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A printer is a peripheral which makes a persistent human readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. Traditional printers are being used more for special purposes, like printing photographs or artwork, and are no longer a must-have peripheral; 3D printing has become an area of intense interest, allowing the creation of physical objects. An image scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. Hand-held scanners, where the device is moved by hand, have evolved from text scanning "wands" to 3D scanners used for industrial design, reverse engineering, test and measurement, orthotics, gaming and other applications.

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We are having a large amount of our excel files becoming corrupt. I attached the error when restoring the file via excel. These files are used through the software Prosystems Engagement. We were able to determine how the file is being created with is through a specific task from the addin. We have been unable to determine any other action that creates these printersettings#.bin files. In our testing of changing printers it seems to overwrite the current file but have been unable to recreate the file breaking. We have also noticed the majority of the time when the file breaks that it has multiple of the printer settings files. Out of our 600+ employees it only looks to be happening to a select group of people consistently.

When viewing the print files we are able to determine what the print files look like when they become corrupt. It changes from what looks like encrypted text to printer settings (EXAMPLE: "D o c u m e n t S e t t i n g s     { " p s k : P a g e R e s o l u t i o n " : " n s 0 0 0 0 : _ 6 0 0 d p i " , " n s 0 0 0 0 : P a g e W a t e r m a r k " : " n s 0 0 0 0 : O f f " , " n s 0 0 0 0 ). Deleting this file does allow the document to work and opening excel outside of the engagement software allows us the restore the document.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue or have any ideas on why the file is becoming corrupt.
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

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very strange issue, I have a print server with all our Konica Minolta printers installed on printing to IP ports shared , and listed in AD.

the users then just in windows click add printer and add it from AD.

we’ve got an issue where a user is trying to print a simple 500KB document (about 60 pages), she attempted to print it duplex and send it to the printer:

the document we could see spooling in the printer queue and the size was growing to almost 500MB and on page 27/60 and spooling  still after an hour blocking the print queue.

is this normal? it’s only a 500kb document
Would access an online document (usually a PDF) and attempt to print. As soon as the print icon was clicked, the browser would crash. Initially thought it was just Chrome, but tried it in Edge - same problem. Tried restarting the computer (Dell OptiPlex 7460 AIO; i7-8700 @ 3.2 Ghz; 8MB RAM; Windows 10 Pro). That didn't work. Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer. Same result. Downloaded, installed, and ran the HP Print and Scan Doctor. Not only did it not resolve the problem, it couldn't see the printer (the printer is connected via USB to a co-worker's computer and shared). The HP Smart utility "found" the printer, but said it was "Offline".  Interestingly, you can print locally just fine. And before you say, it's the fact that the printer is shared, a second printer, and HP Photosmart 6510 printer that's connected directly to the computer (via USB) is doing the same thing - printing fine locally, but crashing browsers when trying to print from the Internet.
zebra printer print job log shows 0 byte jobs every 2 - 10 seconds. Need to identify what this is?

I have a user who is having a issue where his user profile isnt writing back to the server. Rather than fix the issue, I would like him to just have a local profile that doesnt roam.

When I do this I dont want to loose his desktop and printers etc that he currently has.

The user is currently logged into the PC with the roaomig profile.

How do I convert him to a local profile with as little disruption as possible and no profile data loss?
I am trying to find a way to add sequential bates stamping on a Xerox Atalink C8045 multi function device.

I already understand how to use the bates stamp feature when copying a document and clicking on the Annotations feature and from there click on bates stamp.  

The problem with this is the numbering always starts with 1.  The requirement is for the machine to remember the last number used. The real end goal is to be able to add a unique number to every page printed at the bottom of the page.  I know the machine keeps track of how many copies are printed so this data is stored somewhere and that data would be a good option to print on every page. Either there is a way to do this already in place that I am not finding or there is a way to do this through programming.  Either option will work as long as the end result is to have a unique number printed on every page.
I have a client that microsoft edge has stopped printing. When you click print no pop up comes up. It's on the latest version of windows 10. It does work with control p either. I have gone to administrative cmd and ran sfc, I have changed default printer. I have HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMicrosoftEdgeMain key AlwaysUseDefaultPrinter registry. I have done the reset and repair of edge. I have done the powershell reinstall. I have booted from another boot and and deleted C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder. and nothing has worked. They can print from Chrome no problem. Please Help.
I have a client that wants to disable the way MS Office uses the last used printer as default when printing the next document.  

