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Productivity software is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video. Most common programs and suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice have their own topics. Office suites, which brought word processing, spreadsheet, and relational database programs to the desktop in the 1980s, are the core example of productivity software, but they can include communications software, personal information managers, groupware and log analysis software.

I have Peachtree 2012 and need help. I am looking for either an answers or a link that will show me how to set up forms.

Thanks for any help!
I have Peachtree 2012 and need help. I am looking for either an answers or a link that will show me how to run reports.

Thanks for any help!
I have Linux running router and I use IPTABLES to count usage of every ip address who is routed.
My config for iptables separate  download for Iceland and foreign and count the bytes.

Are there any solutions for Windows 2012 to do something alike ?
I have been looking for Apps/Widgets to Integrate Google Calendar And google tasks in my Computer , Since i already use them on my android ( via the native android calendar and the G tasks widget that comes with the android G tasks App).

I find the combination pretty usefull you can create tasks on the go on the phone or computer , and complete them , You can move tasks from the Todo list to the calendar if it takes too much time  ... At least on Android , as long as you have internet they are both synced and that helps getting things done.

But in windows to do that the only way is to use the web browser .

So far i am using Windows Live Calendar Widget to show up Events from the Google Calendar (you just link back the url from the Ics file from google calendar options , and set it to sync each xx minutes) , i need something similar for Google Task , that can add and delete tasks  , does such widget exists ?

If not Does a widget exists in the win 8 store app that can work on win 7 and does the requirements ?

If not are they tutorials on how to make such ? or any other alteratives ( Besides Showing a Small Web Browser with that web page as a widget ), Or perhaps some Win 32 | 64 App that does this ?

Does anyone here have any recommendations that seem to line up with what I'm looking for?
hello, I'm using 3750 cisco switch .... we are getting internet from ISP through lease line ...I did the configuration in which lease line   goes to switch first ethernet port which is vlan 1 and andd through 2nd ethernet port which is vlan 2 cable go to router and from router lan port cable comes to switch ethernet port 16 valn 3 (port 16 to 48 in same vlan) through DHCP these port get ip address
I wanted to join another ISP into this network through switch to get more bandwidth is this possible????
please help me..
We want to import into OneNote 2016 our notes in Outlook 2010.  We have successfully exported the notes into ascii file but importing them into OneNote not successful.  Though we can transfer them using send to print from Outlook to OneNote, the result is not the desired one.  This step brings in the notes as an image in OneNote.  What we want it to have those note as a document entered, words and letters not  an image. If it cannot be done, is there some  sort VBA for Onenote 2016 that can perform this?
Need opinions on the best possible free Visio editor to edit vsdx files created in MS Visio.

The environment is as follows:

1) Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition that hosts 9 Virtual Machines (5 are 2008 R2, 3 are 2012 R2, and one is a linux appliance)

Here's my wishlist:

1) Monitor my servers and let me know if anything is in the red (memory, cpu usage, etc)
2) All me to do some reporting and pull metric information and do forecasting (being able to graph/chart would be a plus)
3) Cost needs to be reasonable (I can make a business justification to management if need be)
4) View the logs data on each server
5) Be lightweight, and not be a complete drag on the host system. I'd prefer the monitoring software be installed on the host machine and monitor the VMs from there
6) Trying to avoid a cloud based solution due to security constraints

Any help or recommendations you can provide would be helpful! Thank you!
Hi all,
    We have a client with 50+ sites running over an MPLS network, we would like to introduce a Netflow tool to monitor the Cisco 2960 Switches on each site along with the Central head office.

I have looked at a few options out there but would like to know your experience and best industry options around paid for and opensource solutions. The central MPLS network will be monitored by the ISP and so are out of scope.

Im in the programming business and I have multiple projects going on at the same time.

Any idea about the best tool as project management ?
I am currently reviewing basecamp/axosoft/asana/trello

Anybody with some experience with those tools ?

