Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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When mass media covers significant events they occasionally spice it up with some human-scale additional materials. Large outlets might get them from their correspondents or trusted Internet blogs. But what would be the best way to intentionally submit such kind of content to the national media outlets?

I am working on a case of a small quiet suburban neighborhood that is facing its grim fate of being overwhelmed by heavy traffic. A golf course is about to move its maintenance facilities to its far edge and transform create a dead-end street into its non-VIP vehicles gateway.

A world-wide event receiving significant coverage is about to take place at the clubs grounds. So this story fits the pattern described above. The anticipated feedback might moderate the drastic plans and save the lives of the neighborhood residents. Or, at least, bring some public opinion resulting in some mitigation steps to be implemented.

It is not a problem to prepare the material or its value for the media. Rather, it's how to establish the needed connection?
     Tax money that the U.S. government spends of space exploration and scientific research could be
     better spent on social programs such as health care, aid to the poor, infrastructure maintenance,
     paying down the national debt, etc.

Please argue Affirmative or Opposing.  
Avoid voicing unsupported opinions (unless you admit that that's all you have :-)

I don't mind if the discussion ranges widely, as long as we keep coming back to the main proposition.  For instance, countries other than the U.S. spend large sums on space exploration and related technologies; perhaps understanding why they do so would shed light on this question.   Other large-scale scientific endeavors such as particle accelerators, telescopes, neutrino detectors, etc. are (in my mind) all in the same general category as NASA spending.

I've asked this in three EE sections; here's why:

     Politics:  It's a question of tax policy.
     Science: It's a question about research funding allocated to expand science knowledge.
Philosophy: Some reasons to spend that money may relate to finding answers to
                   philosophical questions; the human condition.
Hello guys,

I have $2000 to make a small investiment and a friend of mine told me that this site offers good investiment. Unfortunately I am so good at business english and accounting. I'd like a help from you.
If I invest $2000 how much could I rescue in one year?

The site

I learnt that in large corporations the key to success is

1. Networking with people in power.
2. Communication Skills-- English ofcourse

Surprisingly, It's not your knowledge/skills, or your hardwork that counts!

How do you (i)build and (ii)maintain a successful relationship?

I know that merely talking in a "friendly way" is not the way to build a relationship, and if you try to get in touch with people too often they tell you they are busy?

I expect answers from those who are good at initiating and nurturing professional relationships.
My Team Lead is giving me overtime work ...

I am working for double daily ...

i want to know is this expected in all companies ...

Can it be complained ?
If it complained will it cause badly ?

There are some politics in my company also

kindly advise how can i proceed with this ?

I was hoping to locate a website devoted to posting and answering legal questions. It's scope of support must include Canadian law. I am in a bet with someone about a particular law exception...

Some questions about copyright law.

I am going to have a meeting in my company and download some video clips of people (eg warren buffet) that i found on the web.
to present to my company during a meeting.

What about those video that i downloaded from youtube?

Is it legal or illegal?


I appreciate this is a fairly random question but does anyone know where I could find information on the internet relating to heal and safety standards in the USA, anything about stress in the workplace or employers duty of care to their employees would be particularly relevant (its for a university disertation).

I'm having trouble locating the required information on google, I don't really know the correct search terms as I am from the UK and have no idea about American law.

Many thanks

I am looking for a news article about some world news even from the past month or two that could demonstrate ideas from either Locke, Mill, or Rousseau.  This is in order to show how their ideas still relate today.
I recently got a job through a temp agency working for a well known company at their corporate headquarters.  There are many workers aroundme and I don't know if they're temps of not, but I happen to meet two.  One of them works as a customer service rep and takes calls all day.  I can't help overhearing her because of her proximity, but I was very impressed with the way she handles customers.....the phrasing she uses, etc. I found it hard to believe she's a temp given her level of skill.
The other person is clerical and is very confident and optimistic.

Well, I really messed up.  I meant to compliment the "phone" lady, but the conversation went in another direction and I asked her how long she worked for the agency and where she worked before. She asked me if I were temp to perm and I replied that I didn't know, and would call my employer that day to find out.  I work part time. I never gave the compliment.

Another time the other girl mentioned she was a temp from the same agency, and I expressed my surprise. She sat right next to the supervisor so I thought she was someone important.  We got into a conversation once and I asked her what she majored in.  She said she didn't want to work for this company forever, that it was only a ten-month contract, blah,blah,blah. I was shocked at her remark because she was standing up and anyone could hear her.

When I got home I called my boss at the temp agency and asked her if I was temp to perm.  I got a lambasting you …
Something like 90% of all people will say that cloning of humans would be immoral.  

Is it because of evil use to which the clones might be put?  If so, is making a kitchen knife also immoral?

What other reasons are there to not only prevent public funding of cloning-related experiments, but also to create harsh laws against it?

Are such laws just some sort of knee-jerk reaction to things that people fear?
Or can you provide serious, non-emotional reasoning behind the prohibition?
after reading this q:


i was wondering if anybody has plausible explanations and some background on this (probably in recent us-history)

what do you guys think, why such big efforts are put in the us (and recently in europe) to esthablish that idea/opinion about evolution?
i mean who is behind that? who profits .. who loses? who tries to control who and for what aims?

i mean i wouldnt care much if this was just a scientific theory and scientists were arguing about it ..
what me concerns is the religious touch and those religious proponents of it ..

can somebody explain that?

looking forward to hear your insights/opinions ..

just one rule: lets not discuss the theories itsself, the link above is the right place to do that .. i'm more interested in the who and why

thanks .. :)
What is the difference between accreditation and certification. What is an accreditation body, and a certification body?

