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A printer is a peripheral which makes a persistent human readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. Traditional printers are being used more for special purposes, like printing photographs or artwork, and are no longer a must-have peripheral; 3D printing has become an area of intense interest, allowing the creation of physical objects. An image scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. Hand-held scanners, where the device is moved by hand, have evolved from text scanning "wands" to 3D scanners used for industrial design, reverse engineering, test and measurement, orthotics, gaming and other applications.

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I need to allow access to Devices and Printers (or only one local printer) after having locked down access to Control Panel and Settings in a Standard User profile in Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC. I used GPO to remove programs from Start, removed right clicking for context menus from Start, Taskbar and Desktop. I removed the Settings icon from the Start Menu from Standard User profile via Settings.

Part 2 - I need to deny access to Settings from the System Tray in the same OS.

This is a Kiosk type installation but not locked down to a single app (yet).

Thank You!

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Two WIN10 computers default to color printer randomly. I made sure the box next to allow Microsoft to manage printers is unchecked. Any ideas why this happens.
I am trying to set up scan to email on a network multifunction. The new multifunction is an upgrade so all the network settings were migrated over from the old one that was always able to scan to email and scan to a network file share. I put in the SMTP server and username and credentials. I put in the correct ports and made sure it  uses SMTP authentication and not POP or anything like that. It hasnt had any issues printing and it can scan to a network share but not to an email. From the machine itself it even does a succesfull SMTP server connection but it fails to scan and send anything to an email. BTW this is a Ricoh      Aficio MP C400SR.
I need to purchase a printer for my a business, and need to print several hundred pages per day (customer invoices). Currently we use an Epson workforce 7720 and I refill the cartridges manually, but several times a week we get the "cartridge not recognized" error and we have to remove the ink tank and reinstall it. Sometimes we print in batches, and when it does that invalid cartridge error, sometimes it double prints or misses a page, and several times that has caused us a huge headache.

So I need to purchase a dedicated printer just for printing invoices.

Requirements :
Has to print in color
Speed-   Sometimes we print 100-200 invoices in a single batch, so a high speed printer is ideal
low ink / toner cost- If we buy a new printer and use aftermarket cartridges, we may have the same problem we have now.

So I am wondering what the best model is to buy? I would rather buy a high quality printer if it means being able to buy cheap ink / toner refills that are reliable (ether oem or high quality aftermarket).

A few years ago I purchased a $100 laser printer and I refilled the toner myself, and it printed good for maybe 1000 pages and then  it stopped working (printing got lighter and lighter even with a fresh refill pack installed)  Not sure if the problem was using aftermarket toner, or if it was just a low quality printer.

I was looking at the epson eco tank printers, that seems ideal, because you install the ink tanks and they are good for about 10,000 …
I am looking for a way to print from a Chromebook to a xerox multifunction device.  The model is AltaLink C8045.

Printing from the device is not an issue. However, advanced options such as selecting which Tray is what I am after.  Unfortunately, the people that sold the xerox printers are not willing to support Chromebooks and have referred me to Xerox who just points us back to the reseller.  

I know there is an app from Xerox but I can't seem to find the specifics on  how to set it up.  There is a log in url that is somewhat hidden in the app and you have to have a business number. I am not sure if that is something that comes from the printer setup or something you purchase from Xerox.  Having more details on the app and where to get the url from etc may solve this if I don't have to purchase any more services from xerox.

Hi, we have printers spread out across multiple sites, some are connected via VPN, and some are not. We have been using HP E-Print to print on the fly from any device, but it's been unreliable.

I essentially want to be able to print to any printer from any device/any time. What is the best way to accomplish?
Hi, I'm trying to create a Word 2016 macro to select specific trays for printing various types of documents.  My problem is getting the macro to recognize trays 5 and 6.  I ran a macro to get the names for all the trays and trays 1 - 4 work fine with the names it pulled. Tray 5 it named 65529 and tray 6 it named 65528.  When I run the macro to use trays 5 and 6, I get -
- Run-time error '9118' Parameter value was out of acceptable range.

Open in new window

I've tried 528, 529, Tray5, Tray6, 5528, 5529, 25, etc. The printer is an hp 60065 (m608). I know it can be done setting up multiple printers for each type of job, but I have a lot of these printers to set up so I would like to avoid that route if possible. I've set up printer preferences (shortcuts) within the printer properties but macros cannot record this information.  