Say, storing contacts and getting access to them, I find, has been an on-going issue. I am looking for a cloud-based software with good management of contact (name, surname, contact numbers, addresses etc). It's important that we can access the database via an ODBC link or direct link from within Microsoft Access. Kindly suggest Open Source and Paid for options. It's also important that Custom contact fields  can be created. A Good To Have, would be a history of changes to the contact, eg. if address changes or phone numbers change, that the history is kept, thanks, Shaun.
what software would you recommend "based on your experience" to resize disk partitions on a server.

In windows disk management will only shrink to the left, and expend is there is Unallocated space on the left. since its the partitions I need to expend is on the right side disk management will not work.

Its a server on a remote location so the sofware should work by installation on the OS not a booth based program.

I would prefer something free, but I can afford risk to the server. If paid should it be reasonable and if possible to use on more then one server. I don't need any other function then a one time resize on that server and use for future clients need.
I have Sonicwall NSA3600 and want to control dropbox traffic. What is the best way to do this? Many of our production users are using dropbox to share their contents bigger than 1G file size. Any advise to control this?
Hi Experts

I have to upload around 500 GB data to my VPS "Virtual Private Server". I have upload speeds of around 20 mbps and plenty of free space on my VPS Hard Drive.

Can you please suggest me some efficient method of uploading, which will use all my upload speed of 20 mbps and upload the data quickly. If I have some control over uploads, like adding or removing selected files from the folders to be uploaded and the ability to start and pause the upload job, according to my needs, then that would be an added benefit.

I am using Windows 7 x64 bit Operating System.

Thanks for any ideas

Can anyone recommend a good screen sharing software. When clients call with a problem, i would like to be able to share my screen with them so i can show them how i am solving their issue, etc.

I have tried several different tools, but the majority of them require the client to install software / tools, which i don't want.

I would love to be able to send them a link that gives them instant access. Can anyone recommend a software / tool that allow this.

Thanks in advance for your help.
MY title really says it all, I am looking for a way to monitor, gather reporting, be able to remotely troubleshoot and examine via iPhone my infrastructure.  I tried Pulseway for a little, but it does nothing for Storage\switches\ESXi Host hardware, RAID configs.  What do people recommend.
Does anyone have a general idea what the maximun number of TIckets in OTRS can be?
Normally theoretically it should be limited (or umlimited)  according to the underlying database and system resources.
But what kind of sizing should one consider for an average number of 50.000 to 100.000 tickets? Should one consider another kind of Software?
What is recommended here? Where could one find the "limits" of this system regarding number of user/tickets etc.?
I'm looking for an app to track customer support queries.

Current workflow:
- call center takes customer complaints
- dispatcher verifies complaint, assigns it to NOC or field support team (one or more support technicians)
- support team tries to solve the problem, reports back to dispatcher
- dispatcher verifies that the problem is solved. Closes the complaint or assigns additional resources to support team.

- multi-user: different views for dispatcher/technician/manager
- reporting capabilities: daily activity per technician, time spent per support incident, etc.
- ease of use

Nice to have:
- mobile app for field technicians

Please specify if you have personal experience with the recommended application.

I googled and there are dozens of options, most clones of each other, most assuming that customer problems will be solved over email/livechat. That's not the case here, large part of complaints require physical access/repairs.

Thank you.
I want Dragon Home Version 13 to “run in the background”. I saw some webpages that said this requires the expensive Dragon Medical Practice Edition, but I figured out a way to do it with Dragon Home.

Unfortunately, my solution requires two computers, and I hope some experts exchange magician can improve this solution to only need a single computer.

Here are the details:

I often transcribe PDFs that contain faxes of multipage contracts. I ignore most of the boilerplate language, and transcribe only the important items. (OCR will not work)

The “smooth” solution is to view the PDF on my laptop computer, while using dragon on my main computer to input into Dragon and Notepad.

My physical interaction is on the laptop and my finger never leaves the laptop’s page down key. The main computer “runs in the background” and I don’t touch it until I am done.

