Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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One of my clients wants a shared feed of the inauguration. They would like to stream one feed into the internet and disperse it to multiple sites and make it available for all computers or jus a few select.  Of course I was just asked now and time is short.  Oh and they would like to find a free solution as this is a one time thing for them.

Client does have Sharpoint.

Anyone have any ideas? I am not even sure where to post this.
I did not see a category for Career so I hope this gets to the right experts.

I am wondering if I could ask for the experts wisdom on an issue I am having with my current company? My problem is I think I am getting thoroughly taken advantage of. Let me describe my situation a little and, if you will, give me your two cents.

Currently I am what I call a IT Generalist, meaning I have my hands in almost every facet of IT. From systems administrator, to help desk, to web design, to user/ new IT Staff training, Exchange management, backup/recovery, pretty much everything except for major programming stuff. My official job title is "IT Support", which is only about 5% of what I really do. I am getting pay $39,000 a year with about a $400 bonus. All the research I have done and all the articles I have read tell me that for what I do I should be getting "at least" $63,000 a year in the Hawaii job market. Assuming  that I am a normal worker who does not go above and beyond for the job, but is just a 8-5er. On average I work 55-60 hours a week and I am 100% more committed to my company than my company is committed to me.

My boss before has told me that Hawaii position pay less than the mainland which seems true from what I have read. He also states that my salary is pretty good for someone new out of college. But after doing the math almost 2 years after graduation and after all the things I have learned,  I still find myself at a 40% difference in salary from the mainland …
1. What was the cuase of 1975 global recession?
2. What was the cause of 1991 global recession?
3. What was the cause of 1998 golobal recession?
Is there any similarity during these recessions?

What is root cause of this global recession?  
Who is to be blamed?
1. What are the disadvantages of a solar powered calculator?
2. Why are solar cells not widely used?
Can someone give me some information on this please.  Thanks.
I am currently writing a campaign to bike across America for a certain cause. I do not want to apply for a 501c3 non profit tax exempt status. I will be accepting donations and sponsorships for the ride, including a sponsored bike and sponsored food.

My question is:

What types of forms / applications would be required in order to be accept sponsors? Do I need to apply as a LLC? Am I fine without any legal status?

Thanks for your assistance.
Is there a trough for this recession (or) will this trend in recession stop in the future?
Is Consumer confidence the only issue here that is slowing the economy even further?

What happens to the automotive companies now?

If this continues, how long will this recession likely to last? I am very concerned about the slowing economy.
can Congress restrain the president in foreign policy making?
What should be done with the US auto industry?

For the purposes of this thread, I intend for the term "auto industry" to mean more than just the US manufacturers.  I intend for "auto industry" to include its major related US industries, distribution channels, and all of its and their employees.

Should we just throw good money after bad, or can this country treat this as an opportunity to solve multiple problems with the same good forward-thinking plan?

Can anyone here suggest a good solution that would address multiple problems in the US?
Your take on "you should know this" of professionalism.
Etiquette, tact, wording, maturity, general faux pas, situations that could be content for a Dilbert cartoon, etc.

And how does this apply to a medium like Experts-Exchange?  Is there anything to be learned about professionalism here?
I am a freelance programmer. I am halfway through a program I am creating for a client (He is an individual not a business). The client paid me to make it for him. Now he wants me to install a messagebox on the program stating he wrote the program.

i.e. " Database, code and it's entirety designed and created by ClientName")
        Where "ClientName" would be the clients name.

He told me his goal is to use the work I create for him to get promoted to Vice President of the company, and wants to tell his boss that he wrote it to help him get this position.

Is this a common thing for freelance programmers? Should this make me feel uncomfortable? Would you consider it unethical? My girlfreind thinks it is unethical for me to do what he says because I would be helping him lie, if I agree to do it. What would you do? What do you think I should do?

Nonetheless, He did pay me to create it and he is is taking the risk. (He might not get the promotion, but I get paid either way.)

If I follow through with it and do what he says, could it ruin my reputation in any way?

I've heard so many explanations of who or what caused the current credit/economic crisis. Predictions of doomsday scenarios with long lines of people waiting for bread.  Listening to the financial news has left my head spinning.  I see a potential opportunity to buy and make a lot of money at the stock market bottom. But when?  Please share your thoughts.
Hi all,

I'm in a discussion with a friend and I want to make sure that I come up with the best arguments available, to "prove" that the vision of a resource based economy is unrealistic:


What would you suggest being the strongest arguments against this?


I am looking for a ranking list of the world's most lethal regimes in history. E.g. I've heard that Stalin executed more people than did Hitler, but I need some kind of data on this matter. My Google-searches did not results in any useful finding. If the sources is verifyable, that's better (A).

Any ideas?

What happen to laymen brothers? why it happened ?
will it effect the costumers ? will they loose money?
Hello all,

What would be fair and wise to put in a prenup?

Just a little background.

I am American, she is from Asia and currently lives overseas. I've known her 10 years and dated her for 5 years.

It is her intention to move and work here in the states, she is highly educated and should make good money here. As part of this, she does intend to send money to her elderly parents monthly, however, I don't want to be responsible for my in-laws in any way (I have my own parents to worry about).

I don't like credit cards... While she doesn't have any debt or credit cards other than AMEX (which is paid-off monthly), I do worry about her spending habits. I simple don't understand wasting money on COACH, PRADA, or GUCCI (or the $100 bottles of face cream).

In case she and I had children and since we are from different countries, in the event of a divorce how should this be handled. I presume if things were not to work out, she would want to move back home and potentially take our kids with her. Obviously, I wouldn't want to loose my children and have them literally on the other side of the world.

