Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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A government funded, non-profit organization is opening a site and required 150 computers. Of course, funds wont be release to the organization to purchase equipment so i'm not sure how they expect them to purchase equipment. Since it is a new organization, there is not credit so Dell or newegg.com won't open a line of credit for the new agency. Are there any options or special programs that might apply in this situation so the organization can buy 150 computers(about $100,000)?
I am having an issue where I could get screwed out of  $5000 or so , My wife has TMJ and we went to a dentist to get it fixed , foolishly I agreed to pay them upfront and collect the $ from United Health Care , BIG MISTAKE , after over a year of back and forth about paperwork ect. They claim that the fair and reasonable and customary price for this procedure is $480 , so I am potentially screwed out of $4500. the only thing I can think of doing is to file an appeal . Does anyone know a better Idea? I was thinking about getting written estimates from other dentists for the same procedure and using that in the appeal . any advice would be greatly appreciated . I would also like any one reading this not to make the same stupid mistake I made.

Consider a voting system, and make the following assumptions:

  i-  you don't know how many others are voting, but you know that
  ii- one vote won't make a difference to the outcome; also
  iii- you're completely isolated (so whether or not you vote will not influence whether others will vote).

The question: in such a scenario, should you vote?

It seems that based on the premises, there's no point in voting. But of course, if everyone took that standpoint, then it would be a problem, so clearly there's something wrong with the conclusion. But what exactly?

This is something I've grappled with for years but never quite gotten my head around. But I'm sure someone else has already resolved it...

Why should a man get married in California?

He's just jeopardizing all of his assets for no reason really, and he's paying a huge unneeded expense for a wedding ceremony and a round shiny circle with a stone in it..

Let's leave religious reasons out of this, since no one had been able to prove the existence of god for the last three thousand years.
Does anyone know where I can get information about real estate auctions within the southern california area?  If possible, would someone also send some links or info on where this real estate market is heading?
I always wonder, on how actually the money system works. The thought really popped in my mind, when  i saw the movie "2012" last night. However , i know that was just a fiction.
But just a question...
How much really is the money-system effective.. if such work ( like boarding the people of the planet on ships ) has to be done. Isn't it possible, that any other system like "barter-system"  can take into effect ? Seeing the movie it seems there is x-amount of money in the whole world, out of which, the amount , required to make the ships could be given by 4 lac people of the planet in total.
well, movie aside.. I just created two images, which depict my view of money system. Please comment. Thanks.

[embed=doc 202738]
I would like to see a timeline graph of the cost of gold in USD vs EUROs

I just don't know what the ticker symbols are..

Is this possible in google finance?

If there are other indicators to look for, please feel free to throw those in too..
I just got done watching IOUSA, which was made BEFORE everything got significantly worse in the end of 08 and 09. Looking at our deficit and our spending, Medicare, SS, Medicade, Department of Offense, etc etc... How can we possibly pay it off without hyperinflation or a miracle?

Do you think the demise of the Dollar is imminent?

What will replace it?

Why wouldn't one of the few manufacturing business left in the United States just not export more jobs to China or India if Cap and Trade taxes their domestic pollution.

Since Cap and Trade cannot be enforced to the same standard as the US, why not just offset the cost by manufacturing overseas? It might generate more pollution sending your products around the world, but it would probably be cheaper to manufacture in China like most everything else.
Modify the Heath savings accounts to be available to anyone, never taxed not taxes when you are paid and not taxed when spent, inheritable to your descendants without tax , the proceeds can be bequeathed to any one you wish . the balance of your account would be the deductible on your health issuance policy , so as you get older your deductible  would increase . so at 25 you might have 15000 and at 40 you might have 75000 and at 65 you might have 180000 . This would enable heath insures to provide comprehensive full coverage plans on the cheap .imagine the safety of underwriting a policy that has a 180000 deductible? You may never get a claim in 50 years!!!  this would enable compition were the consumer would compare and contrast prices for routine procedures cause it is their money !! you also could have required preventative procedures that the end user would pay for to be able to carry a insurance policy like annual exams ect .along with tort reform .also there would be a new market for cheap health care that is routine as in flu shots, scripts ect. I would love to see a WALMART giving flu shots for $20 cash! People would be inclined to seek the appropriate level of care for the needs they have
The inheritable quality of the heath savings accounts would enable the end user to make end of life decisions. like someone who is 96 years old with bone marrow cancer could decide to forgo treatment so that there grandchild would be left with a heath savings account with 500,000 …
What do you think?  I have read two completely different theories on this.
We are getting ready to implement a Group Policy Password Policy.  But during our testing we noticed that not only do domain accounts get affected but so do local users.  We have an application that when it installs it creates a local user on the client machines (XP Pro boxes)  The password that must be used for this account does not meet the minimum requirements for our Group Policy Password Policy.  Is there a way to disable the policy for local accounts?
Hello EEs,
I have windwos server 2008. I want to add 2000 users who are in one OU called Year7.
Now i want these uses to be members of a Group called "TSGROUP"
What all I found that i need to do this one-by-one.
When I select all users in this group & see the propety i did not find the tab "Member Of"
Is there any option i can do it once at time.
An earlier reply will be appriciated.
Many thanks!