Example: Users default printer is HP, user opens any office product, goes to print, the default is HP, they choose Dell printer for this document, print, then go back to any office product and the printer is still on Dell, not the default HP.  

Other non-Microsoft programs do not behave this way.
When imaging WIN 10 devices I'd like to add the printers.  We know what printers need to be added as we pull the device from production, and I'd like to try to use the Print Management Export feature to export from one device and move it to the new device.

Are there any downsides to using this method?  The devices we're pulling are WIN 7 and there is a print server in our environment.

The devices are laptops or workstations, no servers.

Ok, so I've installed a print server and I've installed printers on it.

What I want to be able to do now is to deploy a certain printer to a certain group of people. And I'm getting confused between using 'deploy printer' on the print server and the settings under GPO > user configuration> preferences > control panel settings > printers ...

I've got a 'Users: Printers' GP applied to my users OU. And when I deploy the printer to that OU then everyone in the OU will have the printer installed. And that works. BUT I only want a subset of those users to get this specific printer. That's why I've created a security group for this. But it seems like I can use that item-level targeting only with the 'user configuration' option in the GP!?

I've tried Step 4 in this article but the deployed printer is NOT visible under user configuration> preferences > control panel settings > printers so I can't configure the item-level targeting for it!? The deployed printer is only visible under user configuration > policies > Windows settings > deployed printers.

So what am I missing or misunderstanding!? Thanks!
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When I open ANY office 365 application and goto file --- print,  I get the erro message.  I can close it and all is well, but the user said that every once in awhile he gets the issue of trying to change from the default printer to another printer and it won't let him.  Very odd.  Not sure if it has anything to do with the error message attached.  He says the problem with switching printers only occurrs every 10 prints or so.
Epson DFX 5000+ printer returns 3 sets of 3 quick beeps and shuts down when loading paper on the rear tractor only. Front tractor can load the same paper. Manuals indicate platen gap issue, but wouldn't that be a problem on either front or rear tractor?
Thank you for any help.
A troubled computer randomly cannot print to a Kyocera FS-C5350DN network printer.
The printer shows as offline and I cannot remove the check mark next to 'Use Printer Offline'.
The troubled computer can print to other network printers and other computers can still print to the troubled printer.
I removed and setup the printer. Also confirmed the troubled computer is now using the same driver as at least one working computer (It was KX but now XPS).
The computer does not lose network access.
Printer Spooler service startup is Automatic.
Originally there was a number of files in C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS.
I cleared out this folder and whenever the problem occurs there are 2 files in this folder.
The problem print job never clears the printer queue.
She's able to print the same document to a different network printer. The type of documents that causes the problem varies (PDF, Word, etc).

The problem might happen once a week but lately has been happening at least once a day. The user can print several different documents in a row or in between the problem occurring.

The band-aid solution has been restarting the printer spooler service. I have a bat file on her desktop that does this but it only temporarily solves the problem.
No printer installed (screenshot attached - noprinter.jpg)noprinter.png

After executing the command, the printer is installed successfully (screenshot np.png)np.png

Now, if we are trying to install the printer using Powershell remotely, it is giving us error:
PS Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::\\EUX-LAB-server1\SPPrints> Enter-PSSession -ComputerName EUX-LAB-Client4


[EUX-LAB-Client4]: PS C:\Users\amtanwar\Documents> Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName "EUX-LAB-Client4" -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Printer -Name AddPrinterConnection -ArgumentList \\EUX-LAB-Server3\SamsungLaserPS
Invoke-WmiMethod : Not supported
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Invoke-WmiMethod], ManagementException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeWMIManagementException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.InvokeWmiMethod

This is the PS cmd I am using to install the printer

Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName "EUX-LAB-Client4" -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Printer -Name AddPrinterConnection -ArgumentList \\EUX-LAB-Server3\SamsungLaserPS

I have also tried the options mentioned in

The Option 2, worked for installation, but a reboot is required which is not feasible for every user in our environment or any environment to reboot after printer installation.