How do such bodies get the authority to be these things?
Now that the USA has shown that "Star Wars" technology is a reality, and proved the capability of shooting a satellite out of orbit with just one shot, from the deck of a ship, what implications might such capability (good or bad) might this ability hold for the future?
Mankind has a strong tendency to use such powerful capabilities in negative ways, although mankind is equally able to use such abilities in positive ways.  In what positive ways might such ability be used? And where might such ability lead to, if used for darker more destructive purposes?  How might this capability change relationships between countries, etc?
My car was towed - which incurs an expense (imposes is more like it). The tow company says that they will not accept a personal check to get my car back. I have no way to get cash at the moment from my bank account. And they tell me the fee to retrieve my car goes up every day it is left there.
I have the money to cover the check. They just say they wont accept it.

Given these circumstances -  is a personal check considered legal tender? Do they have to accept it?
Would I be justified at this point to call the police and tell them the tow company is trying to steal my car?
Some of you will no doubt remember this anything-to-oil through thermal depolymerisation article, http://discovermagazine.com/2003/may/featoil for a reminder.

Oil was touching $40 per barrel when that was written and since then there have been problems with the smell of the raw materials (turkey guts). Oil is now more than twice the price than it was then and it seems that you can put all kinds of crap in the converter and still get oil out of it so why hasn't it caught on? Is there a fundamental reason there isn't a TDP reformer connected to each new sewage plant?
here is a paragraph:

Some economists view the Kennedy-Johnson tax cut of 1964, which radically reduced corporate and individual taxes, as the impetus for the substantial prosperity enjoyed by the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

doubt 1:

whats the meaning of "Kennedy-Johnson tax cut of 1964" ?

kennedy and johnson was the president of united states ...is not it ? but why there is a tax cut on the name of president !!
this highly confusing .....what they are trying to say ?


whats the meaning of "as the impetus for the substantial prosperity.."

what does impetus mean ? what does substantial prosperity mean ?

someone , please throw some light here
For computers on the internet:

(1) Can, or should a judge be permitted authority to require users to do additional activities at own cost of time and money at risk of legal penalties?

What caught my eye for this question was a quote: "In May, U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian ruled that TorrentSpy must preserve server data logs held in random access memory, or RAM."

Were we to claim that RAM is not something everybody normally preserves, that is more the gist for this question. This question is not about things normally done, such as for the making of backup tapes, and a judgement that orders preservation (or non-destruction) of hard media that could be considered evidence, and brought into a courtroom for a jury to review, such as of electronic mail used to conduct illegal activities. This question is about doing the unusual, out of ordinary, on top of everything else one has to do to maintain operations (and who has to pay expenses for additional workload?)

(2) How specific or not should a judicial order be, consider issuances of warrants as a similar example. Consider quote: "another judge had ordered them to keep server logs, user IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and other information."

For example, while IP addresses are defined differently than IPX addresses, this remains a general collection of which each of us are members, what is it, millions, billions? As for "other information." I am not sure anyone could be more vague.

(3) States' …
One of my sites has just been hacked by muslims..

What can be going wrong?? How can i fix it??

Here's the screenshot. I'm shocked, the holy war in my website :S

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT), signed by President Bush on August 8, 2005, offers consumers and businesses federal tax credits beginning in January 2006 for purchasing energy-efficient appliances and products such as more efficient windows, insulation, doors, roofs,  geo-thermal and high efficiency heating & cooling equipment, on-demand tankless water heaters, fuel-efficient hybrid-electric vehicles, photo voltaic solar electrical installation, and other such sensible energy saving strategies and alternative energy technologies.

All of these tax credits are due to expire and will not be renewed. In its present form, the Energy Bill is nothing more than a nod to the status queue of ever increasing reliance on foreign oil.

It ignores and / or halts energy conservation opportunities. It is a stab to the heart of immerging new energy technologies, and related (domestic) manufacturing and service industries. Considering President Bush's grandiose speech of 2005, I think it is completely irresponsible and totally outrageous.


The pending Energy Bill has dropped all provisions for renewable resources. Americans are dealing with $3 gas and heating oil, and recent government reports have warned that $100.00 plus barrel oil prices are eminent.

> "On Thursday morning, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi decided to drop
> the renewable energy standard out of the energy bill and drop the …
I have asked this question on several boards and I can't ever seem to get an answer. Maybe one of you all know. I don't want to know what the dollar is compared to some other currency. I want to know what the dollars is worth in cents. How many cents is one dollar worth equal to what it was before the rapid decline? Can anyone tell me? I am not savvy in the this stuff at all. I can remember years ago my dad would tell me that the dollar is worth such and such cents. Can anyone here figure it out?
Write code to find the greatest element of a list
  which could be arbitrarily nested.
For example, given ((3) (((((6 7 7 8))))) 9 10 (88)),
the program should output 88.


I seen this in the license of some from dmxzone
Use of EXTENSION requires one license per developer. Licenses are non-transferable between developers. For instance, if a company has two developers that will use the EXTENSION, then that company requires two licenses. This is the case even if the developers will not be working with the EXTENSION at the same time or a project is transferred from one developer to another.

My question is,
What can you make of the above, If I were to create a site and was no longer around, the people I built the site for needed a page manipulated, what ever code the extension provided was not manipulated or touched, does the above mean that the new persons doing anything to a site I created in the past would have to purchase an extension from dmxzone. before they were allowed to manipulate a page of that site.

I am confused with the word play.



Why isn't Britain's NHS working?

What could be done to get it working again?

(125 points each)






Politics can be defined as the study of the interactions of individuals and groups of people with each other, from the local to the global with the purpose of influencing each other, and can contain economic, military, governance, historical and theoretical or philosophical aspects.

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