Does anyone know of good places to send books, DVDs, etc. that will go to our troops?


Please somebody explain me the following terms with examples:

Political risk
Business risk
Ethical risk ??
Hi Experts.  A client of mine that runs a small law firm brought up a question regarding the need to give your driver license info to your ISP when setting up an account.  He stated that it was a federal law but I never heard of it.  I did several searches with Google and Bing but couldn't find anything that proved or disproved his statement.  So, I will open it up to the experts.  If you know, provide your proof.  Since I will be answering the question of a client who is a lawyer, I would like to offer some proof up besides "my dad's friend car-pooling buddy is a paralegal and they say it isn't true...."

Thanks Experts!
interested in joining Judaism
and told there are hard cover course books to study

are there online study guides
I have tried to create a custom ADM with belowed data. When I ad the adm file can i se the Category in the GP Editor but when I click on the Category I can't see anything on the right side. Should there be a policy called AutoAdmnLogon?


CATEGORY AutoAdminLogon
POLICY AutoAdminLogon
KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon"
VALUENAME "AutoAdminLogon"
I am curious how laws concerning raffles work?  Are they legal in some states, legal in no states, legal everywhere, or only with a license?  To clarify I am asking about someone buying a ticket online and having a random drawing.  I assume it is either illegal or only legal with a license.  If it is only legal with a license, how would I go about getting one and how much would it cost?

Question: What do women firefighters wear in other countries? Are their uniforms designed to reflect their religious and ethnic identity or are they designed to get on with the job of putting out fires?

No doubt some facist will remove this from Politics and Misc while I'm not looking. But it *is* political and certainly very miscellaneous. Almost as daft as the ethnic gynecological gown.
I want to put a friendly preview button and  print button on my aspx page. Could you show me in code - vb.net?  
This question is in response to SStory's 'hijacking' of several threads to spread the gospel of creationist literalism.  While acknowledging that micro-evolution is fact, he and others have claimed that macro-evolution is bunk and that creationism, as defined literally in the bible(s), is the true origin of life on Earth.  This leads him to conclude that "intelligent design" should be taught in science classes as an alternate 'theory'.

It's time to establish, hopefully once and for all, exactly what is scientific about the ID postulate?  Points will go either to whoever can establish that ID is a valid scientific principle worth teaching alongside (or replacing) evolutionary theory, or to whoever can most clearly show that ID is not a viable science and should be relegated to the dustbin of pseudoscience along with astrology and alchemy.  In my mind, it's either one or the other, but I guess we'll soon find out.

As a side discussion, I'd like to know exactly what are the problems with evolution science?  I know we haven't accounted for every transitional fossil yet, but is that enough to throw out the entire principle?

I think I'm fair minded enough to judge reasonable conclusions based on evidence, though I'll admit to having a clear leaning given the sheer volumes of scientific data and overwhelming consensus in the scientific community, so I might defer to those more neutral (if there are such people) and put it to a vote at the end.

I have a unique question that I haven't been able to find much (if any) information on.
Lets say the IT dept (ContractorA) of said company (Company A) is contracted out, and Company A has a flexible telecommuting policy that allows it's own staff (Company A's staff, NOT Contractor A) to work from home at their own discretion (pending administrative approval) of course.

Now, Contractor A is receiving regular phone calls from telecommuting staff of Company A reporting issues that vary in nature from printers not printing, to wireless networks not working, to files being misplaced deleted, to any number of other issues. Some of these issues are "work related", maybe an issue w/ terminal services, or exchange maintenance....yet some of them are clearly related to the home users network, and/or are self inflicted on a home PC.

So my question/s become:

1. Where does Contractor A draw the "help-desk" line? Meaning, when should Contractor A tell Company A staff, "I'm sorry, but that issue is on your network." It's sometimes very difficult to tell where the problem lies to begin with, so some tech support is always necessary just to determine the nature/responsible party of the problem.

2. What sort of protection does Contractor A have when helping users resolve "telecommuting" issues? What if a techie provides instruction that causes the BSOD or hardware failure? Is it up to Contractor A (More specifically the contractor providing the tech support) to pay for and repair…
What is the difference between Treasury bill and Treasury Note and a Treasury Bond?
Consider this scenario:

You work at a fairly large company (> 1000 employees).  A new "big wig" is hired, and a couple of years later he's suddenly released.  Along the way, he's kicked off various initiatives, worked hard, probably made a few enemies, but has in general been doing a fine job according those who are his peers and his direct reports.  All you know from the top-level are some vagaries like "couldn't see eye-to-eye with the senior team" and "the results weren't there" and "we're going in a different direction".  The kinds of catch-phrases that belong on a Corporate Bingo game.

The company is shocked...and abuzz.

Your company decides that because of the wide-ranging influence of this individual, a general email announcement must be sent notifying everyone of his departure.  You're tasked with crafting this email.

You know that you may only include the information that's appropriate and legally safe--so you naturally can't talk specifics as to why he was released.

But you also believe that the more you do say to the hundreds employees who are shocked at his sudden departure, the higher morale will be, and the less the rumor mill will churn.

What do you write in your announcement?






Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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