I am self employed and intend on starting a few more businesses.

Yeah, she is highly offended by my prenup demand (and yes it is a demand), but oh well...

What else would be FAIR and reasonable to put in a prenupt?

Any divorced people out there???

Maybe it is because I was in Phoenix during the whole Keating Five mess, but I remember it well. This mortgage crisis is an obvious scam in line with the Savings & Loan scam of the late 80's and early 90's. Somehow Senators McCain and Glenn were the only one that escaped the mess mostly unscathed. I remember seeing pic of McCain hanging out in the Bahamas with Keating at his fancy place he had there.

Am I the only one that remembers that mess?
What is subprime mortgage crisis? How does it affect the insurance & financial companies?

Did it happen too fast (didn't have time or resources to recover) (or) people didn't see it coming until it hit ?

Does this crisis has anything to do with the current US government organization? Are they involved in every or by part in deteriorating this already occurring crisis?

What happens to the employees when a major company with so many employees goes into bankruptcy? Will all the employees be fired? Does the company no longer exist?

When the economic situation is so slow, can the employees find jobs? Do they change paths?
So, will more recent info like below, and adding all the other overwhelming evidence against "man-made global warming", will that finally get Al "Internet/Love Story/Love Canal/Union Label song" Gore to admit he's just lying in a desparate attempt to get attention?  Or will the kook cultists continue to believe their own myths and lies just to make themselves feel more important?

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the first half of 2008 has been the coolest in five years. The WMO further concludes that the so-called global warming that may have occurred over the past 30 years is no longer the trend.

Geologist Don Easterbrook, a professor emeritus at Western Washington University, predicts that temperatures will cool [!] between 2065 and 2100 by less than one degree. Easterbrook is using the temperatures of the years since 2002 to establish a climate pattern. The argument that this is too short a time period to be meaningful would be valid were it not for the fact that this cooling exactly fits the pattern of timing of warm/cool cycles over the past 400 years, Easterbrook wrote.

Another geologist, Robert Giegengack of the University of Pennsylvania, notes, For most of Earths history, the globe has been warmer than it has been for the last 200 years. It has rarely been cooler.

Btw, Nancy Pelosi said she would not, could not, even allow a vote on offshore drilling because "(we are)/(I am) saving the planet" [!! take that Superman!]. …
I am a regular American, and I want to send a corporate e-mail reminding everyone to remember 9/11. I don't want to draw attention to myself, however I do want to remind everyone to remember. Does anyone have a good reminder email (form e-mail/etc) that I could send, possibly with some good links to Internet resources to find more information (that doesn't consume a lot of time)? Our company did not loose anyone directly, but some of our employees had family members who were directly affected.
I don't understand why don't work.

Can anyone help me?

Gui Reis

<!-- #include virtual="/conteudos/incSystem.asp"-->
set conn=server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.open connection

<title>Populate Select Options</title>


<script language=Javascript>
   Dim count
   Dim DistID
   Dim DistTXT
   count = 0
   SQL = "SELECT dist_code, dist_descricao FROM bvu_distrito"
   set rs = Conn.Execute(SQL)
   Do Until rs.eof
      if count = 0 then
         DistID = rs("dist_code")
         DistTXT = chr(34) & rs("dist_descricao") & chr(34)
         DistID = rs("dist_code") & "," & DistID
         DistTXT = chr(34) & rs("dist_descricao") & chr(34) & "," & DistTXT
      end if
      count = count + 1
   DistID = DistID & ",-1"
   DistTXT = DistTXT & ",-1"
   set rs = nothing

// now populate the Javascript variables
var ArrayDistID = new Array(<%=DistID%>);
var ArrayDistTXT = new Array(<%=DistTXT%>);
// now show them so you know this works!
alert(ArrayDistID + '\n' + ArrayDistTXT);

<script language="javascript">
function ManageStates(value)
      var disp = "block";
      if (value.match ("USA") == null){
            disp = "none";
      var states = document.MyForm.Conuntry_States;
      if (states != null) {
            states.style.display = disp;
function ManageList …

I was wondering, do you thik they release any info to the taxman.


Any questions about the following guidelines and practices for the Politics and the Philosophy & Religion topic areas?

1.  Regarding the Zone Advisor and EE's "Other Zone":

The EE "Other Zone" includes Politics, Philosophy & Religion, Miscellaneous, Puzzles & Riddles, the Lounges and five other topic areas.

Refer to EE help at http://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp#hi92
"Experts Exchange makes the rules in consultation with the Moderators, Zone Advisors and Administrators, who interpret and enforce them." They know the customary ways in which Experts Exchange operates, and will provide direction on how to ask and answer questions...They also help keep questions and answers clear for future users....The Zone Advisors act as technical advisors to the Moderators with regard to the accuracy and appropriateness of comments in technical threads."

If you have complaints about my handling the job of Zone Advisor then you may either place them in Community Support or email them to me at my address in my profile.

2.  Regarding the question/answer process:
Note that EE treats the question/answer format of Philosophy & Religion and Politics the same as the other EE technical areas recognizing that the definitions of "technical" are wide in scope to include usage "in or peculiar to a specific field or profession...[or]...belonging or relating to a particular subject"  From http://www.answers.com/topic/technical

These areas are similar to the other technical areas…
I know this may seem off topic for a technology forum but if anyone has read When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein, i need some help. Its about Long Term Capital Management. I need some help with making a timeline about the book as well as analyzing each chapter... i wanted to see if anyone had any insight or summaries that could help

anything would be greatly appreciated






Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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