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PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and standards-compliance. As a database server, its...

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Over 20 years of experience as an Application Architect/Developer, a Database Administrator, and a PM focusing on performance.

Troubleshooting Solution

Postgres - Indexes not picking up


Postgres 13, Indexes are not picking up.

I'm analyzing this query, SQL code.sql which is doing


ClickHouse: One Year!

By, Vadim Tkachenko. In this article we’ll look at ClickHouse on its one year anniversary.

This is a cool tool to help visualize explain plans in …

This is a cool tool to help visualize explain plans in postgres: https://explain.depesz.com/
Research Solution

optimize the postgreSQL v 9.3.6 for more connection and performace.



This is our postgreSQL v9.3.6 configuration  files and please share what kind of parameter should

Troubleshooting Solution

SQL to Round at 2nd decimal point


Please help with the following sql query.  This is in postgress.

I am trying to get the value of

Troubleshooting Solution

postgress - missing sql alias


MIssing SQL Alias - please help

I have converted some sql to postgres and am missing an alias.  All

Troubleshooting Solution

Help to optimize an insert query from Redshift to PostGres


I am trying to move about 2 years of data from an Amazon Redshift table to Postgress data.  So

Troubleshooting Solution

Postgres - How to allow user to change their password



    On Postgres 13, I'm trying a Stored procedure, which users can use to change their

Advice Solution

running Apache and Postgres in Azure


I have had a developer write a small application for me. 

I want to host it in MS Azure. 

These are

Troubleshooting Solution

create user failed in command line



I try to create user with below command 

sudo -u postgres psql -c 'CREATE  USER svcpg  WITH

Troubleshooting Solution

Self hosting OpenStreetMap OSM and Layers

If we self hosted the full OSM database and what ever else is needed, could we be 100% independent …
Troubleshooting Solution

Error while executing a Stored Procedure in PG



    On Postgres 13, I'm encountering an error message when calling a Stored procedure.


Troubleshooting Solution

Postgres  - Issue subtracting a calculation from a date


Postgres 13,

      I'm trying the one below and it is erroring out. Can someone kindly help resolve

Troubleshooting Solution

connect to postgres


Hello expert!

I have postgresql-15 on oracle linux 8.5

i login to postgres via psql without any

Troubleshooting Solution

Postgres - DML in batches


I want to know if there's a way in Postgres Plpgsql, to perform an update or a delete in batches

Troubleshooting Solution

How to manage a Type-2 setup from parent to child tables



   On Postgres 13, I have a parent table, a child table and a grand child table, with

Troubleshooting Solution

Disable constraints on a table in Postgres

in Postgres 13, is there a way to disable the forein key constraints without dropping them?
Troubleshooting Solution

Seeing some SELECT statements accessing "pg_" in Postgres log files.  Wondering whether can be avoided.


In PostgresSQL logs, seeing lot of messages like below.

I'm not sure or don't know what is causing

Research Solution

What is Oracle's v$session_longops equivalent in Postgres?


Trying to understand if there is an equivalent pg view in Postgres, which is similar to

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