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Power BI is a business analytics tool from Microsoft used for data visualization. It integrates seamlessly with other tools, like Microsoft Excel, ...

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Senior Data Analyst

Veteran in computer systems, malware removal and ransomware topics.  I have been working in the field since 1985.

Troubleshooting Solution

Is it possible to create maps on the census tract level in Power BI?


I need help creating maps on the census tract level in Power BI. I've downloaded the shapefiles from


Microsoft Excel & SQL Server:  Self service BI to give users the data they want

How to build an Excel spreadsheet that allows users to enter select values via populated combo boxes and hit a magic ‘Go’ button that retrieves only that data from SQL Server based on those selections, using nothing more than standard Microsoft Excel functionality and an ODBC Connection.  

Cool personal story that illustrates the practical benefits …

Cool personal story that illustrates the practical benefits of having a peer to peer network as a go…
Troubleshooting Solution

Power BI - How to calculate the answers for many questions in the drop down list?


Power BI - How to calculate the answers for many questions in the drop down list. For example I have

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What are the best practices and considerations for data source credentials?

byY Y

We have created some Excel spreadsheets with queries and Power BI reports, which have been getting

Troubleshooting Solution

Excel Zone Expert Discussion, Number 37

This thread is for general discussion about all things related to the Excel TA and its experts. Both…
Troubleshooting Solution

Power BI calculated Column using RELATED() Formula

Hi Experts,
I have a data set which contains a project code in the format of let's say XYZ and the …

The Power Query Editor

A while back I wrote an article about the Power Query Editor and PowerBI (https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/37938/PowerBI-and-the-Query-Editor-Save-time.html). I have realized that my coworkers primarily use Excel and So have changed the article to include excel. The result is below and is
Troubleshooting Solution

Power Bi - DAX unable to divide two column values. Getting a strange value as a result of division


Power BI DAX divide function results in strange number. I'm trying to divide two columns to get a

Troubleshooting Solution

powerBI  The report server can’t connect to report service database


We restored powerBI db from old environment . Now we are getting this error message when we try to

Troubleshooting Solution

Create Power BI chart



I have an excel spreadsheet in which I am attempting to determine how long it takes a user

Troubleshooting Solution

How to handle a null or empty value from Power BI Report Builder


I have a report created on Power BI Report Builder which contains parameters. I want to leave one

Advice Solution

Power BI Dashboards Server Side


Power BI- What is the ideal server to use to publish Power BI dashboards?  The one that allows you

365 EduCon Conference

The 2023 365Educon Conference

I attended Microsoft's EduCon 365 conference in Washington D.C. from June 12 to June 16 of 2023. Through Experts Exchange's ReConnect program I received a partial "scholarship" to subsidize my registration. So what was this conference about and what did I get from it - read on!
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Visualization-Power Bi-Coordinates


I have an excel sheet with Points names, let's say P1, P2...Pn. with x and Y coordinates for each

Troubleshooting Solution

Help with Power Bi

I'm new to PowerbI
I'm wondering If it's possible to upload an excel sheet with a table and point …

Power BI and Measure Killer

There are sseveral things that will come into play after you have created a dashboard in Power BI. One of them is making it leaner by removing all unused items (measures and columns) in the imported tables. This is not so easy to do - but here is a solution - kind of ...
Troubleshooting Solution

Power BI date filter plugin/toolkit


Are there any Power BI plugins I can by to upgrade my date filters? Or is there a way to achieve

Troubleshooting Solution

PBIX to SQL Server database.


I am part of a team that is tasked with replacing a pbix file using SQL Server for storage and

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