If anyone knows what these trays are named or another way to accomplish this task, it would be greatly appreciated. (FYI - Tray 1 - wdPrinterUpperBin, Tray 2 - wdPrinterMiddleBin, Tray 3 - wdPrinterLowerBin, Tray 4 - wdPrinterLargeCapacityBin).

Thank you.
I'm printing documents using google chrome browser. The font for the document varies for each user windows login. Even though I have changed the printer settings for all the individual users. I have disabled the google chrome print preview since the document page settings vary for each user. In google chrome how to make a common font for all the user logins?
Hi, i have a 2012 R2 RDS Server, and on the printers, even though i change the printing defaults under my admin account, when users login, they are not seeing my settings. How can i change that?
I feel like this is something that should be easy. We had a small Brother laser printer, that when we printed a document that should be printing in landscape mode, it would automatically print in landscape mode, and the same for portrait, it would always print a document that should be portrait, automatically. We never had to go into the printer preferences, and tell it which way to print. That printer died, and we bought a HP Laserjet m402n, that does NOT do this. We have to go into the preferences and set it to print in landscape, if thats what is required. Does anyone know a reason for this, and why this may be happening? I went into the preferences, and set it to "fit to paper" and it didnt do a thing. I feel like I'm missing something simple.
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Got a server in cloud(terminal server- 2012)
Got clients computers locally. And printers in same subnet as local computers
- connecting to cloud computer using wanip from local computer. Printer is added to local computer and rdp printer is selected.
Printer appearing in cloud computer. But even if I make my printer settings in local computer to blacknwhite- it doesn’t carry over to cloud.
Even if I change the redirected printer in cloud to blacknwhite, after log off and login to server again brings cloud option.

Any help to make blacknwhite option to carry over to cloud ?
We are running into an issue with redirected printers on a remote server (RDS). We have a print server setup, and all printers are installed on the print server. The RDS and print server are running Windows 2016 Standard, version 1607. Printers are installed locally on the RDS from the print server. Our users access the RDS from workstations running either Windows 10 or Windows 7. Printers are installed locally on the workstations from the print server.

The issue: When printing PDF's from the RDS, borders/lines/boxes will not print while using the locally installed printers. If we switch the users' remote session to redirected printers, PDF borders/lines/boxes will print. The printer drivers and settings are identical between RDS, print server, and workstations. The only difference that we have found is whether we use local printers or redirected. We have tested different printer drivers, to no avail.

Has anyone seen a similar issue? Any suggestions/fixes?
HP Printer LaserJet M1212nf MFP, cannot get the scan function to work.

Windows 10 64 bit.

Try to install the full software. Get the error message that the path cannot be found. Directly connected to PC.

Try to install just the scanner software. Get the error message that it cannot fid an HP LaserJet Professional printer.

The printing function works just fine.
Hello Experts

A print device was deleted by accident and was working.  Now I can't figure how to set up the print device Okidata Dot Matrix LAN printer on the AS/400 again.  

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I have a network printer and I have to connect it everytime I log on.

I have a shortcut to the printer on my desktop and right click and connect that way. Is there anyway I can automate it so that the command runs to connect printer automatically when  I log on
Using a ScanSnap s1300i, can different scan jobs be setup so that a scan job can scan to a specific folder, compared to other scan jobs?
For example:

1. Scan Job 1 -   Duplex -  path to scan to is:  C:\Users\user1\Scan
2. Scan Job 2 -  Simples - path to scan to is:  C:\Users\user2\Scan
and so forth.. ?
AnyConnet VPN client can access the internet via the remote gateway, but cannot internal servers.

I followed the instructions from (first example, with tunnel all configuration)

I can not ping or access the server) or (ASA internal LAN) after connected VPN.