HOWEVER, if I try to execute this


We installed a HP Officejet Pro X476dw MFP for someone a bit over a year ago.

When we set it up and tested it, all worked as expected.

We have heard that this printer has not been working the last few weeks so I went to check this out for them.

When I went to power the printer on, it started up but an error message appeared on the touch screen: "There is a problem with the printer or ink system. Turn printer off, then on. If problem persists, contact HP".

There is no way of by passing this error and after trying power button, it says it is initializing something and not to turn off printer but no loading for initialising.

Inside the printer are 3 setup ink cartridges (coloured ones that came with printer) and 1 non-setup ink cartridge (black).

I tried the following to try and fix the printer:

1. Pressed and held power button to turn printer off - Printer did not power off.
2. Replaced non-setup ink cartridge (black) with setup ink cartridge (black) - Started initialising for 2 seconds then same error message as before
3. Took out all ink cartridges from printer then tried each one at a time - Started initialising for 2 seconds then same error message as before
4. Reset printer by plugging out power cord for 60 seconds then plugging back in printer and powering on - Powered on but same error message as before
5. Opened paper tray and closed while printer on - Noise was made by printer for few seconds then quiet

How do we fix this issue?

I'ld like to print a flashed Logo on an EPSON TM-T88IV (M129H with serial interface; newest Firmware 10.04)

To upload I'd used "EPSON Flash Logo Setup" and had stored 5 logos (48,48 - 48,52). When I print one or all logos with this tool it work's fine. I can print one or more with no problems.

Now I'ld like to print the logo with an ESC/POS-command. I'd found several suggestions. The only one which works yet is

I send the Codes in COM1/19200 Baud via Arduino Monitor which works well. But after I print this there's no possibility to send more text. The printer stays still until I press powerOffButton and start printer new.

Think I need a Sequence to end the grapical mode. But don't find something in the ESC/POS-Docs an Google.

Had tried to use a COM-Port-Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) and read the ESC/POS-Sequence which was send when press the print-button in the FlashLogoSetup-Software. It's

But this sequence via Arduino-Monitor also ends with a "dead printer" which doesn't react.

What can I send to print logo on key 48,48, a text and then logo on key 48,49? I also tried the FS-Command "FS p 1 0" but all FS-Commands I tried didn't work with the printer.

Thanks a lot for every hint and
best regards
I have a user who's "Print Options" button under the selected printer box is unavailable, only from within his Outlook 2016 application.  These are the options for the printer selected to change page settings, paper orientation, etc.  The print options button is not greyed out, when printing to the same printer in Excel, Word, or other apps - it is just Outlook that has this problem.  Anyone have some suggestions?


   I have just installed a new 2019 server from a 2008 r2 server. I have shared the printers via GPO (as they were not before). But the strangest thing has happened, the printers do not show in control panel. But when you print from any program they are there. The issue is because of this they cannot set default printers.

I have setup a MAC as a secondary server for a software named Papercut. It is used in the school so when a students wants to print, an authentification Window is popping up and once he authenticate, the students must swipe is card on the platform of the Konica Minolta printer.

This technology is exclusive to Konica Minolta printers. When I test from the MAC server, papercut authentication is popping up and then after I enter my credentials, I can print on the printer by swipping my card.

However, when I do this from another computer, even though I can ping the server from the MAC in a classroom, I cannot add the virtual queue. To give more details, If I enter the name of the //server/virtualqueue in the Adress field:

local://CAMTLPAPERCUT02S/KM_Noir_Blanc it doesn't find it. It does show just below Valid and complete host name or adress.

I cannot ping CAMTLPAPERCUT02S wich explains why it doesn't detect it but I do ping the ip adress of the server wich is

So I am trying local://

I do believe I am not adding the printer properly. So my question would be:

Is there a prefered protocol to add a virtual queue? Should I use IPP ?