I speak the item from page 1.
I tap the laptop pgdn key and speak the text from page 2.
Etc. etc.

If I try to do the same thing on a single computer with dual monitors, things become extremely cumbersome and look like this.

I view page 1 of pdf
I click on Notepad document and speak the text from pdf page 1
I click on pdf and page down to page 2
I click on Notepad and speak the text from page 2
Etc. etc.

All that clicking completely ruins the transcription experience.

Does anybody know how to configure dragon for single computer so that the pdf is active at all times, and dragon interacts with Notepad (or dictation box) …
I am a help desk manager over a group of four technicians. In our department hierarchy, I have two senior (tier 3) technicians above me and a department director. We use a work order software called Track-It by BMC Software. It also does asset management and a whole bunch of other functions that we don't use.

Now the problem - Nobody wants to use this software. Well, almost nobody. Of the four techs I manage, two of them are pretty good about putting most of their work orders in. Another does about half, and another who is set to retire in less than two years just refuses to put anything in until the end of the week, then he rushes to enter about a dozen and that's it. On top of that, nobody in the positions above me uses this software. My department director is the kind of manager who covers his desk and monitor with post-it notes. There's also two giant white boards covered with notes - this is how they "manage" projects.

I have decided to ditch Track-It because I'm tired of asking people to put in work orders and I have no support behind it from upper management. Plus the vendor wants a $5,500 annual maintenance fee which is overdue. I'd rather use that money to buy training material and classes.

If we stop using this work order system and track things entirely by email, handwritten notes, etc, how many requests do you think will fall by the wayside? I know our customer service will slip some, but at the same time half the department isn't using the system anyway.…
Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone has run across this and can help me. If so, it would be most appreciated.

Short version of my question:
  • How do I convert QB POS 3.x data to QB POS 2013?
  • I have exhausted everything I know to do.
  • Below is a detailed list of things I have looked at and have done.

After doing an end of month on June 31st, QB POS v3.x stopped being able to accept sales input for item numbers, descriptive names and/or bar code scans for a new client of mine.

Interesting thing is it will work in practice mode AND will work if we role the date back to the day before. Apparently it's a crappy, builtin little present from Quick Books for it's paying customers.

Upgraded POS to latest version through internet updates with no effects. (You cannot d/l the file and manually run the update because QB has taken that file offline. I had to take the computers offsite to do the QB POS internet updates.) QB Support NO help at all. They said to upgrade to latest version. I called my QB Advisor and had her double check with her resources and she got the same feedback. Upgrading has not been an issue for the client because they don't even have internet hooked up to the computers at all, don't even have it in the store and don't plan on getting it. They do their cc processing through the external terminals.

Another client had stopped using QB POS altogether and went to a …
Is there a way to put a link to a specific Evernote directly onto the Android home screen (desktop)?

A website I am signed up up that I have to log into provides updates between a certain time. Getting the data is essential and the company cannot mail it as the mail servers they used had suffered delays.

Is there software or a program I can get that will tell me when a site is modified. I can then log in.

Ideally on my iPhone if possible. I am sure I did this myself once using Excel data connections but that might not work.

Thank you!!!!
I want to carry YouTube videos out to my car so I can watch some of the how to videos while I work on my car. I want to download it when I am on WiFi but watch it later without using data on my phone. What is a good apps for that? I don’t care if it is free or not.
Hi I have seen a macro "http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s1/outlook/amail6.htm" here how can i enhance it to add as shown below

TO: Column A
CC: Column B
BCC: Column C
Subject: Column D
Body: Column E
Attachment: Column F: Z or a browse button to select multiple files

Thanks for all your help in advance

Productivity Apps

Productivity software is application software dedicated to producing information, such as documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, digital paintings, electronic music and digital video. Most common programs and suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice have their own topics. Office suites, which brought word processing, spreadsheet, and relational database programs to the desktop in the 1980s, are the core example of productivity software, but they can include communications software, personal information managers, groupware and log analysis software.

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