Could I please have some advice? Many thanks.
HP M227fdn Printer.
When printing Legal, the printer stops and prompts if you want to print from Tray 1, and then you have to press OK.
Is there a way around this, so that if there is Legal Paper in Tray 1 (the only Tray), that it will print without prompting?
tracing packets between 2 deivces.  i have 2 PC's that use specialist software for sending print jobs to printers.  the pritners are built into a production line.  every so often the printer stops responding all together.  

it wont respond to pings, recive the jobs its supposed to and the web UI wont display when connecting to it.  if i take a laptop and plug directly into the printer i can then access the web UI but on my network it still doenst work.  however after some time it will respond and will work as normal without having to doing anything.

i have checked all the usual netowrk things and even gone as far as doing the following:

replaced switch
replaced printer
replaced all cat5 cables
changed IP of the printer
scanned the IP for another device causing IP conflict

none of these have bore any fruit

further more I have production lines with the same setup and printers and these never have a problem.and all work fine.

the printer manufacture says its not the printer which seems to be the case given the replacement has the same issue.  the software provider say its not their problem as it works fine with all of the other printers which is also true.  but i cannot find any fault on my network to cause this either.

can anyone suggest anything else i can check?  I am going to try wireshark to monitor the traffic between the PC's running the software and the printer to see if anything shows up here but im clutching at straws at the moment.

thanks …
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

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Would like to change the default for copying so that it automatically senses whether letter or legal has been fed in
the ADF and then it prints automatically if the corresponding size paper is found in the tray.

Currently a prompt comes up on the printer to press Ok to use the media.
The prompt was not showing before.

The printer is an:
HP M227fdn
I'm looking for an option to create a custom HTML element like below:
<content-entry content-type="news" as="entry"  id="1" > 
        <h1> {{entry.title}}

Open in new window

Expected behavior:

custom element named "content-entry" should encapsulate the logic of calling my content api to fetch the "News" with an Id matching as "1". It should return new object and it should be accessible as "entry" so that it can be used for further operations e.g. printing title, description etc.


Ideas is to hide and encapsulate component specific implementation logic and make a re-usable component.

It would be greate if you anyone can help me or guide me with appropriate solution.

I have windows 2012r2 with last windows update also many clients computers..
all computers can print from remote app to tm200 and vrp-a9 but not working with any small business printers like hp 1018 or hp1005 I tried many computers with deferent with windows 7 and 10 with the last updayes  but not working. and error show in server or client.
anyone can help me ?
Hi, I posted a question a month ago and while I received a response, things have improved and I want to provide a fresh synopsis in the hopes we've overlooked something simple.

Our environment: 8 RDS VMs running Microsoft Server 2012. They run in a farm that assigns a new server to HP thin clients when they disconnect and log in again (roaming profiles).
The RDS servers were cloned from a template server.  About a month ago, a 2008 print server was retired and printers were exported off it using Print Management and imported into the new Windows Server 2012 R2 VM.

The 80 or so printers, mostly HP using the Universal printer driver, are deployed via Group Policy.
The policies are set up with Security filtering applying to the AD group, and both that group and Authenticated Users are listed under the Delegation tab.
The printers are added under User Configuration - Policies - Windows Settings - Printer Connections.

Additional information:
We have loopback enabled, but printer redirection disabled.

1. We were getting duplicates of the printers stacking on top of one another, where you right click on them. This has since stopped by putting in the value of “RemovePrintersAtLogoff” to 0 under the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\Client Side Rendering Print Provider.
2. Now, every morning, people log into the farm and some people don't see their printers. It doesn't happen every day but it does happen.  When …
got a 2012 R2 server in cloud and got local win7/10 workstations.

server is in cloud. so the local printers are added in workstations and the rdp doing the printer redirection to the server.

in workstation - hte printer driver is set to blacknwhite by default and it works good. but when they connect to the server, in devices and printer- they can see the printer is redirected, but the default setting shows as colour.
why the same setting not carrying over to server through rdp ? ? am i missing anything ?

any help would be graet.
Brother laser printer printing issue.
Looks like a defective fuser.
Anybody else agree?

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A printer is a peripheral which makes a persistent human readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. Traditional printers are being used more for special purposes, like printing photographs or artwork, and are no longer a must-have peripheral; 3D printing has become an area of intense interest, allowing the creation of physical objects. An image scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. Hand-held scanners, where the device is moved by hand, have evolved from text scanning "wands" to 3D scanners used for industrial design, reverse engineering, test and measurement, orthotics, gaming and other applications.