Thanks for your help,


Path_with_namepath_with_iperror message
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Hi, I am currently using Server 2016 Ess as a domain controller, my question is what is the best way to setup GPO for a mapped printer that is connected to a clients computer via usb?

Shared network printers from print server running Server 2019 are not visible in Devices and Printers today on 2019 RDS Hosts.

They show up in Office App print dialogues. They don't show up so we can change the default printer or add others from the print server.

In the old environment, we had a script to load them. But in the new environment, we added from the print server itself. While we can see and print test pages by pulling up the print server, nothing sticks in the servers after about a week of running this scenario. I've restarted print services at print server and the RDS Hosts. It's a strange vvoodoo on Friday The 13th.
Print spooler services consuming most of the memory, How to identify which print driver is corrupted or creating the issue.
As per my most recent and last question in the forum. I found that the solenoid was loose I fixed that and no more bad prints. This is the same printer the Konica Minolta Magicolor2400W . This new question relates to the printouts by way of the number of prints by page. I attempted to print and the unit printed 10 pages after the first fix from my last forum question with no problem. Went to be thinking great knocked that issue out. I was printing 10 pages to test the front and back of the page printing feature.  The Next day, I come back to my desk and it will print two perfect pages and then it stops goes to error. FYI plenty of paper toner very full and the components solenoids fusers "all snug in there beds" to speak. I tried to find the window that shows the error message to identify the problem or error code. No software that shows the Konica Minolta software is listed. So I'am unable to find the Konica Minolta window I need to identify the error code. When I launch Windows Programs and look for any KM software. There is none? . Any thoughts. Got the page printing perfectly now but only two pages out of 10 then error. Makes NO SENSE to me. Can you advise what to check?

I went to the site listed by Nobus below and had the only thing listed which was the driver? Now I am wondering if there is any software I need to have that printer error window come up. Does anyone know if there is some kind of software that shows the functionality of the printer besides the …
I have a 80 mm thermal USB printer connected to my Ubuntu and it has been automatically detected since I can see its name in the printer list. However, I'm not able to print nothing when I try to print sample text from LibreOffice or Gedit.
This is what I get from dmesg -d:
[  422.674671 <    7,758140>] usb 3-3.1: new full-speed USB device number 7 using xhci_hcd
[  427.971019 <    5,296348>] usb 3-3.1: New USB device found, idVendor=1051, idProduct=1000, bcdDevice= 1.00
[  427.971020 <    0,000001>] usb 3-3.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
[  427.971021 <    0,000001>] usb 3-3.1: Product: NII W2K203DPI USB
[  427.971022 <    0,000001>] usb 3-3.1: Manufacturer: NII
[  427.975340 <    0,004318>] usblp 3-3.1:1.0: usblp0: USB Bidirectional printer dev 7 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x1051 pid 0x1000

Open in new window

The manufacturer (Nippon) provided an old C code sample that should print some text and a photo (for this reason it needs OpenCV 2.4).
I attached the file to this topic with also the SDK document.

I cannot compile it since I get lots of errors related to the OpenCV version, I tried to remove the OpenCV occurrences since I do not need the print the photo, but I get errors:

gcc libNPrint_sample.c /usr/local/lib/ -o test `pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv` -lm -lpthread
libNPrint_sample.c: In function ‘fncTestSample’:
libNPrint_sample.c:75:18: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘cvLoadImage’; did 

Open in new window

I have a Brother MFC-9330CDW printer that is having issues with seeing cartridges.  All the cartridges are new but when I close the lid I get messages like "replace the M cartridge", so I reseat the "M" cartridge, then it says replace the "Y" cartridge.  I reseat the "Y" cartridge and it says the "M" cartridge needs to be replaced again.   I have even changed out new cartridges and still receive same messages.   Any ideas?

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A printer is a peripheral which makes a persistent human readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. Traditional printers are being used more for special purposes, like printing photographs or artwork, and are no longer a must-have peripheral; 3D printing has become an area of intense interest, allowing the creation of physical objects. An image scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. Hand-held scanners, where the device is moved by hand, have evolved from text scanning "wands" to 3D scanners used for industrial design, reverse engineering, test and measurement, orthotics, gaming and other applications.