted to purchase somewhere where I'd like to see myself for the rest of my life, I would need to pay between 2,500 to 3000 payment.  Is all worth it?  Should I wait?  Any realtors out there in the Southern California area that can help.

I've heard of people submitting offers and never hearing from anyone after.  And also heard that I need to submit offers for over the asking price, roughly 30 to 40k over the asking price.

What gives?
When using a keylogger what are the possible ethical & Legal issues?
Is there a market for OLD computer and printer parts?

I have a lot of parts for computer and printers that are going on 20 years old.  Like Okidata and Epson (and others) printheads, mainboards  etc etc (even some Atari stuff) . Does anyone know of anyone or any place that might be interested?  E-Bay is of course an option but Ive not had any luck going that route in the past with old parts and units and would rather sell or donate it all at once instead of one piece at a time.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I must clear them out and do not want to throw them away. i.e. send to recycle.






Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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